Hii sweeties!!!!! This is Savanshi back with a new work…
Hope u all have a nyc time reading it…
Fingers crossed????

Oh! Holy Grace!!!
Have some pity God on this lad of ur’s. Why are u doing this to me? I know that I broke my promise but what could I have done? In other way U too are at fault some what.. Aren’t U???
It was U only who made me meet her and loose myself. What was the need to make me counter such beautiful, gracious creation of Ur’s???

So here I’m sitting in my office with nearly a bundles of files in front of me; reminding me of the reason I come to office but no… this stupid heart of mine’s is really stubborn to listen my mind. I’m sure one day I’ll become mad coz of this.
Now u must be wondering… MAD??¿¿¿ So the problem or I should rather say the cause for my this thinking is MY JAAN…
She is such a naughty creation that she can never let me concentrate on anything. I literally can’t concentrate on anything once I’m struck with her thoughts.

“My Jaan”… what to say about her.. my glory.. my pride.. my support.. my love.. my life.. my friend.. my everything. She is an epitome example of perfection… atleast for me.. she is.
The way she handles me; cares for me; worries for me and loves me is something that can’t be explained. Her heart so pure that it only have affection for other.. free from all d dirt… a four chambered residence which is alloted to me for lifetime.
I’m the only resident to live there and make it flatter.

The lappy buzzed making me land back from my imagination back to reality. I let out a breath and tried to focus on my work.
I started preparing presentation for my upcoming meetings…
And here d blunder begins…

File Name-“Jaan”
Company-“My heart”
Subject-“How to meet her now?”
Matter-“How to get kisses from her?”
Conclusion-“Wrap my work and go home”.

Wow Man!!!
What a presentation!!!!!
Literally U should get an award for being so out of the world that u made such an marvellous presentation…
I mean.. The Top Businessman Award sounds something low..
I should b awarded with something bigger than this…
What about a slap? Or an electric shock?
Huh!! Like seriously such an horrible instinct…
GOD!!!! I’m becoming mad….

“Jaan”!!!! U didn’t do this correct… U’ll have to pay for this..
I immediately grabbed my car’s key and rushed out of my cabin slamming the door as hard as possible. I took hold of my seat and drived at the most racing speed that I could. The most terrible and harsh driving that I ever did. Finally I halted my car by applying breaks immediately as I reached the entrance of the house. A loud screeching sound was heard as a result of the sudden jolt of break.

I dashed the main gate and hurriedly made my way to my room. But I was stopped by the most melodious voice.
My Jaan… she was singing a song.. which was audible to me when I approached kitchen’s door. Yes; she was in the kitchen preparing some stuff while humming a romantic song.
I stood there resting my head on the door for support and started to adore my Jaan’s antics..

She had wrapped up herself in a light blue coloured Saree which was clearly exposing her curves as she had tucked it in her waist.
My eyes stuck on her bare milky waist. Her s*xy curves alwaz tempt me. Here my feelings began to reach an excited state. To make the situation worst.. My Jaan began to sway her body along with the rhythm of the song she was humming. This was enough.. the adrenaline floe which I was trying to suppress till now; began to flood up.
My Baby girl during one of her moves twirled and there her eyes landed up on me…
Hush!!! Finally I was noticed!!!
I was just observing the swift change in her facial expressions..
Beginning from Shock… Then Surprise.. next moment Happiness and finally the most awaited one… her cherry red blushing look…
I was flat!!!
I moved towards her and locked her in between the kitchen counter and my body…
I switched off the stove.
Then I again retraced my way… back to her.. I was looking at her with my eyes filled up with a bucket full of emotions… love.. desire.. all finding there way to pour out..
I traced my fingers from her flat belly till her bare back; sending shivers to her body.. I just love to see her melting in my touch… it’s not only her but I too lose myself when I’m near her.
I distanced the gap between us and confessed that I missed her soo much… I said it almost maintaining only a few inches gap between our lips making my hot breath fall on her..
She gasped with the proximity of the moment. I know how to excite her. I immediately started kissing her collar bone and made it wet by my lingering kisses.
I did the same on the crook of her neck and her soft point..
Suddenly she grabbed my collar and pushed me into a wild kiss… removing all the frustration that I caused by leaving the kiss incomplete. She nibbled my lips and made way to grasp up the flowing flood of my emotions…
She started kissing me hard taking full revenge.
Finally the kiss came to halt only to begin the everlasting show of cascading our love for each other. I lifted her up into my arms and muttered that I LOVE HER!!!
This was it… she captured my lips again as we proceeded to our room….


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  1. Simin

    Truly amazing
    Hilarious and sooo romantic

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks a lot dear??

  2. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…. Continue soon

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u sooo much Deeksha??

  3. Vyshu10

    Awww….so romantic and cute. I m blushing so much. Loved it. I just love the treasure OSs. They are amazing

    1. Savanshi27

      Really glad that u liked it soo much… My blushing gal!!!???

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks Anu☺

  4. Simi

    Cute romance ?
    Merry Christmas ?

  5. Deeksha gupta

    Loved it …

  6. Awesome..tc..

  7. merry x-mas!
    awww dis os is rly cute!
    sans presantation ws jst hillarious! gd job dr
    and when he cm 2 hm na!
    hiding under pillow and blushing hard!

    keep writing
    be happy always

  8. Arshaanya

    Aaww savanshi dat was soo cute n romantic…
    M in love wid ur os treasure series

  9. G.Chandu


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