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Hello everyone belated happy anniversary to my swasan mr. And mrs. Maheshwari a small os to my swasan hope youll will like it and plz read the lyrics of song too its important and yaa i have also posted this on fb if youll havent read on fb plz read here and its really small i will post next os soon on swasan and that too big i am really lazy but dont worry next is on the way
So the story starts with a boy was seen sitting outside the hospital tensely and tears were coming out of his eyes he was non other than sanskaar he was just remembering what happened just hours before and just cursing himself he reminds of flashback

Flashback starts
Sanskaar and swara both were school friends and then they both joined college and this friendship turned into love at the last year of their college
Sanskaar took swara to boat riding and in the moddle of sea he stopped the boat
Swara : are sanskaar why you stopped the boat here
Sanskaar : swara i wanna tell you something and i want this whole sea and the above sky and whole nature should be witness about this swara you know we are together from childhood and i want to spend my entire life with you will you be with me forever to take care of me to shout when i do any mistake and to love me will you be swara sanskaar maheshwari
Swara was just spellbound by his confession
Swara : i do love you and yes i will be there for you in your good and bad times yes i will be the happiest person if i become yours

Sanskaar came forward and both started their journey with a beautiful kiss
After that they both got married and were living their life alone in mumbai sanskaar use to be busy in office and swara use to keep herself busy in household work whenever sanskaar use to come from office swara use to take care of him both were happy but a storm has to come sanakaar faced a huge loss in his company he was depressed by this and use to come home late and didnt talk much with swara swara was sad as she cant do anything next day swara prepared breakfast late
Sanskaar : what the hell is this swara you know i am already late and you have prepared breakfast too late you are really useless i am going bye
Swara felt something got pierced in her heart she was feeling bad but she composed herself as sanskaar is depressed due to work loads

In office sanskaar presented the presentation well and his meeting got successful too but he was busy thinking of morning incident how he shouted on her love in evening he buyed some flowers and thought to surprise her when he returned home he saw that swara is hugging someother guy he felt that someone has stabbed his heart he hide behind the pillara nd after hugging swara that boy went sanskaar immediately entered her home and grabbed her shoulders
Sanskaar : who the hell was he
Swara : sanskaar you are hurting me
Sansakar : really swara you havent hurted me by hugging some other man
Swara : sanskaar you are misunderstanding

Sanskaar : no swara its my mistake i couldnt give you much love i am sorry swara if you want to leave me you can leave me i am going tomorrow delhi and will come after two days and if you want you can go wherever you want i want to see you happy and if you are happy without me you can go
Swara : sanskaar have you gone mad what are you balberring let me speak
But sanskaar goes to his room and shut it swara sits down with thud and saw a bouquet which sanskaar has brought was lying on floor she took it and cried and she slept there only
Next day sanskaar got ready and he was about to leave when he saw swara sleeping in hall on floor a tear escaped from his eye he grabbed her in his arms without disturbing her sleep and took her to the room and put blanket on her when he was about to go he felt that swara in slepping caught his hands he turned to her and kisses her forehead and freed his hands and went to delhi after 1 hour swara got awake she remembered last night incident and she found herself in their room
Swara : this mean sanskaar have bought me here but he went to delhi i will wait for you sanskaar i will clear all the misunderstanding

After that she got ready and got busy in her work when that boy again came
Swara : are sahil you here
She said sadly
Sahil : looks like someone is sad
Swara : no its not like that
Sahil : common na swara tell me what happened
Swara told him last night incident
Sahil : are you should have tell him dont worry everything will be fine
Sahil goes from there and immediately he goes to delhi for his work
His meeting was with sanskaar before meeting he goes to meet sanskaar
Sahil : hello sanskaar

Sanskaar got angry seeing him
Sahil : i know you might be angry but first listen to me what i am saying i am swara’s cousin i was staying in dubai thats why i didnt came to your wedding and 1 month before only i got settled in mibai and 3 days before only i got your address so i have gone to meet you and swara but you were not there in home and swara told me nowadays you are really depressed regarding work and i was consoling her but you only saw she and me hugging dude she is like my sister she is actually more than a sister to me
Sanskaar felt bad for this
Sanskaar : i am sorry yr sahil i was already depressed and i did bad to swara
Sahil : its ok yr if i were at your place i would have done the same so go to mumbai to your wife
she is alone there and dont worry about this meeting the meeting which you are attending today is with em only i am only sahil gupta and i have signed the deal with you now we are partners and dont think i have did all this because of swara no i have seen your work and its really awesome thats why i have signed the deal

Sanskaar hugged him
Sanakaar : thanks buddy i am sorry again
Sahil : acha baba go now
Sanskaar hurriedly goes to airport and booked earliest ticket to mumbai and after 3 hours he recahed mumbai and called swara
Swara was just beyond happy to see him calling
Swara : hello sanskaar
Sanskaar : swara just dont say anything i just want to see you i am coming
Saying this he cut the call swara was crying in happineess then she got ready and she got down from the house and was waiting for him at the road and she saw sanskaar car
His car was at otherside of the raod sanskaar saw her and got down sanskaar was just happy to see her in that he didnt see a truck is coming towards him and before that truck hits him it hit swara because swara pushed him after that sanskaar saw swara lying in blood he goes to her and shouted her name he took her to the hospital

Flashback ends sanskaar heard doctor voice he came out of his thoughts
Doctor : mr. Maheshwari we will not give you false hope we have did the operation but now if she dont get consious in some hours then i am really sorry she will be in coma you can go meet her
Saying this doctor went sanskaar goes to the window and saw his life with so amny machines tubes around her and he started crying
Bg music
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Sun zara soniye sun zara
Aaj khomishiyo se aa rhi hai sada
Dhadkane hai deewani dil bhi kuch keh raha hai

Sun zara soniye sun zara
He goes inside and sit beside her
Beete lamho ke saaye toh bas yahi tham gaye hai yaad mujhe aaye teri baate
He remembered how swara use to take care of him
Palko ki surk chaddar pe askh hi jam gaye hai yaad teri aankhon se na hatti aankhen
He remembered how he shouted her
Bebasi ka hai aalam kya karu tu bata dhadkane hai deewani dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
Sun zara soniye sun zara

He took her hands in his and carres her face
Chumke apne hote se gam tere chura lu
Laake tujhe desu saari khushiya
He remembered how he misunderstand her
Apni har bekarari ko seene me hi chupa lu
Meri chahten jaaye tujhpe vaari
He remembered her love her sleeping on ground
Sehme sehme labon pe ghul gayi dua dhadkane hai deewani dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
Sun zara soniye sun zara sun zara soniye sun zara aaj khamosiyo se aa rahi hai sada dhadkane hai deewani dil bhi kuch keh raha hai
Sanskaar : swara you cant leave me you i will be alone swara you cant live your sanskaar plz swara open your eyes plz i will die without you plz swara dont go plz i am sorry for everything but plz dont go plz

Sanskaar breakdown infront of her swara listened to him and started responding she slowly opened her eyes and whispered
Swara : where will i go leaving you
Sanskaar looked up and slowly hugged her tightly swara slowly reciprocate as she was weak
Sanskaar : i am sorry swara i misunderstood you how can i misunderstood my wife my jaan i am really sorry sahil told him everything plz forgive your sanskaar
Swara : sshh i am not angry on you ok its not yor fault so stop crying i am happy that i got my sanskaar back just be with me
Sanskaar : always and dont ever try to do that stunts again
Swara : so what i cant see you suffer if that truck have hitted you i cant even imagine
Sanskaar : have you though what i was going through if you ever did this i will kill you pagal i love you swara

Swara : i love you too Sanskaar
They kissed lightly and hugged eachother

Hope youll like it plz do comment and wait for next

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    Amazing yaar??….superb os.????…really loved it???
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    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks shringal and i have written swasan raglak a unique love story ff which has ended with 44 episodes and i have wriiten so many os of swasan and raglak i will give you the links of my os in my next os dont worry i will mention my name in title you will get to know its my os only

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