SwaSan OS: True life partner

In this OS, laksh didn’t fall in the river. He was freed by sanskar’s men so that ragini could free shomi but ragini said that she will free shomi only after swasan’s marriage, therefore, they had to do the marriage. And sujata has accepted swara as her DIL as she believes that swara is perfect for sanskar.

So let’s start this os…

Swara and sanskar were standing in the hall of the farmhouse. Parineeta and adarsh wished them good luck and went back to mm.

Sanskar: Swara, You sleep in the main room and I will sleep in other room and think about how to expose ragini.

All the time Swara was staring him lovingly which unnoticed by Sanskar.

He was going to go but swara held his hand which shocked Sanskar to the core. He turned around and asked, “What happened?”

Swara held his other hand and looked into his eyes.

Swara (smiling): I want to tell you something.

Sanskar (confused due to her sudden change of behavior): What you want to tell me?

Swara (looking into his eyes): I LOVE YOU SANSKAR

That was like a bomb on Sanskar. He was numb listening to her confession.

Sanskar (shocked): Wh…wh…What!

Swara: I know Sanskar that I named your love as betrayal… and I am really sorry for that. You know when laksh didn’t believe me since then my belief in love got vanished. I wanted father’s love for which I was deprived for 20 years. I wanted to give my ma happiness, which she deserves. To do all this, we got married fakely. Ragini played so many games which were making me weaker… then your sudden love confession… I was confused and I didn’t know what to do. There was already so much mess happening in our lives and in that frustration, I said you all that. Today, I realized that I see you more than my friend. I realized that I have fallen in love with my best friend. Sanskar, I love you… I want to spend my whole life with you.

Sanskar was in shock. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. He again opened his eyes to say something but closed it again.

Swara hugged him tightly to make him believe that she really loves him.

Swara (with closed eyes): I really love you sanskar, this is not any dream and neither I am joking. (hiding her face in his chest) I know I realized it late and I am really sorry for that. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SANSKAR.

Sanskar came out of the shock and slowly wrapped his hands around her back, with a smile on his face. He is not able to believe that the girl whom he loves dearly is now loving him back. He never expected her to love him back but today she is loving him back.

After few minutes swara broke the hug and looked at him innocently, “I also realized that you are only my true love… not laksh. Laksh was only my teenage attraction as I never felt bad when I got separated from him. Sanskar… you are my soulmate, my true life partner, and my true love… (sanskar kept looking at her lovingly and admiringly. Swara realizes that sanskar has not said anything yet) Sanskar… say something.

Sanskar was going to say something but stopped and started teasing her.

Sanskar (teasingly): What if I am also your teenage attraction?

Swara didn’t understand his teasing tone, “Sanskar I have realized that you are my true love as the way I feel for you, I never felt for laksh.”

Sanskar (naughty smirk): Are you sure?

Swara thought that he is saying as she accused his love and now he is not able to believe her.

Swara (says innocently with moist eyes): Yes Sanskar, please believe me… I really love you.

Sanskar was shocked seeing her eyes getting teary.

Sanskar (cupping her face): Swara, I was just joking… I believe you… more than myself. Don’t cry.

Swara: Y..you were teasing me.

Sanskar nods.

Swara starts hitting him with her hands and cries more, “You are so bad sanskar… For a moment, I thought that you didn’t believe me. How can you do this to me?

Sanskar pulls her and smashed his lips on hers. He started kissing her passionately and lovingly, pouring his love into this kiss. Thousands of butterflies flew in swara’s tummy as she felt his warm rough lips on her skin. Swara was holding his collar in her tiny fist. Swara really wanted to kiss him back but poor girl didn’t know how to kiss. Therefore she was letting him do what he wants.

Sanskar realizes that she is not kissing him back… therefore he broke the and looked at her.

Sanskar thought that she didn’t like it, “I..am so sorry swara for kissing you without your…”

Swara keeps her palm on his lips, “Don’t be sorry sanskar… (shyly looks down) I… actually don’t know how to kiss.”

Sanskar removes her hand and looks at her. He was seeing her blushing for the first time and indeed she was looking breathtaking in that blush.

Swara: Waise… how do you now to kiss? Did you kissed…

Sanskar (immediately): Now way swara. I never kissed any girl.

Swara (widens her eyes): Then don’t tell me that you see those types of movies.

Sanskar: Hey stop running your dirty mind… I don’t see such movies….(makes faces) chi! And swara, kissing and all is normal in all movies nowadays.

Swara: Oh!

Sanskar (wrapping his hands around her waist): Don’t worry Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. I will teach you everything.

He gives a teasing smile to her while swara hugs him tightly, not able to bear his intense gaze.

Sanskar: By the way, how did you realize your love for me?

Swara smiles and starts narrating him.

Flashback starts…

SwaSan were in their room. Swara was crying sitting on the ground while Sanskar was consoling her.

Sanskar: Swara calm down

Swara (sobbing): we have lost the battle Sanskar… we have lost, I think we will never be able to bring ragini’s truth out.

Sanskar: No Swara, you can’t give up like this. You are a brave girl… and you can’t become back up like this.

Swara looks at him and remembers how he confessed his love in drunkard state.

Swara: You must be happy as you love me and married me.

Sanskar got angry listening to this. It’s not like he didn’t want her in his life… he did want to spend his whole with her but not without her will. When she does not loves him and is not happy then how can he even think to marry her.

He held her shoulders tightly and pulled her closer angrily.

Sanskar (angrily): Don’t you dare Swara. You can abuse me as much as you want but do not abuse my love for you. I know that you don’t love me that doesn’t mean that I will force my love on you. I only want to see you happy and I know that your happiness does not lie in me.

Swara looked at him with teary eyes. She looked into his black eyes where she could see immense love which is only for her. Whereas Sanskar could see the pain in her big hazel eyes. His heart pinched seeing the pain in her eyes… the eyes which used to twinkle.

Just then they heard a voice, which surprised them.

Voice: Shoru

SwaSan turned towards the door and saw dida standing at the door.

Swara (happily): Dida!

Swara ran towards her and hugged her.

Swara: dida, when did you come?

Dida came inside and locked the door. She wasn’t surprised seeing Swara in bridal attire and sanskar wearing sherwani as shomi called her and told her everything.

Dida: shomi called me yesterday and told me how you both had to marry.

Swara looked at sanskar for few seconds and then back at Dida.

Sanskar: dida we tried our best to stop this marriage… I even (like this he told her how he kidnaped laksh so that ragini could confess her crimes but ragini kidnaped shomi and asked them to marry)… but don’t worry dida, I know that ragini will not hurt ma at all but she will definitely get punishment for this.

Dida: I never knew that an innocent girl like ragini could be so clever and stoop so low that she kidnapped her own mom.

Swara: Dida, we don’t know what to do now, we lost every battle we fought against ragini. She is always a step ahead of us.

Dida sighed and asked Sanskar, “Sanskar… will you please leave us alone as I want to talk shoru privately.”

Sanskar nods and goes away from the room leaving them alone.

Dida made Swara sit on the bed and wiped her tears.

Dida: shoru, you can’t give up like this beta. The path of truth is always very difficult and full of problems but at last, you get good fruit. You are my brave granddaughter and you can’t break like this otherwise ragini will get more encouraged seeing you breaking. You have to fight more to expose ragini… not to unite your maa and baba but for your respect and our upbringing.

Swara closed her eyes, takes a sigh and opens them again with some determination.

Dida: shoru, every person has a weakness and you what is ragini’s weakness.

Swara: laksh

Dida: not just laksh but when ragini gets nervous, emotional or feels that she is going to get exposed, in that nervousness she will blurt out everything.

Swara: oh yes, how could I forget her this weakness.

Swara hugs dida, “thank you dida… you are the best.”

Dida breaking the hug, “acha… can I ask you a question?”

Swara: Yes dida

Dida: why Sanskar was angry?

Swara: woh… dida (she tells how Sanskar confessed his love and how she accused him that he will be happy as he married her)

Dida (shocked): Sanskar loves you

Swara nods.

Dida: What do you feel for him (Swara was going to say something but dida stopped her) but this time think deeply… from your heart.

Swara went into deep thinking, remembering all the moments spent with him till their marriage. She was totally lost thinking about their moments. Dida saw her lost somewhere and helped her further.

Dida: ok… do one thing… keep your hand on your heart and close your eyes.

Swara does what she says. As she closed her eyes, she saw herself dancing in the rain. A man comes, stands behind her and back hugs her. Swara shies and turns around. The man was none other than Sanskar. Swara hugged him tightly, nuzzling her face into his chest.

Swara: I love you Sanskar

Sanskar (kissing her forehead): I love you too Swara

Swara opened her eyes with a jerk.

Swara (fumbling): I…I… l..l…ove san…Sanskar

Dida smiles and says, “You were already in love with Sanskar but due to events happening in your life… you couldn’t realize your love for him.”

Swara smiled happily from ear to ear with shine in her eyes after realizing her newly discovered feeling.

Swara (facial expression changing to sad one): But dida, what about ma? She will be very angry with me.

Dida: Why will she be angry with you, in fact, she will be very happy when she will get to know that you love sanskar. And once that ragini frees my shomi then I swear to Durga ma, I will not that ragini and neither her marwaran grandma.

Someone knocked at the door. Swara stood up and saw laksh, ragini and sanskar standing there.

Ragini noticed dida. She acted innocently and went towards dida.

Ragini (hugging her): Naani ma, I am so happy to see you here.

Dida made faces and broke the hug. Swara was looking at laksh and ragini questioningly.

Laksh: well, you guys just got married… so I thought why not to send you both to our farmhouse for your wedding night. A small gift from me and ragini.

Sanskar: we don’t need it

Laksh: why? Is it because you guys were forcibly married to prove that you both were already married.

Sanskar was going to say something but swara interrupted.

Swara: Thank you so much laksh for this gift… I and sanskar really needed privacy. (Forwards her hand) give me the keys of the farmhouse.

This statement shocked Sanskar as he didn’t expect that Swara will say this but later composed himself as he thought that she must be doing this to prove laksh that they really got married first.

Laksh glared at her and gave keys in her hands.

Ragini: Swara, sanskarji… it’s already evening you both should change and get ready.

Dida (monologue): Can anyone tell that there is a cunning girl behind this innocent mask.

Ragini and laksh went out of the room. Ragini was happy as, according to her thoughts, swara will no more come in between her and laksh. Whereas laksh was burning with jealousy and anger. Sanskar took out a black t-shirt and yellow blazer. Then he went to the guestroom without looking at swara. While swara was all the time gazing at him with lots of love.

Dida (teasing): Shoru, he is all yours… you have a whole life to stare him. You first get ready.

Swara looked at dida and smiles shyly. Soon swara changed into red anarkali suit. Adarsh and parineeta dropped them in the farmhouse and went away.

Flashback ends…

(Swara only told how dida made her realize her love for sanskar… rest of it was for all of you)

Swara (still hugging sanskar): I am sorry sanskar for hurting you and accusing your love.

Sanskar (breaking the hug and cupped her face): It’s okay princess… I can understand your inner turmoil.

Swara (surprised): Princess!

Sanskar (smiles): Yes, you are the princess of my heart.

Swara (hugs him again): And you are the prince of my heart.

Sanskar (serious tone): Swara

Swara (hummed): Hmm

Sanskar: Everything will be fine tomorrow.

Swara broke the hug and looked at him confusingly.

Sanskar: I will expose ragini tomorrow.

Swara: But sanskar, we don’t have any proof.

Sanskar (kissing her forehead): Don’t worry about that. You already went through so much, have stressed so much so now leave these things on me…ok.

Swara nods.

Sanskar picked swara in his arms making her nervous and surprised. He entered a room which was decorated beautifully with scented candles and red roses. He put her on the bed and the lied beside her. Swara smiled nervously yet shyly. Sanskar kissed her forehead and slept hugging her.

Sanskar: Don’t worry swara, I won’t do anything till you are not ready for it.

Swara was blessed to have him in her life. She hugged him tightly and slept.


Swara and sanskar entered mm, hand in hand and with satisfactory smiles on their faces. Laksh noticed them. He was again burning with jealousy and anger seeing both of them smiling and holding hands together. Sujata was satisfied and happy seeing them smiling.

Adarsh: Finally, our newly wedded couple are here… (to sanskar) how was it?

Sanskar: What?

Adarsh (smiling teasingly): Your time with swara.

Sanskar (looking at swara lovingly): It was great… one of the best moments of my life.

Parineeta: Wah! devraniji… what magic you did on sanskar that today he is smiling and his face is glowing.

Swara (looks down shyly): Bhabhi! nothing like that.

Sanskar (to all family members): I want to show you all something.

Sujata: What is it sanskar?

Sanskar: Mom, wait for few minutes.

Laksh: What new drama you guys are creating? Wasn’t all the dramas enough for you both.

Sanskar: Laksh, I swear you will regret each and every word you spoke, after seeing what I am going to show you.

Ragini got nervous after listening to this as the way sanskar was seeing her, she understood that he is planning against her.

Ragini: S..s…anskarji, for how many minutes we have to wait as papaji, chachaji, adarsh bhaiya nad lakshji are getting late for their office. Y..y..you can show it in the evening.

Sanskar: Raginiji, why are you getting worried? When badepapa, papa and adarsh bhaiya, themselves agreed to wait then why are you getting worried about the office?

Laksh: Sanskar, ragini is correct. Waise bhi, since I met swara… dramas are happening in this house. I wish I could have never met you swara… at least I would living happily.

Sanskar (angrily): Mind your tongue laksh, you are talking about my wife. And I myself have accepted my crimes… so you can’t blame swara.

Till then gadodias, dida and shomi entered the house

Shomi was freed by ragini after swasan went to the farmhouse. Dida told shomi about swara’s love and shomi was very happy about her daughter.

Swara (happily): Ma

Swara ran and hugged shomi tightly

Swara (with tears in her eyes, whispers in her ear): How are you Ma? Did she harm you?

Shomi: No shona.

Shomi broke the hug and kissed her forehead, “And I am so happy for my daughter, my shona… you finally got what you deserve. I am really happy that you love sanskar and want to live your rest of your life with him.

Ap: Kakisa, shekharji, shobhaji, shomiji… you all here together…. I mean…

Sanskar: Badima, I called them… and our wait is also over.

Dp: But sanskar, why you have you call all of us.

Sanskar: Badepapa, today I am going to prove swara’s innocence.

Ragini was really scared now as the way sanskar is saying confidently, she understood that he definitely has proof against.

Laksh: We have been hearing this for so many weeks. Tell us something new.

Sanskar: Laksh, I have strong proof against ragini.

Parvati: Sanskar, my granddaughter is a gem. She will never do anything wrong.

Shobha: Oh marwaran. we will see how innocent your granddaughter is.

Ragini (scared): Wh..what proof?

Sanskar: Why are you getting scared ragini? You are an innocent girl, right? Then why are you sweating as if you have done a crime?

Ragini: What c..crime?

Sanskar: Trying to kill swara…

Ragini: No, I never killed swara. I never went to temple with her and pushed her into the river.

Sanskar: When did I say you went to the temple and pushed her into the river.

Ragini: Lakshji, he is trying to trap me in false accusations.

Laksh: Enough sanskar. She is innocent.

Sanskar (smirking): That we will get to know after seeing the CCTV footage of the temple.

Ragini (sweating): C..C..T..V footage

Sanskar: Yes (pretending to be surprised) don’t tell that you didn’t see the CCTV cameras footage in the temple. Don’t you know that the temple has CCTV cameras in every corner? That camera has recorded you pushing swara into the river.

Ragini: This is a lie, there is no CCTV camera in that temple.

Sanskar: But how can you be so sure about it ragini.

Ragini (blurts out everything): Because I myself checked around before pushing swara into the river. There is no CCTV camera and no person saw me pushing swara into the river, therefore, there can’t be any proofs that prove that I tried to kill her.

Just then ragini realizes the blunder she just did. She looked at sanskar who was looking at her with a smirk on his face. Whereas other family members were looking at her angrily.

Ragini: L..L..lakshji… sanskarji trapped me again. He..he..it was lie..

Just then she got a tight slap from parvati.

Ragini (shocked): Dadima!

Parvati: Shut up! Today you have blackened my face by your deeds. How many time I asked you that do you still love laksh or not. But you said that you want swara and laksh to get married therefore agreeing with your decision, I accepted thier relation. Ok… I agree that at first you were manipulated by sanskar, but you are not a child who needs to be taught that what is right and what is wrong? Even after that you tried to kill swara and kept maligning her character. Chi! I am ashamed that you are my granddaughter. I used to be proud of my upbringing but today I am feeling ashamed of it. (joins her hands infront of shohba and shomi) I am sorry shobha, I am sorry shomi for accusing you and your upbringing. I realized today that a mother alone can raise her child with good values. (to swara) Swara, I passed so many taunts, hurt you so much and didn’t listen to you at all…. I am sorry swara, if possible, please forgive me.

Swara: Dadi, what are you doing? Please don’t do that, you are my elder.

Parvati caresses her hair and blessed her, “You are really a gem swara whom I failed to recognize.”

Like this everyone asked forgiveness from swara and she forgave all of them.

Laksh: I am sorry swara for not believing you. I just got trapped in ragini’s emotional drama. I am really sorry.

Swara: It’s okay swara.

Laksh being in his own dreamland thought that swara forgave as she still loves him, “Thank you swara, thank you so much. Swara, you divorce sanskar and I will give divorce to ragini. Then we will marry each other.”

Sanskar got angry and made a tight fist. He believes swara that she sill reject him as she loves sanskar truly.

Swara (angrily): Are you out of your mind laksh? I don’t love you and you are only my sister’s husband and my devar for me. Now I am married to sanskar and I am his wife only. And one more thing, I love sanskar now.

Laksh: But didn’t you love me?

Swara: No! that was my attraction towards and I agreed for marriage only for my family that’s all.

Soon gadodia’s went away with ragini.

(I won’t focus on ragini and laksh)


Sanskar entered his room and was surprised seeing the decoration of the room as if for a wedding night. Sanskar closed the door and he saw swara dressed in a beautiful red saree with open hair. A cute smile was playing on her lips which has already made sanskar’s heart flutter. He was lost in swara’s beauty and innocence. Indeed she looks very innocent and cute in every dress she wears if it is a jumpsuit, suit or saree.

Swara looks down shyly, seeing sanskar’s intense gaze on her.

Sanskar: Swara, what is this?

Swara: Sanskar, I want to be yours in all sense.

Sanskar: Wh..what! Swara, there is no pressure for all this… I mean we have our whole life.

Swara (coming closer to him): No sanskar, I am not doing this under any pressure. I genuinely want to be yours. I want to be loved by my husband.

Sanskar (holding her waist): Are you sure?

Swara kisses his cheeks and whispers in his ear, “100% sure…”

Sanskar smiles and says huskily pulling her closer, “Mrs Maheshwari, you have done grave mistake by dressing up so beautifully nad looking hell gorgeous… because I am not going to leave you till the first sun ray hits us.”

Swara was surprised at first as she never knew that a serious, calm, hot-tempered, kind sanskar could also be so romantic. She blushed at his statement.

Sanskar started nuzzling his nose on her soft cheeks making her heart beat faster. His lips traveled down to her jawline and then into her neck. He started giving wet kisses giving her goosebumps. He gave a bite making her moan in pleasure.

Swara (closed eyes and moaning): Sanskaarrr!

Sanskar looked at her face for few second with lots of pure love and a desire to make her his forever. He picked her in his arms and put her softly on the bed without breaking their passionate eyelock.

Sanskar (rubbing his cheek with hers): I LOVE YOU SHONA

Swara (lost in the pleasure): I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR.

He dug her face into the crook of her neck while sliding her blouse from her shoulders. He wanted to make this night the most beautiful and memorable night for them.

Soon the two different souls became one and all the boundaries between them get discarded in in one corner of the room and the room was filled with moans and cire due to their lovemaking.


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