Hello frnds….. Its Shan here…. I m gonna give u an one shot on our fav couple swasan…. Frnds its quite a long os….. Hope u guys will read and like my os…..

Its early morning….. All are sleaping peacefully…. Even our princess the story’s heroine obviously swara too is sleeping beautifully….. 😜 She is dreaming about her prince charming…. 😍

His face is not revealed….. He is showing her back to her….. The place they are standing is fully decorated….. Her prince charming gonna propose her….. He is turning towards to her…. She is happy that she can c her prince charming face…..

At that time her face is full of water…. When she rubbed her eyes and open it only to find her that its her dream…. 😜(i know u guys would have guessed it… )she searched for the person who poured water…. But no one was there in her room…. Now she guessed who it is….

She jumped from the bed and saw down only to find her cute (ha ha guys guess who is it??? )lol puppy dog (u guys wouldn’t have thought it as puppy right?? 😜)…..

Swara(angrily):ginger(ha ha d dog name) i know its u…. Once u come out i will smash u…. 😣

Ginger just gave a little sound…. Swara just went down the bed and dragged ginger out…. After both come out they started to fight(ha ha fight between an animal nd human)….. All the things were scattered here and there….

At that time swara’s villian obviously her mom sharmistha came to her room to wake her up…. But seeing the condition of the room she got very angry….

Seeing her in the room both swara and ginger stopped fighting…. Ginger ran and stood back at swara…. Swara ran and try to stand back ginger but what to do she cant stand…. Poor girl…. But ginger left her and went under the bed(clever dog)…. 😜Seeing that swara got angry but she didn’t show as she knows another volcana is going to burst…..

As expected sharmistha scolded both swara and ginger…. She told swara too clean the room…. She also gave a punishment for her…. Hearing the punishment swara felt her world is collapsed…. (ha ha guys dont think it as a severe punishment)

Swara’s punishment is her fav paneer paratha and butterscotch milkshake(ha ha my fav… 😜)is cut in the breakfast…. Instead she have to eat normal paratha and orange juice which she doesn’t like it…. (u guys must have thought that y she feels this much for punishment…. Bcoz she is a foodie… Ha ha… 😜)

She scolded ginger and cleaned her room…. Ginger is watching everything with a smile….

Swara:just laugh u idiot…. Bcoz of u i have to bear the punishment….

Seeing swara ginger tried to help her….

Swara:dont touch it…. Enough of ur mess….

Seeing swara sad nd scolding ginger felt sad and went and sat in a corner….. Swara saw that and felt bad bcoz she loves ginger a lot…. Then she went and started to apologize…. But ginger was very adamant to get convinced….. After lot of attempts swara convinced ginger….

Then swara took ginger and made her bath…. She even dressed ginger with a nice dress…. Then she too went and got ready for her college….

After that she came down and went to pamper her mom to give her fav food…. But she didnt get that into her ears…. So swara went out and hoped that shekar would help her….. But to her disappointment shekar is kept in room arrest…. 😜Seeing that she felt sad and ate what shomi gave and went to her college…..

Swara wish to travel in bus as all her frnds come in bus to the college…. Even though she is rich she prefers bus….. She used to watch everything that comes in the road via window…..

Likewise today also she kept her head out and watched the happenings in the road…. At that time she saw a boy misbehaving with a girl…. She felt an urge to break the bones of the boy….. As if somebody has heard her mind voice someone broke the hand of the boy who misbehaved with that girl…..

Seeing that swara clapped her hands….. She didn’t c the boy face…. The bus is moving…. At a nick of time she shouted “superman”….. Hearing her sweet voice the man turned his face towards her….. But he do no who shouted as bus moved far from him….. But swara saw that man and she is mesmerized to c such a handsome and dashing man….(ha ha u guys guessed it correctly )obviously he is our hero sanskar a dashing, handsome and a hot man…. πŸ˜‹

Full day she just thinks about her superman…. At night she slept thinking about her superman…. She has the same dream of her prince charming proposing her…. But this time he showed his face…. She is shocked to c that superman is her prince charming….

With a jerk she came out from her dream…. She sat in the bed and thought about her dream….. Now she confirmed that superman is her prince charming…. She blushed thinking about her superman…. She is determined to find him at any cost….

Next day as usual she got up from the bed…. But her face is glowing… She is very brisk…. She didn’t doany masti in her home…. Shemish were shocked to c her like this…. But she assured them and went from there to her college….

Swara expected a lot that she will c her superman today also…. But to her disappointment she didn’t c him…. She went to the college…. All her frnds were discussing something importantly and curiously…..

Swara went to her frnds and enquired about what they were talking…. All her frnds told that they were talking about the great don “Sanskar Maheswar”(shocked right??? )…

At first swara brushed them but something in her heart told her to know more about him…. Then she went and asked about him to her frnds….

Frnd1:ha ha swara we do no whether its true or not but many said that he is not a bad don….
Swara:(giggling)guys he is itself a don…. Then what that good don and bad don…. Ha ha nice comedy….
Frnd2:swara seriously he is not like others…. He just beat the one who does wrong…. He punishes only the culprits not the innocent like other dons….
Swara:guys there is police for punishing all who does crimes….
Frnd3:swara seriously u think that police will punish all no…. C for eg take the rapist they get a punishment of either 14 years of jail or death…. Thats it…. He didnt get the punishment he deserves…. But u know what sanskar will keep that rapist for 4-5 days in his custody by torturing him and he will kill him brutally…. He will cut his main organ first…. After suffering more too he wont kill him…. That person will beg for his death and then too he wont…. When he feels satisfied only he will kill him…. (guys this is my own wish to punish the rapist like this)…..
Swara:wow really he is a nice person…. Now wanna c him….
Frnd1:swara c this newspaper his photo is there….

After that swara got the newspaper and saw his face…. She is literally shocked to c her superman…. She is literally in cloud 9….. Seeing her glowing face all asked her whats the matter…. She narrated everything to her frnds and told them that she loves him…. All her frnds were shocked…. All told her not to do it but she told that she decided him to b her partner so she wont change his decision…. After that swara got address of sanskar from her frnds and left from there….

She bunked her college and went to sanskar house…. Its fully secured…. No strangers can enter into the house easily…. She went near the gate and called the watchman and told him that she wants to c sanskar…. But the watchman didn’t leave her…. So she told lie that she need help of sanskar…. So watchman left her inside…. He also informed sanskar….

Swara went inside the house and saw the designs of the house…. See felt that she is in some heaven…. Some men came and asked her to come with them…. She too went with them…. There in the hall sanskar is sitting majestically….. She saw him and lost her senses…. Sanskar too mesmerized to c her but he kept quiet to maintain his don charm…. Then sanskar asked her to sit…. She sat silently…. Then he asked what help she needs??? She told that she want to talk alone…. He ordered all his men to go…. Then he asked her to tell….

But she just stood and opened her bag…. She took a bouquet and came near sanskar….. She knelt down in her knees before sanskar…. Sanskar was startled to c her like this….. Then she told her sweet lines…..
“Mr.Sanskar Maheswari i saw a boy misbehaving with a girl…. I felt like breaking his bones but from nowhere u came there and broked his bones….. At that time i thought u as a superman(hearing this word he remembered that girl who called him superman…. Now he confirmed that the girl is swara) I c a dream everyday where my prince charming gonna propose me but haven’t seen his face…. But yesterday i saw that face…. Its none other than u….. S Mr.Sanskar Maheswari i Miss.Swara Malhotra wants to become Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswari…. (sanskar is shocked)s i love u sanskar…. Will u accept my love???”

Swara asked with puppy eyes…. No one will say no to such a cute face…. One minute sanskar too lost his sense…. But he gained his sense and rejected her….

Sanskar:c what name u said haan swara i m not in a position to love anybody…. I m a don…. I have lot of enemies… And moreover u r a young girl…. U will get a nice loving husband rather than me…. So pls dont waste urs and my time….
Swara:so is this ur decision right???
Swara:k then hear mine also…. I love u…. Nothing is gonna change…. But u will change and surely will accept me and my love…. Now bye… Its getting late…. I have to reach home otherwise my life’s villian will start to take class…. Ha ha dont think much i said about my mom…. Now bye will c u tomorrow…. Tata….

Swara went from there…. Sanskar do no how to react as he too got attracted towards her…. But he thought he cant spoil her life…. When he is thinking all this swara came back and told “sorry superman i forgot one thing”saying this she went near him and kissed in his both cheek and said love u and ran from there…. Sanskar is freezed for a moment…. He lost his control….

At that time his assistant came and told about some operation…. So sanskar brushed this incident and concentrated in his work…..

Then days passes…. Sanskar try to forget swara but swara always came infront of him…. He cant control his feelings…. But thinking about his job and her life he kept quiet…..

She went to all place where he goes just to disturb him….. She has all the access to go to his place as sanskar has already told his bodyguards to allow her whenever she comes…. Even he too want to c her and enjoy her childish behaviour…. But he didn’t show his feeling towards her…. Swara cant take this as nearly 1 year gone…. Her college is going to over…. So she thought to speak to him….

She went to sanskar but he was not there so he gave a message that sanskar i know u love me…. If u really love me and want to c me alive just come to xyz place before 4 today otherwise u will c me dead…. Yours lovingly swara….

By seeing that letter sanskar got panicked and went to xyz place….. Its just ten more minutes to 4….. So he rushed in his car to that place…. But to his suprise she was sitting leisurely and eating chocolate by licking her fingers and the cover…. Seeing her like that though he felt relaxed he also got angry and went to her and hold her shoulders harshly…..

Sanskar:what do u think of urself??? Have u ever thought about me before writing that letter??? Do u think i can live peacefully after u gone??? Do u have any idea that how much i love u????

After this he realised what he said and left her shoulders and went from there…. Swara too ran to him and stopped him…. Sanskar thought that swara will cry or will fight with him but to his suprise

Swara:hello mister what do u think about u haan??? U love me right…. Then who gave u the rights to not to express it??? U idiot, stupid i m not gonna leave u…. I just kept a test and u passed….. So tomorrow come to my house and asky my hands from my parents k…. Now its late i m going bye bye….

Seeing her talking like that and going as its nothing happened sanskar do no what to do…. She went some distance and came back to him….

Swara:c superman i know u r afraid that ur enemy will kill me….. Dont u have faith in urself???? When u can save many people whom u do no cant u save the one whom u love a lot???? I do no whether u believe or not but i believe my superman a lot…. So dont think much tomorrow u have to come to my house…. Now bye…. Love u….

Then swara went from there…. Sanskar thought a lot and came to a conclusion…. With determined face he went to his home….

Next day arises…. Swara already told about Sanskar to shemish…. First they didn’t accept but after lot of arguments they accepted…. She told him to come to her home at 10…. But sanskar didn’t come…. She felt sad…. She felt her whole world is crashed…. She started to cry….

But before her tears come out from her eyes sanskar came to her home….. She is very happy…. Even shemish felt that sanskar is a perfect match for swara…. They approved their marriage…. But in all this the talkative and naughty swara didn’t talk at all…. Sanskar knows that he is the reason of her sadness…. So sanskar asked permission to shemish to take swara out…. They too gave the permission…. Then swara went with him but didn’t talk to him a single word…. Sanskar felt bad but he knows how to convince his mirchi(as now she is very angry on sanskar)

He brought her a to a private farmhouse….. Its fully belong to him…. He took her inside the house….. The house is fully decorated with her cute cute pics…. Then there was sanskar standing with sorry board…. Seeing his puppy expression she fall for him more…. She just went and hugged him…. He too hugged her tightly…. Then rose petals falls on them… Swara felt very happy…. After that sanskar knelt down before her and gave her a single rose….

“Miss Swara Malhotra i don’t know to speak cheesy cheesy lines…. Straightaway i m saying i love u…. Love u a lot…. 😘😘😘I m glad to make u as my Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswari….. Do u accept me now”then he stood up…. Swara got the rose and told no to him….

Sanskar was taken aback but after few minutes she hugged him more tightly and told that she already accepted him as her husband when she saw him at first….

Then sanskar saw her with full of love….. He leaned to kiss her lips…. Seeing him swara closed her eyes and gave green signal…. Soon he kissed her lips…. The kiss lasted for about 15 minutes…. After that both parted for air…. Swara hugged him in shy…. He too hugged her….

After that they married happily…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜


Guys thats it…..
My os completed…..
Do u like it???? I know its quiet long…. But cant cut short it…. Pls forgive me for that
Please give ur valuable comments after reading it….

Tata…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜


  1. Jwala


    |Registered Member

    hehe.. cute swara.. loved it a lot shan.. I too like milk shakes very much especially pista flavour. . and even I wanted to torture rapist like this brutally. . I like swara very much here.. really cute story dear. write more os.. love you. . tc

    • SHAN



      thanks jwala…..ha ha s I love butterscotch…..s rapist has to b punished severely…..thanks Dr….surely will write….

  2. little princess

    Vow!!…superb….itz just amazing… Loved the way u presented our lovely swara….the way she proposed him n made him fall for her was so sweet… Its simple yet beautiful os…
    Its quiet good…if it was alittle bit longer than this,then also it would be more better.its good that u wrote such a beautiful os with out making it short…if it was short then it would not be as good as it is now….just loved ur os so much

    • SHAN



      thanks little princess…..I m glad u liked it….ya I thought to show sanskar as a dangerous don but I felt u guys will be bored to read such a long os….so I cut shorted it….

  3. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    Swara is soooo cute I think the habits n tastes r urs shan….n about the torture to the rapist… u read my mind…. if I get a chance I will cut there main organs
    ..na rahega bass na bajegi basuri…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .. awsome story love it.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • SHAN



      ha ha no divyanshri….I m not like this….swara’s character is just my imagination…..s I feel that police should do this….thanks for loving this….

  4. Ameera


    |Registered Member

    omg shan. it was fantastic .it was not long. and the way u describe swaras character and her proposal. it was all awesome. loved it. love u and a great hug to u. keep smiling.

  5. Zaimal


    |Registered Member

    Shan it was solo beautiful I loved it.and its name fully matched to the story.I really loved it.nice job

  6. Sweeta


    |Registered Member

    It’s sooo beautiful. …..swara s talkative nd childish nd bold natural is awesome. …πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  7. Vidhi

    OMG what an OS yar loved it….. 😘😍😘😍n love the childish swara…. Keep writing dear….. It was awesome …..

  8. Fatima

    Awsome is…it’s vey cute story dear and I notice u always comment on my ff thank u for reading and for comment also dear it means alot😘😘😘…lv u so much…..ur os is superb..

  9. Sha


    |Registered Member

    finally found ur os through ur profile.. it was really beautiful… swara’s proposal was outstanding.. n my sanku as always 😘😍,, hope to read another os from u.. love ya..

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