hi every1 anshupriya here with another os on swasan! thnx a lot 2 all those commented n showered their luv on me n my previous os. i was overwelhmed 2 c 57 comments. hope u lyk dis 1 also *fingers crossed* n ya after reading don’t 4get commenting tat’s necessary. positive n negative comments both wholeheartedly welcomed.
in dis os, sorry if u feel tat i hav described nature a lot. i just want u all 2 imagine d surroundings n really guys wen i went 2 d foothills of d lower himalayas, i myself was admiring dem. n sorry 4 all typos n grammatical errors.
previous os link “secret death”
u stole my words

2 friends, sammie & sanky, promise to meet at a fav. childhood spot 10 years later, but much to his disappointment, only sanky’s shows up at those foothills of himalayas. he regrets d passage of time & feels sorry that people & places change.

sanky’s p.o.v., 10 years ago, age of swasan – 17 years

it was sammie’s idea tat v should meet at d pool at 10 years’ time.

“wen v r grown-ups”, she said, “v must come back 2 dis place. 10 years from today, on 9th of nov. 2016, v must return 2 d pool. no matter whr v r / wat v r doing, v must meet at d pool. promise?”, i added forwarding my hand.

“preomise,” she said & putting her hand on mine.

it was small children’s solemn promise, & made in a completely serious manner. as children, v usually mean d things v say. & so v shook hands on it, & dived back into d water.

d pool had been my discovery, i remember d splashing of water & could smell d sweet fragrance of d breeze & pushed my way through d thicket. i saw several wild, thorny blackberry bushes across the forest path. i had heard d murmur of water at d bottomof d hill, & i wanted to c d water & touch it.

sliding down a rock-face into a small, deep, narrow valley wid steep sides, i found d stream running over a bed of small, round stones covering its edge. water trickled down frm d hillside, frm amongest ferns & grasses & wild primroses. d rocks beside d stream were smooth, & some of dem were grey & some yellow. a small waterfall came down d rocks & formed a deep, round pool of apple-green water. wen i saw d pool, i turned & ran back 2 d town coz i wanted 2 tell d others.

sammie was my closest frnd. her home was nxt 2 mine. she was bubbly, moody, sometimes acted brainless, funny & of course beautiful than any thing in d whole world. i, on d other hand was gentle, mature & adventurous.

but d pool was my discovery, & i was proud of it. v had spent 2gether only 1 year after d discovery of pool.

“we’ll call it ‘sanky’s pool’,” said sammie. “& remember, it’s a secret pool none else must know about it.”

i think it was d pool that brought us 2gether more than anything else. i was a learnt swimmer so i dived off d rock wid energy & enthusiasm. so, wenever v were alone sammie called me fish. sammie didn’t knew swimming but she often tried by moving her legs in an unusual yet funny manner & wat 2 help her, i couldn’t help myself only frm holding my stomach & laughing out loud & ended up getting playfully beaten up by her. but finally i ended up her teaching how 2 swim & v cam really vry close & i think v started 2 luv eo not as frndz but smthing else. don’t know wat she felt, but i was sure for my feelings & decided 2 propose her wen i hav grown-up & living a settled life & i think even she felt d same 4 me.

there were small silver fish in d water of d stream. v tried catching dem all day long & passed our tym. v passed our tym whole day in eo’s company either catching fish / swimming (there family knew about it).

it was really hard 4 us 2 part ways. our families shifted frm there, den v had hardly communicated. v had nvr dreamed tat v need 2 fulfill our solemn promise coz v thought tat v would spent these 10 years also 2gether only. but destiny had other plans.

after completing my studies, i went 2 mumbai 4 further studies. after some days, sammie also went 2 delhi.

& wat of d pool, & our solemn promise to come back after 10 years.

10 years later, i happened by chance 2 b in d same part of d in d same part of d countryside, & decided tat i at least would keep my part of d promise. & propose my sammie. i waited in d deep, narrow valley of steep sides for 1-2 hrs. / more than tat, but none came. i supposed tat it was my foolishness 2 not propose sammie earlier & now i must had lost her 2 sm1 else. she must have moved on her lyf & forgotten me & our memories long ago. was it just 1-sided luv. i literally cursed myself 4 being so late & dreaming day night of her. i was really a fool.

i turned away disappointed, & wid a dull ache in my heart.

but i hadn’t gone far wen i saw it going 2 rain, i could see d rain moving across d foothills & sm1 shouting, “o fisssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ruk ruk ruk”. it was a familiar voice, i turned & saw sammie, yes she was coming 2wards meeeeeee. was i dreaming omggg, i pinched my hand, “ouch, it was true”.

she came 2 me, both at same tym, “hi, i want 2 say smthing” & then again, “1st u” & finally i waved sammie 2 speak 1st.

3rd person’s p.o.v.

it started raining. “sanky, (pauses, suddenly) aaaaaa sanky, look back”, sammie almost screamed & her facial expressions turned to frightened.

he looks back & saw nthing, he was about 2 say smthing wen he felt sm1’s soft hands on his chest. it was sammie’s hand. he was shocked. “i..i.. i luv u sanky” she said. he turned & she removed her hands & then knelt down & said, “i don’t know how i fall 4 u, i don’t know wen u bcame my lyf frm my bestie, i always think about u, always dream about u, & i want 2 tell u tat i always want 2 b wid u 4 lyf long & i luv u frm d core oh my heart. do u luv me & will u marry me?” sanky made sammie stand up & said, “u know wat i wanted 2 say but after listening 2 u i hav 2 change my words”. sammie started crying, “sanky, just coz of dis stupid proposal don’t break our relationship, i don’t want ur luv, but plz don’t break our friendship”. sanky, “shh.. i didn’t complete. i hav 2 change my words sammie coz u stole my words sammie, i luv u too sammie, i truly, madly & deeply luv u & just u. i thought i lost u & all dis was just 1-sided but my luv won, i m vry happy, sammie u r my lyf & i would now nvr leave u. i will surely marry u. would u be mine?” & took out a ring frm his pocket & forwarded his hand. sammie smiled, nodded & kept her hand on his hand. he inserted d ring & took her in his arms in bridal style & walking & saying, “see even dis rain & dis beautiful nature, less than my sammie, is the witness of our confession & my sammie luvs me”.
thnk u 4 reading it n sorry if u feel its a waste of tym. sorry 4 grammatical errors n typos n positive n negative both comments wholeheartedly accepted but don’t forget 2 comment.

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  6. The story is inspired from a ruskin bond story right??

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