swasan os : an unexpected love story


Hey guyz i am back with another os i have uploaded this os on fb but some of you read it here so this is for youll next may be raglak os wait for it hope you liked it

The story starts with a girl was driving a car in full speed she was angry and frustrated and was driving so harshly on road when suddenly a boy was also running on the same road he was trying to escape from something the girl saw him coming towards the car she applied brake in full force but boy got hitted to the car she hurriedly comes out the boy was having a minor injury on head so thats why he got unconsiuess she goes to that boy wen some nurses and doctors came and saw that boy was lying on floor
Doctor : sanskaar
Yes the boy was non other than sanskaar
Girl : actually i didnt do it intentionly he was running and i was driving fast in all this it all happened my name is swara plz it was not my fault
Doctor : its ok dear dont need to be panic actually our patient sanskaar is mentally ill so thats why he was trying to escape can you plz do a favour can you plz help us to take him to the hospital near by
Swara : oh yaa sure
She took him to the mental hospital there they were trying to bandage sanskaars wound swara was standing near sanskaar
(Swara : she is swara gadodia a rich person but soft hearted and down to earth she is independent woman she has her mom and dad but then too lives alone from everyone and only thing that irritates her his boyfriend sorry exboyfriend swara doesnt want to be in relation with him because he was double dating and she too doesnt love him but he was forcing her and because of that she was driving car at full speed angrily and all this happened)
In the ward sanskaar was gaining consiuess
Swara : doctor i think he is recovering i should leave now
She was about to leave when sanskaar goes to her and hugs her tightly
Sanskaar : shona you came i missed you so much why you left me plz dont leave me shona
Swara was all shocked at the situation what was going on she backoff and push sanskaar slightly as he is ill
Swara : listen i am not shona iam swara ok
Sanskaar : no no you are telling lie you are shona sanskaar knows everything you are sanskaars shona
Doctor : sanskaar she is not your shona come now have medicine
Sanskaar : no am not going anywhere i want shona plz plz
And he started to cry like a kid swara was all shocked that this man is calling her his shona
Sanskaar : doctor plz i know she is my shona my shona
Suddenly doctor gives him injection which made sanskaar unconsiuess
Doctor : ms. Swara could you give us your 5 mins
Swara : sure
They both headed towards the cabin
Doctor : ms. Swara do you know him
Sanskaar : no doctor i dont know him my name is not shona i dont know why is he calling me shona and all
Doctor : i think he thinks you are his shona whom has left him you know everynight in dreams he use to say shona dont go away plz come back and today he has told you shona i am sorry for the inconvenience but he is good he doesnt harm anyone
Swara : but doctor he was mental from childhood or what
Doctor : are no no we dont know much but yaa he is a rich person and because of his girlfriend he got mad thats it we dont know much
Swara : so sad for him why all of them turn mad in love
Doctor : if you are ok with it can you please come tomorrow to him actually he is recovering he doesnt talk much with everyone he talks with only children who are here but today he has told shona to you i know you dont know and neither you are his shona but please if you will meet him he could recover soon
Swara : i will see to it i am getting late now
Doctor : think about it
Swara left and she reached her house there she was continuosly thinking of him
Swara : why i feel sad for him even i dont know him but if because of me someone could get his life back why should i backoff i should help him
Suddenly her phone rang she gets again a angry and picks it up
Swara : rohit i have told hundred times not to call me why are you forcing me into this shit relationship i dont want your relation i dont love you ok so now stop calling me neither you will be seen in police station
And she cuts the call

Next day in hospital sanskaar was sweating in his sleep and was shouting : no shona no you cant leave me plz dont go plz
Doctor were trying hundred things to calm him down but nothing was working and he opened his eyes and was running to find her
Sanskaar : shona shona where are you
And he started to throw things but someone tapped his shoulder and he smiled and hugged him
Sanskaar : shona you came back dont leave me
Swara : ssshh calm down sanskaar i will not leave you ok
She was rubbing his back to make him calm
Sanskaar : shona you know i was asking everyone where is my shona nobody was answering me even this bad doctor was not telling me
Swara : its allright sanskaar i came na now sit ok
Sanskaar : shona why you went yesterday leaving me alone now you will not leave me na
Swara : no sanskaar now i will not leave you
Sanskaar : pinky promise
Swara : pinky promise
And sanskaar starts clapping his hands swara was just adoring his innocence
Later she goes to doctor
Doctor : thanks swara for coming
Swara : no doctor its allright if i am the reason he is recovering then i will be there always for helping
Doctor : you are very nice beta
Swara : thanks
She goes to sanskaar but he was not there in his room she goes down and searches for him she found him in ground talking with some mad people like him who are also small from mond
Sanskaar : shona come meet my friends he is gattu he is molu and she is sweety they all are my friends and she is my shona
All : hii shona
Gattu : sanskaar bhai your shona has came so you will forget us na
Sweety : ha he will not remember us.
Sanskaar : are no yr you will be my friends forever and this is sanskaars promise achha now go everyone i will talk to my shona
All leaves

Sanskaar : shona where were you in this days why you have left me here you know na i am not mad plz take me from here you know they everytime gives me shock even i dont need it it really hurts me plz take me from here shona
Swara was numb she felt so sad for him
Swara : i will take you now you are not well na after somedays i will take you ok now am going i will come tomorrow
Sanskaar : you promise you will never leave now also you are going
Swara : i am going to comeback tomorrow dont feel sad accha i will bring choclates for you tomorrow you love choclates na
Sanskaar : yes yes bring so many choclates
Swara : pakka now be a good boy and go to your room and dont trouble doctors i will come ok
Sanskaar : ok shona come tomorrow
Swara was about to leave when sanskaar called her and he shouts : i love you shona and he ran from there swara was standing all surprised she drove to her home and was thinking : he is so innocent why would anyone had left him he loves that girl so much i should know about him fully tonorrow i will ask the doctor
Next day sanskaar was waiting for her nurse offers him food but he denies saying that his shona will feed him
Nurse : sanskaar plz take your food
Sanskaar : no no shona will come she only will feed me with her hands you go
Nurse was pleading but he was denying
Swara : sanskaar very bad i told you na not to trouble others
Sanskaar : wow shona you came you know this nurse was forcing me to eat i told her you only will feed me
Swara : nurse give me the food i will feed him please you go
Nurse handle her food plate and goes from there swara feeds sanskaar and he eats lovingly
Sanskaar : shona you too eat na
Swara : no sanskaar i already ate
Sanskaar : 1 bite from my hand plz
Swara : ok
Sanskaar feeds her and claps hands after that
Sanskaar : shona arent you forgetting anything
Swara : what
Sanskaar : my choclates
Swara : oh i forget them sorry
Sanskaar becames sad then slowly swara took some choclates out of her purse and gave to him sanskaar becomes very happy and kisses her cheeks which made her shock
Sanskaar : thank you shona you are so sweet i love you
Swara : acha now you eat it i will meet doctor
Sanskaar : shona i wanna ask you 1 thing when we will go from here i wanna go from here i dont want to stay here plz take me out i want to go to garden but these doctors are not taking me i want to come with you plz
Swara : will surely go but not now some days more ok
Sanskaar : ok shona
Swara went to doctor

Swara : doctor i want to know every detail about sanskaar can you please tell me
Doctor : swara actually we too dont know but yaa you should ask his uncle he visits here in a month i will give you his office address you can askhim
Swara : thanks doc i will meet him
Swara : but swara why you wanna know about him so much
Swara : dont know doctor but i wanna know his history what has happened to him why he has became mad
Doctor : all the best swara i hope he gets well soon
Swara goes to his uncles office which was far away from there she reaches there and goes to cabin
Durga prasad : yes what you want to talk
Swara : actually sir i am swara gadodia i have came here to talk about sanskaar
Durga prasad : sanskaar what you wanna ask about him
Swara : actually sir (she narrates the whole story how they met and all)
Dp : thanks beta you are doing so much for him i will tell you about him actually he is the son of my brother he was a brilliant child and was so naughty but when he was 8 years old his mom and dad dies in a car accident sanskaar was left all alone then i adopt him but my wife she doesnt like him much and she only want his money because my brother was rich and all his money will directly goes to sanskaar when i was not there at home she use to make him do all work and if he doesnt do she use to beat him and threaten him if he tell me then she will do worse to him because of that fear he doesnt told me anything her torture was going worse and one day she had crossed her limits she had removed his clothes and was beating him thank god that day i came home early and saw her tortures sanskaar was broken from inside he hugged me and cryed alot that day i left my wife and i sent sanakaar to hostel for his betterment and when he will turn 18 all his money that his dad has saved he will get it time passes and sanskaar was now better he was trying to be normal but destiny wants something else he has beacme 18 yrs old he was in hostel only when he meets kavita
They both were liking eachother and sanskaar has started to love her sanskaar he thought kavita is the only person who will love him but his dreams all got broke in one day when he saw kavita was with other boy and was telling
Kavita : baby i only love you and that sanskaar he is so useless i dont love him i only wants his money thats it
This was it for sanskaar he was all broken he left from there and drove his car very fast and was crying and cursing himself he was not in senses and he lost his control and car falls from cliff sanskaar had a major injury in his head doctor tries their best but of no use he has forgettened everything of his past and his mind has became a 10 year old he assumes himself as 10 years kid he hardly remembers me 2 years have past and no improvement whenever i visit him i feels so sad and bad for him but i think now you can save him you can take him out of this darkness plz bring him out dear

Swara who was listening this was having tears and holded his hands
Swara : no worry uncle i will bring him out i will make him old sanskaar i will take him out
Dp : you are an angel beta whom god have sent god bless you
Swara left for him and was thinking
Swara : how can anyone treats anybody like this sanskaar has suffered so much in his life first his parents then his aunty and then kavita he has suffered alot god plz help me to bring him out of all this plz
Next day she went to hospital sanskaar was sleeping peacefully she asked nurse why he is sleeping till now
Nurse : actually yesterday he was given shock treatments beacuse he was shouting for your name and was being uncontrollable thats why
Swara became angry as sanskaar told he hate shock
Swara : how could you give him shock if he was asking for me you would have called me but whats the need of shock you know he is afraid of that i need to talk to doctor
She hurriedly enters his cabin
Swara : doctor i need your permission i want to take sanskaar with me
Doctor : are you sure what are you talking
Swara : yes doctor i will sign all the documents and will take him from here he dont like to stay here and alm shock treatments plz trust me
Doctor : swara i trust you i know you will help him recover you can take him i will explain you about his medicines ok come
she then goes to sanskaar who was sleeping like a baby a tear escapes from her eye she was not knowing the feeling but she was feeling so bad for him and sits beside him and carress his hairs sanskaar wakes up by her touch he open his eyes and hugs her tightly swara was reciprocating this time
Sanskaar : shona i missed you ao much see they again given me shock shona plz dont leave me
Swara : sanskaar stop crying i will never leave you infact i am taking you with me will you come with me
Sanskaar : shona you are taking me i am so happy i love you
Swara : ok now pack your bags we will leave now
They pack their bags and leaves from there sanskaar bids good bye to his friends too then swara took him to his home
Sanskaar : wow shona your house is so beautiful i love it
Swara : i am happy sanskaar now i want to talk with you come sit
Sanskaar : say na shona
Swara : sanskaar where are your parents
Sanskaar : they are with god
Swara in her mind : he knows that his parents died
Swara : and what else you remember
Sanskaar tries to remember but it was not clear
Sanskaar : i dont know shona
Swara : accha tell me who is kavita
He listens her name and started repeating her name and holds his head from his hands
Sanskaar : aah my head
Swara becomes worried
Swara : its ok sanskaar let it be
After sometimes he became normal
Swara : acha leave that come lets have dinner
Sanskaar : shona what have you made in dinner i am tored of khichdi i want something new
Swara : i know sanskaar thats why i have made new things i have paneer tikka paratha and aloo ki sabzi come
Sanskaar : wow shona i love it plz feed me
Shona feeds him he happily eats after sometime she makes him sleep and she got busy in her laptop and sleeps while working
Next day sanskaar got up and be saw swara sleeping on sofa in sitting position he makes her sleep and goes to kitchen to eat something he wants to make something so he on the knob of gas but he doesnt fire it as he doesnt know to operate he wants to on it he searches for matchstick but doesnt find it all house was full of gas now swara gets up smeeling it and hurriedly wents to kitchen there sanskaar founds the matchstick but swara came on tume and switched off the knob and opens the window
Swara : sanskaar are you mad who told you to come to kitchen what if i didnt came on time
Sanskaar gets scared and started crying
Sanskaar : am really sorry shona i was hungry thats why i came and i didnt want to disturb your sleep i am sorry
Swara realises what she said to him and goes to him and cubs his face
Swara : am sorry sanskaar but be carefull dont hurt yourself if you need anything you call me ok its really dangerous ok now come sit i will make something for you ok
And she kisses his forhead
Sanskaar : you are so nice shona
Swara : comon now sit ok
They both had their breakfast and then swara got busy in her work and sanskaar was watching cartoon swara was happy seeing him suddenly something flashes sanskaars mind where the face of a boy and girl was not seen but the boy was calling the girl shona shona
Girl : sanskaar i ah6ve told many times dont call me shona i am not shona ok i hate it when you call me shona
Sanskaar was holding his head from his head swara notice it and goes to him
Swara : sanskaar what happened
Sanskaar : shona i remembered one thing when i use to call you shona you use to be angry and now you love it
Swara thinks : he is talking about kavita
Swara : no sanskaar i was joking with you i love when you tell me shona (unknowingly she said) and what else you remembered
Sanskaar : shona i dont remember why you left me but you will not leave me now na
Swara : no sanskaar never i will be with you forever and tomorrow will go to garden ok
Sanskaar : wow so nice am very happy
And he kisses her cheeks in exitement swara was surprised but this time she smiled at him

Next day swara took him to different places he enjoyed with her swara was loving his company now their days were passing like this when one day somebody knocked the door it was rohit his ex
Swara : how dare you came here i have warned you previously but then too you came
Rohit push swara and enters in and locks the door
Rohit : calm down baby i have came here to meet you
Swara : just get lost
Sanskaar heard her voice and came out
Sanskaar : shona why are you shouting
Rohit : oh you got someone and you are living with him good
Sanskaar : hey who are you why are you shouting shona who is he
Swara : rohit stay away from him he is not well he is not like us
Rohit : ohh so you are mad
Sanskaar : i am not mad shona say na
Rohit : shit swara you choosed him over me but dont worry this mad dobt know the use of you i will amke proper use of you
He catches swaras hair she shouts in pain
Swara : aahh leave me
Rohit : no swara dont shout i will you mine today
Sanskaar goes to him but he pushes him badly that he falls down
Rohit : stay away you mad person neither i will kill you
Swara : rohit sont touch him
Rohit : oh ho you have started to love him or what
Sanskaar : plz leave my shona dont hurt her plz its hurting her plz leave her
Rohit : no no i have got hold of her now how can i leave her
Swara : leave me sanskaar save me
Rohit pulls swara and throws her on bed and he was about to lean on her when sanskaar hits qith something on her head that he faints swara was crying and engulfs sanskaar into a bone crushing hug
Sanskaar : shona plz dont cry i cant see you cry plz
Swara : thank you so much you saved my life
Sanskaar : swara i have hit him i have done nothing wrong na he was doing wrong so thats why i beat him
Swara : no sanakaar you have done nothing you have saved me thank you for saving me
Sanskaar : its ok shona now stop crying i cant see you cry
After sometime the called police and they took rohit with them after sometime swara was sad what all happened
Sanskaar : shona dont be sad i cant see you sad
Swara hugs him and cryed : you know sanakaar i was so scared when he pushed you and came to me but you saved me i am thankfull that you came in my life i love you
She dont know what she said but then realises it anf releases from him
Sanskaar : shona you know when you hug me it feels so protective
Swara : sanskaar go now and sleep it is late
Sanskaar : ok but you too sleep ok
Swara : hmm
Sanskaar : love you shona
There swaras heart and mind were having a fight
Swaras mind : no swara you cant love him you know that you brought him to recover
Swaras heart : but swara he loves you and you also loves him
Mind : he doesnt loves you he loves shona and you are not his shona kavita is his shona
Heart : but kavita betrayed him but you loves him truly when he is with you you feels so good when you hugs him you feels so protective you dont wanna let him go
Mind : what will happen when he remembers everything and left you
Heart : what if dont what if he loves you truly will you get a partner like sanskaar who loves you immensely and what if you leave him he will get hurt once again
Swara was now confused between her mind and heart she dont know whom to choose she slept thinking all the things
Next day swara wanted to take sanskaar somewhere all alone they were in car
Sanskaar : shona can i ask you 1 thing
Swara : hmm
Sanskaar : you also love me na
Swara : why are youasking me like that
Sanskaar : i dont know shona i am feeling scared what if you also will leave me like my parents i will not able to leave
Swara : ssshh i am not going anywhere i will not leave you ok
Sanskaar : shona can i kiss you plz
Swara was all shocked at his question she looks at him both stares eachother and swara was melting in his eyes she was about to kiss him when she realises she is driving and they was about to hit the car she makes a turn and they hitted to a tree nearby swara head was bleeding but she looks for sanskaar he has fallen from the car and his head was badly hit swara goes to him and cried seeing him and took him yo the car and drobe to the hospital
Swara : no sanakara i cant loose you i will not leave you you cant go no sanskaar this happened all because of me i will not let you go i love you sanskaar no you cant go
She drove fast to hospital and admitted him after sometime doctor came
Swara : doctor how is he plz doctor say he is fine plz plz plz
Doctor : congrats swara your love has worked this incident has as brought old sanakaar back now he is not mad now he has remembered everything its all because of you you have brought him back swara
Swara was happy she was having tears
Doctor : she is asking for shona you should go
Swara suddenly remembers something
Swara : no doctor i cant go
Doctor : why swara
Swara : doctor because i am not his shona he has now became fine kavita is his shona now he should live his life happily
Doctor : but swara you have brought him he should know about you and god knows if he is asking for you only
Swara : only on hope we cant break him you go and inform uncle he will take care good care of him and i will go
Sanskaar : and you think if you leave me i will live happily
Both of them shocked to see him
Swara : ssanskaarrr you how came you are not fine you should rest
Sanskaar : leave all that i want answers you also dont love me na then why have you bought me back why nobody lives me everybody leaves me
Swara : no sanakaar i love you
Sanskaar : then why are you leaving me
Swara : because you love shona i am not your shona i am swara you dont love me thats why i am going
Sanskaar : you are my shona you know what i use to call kavita shona but she was not my shona bevause she never loved me and it was all my attraction but i got my shona in you i remembered how you took care of me how you took me out of that world you are my shona and i will never leave you plz dont leave your sanskaar plz
Swara : no sanskaar i will never leave you i love you i have never loved any peraon this much i can die for you
Sanskaar : and what will i do if you will die
Doctor smiles at them and leaves from there
Sanskaar : you have always helped me when i was mad now i promise i will be at your side forever till my last breath i will never leave you i will care for you and will love you forever will you kindly do a favour of marrying mewill you become my shona
Swara : yes i will become swara sanskaar maheshwari and sanskaar whatever happened in your past i cant change it but i lromise that i will make your future full of happiness i will never let anybody hurts you i will never ever leave you if death has to come it will face me i will be your shona forever
Sanskaar : i love you so much swara now i dont want anything from life because it has given me you my shona
Swara : i love you too
Both hugs eachother passionately and then sanskaar kissed her forehead
And both leads a happy life

Credit to: kaynat khan

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