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Hey guys #ZuZu is back to entertain u guys with #Short_One_Shot on #SwaSan ..for first time am writing something on POV basis pls do comment !!!

Here it goes !!


Third person’s POV

There is no proper age of love.. No proper time.. It won’t see rich poor.. It just happens.. So here it happened with two teenagers who were in thier 9th standard.. She was 16 Years and he was 17…

It was a usual morning for me.. I knocked my friends door.. Oops !! I forgot to tell u we live in same apartment and goes to same school.. Our school the St. Xavier’s the most reputated school in the town..

I knocked the door a lady opened..

I -“Hii Aunty !! ”

Lady -“Hii beta .. How are u come in ”

-“Am fine aunty actually …” Said I entering in the house..

Lady -“I know she is getting ready”

I smiled.. Aunty gave me water -“Swaraaa beta UR friend have came come fast u are getting late ” -said she a bit louder

-“Two minutes mom coming !!” Came voice from the room..

Aunty smiled at me .. I too replied!!

And there came my friend Swara Jha .. I must say god have designed her beautifully.. No doubt every Creation of God Is beautiful.. But she was blessed with extra I feel.. Her big eyes… Which never needs to do makeup.. Her cute nose.. Her fair cheeks.. All were just flawless .. Her smile was like cherry on cake !!

She waved bye to her mom and we came down ..

I -“KYA swara aaj b late ?? ”

Swara -“Sorry yaar.. Chl jaatey h ”

I -“Haa YAAR u aaj chemistry ki study hour h .. Chl jldi ”

Swara -“hmm ”

As we were standing for auto.. I saw a pair of eyes staring us.. I dunno y.. He was guy from our apartment only waiting for his school auto.. Actually our school and other school named St. Francis dsale school were near.. Difference was our was a gals school and that was a coed..

He was the most handsome guy not only in our apartment but in our area.. His eyes were deep.. Masculine body.. Which were not seen for any guy in 10th standard..

I -“Swara y he always be here while going and I’ve seem him near our school too at our home bell time..”

Swara -“Arey he is in SFS na near our school may be some of our school gals go in that auto so ”

I -“Hmm ”

Swara’s POV

I just answered something to Riya’s question.. I used to see him daily down in our apartment.. When we come home.. I think he follows me.. But y.. He was so handsome who can make 10 girlfriends in one go… But I liked him staring me.. Coming to my collage.. Following me to cycling ground in evening ..

Sanskaar was actually one of my friend In my childhood or else u can say a enemy.. We always used to fight.. I stopped interacting with boys after my 8th class.. That time we were rivals.. But dunno y he now follows me.. I like him but.. Dunno what is his real mean behind this.. He never shows like he follows me.. When I take a glance on him he changes the direction of seeing or the way !!

A horn brought me out of my thoughts -“Swara chal auto came “-said Riya holding my hand.. I sat down looking him from auto mirror… He was trying to look in auto.. A curve of smiled appeared on my face !! Auto uncle drove it fast.. I came out of my thoughts as we reached my second home that is my school !!

Sanskaar’s POV

SWARA !! The most beautiful gal I’ve ever seen.. When I shifted to shimla and came to live in this apartment.. She was my biggest enemy .. I used to hate her.. Cz used to praise her.. During time we play in apartment ground… In my early teens I used to keep funny names of her.. And she used to burn In anger.. No doubt that she looked so cute with that red nose in anger.. We used to have cycling competition and I used to do cheating to win..

All of a sudden I started liking her.. Dunno y but she stopped talking with boys.. May be parents have said.. I Began to miss our fight.. Specially her angry red nose.. Well I began to follow her in morning.. Even though my school tym is 1 hour late than hers I used to come early just to see her.. I used to stand near her school gate even though it was a gals school watch man used to scold bt to see her.. I was going mad.. I know I can see her at our apartment but then also I wanted to see her.. !!

When she used to laugh with her school friends and come out.. I used to stand there like I’ve having some work.. So that she can’t get that am following her.. Even our my auto uncle came to know about this..

I was staring her when a voice echoed me In my ears -“Sanskaar !! She went now come fast !! We need to go ” I turned back and saw my auto uncle.. I went and sat back..

-“Sanskaar when u love her why don’t u propose her ?? ” asked my auto uncle

-“What if she rejects ?? ” said I in a worried tone..

-“Well I think she also likes u..when u change UR glance.. She looks at u.. After coming out from gate her eyes searches someone .. Even I think she knows u like her !! ” -said hey creating a ray of hope in me..

-“I will uncle on a fine day I will that too making her feel special I’ll do ..may be 14 Feb ”

Said I with brightness in my eyes..!!while uncle smiled at my excitement !!

But some fear still stood in my heart as we were rivals first..taking uncles Saying I began to test her weather she likes me or not..

Swara’s POV

Aahh finally the day came !! 14 Feb.. Lovers day.. Ya ya OK valentines day.. I usually feels alone on this day.. Cz of my all friends tease me for not having any bf.. They all says what thier lovers do for them.. I guess by adding mirch masala.. Though ours was a convent school.. There were numerous stories of love btwn SFS boys and Xavier’s gals.. Thoh SFS WS a coed gals were very less in that..

Well I can’t say also my friends that I like someone..

As usual riya came and we were waiting.. But my eyes were searching Sanskaar.. She wasn’t there today.. May be he have a GF as he is so handsome he must have.. All this days I saw him but today.. I felt lil bad.. But soon got involved in my school..

Sanskaar’s POV

Today morning I dint saw her.. Uff I am such a dumb in doing preparation I dint went there.. But one thing I was sure she had some feeling for me.. Today eve I’ll finally say her how much I love her !! Dam my heart beat Is so fast dunno whether I’ll be able to say also..

After preparing a 100 times in front of mirror I looked at watch it was already 4 means she will be out of gate in 5 minutes.. Oh shit !! I need to reach der… I ran to my bike and began to drive fast !! Oh sorry I forgot to tell u guys my dad gifted me a Bike on my bday… I was waiting for day to make her sit on my back seat for that till now I dint allowed anyone to sit back.. I reached on time der..

She came out at neck of time I reached..!! I once checked my looks in my bikes mirror .. Perfect !!

She was facing her back to my side I ran to her..

Swara’s POV

I turned back as I heard someone calling me… The movement I turned I was shocked.. The most handsome guy was kneeling down in from of.. Looking at me.. Wearing my fave color jeans and shirt.. Omg he really looked breath taking.. I can’t believe he was holding my fave flowers bookey that were orchids ..

Whole public was looking us.. My heart beat was faster.. It began to race as he took my hands in his hands !!

Riya’s POV

Oh my my.. Tbe scene I was witnessing was like am seeing a movie like.. The most handsome person was proposing my friend.. I always had a doubt that something going on btwn this two.. He was holding swara’s hand.. Looking in her eyes..

“Swara I know we were enemies first but I dunno when how.. I began to like you.. Trust me I’ve never seen a beautiful gal like u in this whole world.. Being in a coed I never got any attraction towards any gal.. Ua the first in my life.. And I wanna make u my last too only if I say yes..?? ” said Sanskaar..

Swara was not uttering a single word.. I Began to shout -“Say yes !!”

And rest of crowd joined me..

Sanskaar’s POV

Omg I can’t believe I finally said ys..whole crowd was asking her to say yes.. She looked round .. I was silently praying in my heart that she accepts me..

My heart danced in joy when she said yes.. Omg did she ?? Am I dreaming.. Oh God someone pinch me.. I was looking her..the movement she said yes the atmosphere got filled with the sounds of whistle and claps..

I was still not able to believe.. To feel it I stood up and took her in a passionate hug..

-“I LOVE YOU ” I whispered in her ears..

Swara’s POV

Listening that three golden words from him I was totally lost in his hug.. I hugged him back and replied to his confession !!

“I love you too ”

We were standing in on a main road filled with traffic with whistle and claps round.. I hugged him tight..

I can’t believe he loves me.. He made me feel so special.. Proposing me in front of every one!!

He immediately made me sit on bike and we drove.. I asked him -“My mom dad ”

-“Don’t worry I told Riya she will handle ” – said he..

-“Hey u are my GF not stranger hold me tight OK ” – said Sanskaar again

I smiled and snaked my hands round his waist..

-“U know my classmates used to tease me that I won’t have any bf ” said I

-“Hmm but am sure now they will be jealous.. ” replied he

-“Of course they will ”

We laughed !!

We roamed in some places celebrating our love day..

When he dropped me

-“Hey sweetheart give me kiss at least ” listening this I turned to him..

I gave him a kiss on cheek and ran to hide my shyness.. !!

Sanskaar’s POV

She ran.. I smiled at my loves childish behaviour !!

It was best day of my life.. Our love life was going sweet we used to meet…

One day I saw her talking with her friends bro I dint like it so I said her to don’t talk with that guy.. She became angry.. Later she hugged me from back -“OK I’ll not ” said she making me happy.. Yup I wss jls.. Its natural..

She began to bunk classes for me being a topper..

We were sitting near a lake I was sleeping in his lap.. Staring her beautiful face… For which I can spend my whole life seeing it..

-“What are u staring ? ” questioned she innocently !!

-“You my jaan u are so beautiful I love u.. ” I confessed !!

-“I love u too my love ” said she pecking my forehead..

I got up Saying -“Aahan ”

She gave a confused look.. I sat beside her cupping her face.. She wasn’t able to understand anything.. Aaww my innocent love.
I leaned further.. And placed my lips on hers.. Woooohh!! her lips were so soft yet tasty.. I sucked them both alternatively.. It was new for me and so for her too.. But my innocent baby soon began to kiss me back leaving her shyness !!

Swara’s POV

When his lips met mine a current passed through my body.. I dunno y but I didn’t felt shy and reciprocated the kiss..

Like wise we used to meet and share a lovely time.. Being in Same apartment we couldn’t talk much Cz of parents.. We used to talk with eyes.. Gesturing each other..

My baby used to get late Cz he used to drop me daily school Now..Aaww my poor baby takes scoldings for me..

One day my dad said we are going to get transferred to a different city.. Oh no !! I can’t.. I can’t live without Sanskaar.. Plus I don’t want to leave my school also..

But firstly I need to share this to Sanskaar.. I know he will get angry !!

I went to meet him.. He looked so happy I dint want this happiness to be faded !! But I need to tell him..

Listening to me he downded his head.. I snaked my hands round his neck and made him to look me..

He looked sad -“Even I don’t wanna go Sanskaar but.. ”

-“But what Swara.. I can’t live without u .. ” he protested !!

Seeing him I lost my control he looked so cute.. I placed my lips on his to calm him.. It turned to a sweet kiss..

We broke..

-“I’ve idea ” – said I

“what ? ” questioned he.,

-“I’ll say dad that I wanna complete my studies here only and live in my school hostel.. ”

-“But swara will they accpet ? ” he questioned again !!

-“Don’t worry I’ll make sure they will” I said cupping his face..

Sanskaar’s POV

I hugged her tight I dint wanna let her go.. She became my life.. We made a plan.. And she talked to her parents..

I was eagerly waiting on bike for her.. To know did her parents accept ?? Aahh this thought was haunting me..

She came..

-“What did they say ?? ”

She stood like a pillar.. Aahh did they not .. Umm this thought killed me..

-“Pls say jaan what did they say u are scaring me !! ” I said

She jumped and hugged me -“They agreed baby don’t worry ”

Wow I picked her and made her above from ground in my arms.. I felt my arms are made only to hold my princess in them !!

She laughed.. Which tugged my heart with her smile… I never wanted to leave her from my arms..
We talked for so much of time..

Swara’s POV

Days passed I shifted to hostel from apartment.. It was tough for me.. But have to do it.. My mom gave me cellphone.. So I can call them..

I and Sanskaar used to talk a lot.. Riya used to help me in bunking classes.. My friend helps me so much..

Not only in bunking classes but sometime Sanskaar used to come to my hostel as it was a gals hostel watchman was not allowing her.. But riya called to our hostel landline number.. As my mom

-“Sir he is actually our boy only.. As me and swara’s dad r busy I sent him to chk swara is she fine.. U can let him go inside ” -said riya on phone.. In a voice of a elder women..

I must say I should be proud of my best friend she does exact mimic of my mom.. Haha.. She was helping us a lot..

By hearing her warden let Sanskaar go with me.. I took him to my room.. As soon I closed the door..I felt a pair of strong arms holding me from back..I turned and hug him.. It was really a needed one.. We were not met from long 4 days..
We Shared a good yet romantic time while talking !! We were so happy like we dint needed any third person btwn us !!

Like wise the days were passing one day I got permission from my warden mam to stay at Riya’s house.. She called my mom and knowing riya very closely my mom agreed to me and gave permission to warden mam !!

I was happy that I’ll meet Sanskaar today.. But as I stepped out my collage I saw Sanskaar holding a gal in her arms.. And it was none other than my biggest enemy my classmate who every time gets jealous of me.. While teachers praise me.. Shreya biswas I don’t hate her but she makes me do that.. What was she doing in my boyfriend’s arms.. And y was he holding her.. 1000 number of questions stroke my mind at once.. I thought is Sanskaar playing a game on me .. No no he can’t.. Or may be he can just to take revenge of childhood … Aahh I can’t think anything..

I went from there to Riya’s house without meeting Sanskaar.. I was supposed to meet him.. And go with him.. I dunno what to do.. I love him I should trust him but.. He very well knew shreya is my rival..

I want to be alone for sometime..

Sanskaar’s POV

I came back to home.. I waited her for a long time.. I think she must have gone.. But we were supposed to be together today.. As we said to each other..

-“She is a bit busy I’ll tell her OK don’t worry ” -said riya when I met her on stairs..

Busy for me.. Y .. I want her now but I can’t force her.. K let her come when she wants !!

I dozzed off !!

Swara’s POV

Thinking for a long time I came to a conclusion that I’ll meet and clarify with him.. I happily dressed up in his fave dress putting up a mimal makeup ..

I ran back of our building.. And there a shock was waiting for me.. Shreya and Sanskaar were talking with each other.. They were laughing.. Tears began to warm up in my eyes .. Ran from there.. Coming to Riya’s home..

-“Hey Swara what happened are u fine ” she continued giving a pouse – “did Sanskaar say anything ”

I dint answer her.. May be they daily meet here.. As am in hostel I dunno anything going on here.. May be they teamed up to take revenge.. Such thoughts began to hunt me.. I cried and cried.. Sanskaar was calling me .. He tried number of times but I dint pick up..
In 2 days was my bday I thought to spend it with him but.. Now I can’t he cheated on.. I hate him..

Sanskaar’s POV

She asked me to meet there I was waiting till time a gal came I think she was swara’s classmate.. She asked me about my school faculty as her parents wanted to admit her bro in my school.. I smiled and told about my school.. She soon Began to flirt with me..

-“So my bro will also become hot and handsome like you.. ” she said..

I Seriously hate it.. I was waiting for my Swara and she was flirting with me..

I saw Swara running from there.. Oh no Whatt !! Did she misunderstood me .. Oh God I need to clarify her.. She wasn’t ready to pick up my call nor responding to my msgs ..

I talked with riya y she is behaving so.. She too said she is unaware of it..

-“She is crying from morning Sanskaar dunno y .. Shez not answering me !! ” stated she..

Crying !! But y.. Don’t she trust me.. I can never cheat on her.. She is my life I can’t can’t think also about it.. I need to clarify her but she wasn’t ready to meet me.. !!

Next day she was going to her hostel I tried to talk with her but she ignored !!

Riya’s POV

-“Swaraa .. Swara baat toh suno meri.. What u are thinking is wrong.. Once give me a chance to clarify please Swara.. ” Sanskaar came back of us.. He was very sad.. But I couldn’t help him out as Swara was not ready to say me at least..

One say passed.. Next day it was swara’s bday.. Sanskaar knew it..

I assured him today I’ll talk with her..

-“Swara Pls once share with me least y are u doing this y are u hurting the person who loves u the most. ”

Swara blurted out -“U know what he is a cheater.. I hate him.. He was with that shreya that time.. I’ve planned to leave this city today only and go to my parents ”

I was shocked to listen this Cz it can’t let this happen as I know Sanskaar was a nice guy.. Must be this shreya done something to create mu btwn them.. She is jls of Swara.. I know her very well .

And Swara not understanding him was going to take such a silly step which will lead her and his both lives to hell.. I need to talk to Sanskaar about this..

I took swara’s phone and took Sanskaar’s number I know it was wrong but I can’t let my best friend to ruin her life… I talked with Sanskaar we made a plan..

Sanskaar’s POV

What ?? She was thinking to leave me forever ?? This is what my love is? Thank God that riya said me everything and gave me plan..

I went to her school at eve..

Taking shreya with me.. She wasn’t ready to talk with me..

-“Say shreya what is the truth or else I’ll say about u and UR boyfriend to UR dad “- said riya giving shreya a tight slap in front of all…

-” Swara it was my plan I was jls from u.. U get top in every exam yet u got the most happening and hot bf.. That too he loves u so much. Listening every where Swara Swara Swara.. I got frustrated.. I tried to create mu btwn u and Sanskaar.. Cz I hate u Swara.. I hate u .. ” shreya completed her words..

Riya slapped her again -“But u forgot I am always there for my bestie I’ll never leave her.. I know u very well than Swara.. ( Turing to Swara who was almost crying ) and u Swara what were u going to do ha spoil UR life by leaving the person who loves u the most ”

Swara was crying I saw her seeing me with a sad face..

She ran and came to hug me..

-“am so..sorry Sanskaar.. Am sorry I dint trust u.. Am not good for UR love Sanskaar am not am so bad.. Pls forgive me.. I will never doubt u now .. I love u ” said she stammering ..

I cupped her face -“Shh first stop crying.. Its UR bday today.. And yes am not gonna leave u that easily.. I know UR doubt was natural due to our past.. But now we will never doubt one another.. I also need to understand if I feel jls seeing u with someone else u must also have .. I love u too ”

She hugged me again and I too..

-“MUJE bhul gaye very bad ” said riya winking at us

-“Never if u weren’t there I would have gone.. U are my best gift from God ” said Swara

-“Haan Haan bas kr meri taarifey friends hote kis lie h huh ? ” said riya..

They shared a good hug..

Swara’s POV

If riya wasn’t I would have done the biggest mistake of my life..

We went from there.. Sanskaar took me to a spcl dinner..

We danced together.. He leaned on me.. Before he could kiss I smashed my lips with his.. It turned to a hungry yet passionate kiss..

!!!Screen Freezes!!!

Friends are the best gift of god.. #Happy_Friendship_Day
If u have any confusion don’t hide from UR partner u have full right to speak.. Rather than getting in a big mess !!

************The End*************

So guys thot to entertain u guys with simple os.. Haha don’t ask me its sequel now.. Pls do comment. Or else I’ll never write.. Pls big comments ha Cz it took 5 hours to write ..


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