Swasan os ‘ Torchered love’ BY SERENA

A big lavish mansion is shown…a girl is running from here to there instructing the workers to do their work..
Girl- arey bhaiyaaa not like this….keep that yellow flower on middle n that white one on either sides…….arey kaka what r u doing…not like this…do that as I told u…today is my sisters wedding n I don’t want any mistake…all should be perfect afterall its my sister ragini’s wedding…
Suddenly a lady shouted from back
Lady- swara…beta plz eat something….see u r working since morning n its afternoon now….n u haven’t ate anything….if u will like this then how will u do other works…n moreover how will u dance in ur di’s marriage….
Yup the girl is our cute naughty swara….n the lady is none other than sumi.
Swara- no ma I have to do soooooooooo many works…I cant eat now….n for dancing….i will drink two red bull as soon as baraat will arrive
saying this she winked at shomi n ran from there n shomi smiled at her cute antics
swara ran to ragini’s room and saw her standing near the window in deep thoughts…she goes near her n placed her hands on her shoulder…ragini got shocked n turned around….swara saw some tear stains on her cheeks n asked her concernly
swara-(concerned) di why are u crying…are u not happy with wedding so tell us…
ragini-(fake smile n wiping her tears) arey no no swara…I was just being emotional thinking about my bidaai..n leaving my home
swara- oh god , u know I got scared…well don’t worry I know sanskaar loves u a lot n will always keep u happy…
soon swara went from there…n now its night…time for wedding has came…baarat arrived n now all r waiting for bride…
swara went in ragini’s room n found that ragini is nowhere…she found a letter in which its written
“m sorry ma papa…m sorry swara…but I cant do this marriage as I love kartik…m sorry but I cant accept this relation..
Swara got shocked reading this…n ran to her mother n told her to come with her…when shomi came she told every thing to her…shomi burst out crying…but apart from them their conversation was heard by one more person n that’s none other than DP..DP came to them n said..
DP-shomi ji whats this…if ragini was not ready then why u all accepted the alliance…u could tell us…but as we cant change the happenings soooo….i want ur second daughter i.e swara to marry my son sanskaar so that we both families can escape from this society’s humiliation…
Both swara n shomi were shocked…
Swara(shocked n teary eyed)-h..h…how c…ca…can I
Shomi (composing herself)- shone…beta plz do it…for the sake of ur father’s reputation in society..(joining her hands) plz beta plz do this…
Swara(holding her hand)-no maa plz don’t say plz…ok i…I will do it…
DP- that’s good..but we have to take care that no one should come to know that its not ragini its swara there in mandap until the marriage completes..ok!
Both swara n shomi nodded their head…
Soon all the rituals started n swara came in mandap with a big veil on her face n tears in her eyes…
Soon all rituals completed n swasan went to mm…where only dp knows about bride…he tried his best that no family member could see swara’s face…
Soon swara was in her room sitting on bed with veil on her face…sanskaar entered in room n sat beside swara…swara got nervous sanskaar slowly approached towards her n lifted her veil n got shocked seeing swra instead of ragini…he got angry..
Sanskaar(ANGRY)- what the hell is this…swara what r u doing here…n where is ragini
Before swara could say anything sanskaar dragged her to the hall..swara cried, begged..but he didn’t care n dragged her to the hall..n called everyone
Everyone came in hall n except dp everyone were shocked to see swara in bridal attire…
Sanskaar- what’s this all…do anyone knew about it…just tell me dammit..(turning to swara) wait wait wait was it all ur plan…how could u..how could u do it to ur own sister…how could u swara…
DP was about to say something but swara signed him to not to say anything as then all will blame ragini…so Dp kept quite
After insulting swara for sometime he went to his room n closed the door….all family members insulted swara n went from there…swara cried bitterly sitting on the door of sanskaar’s room…this all was seen by DP but he was feeling helpless..
It was morning sanskaar came out of his room n found swara sitting n sleeping on floor n tear stains r their on her face…he looked at her angrily n thinks in mind…
Sanskaar-(monolougue) swara u made my life hell na….just wait n watch what I will do with u…
He shaked swara hardly to wake her up…
Sanskaar-(waking swara up) oye swara..swara get up(swara opens her eyes n looked at sanskaar) go n get a coffee for me….afterall u r my wife na..(smirks evilly)
Swara got scared by his gesture..she silently nodded n about go from there when sanskaar held her hand from back very tightly that her bangles broke down in pieces…
Sanskaar-(smiling evilly) So called Mrs. sanskaar maheshwari this is just starting….there is a lot more stored for u ahead….
Saying this he went from their leaving shattered swara…now it has became habbit for sanskaar to humiliate swara by behaving like this with her….he used to make her wake up at 4 o’clock in morning for his morning coffee, he made her do his work n intentionally used to make things wrong n then scold her for everything,he used to insult her infront of all…n moreover his family also used to do the same…n swara used to tolerate this thinking it her sister’s mistake repentance….n sanskaar used to think that how can she tolerate all these things so easily….somewhere he started to like her patience,somewhere he started to like her caring nature,somewhere he started to like HER….but everytime his feeling got suppressed thinking about ragini….
One day all family members were going to a business party…but sanskaar restricted swara from coming there n once again insulted her by saying that he cant stake his repo by taking her there….n he don’t want to introduce the girl like her to his business partners…swara’s eyes got filled with tears..but still she kept quite n went from their nodding her head surprising sanskaar even more as he was expecting a n an answer from her…soon all they reached to venue n swara was alone in house…
Sanskaar was randomly walking in party when suddenly he heard someone talking on phone…
Man- yaa I want that file of maheshwari company anyhow….sanskaar maheshwari has kept it in his house so that it can be safe over there……but now as everyone is present here so u can easily steal that file….n if anyone comes in ur way just send them to the path of death…
Sanskaar got shocked hearing this but before he could do anything that man went from there….sanskaar got worried for file n then he remembered that swara is in home n then he recalled man’s word” if anyone comes in ur way just send them to the path of death…” he got more worried…he hurriedly rushed to MM..
Meanwhile in MM swara was crying thinking about sanskaar’s behavior when suddenly she listened some noises from out side…she went out of her room n heard that noise again but from study…she went there n found that a man taking a file…that man got panicked seeing her…he tried to run but swara put her leg in between n he tripped but again he tried to run but this time swara hold his hand n kicked him on his main part…that man shouted n the file fell from his grip…swara took that file n ran from there locking the door… she reached in hall n saw that file n got shocked to know that this is the same file for which sanskaar is working hard since many days..she held that file closely to her n turned to run but got shocked to see that man holding a knife in front of her…she got scared but still tried to be brave…the man tried to snatch the file but she held it more tightly…in rage that man cut her near her wrist…she cried but didn’t left the file…the man got so enraged that he stabbed knife on her…above her br*ast…she felt an immense pain but didn’t let go of file….she held it more tighter…the man tried a lot to snatch the file but she didn’t gave up…meanwhile sanskaar came home driving as fast as he can n hearing the car sound the man ran from there leaving swara n file….sanskaar came inside running n was shocked to see the scene infront of him…swara was lying on ground half body covered with blood…n was holding the file as tightly as she can….sanskaar ran to her n took her head in her lap..
Sanskaar(worried)- swara…swara what happened here…how..how this happened…
Swara-(in broking voice as now its becoming difficult for her to breath) sans…sanskaar th…that maa.maa.man…(handling him the file) u…ur f….f….file..
After handling him file she got unconscious…
Sanskaar got worried…his eyes became moist…he lifted swara in his arms n ran to his car…he made swara lie on backseat n drove the car to hospital….
Its been 2 n half hours since swara is in ot n doctors r operating her..sanskar is pacing here n there…
When doctor came…he ran to him n asked worriedly
Sanskaar-(worried) doc..doctor ho…how is sw…swara????
Dr.- she is out of danger now but still unconscious…u brought her at right time Mr. maheshwari or else she could die also coz the cuts are just near her heart n wrist…
Sanskaar was totally broken hearing this…doctor went from there n sanskaar went to the glass hole of door n saw swara lying on bed with so many tubes attached to her…he remembered how swara was lying on floor full of blood with his file…then he got shocked realizing that swara stake her life just for a mere file of sanskaar…his eyes became moist yet again…
After sometime whole MM came to hospital n sanskaar told them everything….now DP was ashamed on himself…
Its been 6 hrs of operation n still swara is unconscious…sanskaar is getting more worried as doctor said that she will soon came to consciousness…..he is sitting near swara holding her hand n looking at her face..
Sanskaar-(monologue) how could I never saw that she is so innocent..
Soon he felt that swara’s fingers r showing movement…he called doctor n by that time swara also became conscious…doc. Checked her n declared that she is fine but weak..soon dr. left n only swasan r there in the room…none of them were speaking…sanskaar due to guilt n swara due to fear..but this silence was broken by sanskaar
Sans- why u stake ur life just for a mere file
Swara answered looking down n immediately
Swara- coz it was ur hardwork…n I don’t want that ur hardwork to go in vain..
Sanskaar’s guilt grew more he looked up at swara shockingly with teary eyes…he don’t know what to say so he just left the room n came outside n cried like child…
Soon swara got dischared n sanskaar took her to MM n to her shock sanskaar shifted her things in his room…he started to take care of swara nicely…he started to take her side, behave with her nicely, taking care of her food n medis….he started to stand by her side…he is now not that old sanskaar n slowly he has started to feel for swara..swara also started to feel for sanskaar n soon realized that she is in love…
but one day swara’s world turned upside down…she is now also very much weak..
one day sumi called her urgently…n sanskaar took her to baadi where as soon as shekhar saw her he just hugged her tightly n apoloziged to her making sanskaar confuse…but soon sanskaar ‘s confusion got clear when ragini came outside…
swara just ran to her n hugged her tightly n cried aloud but sanskaar was only looking at ragini then swara..
n then he got to know about ragini eloping, his father n sumi’s decision n swara’s helplessness..
he completely broke down…he remembered how he tortured swara even the mistake was not hers…he felt more guilty..
Then he came to know that ragini has come back coz the boy kartik to whom she loved left her…
soon after talking with ragini n others sanskaar took swara home…in the whole journey he was quite n swara who was observing sanskaar since long thought that sanskaar still loves ragini n wanted to with her forever n she was also worried about ragini after hearing about betrayel ….she had some unshed tears in her eyes…
soon they reached MM n sanskaar told truth to everyone…everyone’s eyes brimmed with tears knowing about swara’s sacrifice n with guilt remembering how they tortured swara…but DP was happy as now everyone knows the truth…
swara was also happy as now no one will misunderstood her now but soon her happiness turned into sorrow when sujata said something..
sujata- what m saying…that if ragini has came back…then don’t u think we should apply for swasan divorce…as we all know that they don’t love each other n sanskaar loves ragini a lot..after divorce we can apply for ragsan marriage..
both swara n sanskaar were shocked..sanskaar was looking at swara who was thinking deeply looking at ground..
swara-(monologue) yes mom is right…I n sanskaar don’t love each other…even he hates me then whats the use of living in this relation…n ragini di is also broken n she need a life partner right now..n who could be best other than sanskaar…I should say yes for divorce..
before sanskaar could say anything swara spoke making sanskaar shocked n numb
swara- m ready
sanskaar eyes got filled he looked at swara who was trying to control her tears….after saying this swara went upstairs making excuse n sanskaar also followed her..
Swara was sitting on bed n crying as she knows that she loves sanskaar very much but she wiped her tears as soon as she sensed that door is opening..
Sanskaar came inside the room n locked the door…
Sanskaar- why u said tht u r ready for divorce
Swara- coz I know that u also wanted this..afterall u love ragini na..
Sanskaar was shocked hearing her but could not say anything as still he don’t know about his feelings..
Sanskaar- but have u thought about u…what will happen to u after this…
Swara- about me!!! I will live just like I lived before…u don’t worry about me… I will be fine….but right now my sister wants u… n I know that u too love her…n will be happy with her..saying this she went from there as she cant control her emotions anymore…n here sanskaar eyes got filled with tears… n those tears made their way through his eyes…both were crying….n sanskaar slept due to crying
Later at that night when swara came to the room she saw sanskaar sleeping…she sat beside her n caresses his face…her eyes again became moist ….but she composes herself n covered sanskaar with blanket…then she went to her wardrobe n took out her suitcase, her clothes n started packing her stuff..she wrote something n then she looked at the sanskaar’s photo,took it n caresses it n put it in her bag…n went from there
Next day when sanskaar woke up..he didn’t found swara anywhere ..he thought that she is downstairs…so he walked to wardrobe to take his clothes but got shocked on not seeing swara’s cloths not there…then his eyes fell on swara’s letter..
Dear sanskaar
I know u would find me but there is no use of it as m going away from ur lives…I know u love ragini but will not go to her until m their coz u still feel guilty…that’s why m going far from ur lives…so that u can move on..n m sorry for destroying ur life..
he got panicked n ran to downstairs …he asked everyone but no one knows abouy swara…then he told them everything n everyone got worried…he rushed to his car n drove as fast as he can…n now everything is going in his mind…his marriage, his torture,her care, her risking of her life,ragini’s comeback, her saying yes for divorce, n her last conversation with him…he got teary eyed yet again…n this time tears made their way from his eyes n now he realized that he loves swara…yes he loves swara…n he can’t deny it…he got a beautiful smile realizing this beautiful feeling but soon he got worried thinking about swara…he was getting wrong thinkings….he drove more fast…
when he was driving he saw that a girl is standing on bridge n looking at water very keenly..he looked at that girl carefully n got shocked knowing that its swara…he ran to her n pulled her towards him n gave her a tight slap making her shocked then hugged her tightly making her even more shocked…but after sometimes he felt that swara’s whole weight is on him..he looked at her n found out that she is unconscious..he patted her cheeks worriedly but got no response..so he lift her in his arms n rushed to MM..
When swara opened her eyes she found sanskaar sitting by her side n holding her hand tightly n weeping…she tried to get up n sanskaar noticed that she is moving n he opened his eyes n found that swara is now conscious…he hugged her very tightly..
Swara was shocked
Sanskaar(still hugging)- r u gone nuts…u know na u r still weak then what’s the need to go like this…have u ever thought that if something happens to u then how will I live…don’t do like this again..i will die…I Love u swara…I LOVE U VERY MUCH..
Swara was shocked hearing his confession…but was happy…but soon her expression changed thinking about ragini…she jerked him n sanskaar got confused by her this behavior..
Swara- no…no u cant love me…I cant snatch my sisters life..u…u cant love me…no this..this can not happen
Sanskaar-(holding her shoulder) why this cant happen swara…I know u also love me…otherwise u have not left me for my happiness..
Swara- but what about ragini???? Don’t u love her??
Before sanskaar could say anything they heard a voice from behind
Laksh- bhabhi I always loved ragini…but never said that as bhai was gonna marry her…but I promise bhabhi I will always keep her happy…so would u give ur sister’s hand to me..
Swara smiled tearfully n nodded as she knows that laksh is very good for ragini..
Sanskaar- swara I never loved ragini….i only loved u..but never realized…but now I know…I cant give ur place to someone…m very sorry swara for what I have done to u…m sorry for hurting u.…but plz forgive me…n u can give any punishment to me…
Swara- punishment toh banti h
Sanskaar was looking down..
Swara continued- n ur punishment is to bear my ur whole life..
Sanskaar got shocked hearing this n in next moment hugged swara very tightly…
Sanskaar- I love u
Swara- I love u too
Both hugged each other but soon sanskaar broke the hug
Sanskaar- why were u going to suicide coz of me..r u nuts..
Swara – oye…don’t give such importance to urself..i was not going to suicide but was just watchin the water…huh tumhare liye suicide..seriously!!!!
Saying this laughed n sanskaar also laughed along with her n hugged her again..yet very tightly..

Thank u n happy b’day meher di
First time happy ending ki hai…only for ur birthday
I wrote this yesterday only…but TU was not accepting any article…
Soguys…do comment n stay tuned for ‘Doorie….. Sahi Jaaye Naa…’


  1. Meher

    |Registered Member

    Awww thank you sooooo much yaar…

    Love You loads…

    Itz one of the sweetest bday gift.. Bt not fair u make me emotional haan…

    Ya this TU na.. I was waiting for this..

    Itz best.. U r sweet n I love you ????

  2. little princess

    Awesome os….loved it so much..it is such a beautiful story..loved swara’s character to the core..the way u wrote is just amazing…itz simple yet fantastic…thank u for such a wonderful plot

  3. Sriya

    |Registered Member

    it was as usual fantabulous and stupenduous dear keep rocking like laways thanks a lot for happy ending and i have read your previous one also SWASAN: whole world to one bullet it was emotional one btoh are wonderful and post your ss soon and your absolutely a comdey queen and one of the best writer in tu like mehher anjali eva and many more keep rocking like always have a wonderful journey ahead stay blessed dear keep writing and rocking love your all ffs ss and os.
    love u loads!
    keep smiling always!
    stay blessed frnd!

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding dear.Loved it.Sorry for not commenting in DSJN bcz I was on holiday.Parr ab se regular comment karungi pakka.

  5. Sree

    |Registered Member

    Emotional kar diya ?????
    Lekin thank u for a happy ending
    Meine jab os by serena dekka tab hi meine soch liya tha ki agar sad ending hoga toh tumhe mar dungi????
    Lekin good job tum bach gayi??
    Bohott accha tha
    Am Waiting for ur ss. Jaldi post kar. Varna ???????
    Love u???

    • Serena


      Aaj main dar gyi this…isliye galti se happy ending ho gyi😂😂😂😂 varna this was also gonna be sad ending😂😂😂

      • Sree

        |Registered Member

        Agar sad ending dethi na toh🔫
        Ek bullet tumhare andar milta😈😈😈
        Aur mere comment mein jo questions marks hai na vo Actually emojis the. Pata nahi yeh(??) Kaise ban gaye😅😅😶

  6. anjani

    are wah first time happy ending story iss baat pe treat to banti hai aur meher di ka b’day hai to mujhe toh treat chahi & as always u rocked

    • Serena


      Sahi baat hai treat toh banti h….toh bataao kab de rahi ho😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Thank u so much anjani😊😊😊

  7. Abdul hafiz ( Uma)

    Outstanding dear. Loved? it.Sorry for not commenting in DSJN bcz I was on holiday.Parr ab se regular comment karungi pakka. First time happy ? ending,good.

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