swasan os : a tale of trust love and misunderstanding by kaynat khan


Hello everyone missed me i guess not i am not that much good writer to be missed chalo never mind came with another story of swasan i am really busy these days i also wanna start ff but i cant bcoz i may not able to upload daily episodes so just wanna write one shots only hope you will like this one as its really romantic emotional thrill and i will try to balance scenes carefully so lets start but before that my previous one shot links






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The story starts with a girl wearing white shirt and jeans in her mids twenties sitting in custody with her best friend waiting for someone impatiently
Girl : ragini how much time the lawyer will take to come
Yes the best friend was ragini
Ragini : swara laksh has gone naa to bring the lawyer plz be calm everything will be fine
Yes the girl was non other than swara
Swara : i am scared ragini what will if he didnt take my case
Ragini : relax swara you are innocent and i have heard he have never lost any case so he will definetely take your case
At that time they sees the door opening here comes laksh (ragini’s husband) with lawyer
Both comes forward laksh introduces them
Laksh : sanskaar this is swara whom i was talking about and swara this is sanskaar your lawyer
Yes the lawyer was non other than sanskaar maheshwari
But both swara and sanskaar were looking eachother in disbelief their faces were telling that how much shocked they are
Swara : sanskaar you i cant believe it
She was about to touch his face but sanakaar moved aback
Sanskaar : dont touch me it will be better that you only speak about this case
Swara : sanskaar see i have came your swara has came
Sanskaar : you are not my swara or anything will you tell me the case or not
He was angry and swara can sense it so swara started to tell the story
Swara : actually 1 year back i came to delhi with laksh and ragini as i got the information that the great bussiness man aditya kashyab is handling womens racket he is selling girls without anyones knowledge so i thought to bring his real face infront of everyone i studied about him everything deeply then one day i got to know about his private place where he do all his work

Flashback starts
Aditya was talking to some men about the girls and swara was recording it
Aditya : yes yes your girl will be send to your place
Man : that girl are enjoyable or not i am paying you high amount for it
Aditya : no worry sir that girl is quite young you will enjoy dont worry
Swara was all shocked to hear this she was so sad for that girl but she was happy after aditya will expose she will free all the girls
She was busy in her thoughts when some men dragged her in and faced aditya
Security : sir this girl was spying you all and she was recording something
Aditya was angry and swara hided her mobile
Aditya : i think i have seen you are haa you are the famous journalist swara gadodia so miss you were spying on me right
Swara : yes mr. Aditya i have got information against you and see its gone true now i will tell this to the whole world about you i have proofs against you
Aditya grabs her hands and locks it she shouts he took her mobile and destroyed it into pieces
Aditya : now what will you do your proof are now lying in pieces
Swara smirks
Swara : so what if i can come here i can come anywhere i will go to any extent to save that girls
Aditya : so sad swara you can save that girls but who will save you from me you know what i have seen many girls but you are so hot and s*xy i wanna sleep
Before he could complete his sentence he got a tight slap from swara
Swara : dont you dare utter a word leave me now otherwise you will be in big trouble

At that time aditya’s brother came raj
Raj : bhai what is this leave her
Aditya : raj you stay out of it allright its not your matter
Raj : no bhai you are doing wrong you know what i have listened everything how can you sell the girls and that too i didnt notice too but bhai you will be punished i will help this girl
Aditya got furious and pushed swara and took a knofe and goes to raj
Aditya : if you think of going against me i will kill you
Raj : waah bhai this is the relation that we spend this years but i will help her swara you run i will see him
Swara was about to run but aditya have stabbed raj on stomach swara turned behind and saw raj lyiing in blood of pool aditya got tensed he holded his head swara goes to raj
Swara : oh noo sor dont worry you will be allright
At that time aditya controlled his emotions and dialed police number and called police
Swara : oh my god how will i help
She holded the knofe which was in his stomach and took that out but at that time raj died
Swara was hell worried at that time police came and saw that raj was lying dead and swara was holding knife
Aditya : faking tears sir see this swara gadodia the famous journalist what she had done she killed my brother for some money she was blackmailing raj to give 1 crore neither she will ruin his bussiness but he refused so she killed him
Swara : no sir he is lying infact he killed him i was just saving him
Aditya : shut up you b*t*h
Police : miss swara you are under arrest in killing mr. Raj kashyab
Police took swara while she was crying and pleading to leave her and aditya was smirking
At police station aditya comes to meet swara
Swara : you havent done righti will bring your face to the world
Aditya : oh really seee because of you i killed my brother only because of you chalo i forgive you and will take my case back too but you have to give me something in return you know what spend some nights with me
Swara : just get lost you moron have some patience after some days you will be here so for now get lost
Aditya got furious and left from there
Flashback ends

Sanskaar eyes were blood shot listening all this and he was sad for her but didnt showed all this
Sanskaar : that aditya is very smart he have left no clue behind this murder but first i have to go and talk about your bail
Sanskaar goes from there
Here swara started thing of sanakaar
Ragini : now will you tell me how do you know sanakaar and why he is angry on you
Swara : because he loves me
Laksh : what no way
Swara : yes i will tell you
Flashback of their childhood
Swaras parents and sanskaar parents were neighbours and swara’s dad shekhar and sanskaar’s dad ram prasad were business partners hence they were family friends so swara and sanskaar were best friends from childhood they shared everything from childhood swara was favourite of sujata(sanskaar’s mother) she use to love her alot and sanakaar was loved by sharmsishta(swara’s mother) swara was stubborn and little arrogance but she has a soft corner for sanskaar from childhood all beacuse of sujata she loved her so much whereas sanskaar was kind hearted simple man and always suporrted by sharmishta but both swara and sanskaar cared for eachother very much and by this they have loved eachother silently but couldnt confess as they couldnt understand their own feelings their friendship grew more each day they completed their school and college together but both were in different streams swara in journalism and sanskaar was in law but both use to give eachother equal time and then one day sanskaar decided to confess his love to swara so he took swara to a beach
Swara : sanskaar why have you bought me here
Sanskaar bend on his knees
Sanskaar : swara see i dont know whether this is right or wrong but i want to tell you that i love you not from today but from childhood i love your smile i love when you get angry i love when you ask for sorry without saying i have spent my chidhood till now with you but i want to spend my life with you as friends but as my life partner will you allow me to be at your side forever so that i can keep this smiling face happy forever will you accept me
Swara was in tears she too bend on her knees and hugged him
Swara : i also love you sanskaar from childhood but i am haapy that you confessed it
Sanskaar hugged her tightly
Later they tell this to their parents both parents were more than happy especially sujata as she want swara only as her daughter in law and theey decided to make them engaged and after 1 year they will make them marry after 10 days swasan were engaged all were living happily when one day sanskaar was studying in his college and it was already 5 he was packing his stuffs when his friend cum chipku kavita came in front of her
Kavita : hii sanskaar where are you heading so fastly
Sanskaar : look kavita its already late i have to go i will talk with you tomorrow
Kavita : oh common na sanskaar i know you are engaged but see i am more hotter than your wife so why dont you think of me

Saying this she hugged him sanskaar was about to jerk her but he saw that swara saw them hugging and she was on her verge of crying but she left the place in anger immediately sanskaar jerked kavita badly
Sanskaar : its the last time i am seeing you infront of me again if i saw you near me i will forget that i dont slap girls understood now get lost
Kavita gets scared she then runs from there sanskaar immediately rushed towards swaras house where all elders were discussing about their marraige
Sanskaar : mom maa where is swara
Sharmishta : beta she is in her room she have came in so much hurry go she might be waiting for you
All laughs sanskaar rushes to her room and knocks but she doesnt open the door sanskaar was now being restless he started to bang the door hearing this all family members came towards the room
Dp : sanskaar what happened why are you banging the door
But sanakaar was continuosly banging atlast swara opened the door sanakaar rushes to her and holds her shoulders firmly
Sanskaar : swara are you ok
But swara looked in his eyes and slapped him tight making everyone shock
Sharmishta : swara have you gone mad what are you doing
Swara : maa i am not doing wrong he have done wrong ask him what he was doing in college in extra hours wanna hear maa he was with kavita both were hugging eachother chii
Swara was literally crying she held his collars
Swara : why sanskaar why you did this to me i love you right and what you did to me
Sujata : sanskaar what is she telling is truth
Sanakaar : no mom swara you are misunderstanding me it was all fake
Swara : dont lie i have seen with my eyes that you were hugging her you know what i dont want you in my life i am breaking all my relations with you just go
Sanskaar was shattered hearing this news sujata came and slapped sanskaar
Sujata : why you did this sanskaar why you played with her emotions she loved you and you
Sanskaar : mom trust me i have done nothing wrong
But sujata goes from there and started consoling swara sanskaar then goes to dp and shekhar but they didnt listened to him atlast he goes to sharmishta
Sanskaar : maa atleast you believe me its nothing like that i really love swara maa
Sharmishta : i trust you sanskaar i know that you will never ever do such things swara atleast listen to him
Swara : no maa he has done wrong he have to repay sanskaar just get the hell out of here
Sanskaar left from there swara breakdown and sujata was consoling her
Days passed sanskaar tried his best to talk eith swara but her ignorance was on full mood then one day he came to her house where swara was sitting with sharmishta and sujata
Sanskaar : swara i know there is a lot of misunderstanding between us but you are taking me wrong and you when you will get to know the truth it will be too late ok i have came here yo tell you all that i am leaving to america after 3 hours just came to inform youll and swara if you really love me then come with me we both will study there i will be waiting for you at the airport do come bye
Sharmishta goes to him
Sharmishta : sanskaar beta you are leaving your maa alone dont you love me
Sanakaar : no maa i really love you but maa i have to go there i will miss you maa
He hugged her and cried sujata and swara were crying inside but didnt showed him
Sanakaar : bye mom bye swara
And he goes
Sharmishta : what have you done swara you really lost a gem plz go to him and stop him
But swara didnt listened and went to college when she was passing by a room she heard kavita talking with her friend
Kavita : common yr that sanskara is rich and i only want rich boys but that idiot loved swara so much that he was about to slap me for her acha hua that she only left her she is really stupid who didnt trust him
Swara was all shocked she wanted to go to her sanakaar and hug him but she rememner he is waiting gor her at airport she quickly rushed to airport and asked for the flight but she got to know that the flight have takeoff she sits with a thud and cries misreably
All were shattered with this that they havent trust sanskaar but composed themselves for swara she missed him badly but couldnt contact with him after that she again started to study and after some years she became reporter but in all this she missed her sanskaar very much
Flashback ends

Ragini : so heart touching thats why sanakaar became so rude and arrogant
Laksh : but he doesnt love you now
Swara : he still loves me you havent saw that anger face when i narrated him aditya’s story his blod shot eyes his care which he dont wanna show
At that time sanskaar came
Sanskaar : we didnt get bail as day after tomorrow is court hearing so she has to stay here only i will try my best to collect proves against aditya
At that time swara comes to him and touches his hands
Swara : i know you will get me out of this mess i trust you
But sanskaar took his hands off
Sanskaar : my work is only to get you out after that dont expect much allright
Saying this he went ragini consoled her and all of them went
Swara : i know i have hurted you alot but i will bring my old sanskaar back
Screen shifts to sanskaar who harshly drove his car to his mansion he silently goes to his room and there was a big frame of swara sanskaar engagement pic he caress swara pic and a tear escape from his eye
Sanskaar : 5 years swara after 5 years i am seeing you but where i have seen you in jail i couldnt belive that you have gone so much problems i promise i will take you out of this mess but i cant forgive you for what you did you didnt trusted me 5 years swara i have loved without you and my family i will not forgive you swara never after this just go from here
Later that day sanakaar was busy in finding some proves aditya but he was failing in each stage and atlast he decided he decided to go to jail to ask swara about this
Swara and sanskaar were sitting in lock up
Sanskaar : swara do you know any of his underground places where he does that works
Swara : yaa its on xyz place
Sanskaar : it maybe helpful for the case
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar : swara i have told you na i dont wanna talk about that i am just your lawyer ok
Swara : sanskaar but
Sanskaar : i think my work is finished i should go
When sanskaar was about to leave swara places her hand on his shoulder
Swara : be careful
Sanskaar : no need of your worry
Suddenly swara eyes fell on sanskaar hands and still he was wearing that engagement ring
Swara : when you dont love me and left all thing behind so whats the need of this
She shows his hand
Sanskaar : its none of your bussiness ms. Swara its my choice what i should wear and what i shouldnt wear ok you are nobody to tell me

Swara was having tears in her eyes
Swara : i know i have did a big mistake of not trusting you but why cant you give me another chance
Sanskaar : because you dont deserve it
Saying this he left swara was left there sad but she composed herself that she will being her old sanskaar
Next day sanskaar reached that place but he couldnt find anything he atlast got one of aditya’s customer he hurriedly goes to him he was in hotel enjoying with some girls he directly went in
Person : hey how dare you entered my room
Sanskaar : shut up ok oh hoo the famous bussiness man mr. Kabir kapoor is enjoying and do you know i have your recording with this girls if i show it to your wife and in media then you are spoiled
Kabir : listen who are you and what you want
Sanskaar : i am sanskaar maheshwari a lawyer as you know your friend aditya he is handling this racket and because of him an innocent girl is behind bars so i just want you to be the witness and tell to court that he have sell some girls to you
Kabir : have you gone mad he will destroy me and my reputation will be spoiled
Sanskaar : if i will send this video then also your reputation will be spoiled listen if you be my witness i will request the court to give you less punishment neither aditya will be hanged but you will be in jail till your death and i will see to it so its better to say from your own mouth
Kabir : no no dont do this i will speak the truth
Sanakaar : thats better tomorrow i want to see you at court
Saying this he left and after that he recahed to aditya’s farmhouse to collect more proves but what he saw was unbelievable he smirks and left from there
Next day all were in court when police brings swara sanskaar sees her both have an eyelock but sanskaar breaks it now judge too comes
Judge : court ki karvai shuru kijaye
Prosecution : judge saab the girl which is standing here in front of you she is the famous journalist but this innocent face have many things hidden she has killed the bussiness man raj because she was having an affair with him and she wanted money from him she wanted one crore for her expenses but when mr. Raj declined she has gone into her house she again blackmailed him if he will not give her money she will destroy his bussiness but raj slapped her and told her to get out but she got angry and stabbed raj this was all witnessed by aditya he immediately called the police and police are witnessed that swara was holding the knofe so my lord this case is crystal clear i would wanted to request dont take much time and give hert he punsihment
Judge : defence lawyer what you wanted to say about this
Sanskaar : sir my friend has told so much things which all are wrong first i wanted to tell you that miss swara and raj were having no affair my client have came to delhi because she has got information that mr. Aditya is handling women racket and is selling young age girls and the main part is swara has not killed raj
Defence : objection my lord he is dragging aditya in this case like this only he dont have any prrofs against him and police are witnessed swara was holding the knife when they entered the house
Sanskaar : excuse me my friend i will give prrofs and they have seen her holding the knife have they seen her killing him my lord i want to request mr. Aditya to come in witness box
Judge : request appealed
Aditya comes ro witness box
Sanskaar : mr. Aditya so you have seen your brother was getting killed by this girl so can you plz tell the court what actually happened that day
Aditya : my brother was tensed because of her i have asked him what has happened but he was depressed at that time i got a phone call so i went to my room after sometime i heard some noises so i came out and saw that swara has stabbed my brother and at that time i called police
Sanskaar : oh really but you should have done in saving your brother you should have took him to the hospital i must say you in such conditions most people brain gets dumbed as what to do you havent tried of saving your own brother but you have called the police very good
Aditya : see mr. Sanskaar my brother was dead and i only wanted to give this girl severe punsihment thats why i called the police
Sanskaar : just shit up mr. Aditya my lord i will tell you the story this mr. Aditya handles the women racket and my cleint being a journalist she got information about him and when one day when she was spying on him he caught her at that time raj came to her rescue and he killed his own brother and when swara was highly worried she goes to him and tried of waking him up at that time aditya showed his cleverness and called the police swara was having no option to save she took that knofe from his stomach and he died and police came and saw all this and they misunderstood her
Aditya : just shut up you dont know what are you speaking
Defense : wow mr. Sanskaar what a story you are going on and blaming him without any proofs court needs proofs
Judge : mr sanskaar are you having proofs against him
Sanskaar : yes my lord i am having a witness mr. Kabir i would request kabir to come in witness box
Judge : granted
Aditya leaves and kabir entered
Sanskaar : my lord mr. Kabir is not only aditya’s business partner but he is equally partner in this racket he is his regualr customer who girls from him so mr. Kabir can you plz tell the court of your friend deeds
Aditya was smirking as he know that he will not open his mouth
Kabir lowered his head
Kabir : yes its true
Aditya mouth was wide open
Kabir : aditya is handling women racket and he is selling girls and i was his partner in all this my lord i want to surrender and i have confessed my fault but plz dont give me much punsihment plz sanskaar you told na if i will tell this you would request them to lessen my punsihment
Sansakar : when i didnt remember anything now you can leave and judge saab gove him equal punishment
Kabir got angry and grabbed his collor police comes and takes kabir away
Judge : defense would you wanted to tell something
Defense : no questions
Judge : mr. Sanskaar you proved aditya’s mistake but you havent stated that how did aditya killed his brother you are having no proof
Sanskaar : my judge i am having one proof that will clear all this and you will announce your final desicion just give me 5 minute
Judge : ok

Sanskaar called someone and after sometime some sanskaar man brought raj by dragging him forcefully in court all were shocked to see him alive especailly swara that men bring raj to the box
Sanskaar : judge saab we all are here because swara has killed him but he is satnding here alive so how can adead person be alive you all must be thinking let me tell you raj was never killed it was his and aditya’s plan to destroy my client and when yesterday i went to aditya’s farmhouse to collect some proves i seen this both brothers celebrating and talking so today morning i kidnapped him and here i have bought him
Judge : seeing every proof this court have recahed to a desicion that me.raj and mr. Aditya are handling women racket and they have accused miss swara unwantedly in this case so the punsihment for aditya and raj is they will be hanged till death for selling young girls and doing fake drama and all those who are involved in this like kabir they are sentenced 10 years jail and i request police to free those girls and take them to their home safely and if those girls didnt reached safely a stict action will be taken to poilce and seeing that miss swara is innocent and she have done a great thing in helping those girls the court appreciate her work and she is free from all allegations the court is adjourned
Swara was so much apply that tears were flowing from her eyes
Raglak came and hugged her suddenly swara goes to sanskaar and when she was about to talk aditya and raj came
Aditya : you havent done right its not finished yet i will destroy you both
Sanskaar : destroy afterwards first think of yourself because you will be hanged in some days and dont ever try to harm swara police officers plz take them
Police arrest aditya and raj
Swara goes to sanskaar
Swara : thanks sanskaar for saving me
Sanskaar : no need it was my duty
Swara : sanskaar when everything is over plz forget everything plz forgive me
Sanskaar : i said no means no nothing os left between us
And saying this sanskaar moved to his house in his car swara followed his car in taxi and reached his house when sanskaar was about to enter his house swara catched his hands
Swara : sanakaar plz listen to me once plz sanskaar
Sanskaar : just leave me swara and get out from here
Swara : i am going nowhere i will be here only till you listen to me
Sanskaar : as you wish but i am not going to listen to you
Saying this he went inside closing the door swara sadly sat on the bench waiting for him
Sanskaar was sad for her but he was still stubborn and it started raining sanskaar thought maybe she has gone soon it was night sanskaar was adjusting the curtains of his windows when he saw swara was sitting on bench all drenched in water and was shivering sanskaar immediately runs outside he sees her with teary eyes he grabbed her hand and took her inside the house
Swara : sssaanskkkaar

She was shivering badly sanskaar goes to cupboard and brought towel and his tshirt and paigama for her
Sanakaar : first go to baathroom and change it
She nodes and goes to baathroom and after sometime she came sanakaar was mesmerised to see her like this but he remembered how she was sitting in rain he goes to her and grabbed her shoulders
Sanskaar : what you want swara why are doing all this what will you get by doing this
Swara : sanskaar plz listen to me yes i agreed i was wrong i should have trusted you that day but when i got to know that kavitas real face i came to airport but you have gone far away from me i have tried each and every thing to contact you but you were not there sanskaar this 5 years were hell to me too i have missed you each and every day and i was living for you that one day i will meet you and will ask forgiveness from you and see we have met once again
Sanskaar : but i cant forgive you swara i cant you know whats the meaning of staying alone 5 years i have stayed alone from my family from you the girl i have loved the most has misunderstood me you have given me many wounds on my heart i cant forgive you easily
Swara : ok sanskaar now your ego is much more important than our love you are not able to forgive me for 1 mistake i think its my fault i have given you so many wounds that it cant be healed by my love now if you are happy without me now i will leave you ok i am going far away from you
She was about to leave
Sanskaar : swara its late night you can go by morning
Swara : no sanskaar if i will stay here you will get more hurt by me and i have hurted you so much and i cant hurt you more i am going sanskaar but i love you till my death
Saying this she went sanskaar sits there and tried to recall what happened just now
Sanskaar thinks : yes i agree she was wrong but now she is asking for forgiveness she is guilty and most important she loves me so much i have to talk with her

He immediately goes out when his phone rang
Sanskaar : hello
Police : hello mr. Sanskaar i am inspector rahul actually aditya and raj ran from police station and i am scared that they may not harm you or swara so plz be in your home i will send some police officers there
Sanskaar was highly worried for swara now he ran to find her he was roaming here and there and was going mad and atlast he found her she was walking like a lifeless body sanskaar immediately goes to her and shouted her name
Swara turned and sanskaar hugged her tightly swara felt happiness she too hugged him tightly
Sanskaar : you are really bad swara again you were about to leave me again you were leaving your sanskaar alone i have lived without you swara and now if you will go i will die
Swara broke the hug and placed her fingers on his lips
Swara : sshh dont talk about death i will not leave you sanskaar but say me you have forgived me
Sanskaar : i forgived you swara i love you swara and now we will go from here and will start a new life
Swara : i love you too sanskaar now i will never hurt you and i will be there for you till forever
Saying both hug eachother but at that time a van stopped there and grabbed sanskaar and swara forcefully with them
After sometime sanskaar and swara gained consiuess they saw that they were tied to chairs with ropes and aditya and raj were sitting infront of them
Sanskaar : you blo*dy cheapsters how dare you i will not leave you
Aditya : oh hoo see we are scared you blo*dy moron because of you we have gone to jail and because of this girl i have to fake drama of killing my own brother
Raj : and what you thought miss swara that i died no its was all my plan to destroy you because you were planning us to destroy but this sanskaar destroyed everything
Swara : what have you thought by kidnapping us police will leave you police will catch you and your death will come soon
Raj : just shut up ok police will never find us and you both try to destroy us before that we both will kill you
Both swasan were shocked
Sanskaar : just open this ropes once then you will see with whom you have messed
Aditya goes to him and slapped hard
Aditya : raj you know i got to know that these two love eachother so what to take his girls dignity in front of him
Raj : ya bhai it would be so amazing he will see helplessly his girl being raped and he will die inside that he cant do anything
Sanskaar anger boiled
Sanskaar : you bloddy bastards i will not leave youll dont try to touch her neither your i will burn youll alive
Raj : you have so much to talk na now you will see wait
Raj was moving towards swara and aditya was smirking
Swara : sanskaar save me sanskaar help
Sanskaar : swaraaa raj dont try to touch her
Raj goes to swara he touches her face
Raj : you are so good swara so irrestible i want to taste your beauty
Swara was feeling disgusting and just crying sanskaar was trying hard to release from ropes but he couldnt there aditya was sitting and enjoying every moment
Raj took a knife and first tore swara’s clothes from her one shoulder
Sanskaar : raj leave her
Swara : leave me sanskaar plz save me
Raj then moved towards her second shoulder and he was about to tore her upper part but he got a punch from sanskaar yes sanskaar rescued from ropes and beat raj badly aditya comes to save raj but sanskaar took a nearby stick and started to beat both of them blood was oozing from their mouth but he was not to stop
Sanskaar : how dare you touch her how dare you touch my swara
Swara was afraid that sanskaar might not kill them she goes to him and catch sanskaar hands cryingly sanskaar sees her and stops both aditya and raj got unconsiuess and sanskaar hugs her immediately
Sanskaar : swara plz stop crying nothing happened i will not let happen anything
Swara : sanskaar

She was crying like anything sanskaar then broke the hug and removed his jacket and covered her
Sanskaar cubbed her face
Sanskaar : swara see me
Swara sees him
Sanskaar :can you see my love
Swara : yes
Sanskaar : you are as pure as before nothing happened ok you trust me right
Swara nodded
Swara hugged him
Swara : thanks sansakar for everything i love you
Sanskaar : sshh now stop crying and i love you too
After that sanakaar informed police and police came
Sanskaar : make sure inspector that these two get hanged as soon as possible
Inspector : dont worry mr. Sanskaar we will make sure they dont harm you anymore
Police then took them
Sanskaar took swara to home swara was quite and sanskaar didnt feel good they reached home
Sanskaar : swara take this clothes and change
But swara was lost sanskaar jerked her and she came in senses
Sanskaar : swara its ok nothing happened forget everything i am with you naa
Swara hugged him
Swara : i am so blessed to have you in my life thanks for everything
Sanskaar : no swara you are my everything and i am happy to have you and no sorry and no thank you
Both looks at eachother and smiles suddenly sanskaar looks at her lips swara sees him and closes her eyes giving positive sign and within few seconds sanskaar locks her lips with his both were exploring eachother mouth swara too was reciprocating and atlast they parted away both were breathing heavily swara ran from there as she cant face him she goes to his room and sanakaar smiles at her swara when entered his room she was shocked to see their engagement photo and many swaras pics were on his wall and all family pics she was teary eye to see his love and soon she changes her clothes sanskaar comes in the room and instantly swara hugged him
Swara : i am sorry sanskaar i have left you alone this years you have suffered all because of my stupidity now i will promise i ill fill your life wth love
Sanskaar : swara no need to be sorry ok it all happened and forget about past ok
Swara : sanakkaar tomorrow only we will go to kolkatta maa and mom misses you alot
Sanskaar become teary eye swara wipes his tears
Swara : because of me you were seperated from them now i will give them their son
Sanskaar : i love you swara
Swara : i love you too sanskaar
Next day both returned to kolkatta swara entered her house she was greeted by both families
Shekhar : swara how was ur case did you succeed
Swara : yes papa it got solved
Dp : we are proud of you beta
Swara : mom maa papa and dad i want youll to meet someone saying this she went out and brings sanskaar
All were shocked sharmishta ran and hugged him
Sharmishta : sanskaar you how are you where were you didnt you missed your maa
Sanakaar : maa sshh i am fine and i am back
Sharmishta : jao dont talk with me
Sanskaar : maa i am sorry dont you wanna hear that your sanskaar turned a famous lawyer
Sharmishta : really
Sanskaar : yes
Sharmishta : i am so happy for you
Sanakaar then goes to sujata
Sanakaar : mom you will not meet your son
Sujata cried and hugged
Sujata : i am sorry son i didnt trusted you i am really sorry
Sanskaar : mom its ok and i was happy that you were on swaras side and didnt left her and now we are together again
Rp : beta we are happy that you returned
Shekhar : now we will not waste time and make you both marry soon
Swara smiles seeing sanskaar happy
Later both get married and lead a beautiful life ahead

So guys atlast i finished my os it took really lot of time to write and i want comments for this os neither this will be my last os chalo bye galti hogayi toh bacchi smjh kar maaf kardena

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