SwaSan OS: Tere Bin (Part 2)


Hey guys! I’m back for second part. After sooo long! I know I’m late but I have many FF’s! And to know about the mark. Read this part.
In case you haven’t read last part.. Link: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-os-tere-bin-part-1/
I began with Swara’s POV.

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful necklace written ‘SwaSan’ on it. I was teary eyes. I looked at him and in a nick of time I hugged him tightly! So tightly!

“Sshh.. Swara. Don’t cry. I can’t see you crying. Sshh.” He consoled me.

“Thank you for bringing the happiness back in my life Sanskar! I love you! I love you more than anything in this whole world.” I said with teary eyes and stopped saying as I couldn’t say anything further. I just wanted to feel him!

“I love you too!” Saying this he closed his eyes to feel me.

“Swara..I wanna ask you something.. If you’re happy and don’t mind.” He told me.

“Yes Sanskar. You can ask me anything. After all I’m gonna be your wife. You can ask me anything.” I said it smilingly.

He too smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

“Swara.. What’s that mark on your neck? Were you …….?” He asked me hesitatingly.

(Hope you understood the word as neither I nor Sanskar could write or say it..Hehe)

So I began telling him. “No Sanskar.. One day I went to a market to purchase vegetables but someone kidnapped me. I called baba for help but Rajat cut the call. I couldn’t tell him. But he traced my phone. Rajat bought me to a room and bit my neck. He was about to force himself on me just then baba came with police and he saved me.” I narrated him with a sad smile.

As I heard about her past. I became teary eyes. She wasn’t crying but I knew she was deeply hurt. I hugged her very tightly.

“I promise I won’t let anything happen to you now. You’re my responsibility.” I whispered in her ears and she smiled.

Soon we released ourself from the hug.

“Sanskar..I..I think we should tell our parents about it today only. I’m sure he’ll like you as he knows you from your childhood.” She told me.

“Yes Swara! Even I’m sure papa will like you as he also knows you from childhood.” I told her.

She smiled at me.

“Come, I’ll drop you home.” I told her.

“Okay Sanskar.” She told me.

We sat in the car and were driving off. Her head was on my shoulders. Her touch made me feel like I am in the heaven!

“Sanskar..” She told.

“Hmm..” I replied back.

“I’ll call you today night after 10 and will tell you what will Ma and baba tell. Even you need to tell me what will uncle and aunts say.” She told me.

“Okay.” I said with a smile.

Soon we reached her house.

“Bye Swara!” I told her.

Before going, she kissed me on my cheeks and said “Bye!” I smiled at he’d and waved her.

Soon I entered the house, and I saw Ma and baba chit chatting.

“Where were you Shona?” Baba asked me.

“Ma, Baba. I wanna talk to you. I’ll answer your questions.” I told them.

“Yes.. Sit.” They told me and I sat down.

“Maa. Baba.. I love Sanskar. And I want to marry him!” I said in a breath although I was feeling nervous.

“Sanskar? The Sanskar who was in your house in your school and would come here for house activities? Right?” Maa asked me.

“Yes Maa.” I told them.

I waited for their reply. They were signaling each other through eyes. I couldn’t understand anything.

“Okay!” They said happily.

“What?! Really?I mean don’t you want to see him?” I asked being shocked as well as happy.

“No Shona. I believe you. You wouldn’t do anything wrong and we’ve seen him many times, in childhood and today also. He’s a mature boy. He’ll always keep you happy.” Baba told me.

I was teary eyes.Not because they have agreed, but because how much faith they have on me. I just hugged them tightly.

“Thank you Maa and baba! Thank you soo much!” I said.

            AT 10:00 PM

I saw the clock and quickly dialled Sanskar’s number. He picked up and he too seemed happy.

“Yes Swara! They’ve agreed!” He told me.

“Really Sanskar?! Even Maa baba agreed… Now we’ll be one.” I said and sounded very happy.

“Yes!” He said and he too seemed happy.

“Tomorrow they’ll be coming to meet you along with Pandit ji.” He told me.

“Okay! Maa baba already knows about it..” I said..

“Good Night!” I said and yawned.

“Good night!” He too said.

“Sanskar..I love you!” I said.

“I love you too!” He said and I blushed.

        NEXT DAY

We went to her house along with Pandit ji. My eyes were only searching for her.

“Sanskar! Don’t worry your bride will come soon.” Shekhar uncle said and I blushed.

“Arey Nahi uncle..I wasn’t searching her.” I told him and he rolled his eyes and saw me.

“Uncle?” He said.

“Sorry..Papa!” I said and we smiled.

Soon she came down and our Engagment was fixed after 5 days. We were very happy and took blessings of our elders.

       AFTER 5 DAYS

We both came in my house and exchanged rings. (Guys my hands are paining so I’m not gonna write more functions along…sorry). We were very happy and hugged each other. But unfortunately everyone was seeing us so we couldn’t talk.. Our marriage was fixed after two week. So fast! But I was ready to marry her anytime! The function was over but elders didn’t let us talk..so she went to her house.


The nex day I (Swara) received biggest shock of my life! Sanskar had a accident.. I just rushed to city hospital along with Maa and baba. There are saw AP Maa and DP papa.. They were like a lifeless body. Crying their heart out! It seemed like the word ended a long ago but Sanskar and I were only two who were left and now he too left me! He was inside the OT. I saw him from  glass window. With lot of machines.. Aah!! It pained me more. I sat with a thud on floor and cried my heart loud. Soon I fainted.

“Swara Swara!” I heard baba shout. He picked me up and called the doctor.

“There’s nothing to worry about her, she’s absolutely fine. She fainted due to stress.” Doctor told them.

“Thank you doctor!” Baba said and the doctor left.

Soon after, I woke up and found myself in a ward.

“Maa Maa! Where’s Sanskar? I know he’s alright. Maa! I wanna talk to him. Where is he?” I said and started to cry my heart out.

I rushed out of my ward and went outside OT. The doctor came out.

“Doctor Doctor! How’s Sanskar? Is she alright?” I asked him.

“I’m sorry to say. He’s slipped into coma.” Doctor said and passed away.

I said with a thud and began to cry. Everyone else cried too. They couldn’t see Sanskar and me like this. I rushed in his ward.

“Sanskar! Sanskar! Please open your eyes! Sanskar! Please open I know you…a..re..jo..king..with..m..,ee..plea…see Sanskar!” I said and began to cry. I rested my head on his chest. All the other cried seeing us.

       AFTER 5 DAYS

Daily I come to see him. I daily cry but he didn’t wake up. Today I had a feeling that he’s gonna wake up. I went and talked to him. Although he was unconscious, I knew he was hearing me. After some time, I noticed his hands moving a bit.

“Doctor! Doctor!”I shouted and others too came inside hearing me shout.

“What happen Swara?” they asked me,

“Maa.. Sanskar.. He’s gonn wake up!” I said and sounded very sure.

Doctor checked him up.

“Wow..this is a miracle! He’s gonna be conscious in an hour.” Doctor told.

“Thank you soo much doctor!” i said.

After an hour. He woke up.

“Swar…aaa..swaraaa..” He said and was waking up.

I woke up and saw her lying next to me. In a nick of time, I hugged her tightly. Tears started rolling from both of our eyes.

“I missed you so much Sanskar! These 5 days were like 50 years for me.” She said and started crying.

We both then parted away. 

“I missed you so much Swara!” I said and kissed her forehead.

Others too came inside and did their emotional talk (hehe).

“Sanskar. I think you’re not well. So we should postpone the wedding.” Shekhar papa told me.

“Nahi papa! When I’ll be married to her. I’ll recover very soon! I’ll marry her on our marriage day only.” I said.

All were surprised and Swara was too surprised. “Okay” they said.


We both came downstairs. She (Swara) too came down and I was mermerised seeing her.

“You look gorgeous.” I whispered to her and she blushed.

Pandit ji asked me to fill her  maang with sindoor. She closed her eyes. I did it and now he asked me to tie mangalsutra around her neck. I did it. 

Soon were married! She became Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.
We clicked a family picture.


Finished this long, lengthy OS. Hope you people liked it! It took me three hours to write it. I think I rushed at the end. Is it so? If yes then I’m really sorry. Please do comment and let me know your views about this OS.



Take care
Keep smiling


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