SwaSan Os Teaser- Suggestions needed.

Hello guys! Nargis here! This is just a developing idea in my mind and I am planning to make it an OS. Still many things need to be planned out but you can say this is type of a teaser to the actual version so it doesn’t reveals much.

Swara is a suspect in a crime. She is interviewed by Sanskar, the detective in charge of the case and immediately feels deeply attracted to him. After an hour in the interview room, Sanskar releases her with an apology. On an impulse, she invites him out to dinner that night, and he accepts. But, leaving the police station, she begins to feel nervous about their dinner date. Is it a mistake to go out with the detective, when she’s in fact guilty of the crime he’s investigating?

I am still confused. Should I write this OS? Do comment your views if you want me to continue! Bye till then. <3

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  1. Sus

    concept is good but sanskar being detctative
    can a detctative enquire, i mean should not be Sanskar any kind of officer who have permission from govt.

    1. Nargis

      Ok thanxx for suggestion! I’ll make sure of that

  2. Neptune

    hmm you are confused but i guess it would surely make a nice story you should surely give it a try dear……
    we would love to read it

    1. Nargis

      Thnx a lot!

  3. Fenil

    Osm nd fresh idea.
    Write wid this.

    1. Nargis

      Thanks fenil bhaii <3

  4. Raina

    hmm.. sounds interesting!!..

    1. Nargis

      Thank you!

  5. Ashlyn.G

    Interesting plot…You should continue with this dear…..

    1. Nargis

      Ok I will!

  6. Just do it yaar

    1. Nargis

      Kayy! Thnx priya!

  7. Phoniex

    Interesting concept

  8. intresting continue

  9. Seebu_s

    it is so intersting dear…sorry for not giving any suggestion as i’m having zero knowledge in detective type of stories…go with ur story…continue soon?

    1. Nargis

      It’s ok dear! I am glad that u commented <3 Thnxx! xoxo

  10. Rachna

    Awsm… It’s interesting… Update soon

  11. Aarushi_99

    It’s a really interesting concept!
    But is Sanskar detective or prosecutor? Because if I’m not wrong, prosecutors are the ones that ask questions right? Sorry I’m not sure about this thing but just gave my suggestion..
    Anyways, I really liked the concept.. continue soon!

    1. Nargis

      Thnxx! Sanskar is a detective <3

  12. Interesting….carry on

  13. Manasvi

    Its a very interesting concept..
    Will love to read this.. 🙂

  14. Nice concept

  15. Anjali30

    It’s a good concept… Just make sure that the crime is a good one.. Try to make the questions different and interesting…

    One last thing… Just make sure that there is absolutely no suspicion on swara when she goes for the dinner… Because then it’ll be unethical and Sanskaar nay get in trouble…

    Just my views.. Will be eagerly waiting… 🙂

    1. Nargis

      Thnxx for ur suggestions!

  16. loved it…go with anjali’s suggestion as she is right..!!

    1. Nargis

      Sure!! Thnx..

  17. Nice plot … Post soon

  18. Mahisha

    Nice plot…It looks interesting
    Continue soon

  19. interesting plot…would love to read it☺

  20. Kakali

    I’m completely blank in this genre.!! So I will be glad reading how you unfolds it in your way.! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  21. interesting..continue soon..

  22. Gayathri.visu

    Sorry dear. I have any idea about detectives. But its interesting… Plz Continue.

  23. Pramudi

    I think this is interesting. I’m sorry dear can’t give suggestion cause i’m don’t know detective things. You plz start. I will love to read this.

  24. new genre…interesting…will wait for it

  25. Arshaanya

    Ofcrse go wid it girl

  26. Simi


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