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Hey Sana is back hope u didnt forgotten me. This is my first time writing a one shot. Honestly speaking I never thought that I ll be able to write a os

Life was never been like this, I was never been like this. If I recall my past memory, I was Swara, Swara gadodia belongs to a middle class family whose ambition in life was to be a doctor moreover a surgeon. But destiny has its plan

I was in third year probably, given my finals and preparing for forth year, when my dad came and handed me a photo. He asked me to marry because he can’t afford my studies expenses as there is my brother whose studies is more valuable than mine. He urged me to marry and at last I agreed. I was not happy about my sudden marriage.

I married for my dad’s wish, I was hell scared from the concept of first night of marriage because firstly I didn’t know my husband and secondly I was not happy. But then he entered in the room, my heart was beating so fastly like it will come out in any second. I didn’t dare to look up but I can sense he was now sitting beside me now.

“Hey you seems to be nervous” I heard him. I looked up he was looking towards me. I felt I m shivering.

“Relax please, I m not doing anything” he comforted me. I felt better by his words

“Hi, I don’t know whether u know me or not but lets start with introduction, I am Sanskar” He said

“Swara, my name is Swara” I introduced my self

“So when ur classes are going to start” He asked

“classes” I was confused as what he was asking

“Yeah u r medical student, so will u not continue ur studies”

“But I m married now so..”

“so what if u r married. I know u want to be doctor and leaving studies in middle is not good”

I was just looking him, I don’t know what to say him thank you but it will look that I m selfish or should I deny.

“hey where are u lost I m asking something when ur classes are going to start”

“From next week” I replied and he smiled. He asked me to change the dress and sleep

From that day we were friends more than husband wife. I resumed my studies and I got to know many things about him. He told me that he has studied engineering but the job he was doing was not in his profession. He had normal job from which our expenses were fulfilled. Indeed I was now becoming happy, he was caring me, supporting me. It will be right to say that I was falling for him as days passed.

It has been six month, but one fine he came late very late almost 10, when I inquired him he said

“I’ll be late from now for few days because of workload”

Few days was same he came home late but one night, some people came and he was on their shoulder, he fainted. His colleges told me that he didn’t have anything from morning. I know he was diabetic and not taking proper diet will result in sugar level down. I was hell scared as I never saw him like this it was first I saw him like this. I immediately called a doctor, thank god a doctor lived in our apartment. He assured me that he is fine just need rest.

Next day, I didn’t wake him for office and take day off from studies. He woke up and start panicking when he saw the time

“Swara!! What is this? Why didn’t u wake me up” He almost yelled at me

“U r not well, u need rest” I said from kitchen preparing breakfast for him

“And why didn’t u go uni today, u know ur exams starting don’t u?” He asked curiously

“My husband is not well, so I have to take care of him” I said while coming out with plate. I saw a small curve on his face. I made him sit

“And by the way I m not a bad student that if I bunk classes of one day then I’ll be fail” I said playfully

“Okay but after breakfast I’ll be leaving for office, u know workload” He said while eating fast. I held his hand to stop and he looked me with confusion

“First have ur breakfast peacefully and second, u aren’t going anywhere dr. strictly said to take rest. As for office I told Sanjay bhai, he’ll manage ur work and ur boss so please now eat peacefully or else..” I almost said warning him but he interrupted

“Or else…what” He asked with slyly smile. I held his hand pulling towards me

“Or else I’ll tie u from rope” I said and he burst out in laughter I too joined him

Man cannot stay calmly if they have to be at home they need something which indulge them in. Same applies to him. I strictly said not to do anything but he didn’t sit at one place try to become busy so that time can pass. I observed his every act and smiling silently. At evening he made me convinced to go for walk, I tried to accompany him but he refused and made me remind of exams. He is truly a gem I thought. He left for walk and I was studying. In this I got call from Sanjay bhai

“Hey bhai”

“Hey! Swara I want to ask, Is Sanskar doing part time, I mean what is their any need” He asked
I was shocked, he never told me this. Why was he doing this??

“Part time!” I exclaimed

“I guess u don’t know, actually I also don’t know boss told me but leave it, I’ll ask him” he said and disconnect the call

I was startled, I wasn’t getting anything part time job but what was the need. Our expenses are not soo much that we need more money no…

But then I saw my book and I got the thing. In meantime he came, I decided to confront him ask him why is he doing this. He was in room. Doing something

“Sanskar why are u doing part time job” I asked controlling my emotion. He looked shock by my question. I asked again but he didn’t said anything

“Sanskar tell me please” I asked again

“Swara…ummm…wo” He was fumbling. I ran to hug tightly. He didn’t responded my hug but sobbed continuously

“I m sorry. I m selfish, I m sorry. This wasn’t ur responsibility. I burdened u by my study expenses. I’ll leave my studies, please don’t risk ur health please” I pleaded him. As I utter those words he broke the hug

“No Swara! Its ur dream. I know I cant give u lavish life but I can fulfill ur dream, at the day of marriage I vow to give u happiness, fulfill ur dream to take care u and to support u. That wasn’t only promises I had done, I mean each n every word of that. I ll fulfill ur dream and that’s what I m doing” He tried to explain me but I was reluctant

“No I don’t want anything. It cause u, risk ur life. No I won’t continue studies, only I know how much I was scared to see like that” I said with tears and hug him

“I promise I wont risk my life again and take care of my diet properly but u promise me, U wont back of from ur dream. Life give chances for only once Swara don’t let it go” He said hugging me back

“I love u Sanskar” I said hugging more tightly

“I love u too Swara”

That night became the most beautiful night of my life. I cherish those moment of our closeness
Days passed and almost two years passed, I was a doctor now, I started doing work in a hospital as an intern. I was really doing well as days passed I started feeling weird, sometime vomiting.

As I was doctor I knew what is happening, I was pregnant and it was confirmed, my family was happy but the happiest person was Sanskar. I was happy to see him happy, at last I also gave him happiness I thoughts

But happy days don’t last forever we have to go through bad times as well. The most dreadful day in our life was the day I lost my baby, my first baby.

This news completely shattered me and broke me in to pieces. I don’t know how many nights I cried in Sanskar’s arm. People cursed me that it was my mistake but Sanskar he supported me

“It was not meant to come in this world Swara, we will have more don’t cry” He comforted me every time but I know he was also broken from inside but can hide his pain in his smile. The thought killed me every time that can I ever give him permanent happiness.
Days passed though I didn’t recovered fully but for Sanskar I have to be strong. I started to go hospital as now I working as a doctor. On one fine evening I was searching something in our wardrop , I got an envelope which was a appointing letter on the name of Sanskar. The paper stated that he got a job in U.S. his dream job as engineer

“But why didn’t he tell me” I thought

I cooked his favourite dishes arranged a small celebration just he and me. He came in evemnig and stunned to see small decoration in hall

“Swara! What is this” He asked me still lost in simple decoration

“How is it”
“Beauitful! But what is the occasion. Its not my or ur birthday nor our anniversary then”

“My hubby got his dream job, working in US. How secretive u r,u didn’t tell me anything” As I said his smile faded and walked in our room.

“Sanskar” I called

“How did u know” He asked sternly

“I got envelope u hidded, when were u planning to tell me”


“Never what do u mean”

“Never mean never . Swara working their meansi in US and u in india. I can’t leave u alone in this condition for my dreams. I can’t be selfish” He reasoned

“This is what I felt when I got to know, u did extra work for paying my semester fee and for that ur health was effected. I felt same guilt at that time Sanskar but remember what u said life doesn’t give us second chance. Ur dream job is at ur door step and u r not welcoming it, this is not done. I promise u today, that as u didn’t came in between me n my dreams, I wont come in between ur dreams, please don’t loose this opportunity” I explained

“But Swara…” He tried to argue but I shut him by placing my lips on his giving him soothing effect and releasing his stress. I broke and hugged him

“Don’t worry about me I promise u won’t have problems by my side” It took more hours to convince him but at last he was convinced

He was all set to go; it was a hard time as we weren’t stayed separated ever. I had to act strong because if I felt weak he won’t be able to go. The support he always give me up till now, it was time to payback. I gave him assuring smile

“Don’t smile too much it’s looking fake” He knows me so much, I hugged him tightly and wished him all the best. I didn’t go airport as I know I couldn’t able to see him going.

The first days were like hell. Although we talked a lot he was adjusting in his new job. He remained busy but manages to take his time for me. I started indulging myself in hospital.
After months and almost year I got a job letter for which I have to first pass an exam but for my excitement it was from US from the same place where he is. That exam was a month after, I thought to tell him first but then I thought to surprise him when I’ll pass . I worked harder n harder and studied

On the day of exam, I was hell scared I was praying I cold pass the exam and by the grace of god I succeeded. I broke this news to him and after 20 days, I was there in US standing outside the airport. When someone snaked his arm around my waist from back, snuggling my neck

“I missed u so much” He said turning me

“Sanskar I missed u a lot” I hugged him, people were admiring us and we left
After that day Life became peace full, I can’t imagine how I spent that one year of separation. After twelve years of our marriage I feel scare to think of spending my life without him

“Swara” Someone called me I turned to find my hubby laying with eyes close

“I know I we spent twelve year with each other but that doesn’t mean u will start thinking each n every thing in mid of night. Come I m sleepy now come” He said irrtatedly. I move close to him he put his arm around my waist and cuddled me

“Happy Wedding aniversay” He wished me

“Happy wedding anniversary to u too. Thank for supporting me everytime” I said cuddling him

“Thank for loving me” I smiled and he kissed my forehead

In these twelve years something had changed or not but one thing never changed was his care, his love and his support


Hope u enjoyed
spare me guyz as I write something after a long time

Credit to: Sana

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