swasan os: an untold love


An untold love is the most purest form of the love.. swara gododia’s love for sanskar maheswari was the most pure and precious feeling on earth. . this is a story of that beautiful feeling..

swara gadodia.. a 12 year old girl she is a 7 th grade student. . she loved her classmate sanskar.. she don’t know how it happened. . it was not love at first sight.. she didn’t know why she is loving him.. it is not his cute face.. because almost every boy on her class was so cute.. don’t ask her why she loves him or when she started to love him. . she love him more than herself. . she loved him more than anyone in this world. . no one knows about her love.. even sanskar didn’t knows about it.. but she changed totally when she fall on love.. she started to apply kajal on her eyes.. she started to write poems by thinking him.. she started to love the whole world. . she started to study more.. she became more active. . she was a very introvert , bookworm and a stupid girl to others.. but love the feeling did magic on her.. she became most smart and active girl

.. swara and sanskar was not even friends. . they studied same class.. but they were more like strangers.. they didn’t talk much to each other.. swara used to speak to all other boys.. but she has no courage to talk with sanskar.. sanskar was a very attitude boy.. he only used to chat with 1 or 2 girls in their class.. it was kavita and her friend. . swara fumes with jealousy whenever she saw sanskar with kavita. . but what to do he was more close to kavita.. swara used to go mandhir ( temple) daily and pray for sanskar and his family. .swara not only loved sanskar she loves his family also.. she don’t know his family closely but saw his mom and dad twice.. and used to love them also..once sanskar got injured. . swara felt like someone stab her by seeing his condition. . swara felt more pain than him .. she didn’t ate anything that day and pray to god for his health. . once she take his obe book secretly. . and kept it like a precious gem.. her likes changed.. she used to love his likes and hate his dislikes.. she loved black ink pen because sanskar used to wrote with it.. she loved everything about him.. if he has a pencil she used to love it also.. she watched his favourite films many times.. she find out everything about him.. she learned to make his favourite food.. she felt that world is very beautiful and find herself as a queen..

6 years passed.. swasan in 12 th class.. swara’s love for him was very strong and didn’t changed a bit.. but till now they didn’t talk anything to each other. . if he look her by chance she fill her eyes with fake anger.. she always acts as she doesn’t like him.. even her friends wonder why did she dislike him.. but in heart she was worshiping him..

final exam day.. swara was really sad that her school life is going to finished.. she know that there will be no possibility to saw him anymore. . her parents going to shift to another town.. she decided to meet him once and wanted to make him her friend. . she searched him.. atlast found him in a corner of school.. he was not alone.. kavita was also with him.. the scene broked her heart in to million pieces. . sanskar was proposing kavita..

swara run away from there.. she felt that blood is coming from her eyes instead of tears.. she didn’t felt much pain if someone kill her . Once she felt she was the most unlucky girl on this world.. she cried a lot.. she try to act as normal in front of her parents. . but cried all nights.. she loss interest in everything. . after a few days she thinks that why I’m crying? sanskar is happy . and his happiness is what I wanted. . I never wanted to be his life partner.. I loved him.. that’s all.. and my love is very pure.. no girl can love a boy like I love him.. if he gets a good life I’m satisfied with it.. and I’m proud of myself that I could love someone like that.. it is not easy to love someone without expecting anything. . I didn’t expect his love.. I loved him and that’s enough. . my love is most perfect and beautiful and I will love him in my whole life..

These thought helps swara to live again.. she used to smile.. whenever she smile she think that her sanskar will be smiling. . he will be very happy with kavita. . and swara didn’t get jealousy on kavita. . because she thinks that sanskar deserves the best.. and kavita is very beautiful and rich and sanskar loves her so much.. swara felt little peace and happiness. .

years passed .. swara is a school teacher now.. she is not that small kid.. she is a 27 year old grown up lady.. but only one thing never changed in her life.. her love for sanskar.. she still goes to mandhir to pray for his happiness. . she still think about him in each seconds of her life.. but she is never sad or she don’t have empty feeling in her life. . his thoughts always make her life bright. . a person presence is not needed for us to love that person or to feel that person. . if we love a person he will be always with us in the form of beautiful memories. .

one day swara got transfer in to anothe school.. she is teaching firat grade students. . she feel a special affection towards a little child .. his name was arav. he was like sanskar.. swara find out that he is sanskar’s son.. she feels like heaven. she was the happiest. . she kissed the child.. they became very close friends. . swara loves all her little students. . but arav was very special for her.. because he is sanskar’s son.. from the little child she came to know that his mother kavita divorced his dad and marry other person and she is threatening sanskar for arav’s custody. . this news break swara’s heart once again. the person whom she loved more than her life he is going through a difficult situation and pain. . swara can’t afford even a drop tears in sanskar’s eyes . swara decides to help sanskar.. she meet him after so many years..

sanskar was still handsome. . but life made him more rough and tough person. . he waa happy to know that his classmate is arav’s teacher.. slowly swara built a friendship with sanskar.. arav also help them to became friends. . sanskar began to snile again.. swara made everything possible to make him and arav happy.. sanskar feels very comfortable with her. . he started to love her..

One day aarav found a diary in swara’s room. . arav give it to sanskar.. sanskar shocked to read that.. from it he understood that swara once loved him to the core.. sanskar feels pain and happiness same time.. he said swara to meet him..

swara was waiting for sanskar.. she saw sanskar coming towards her.. suddenly a car came in a full speed and about to hit sanskar but swara pushed him to a side and as a result she got injured. . swara fainted on the spot.. she had severe injuries. . aanskar broke down at her condition. . he took her to hospital. . he give blood for her operation. . doctors saved swara’s life..

The car which hits swara was kavita’s car.. sanskar’s friends find about it.. kavita’s driver said that he tried to kill sanskar as kavita’s order.. so that kavita will get arav’s custody. . police arrested kavita..

swara opened her eyes.. she saw sanskar and arav..

swara: are you fine sanskar..

sanskar: swara you are a masterpiece. . you are in such condition and asking whether I’m fine or not..

swara: for me you are important than my life sanskar..

sanskar: why don’t you said it earlier swara? how can you love me like this? I don’t know how to love you back.. but I will give my whole life to you.. will make you my life.. I will fill colors in your life.. I will give you all happiness in the world. will you marry me swara?

swara was shocked and happy by his words.. she started crying. .

sanskar: I know swara.. you loves me a lot.. but never told it.. and I was blind to love a girl who didn’t love me.. I never noticed you. . but you always made me happy.. you fill my life wirh brightness. . I know you love my son more than me.. I know still you love everything related to me.. I love you swara..

arav: teacher aunty can I call you maa? will you be my maa?

swara smiled and nodded yes..

trio hugged together. . a happy family.

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    aww…..beautiful. Jwala…rula diya na mujhe

  2. Mica

    aaaahhh i’m melting to pieces and crying.huhuhuhu…jwalaaaa…i’m waiting your gang story, update soon ya ?

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