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Two people were sitting in their car at very silent place….but the noises of their voice was enough to come out of the car….
And they were swara and sanskaar
Swara : common sanskaar you are always busy in ur business do i dont matter now?
Sanskaar : swara its not like that…. u always matter to me but you know na meetings and all……i have to be in office
Swara : no sanskaar now its off limit….. before we use to meet in 2 days but now 1 or 2 week gets over but u dont have time for me….
Sanskaar : swara my jaan am sorry but this was last time i promise not to do this much delay in our meet we will meet in every 2 day promise…..
Swara : fake… its all fake common sanskaar our engagement is gonna be there in 2 months and you are doing this before hand only i dont know what will you do after marraige…..
Sanskaar : exactly our engagement is gonma take place that’s why i am working hard for our future… i dont want you to face anything in future jaan….
Swara : and for future you are destroying our present…. i dont want anything sanskaar just your presence…. but u know you wont understand so am leaving now and dare you talk to me again…..
Saying this swara gets out of the car…
Sanskaar gets sad : swara wait….
As soon as swara goes out of the car some people comes and put handkercheif on swara’ s mouth…..
Swara : sanskaarrrr…..
But she got unconscious…..
Sanskaar came out and saw two people wearing mask and in their hand his swara lying unconscious…..
His blood boiled……
Sanskaar : bastards…..
But from his behind someone hitted him with rod and he too got unconscious mummering swara
Sanskaar Masheshwari : 22 year old….
He has completed is graduation last and currently handling his family business and wanted to take business at to…. he’s smart intelligent and a one woman man swara whom he met in college love her like anything and wants to marry her…… he’s a middle class man but want to give swara every bit of happiness in her life….. only son of his parents….
Swara singhaniya : 20 year old girl… in her last year of graduation….. she is the eldest daughter to her parents and a small brother after her….
She has given her heart to her first and last love sanskaar beside him she dont know anything….. she just want him with her anyhow……
So sanskaar and swara met in colg and they are having 2 yrs relationship and they gonna be engaged after 2 months…..
Family members all have approved of their marraige……
Coming back to story….
In an unknown place….
Swara was having difficult to open her eyes due to the chloroform effect…..
But somehow she opened her eyes she was sitting on sofa and she was in a big bunglow…..
She rubbed her eyes and found sanskaar lying beside her……
She got worried abut the place and of sanskaar….
Swara : sanskaar get up sanskaar……
Sanskaar opened his eyes holding his head as it was still paining…..
Sanskaar : oww swara?
Swara : yeah sanskaar you fine?
Sanskaar : swara you fine?
Swara : yeah sanskaar i just opened my eyes and found beside u sanskaar i am getting scared about the place…..
Sanskaar : swara dont worry will move out from here…. i am with you na dont be afraid…… lets go…..
They holded eachother’s hand……
But a voice came……
Person : so finally you both are awake……
Both swasan looks upstairs and there he was standing and coming down to them…….
Sanskaar holds swara’s hand tightly assuring her he’s with him…..
Swara smiled looking at sanskaar as she knew she have him….
Person : oh hi sanskaar i am laksh… laksh kapoor yeah the industrialised Abinav kapoor son….. and hii my lady love swara….
Saying this he holded swara’s second hand and was about to kiss her hand but swara took it behind…..
Swara : excuse me….
Sanskaar got angry as how come he said her his lady love and touched her he holded his collor……
Sanskaar : dont you dare say it again or come near her I’ll choose to broke your every bones……
Swara : sanskaar….
Laksh : relax sanskaar i am talking in a very polite tone with you relax…. i know you both have many questions so i will clear it up…..
He first made sanskaar leave his collor and swara holded sanskaar’s shoulder…..
Laksh : so let me tell you whole thing guys….. swara i came to ur colg for an event 3 months before and there u have took part in dancing right at that moment i fall for ur beauty…… i falled for u after i was at home i was just seeing u and didn’t realised i started loving you so i told my man to take out your info and there i came to know abut u two…… and i came to know about sanskaar and he’s a middle class person so i decided to kidnap you two and bring at my farmhouse and tell you that i love you swara more than this man loves u and i can give you every bit of things which u deserve as uk am millionare….. anything which comes in ur mouth it will be infront of ur eyes….. and i will love u and keep u like a queen so marry me please?
Swara was like shocked she was having no expressions….
Sanskaar didnt said anything and just punched him…..
Sanskaar : seriously u have so much of guts to say all the things infront of my mouth and u r so lucky that u r standing on ur feet because i am feeling like to kill you……
Laksh smiles an wiped the blood which has came from his side mouth…..
Laksh : guards…..
He shouted and his security came….
Laksh : please hold him….
They all holded sanskaar…..
Laksh : i am trying to be so nice and you are beating me not fair yr….
Swara : what you think by showing of ur money i will love u…. i love only sanskaar i cant love anyone….
Sanskaar smiled and was trying hard to get off his guards clutches…..
Laksh : is it? So why u both were fighting before getting kidnapped it was because he didn’t gave you time as he was busy in his work but swara this wont happen with me because i dont have to work all day and night i can give much time….. swara agree or not but money is important and i have that more and more than sanskaar…..
Swara : money is not everything mr. Laksh i wont marry you even if u own the whole country because i was and will always be of my sanskaar……
Laksh : ok then if this is ur stubbornness so give me 5 days…..usually people ask for 10 days as shown in films but I’ll ask urs 5 days…. let me prove you i am far better than sanskaar and you decide whom u want to marry and for ur happiness i will keep sanskaar too here so he too will see that he’s not fit for u……
Swara : and what if i say no?
Sanskaar just then got out of his guards clutches and was about to grab laksh but laksh now overpowered him and pointed gun at sanskaar’s head……
Swara got scared……
Swara : sanskaar…….
Laksh : see swara i am being nice that doesn’t mean i dont loose my patience if i can keep guards so i can have a gun too…..
Sanskaar : just leave me and fight with me then will decide who is fit for swara….
Laksh : i wish sanskaar but i want to woo swara with love neither with violence but you are making it hard for me sanskaar it wont take me a minute to shoot u and throw u and marry swara and no one will catch me understood?
Sanskaar : wait mr. Kapoor my dad will catch u and soon u will be behind bars….
Laksh laughs : i am not that fool sanskaar to be catched i am laksh kapoor….. if i can kidnap you so i have too planned things for i dont get caught?
Swara : like?
Laksh : your mobile phones and sim cards have been destroyed…. ur car which you both were last seen have been disposed by my man and in this place u both cant rescue?
Sanskaar got tensed but didn’t showed?
Swara was totally worried…..
Swara : see mr. Laksh we dont want any fights with u kindly leave us….. and please leave sanskaar…..
Laksh : so agree to my condition 5 days or sanskaar’s life?
Swara thinks for sometimes : do you promise me to leave us after 5 days if i dont love u back?
Laksh : see 90% it wont happen but if it happens yeah i will be on my words to leave you both safely back……
Swara looks at sanskaar and sanskaar got to knew what she was heading to….
Sanskaar : swara dare you do that!!!
Swara murmures : sorry sanskaar
And she shouts to laksh : leave sanskaar laksh i am ready for 5 days……
Laksh smiles and leaves sanskaar’s neck and putted his gun down…..
Sanskaar was fuming in anger….
Laksh : well so u both r obiviously tired so left to stairs is ur room sanskaar and.____
He didn’t completed sanskaar left from there and swara too left behind sanskaar…..
Laksh smiles????
Sanskaar dashes inside the room angrily…..
Swara was behind him and she quickly closes the door……
Sanskaar : what was the need of accepting his wish swara?
Swara : so what should i done sanskaar? The gun was on ur head u only tell me what else could i have done …..
Sanskaar : trusted me!!! U dont trust me that i can take u out from here?
Swara cubs his face : i do sanskaar i do trust u but its just a matter of 5 days!!!!
Sanskaar ; how do u know he will be on his promises?
Swara : i dont know sanskaar whether he will be on his promises or not but i have u….
U can take me out after 5 days right and we have 5 days to think how to escape from here….and his gun was at ur head i cant risk to loose ur life jaan…..
Sanskaar looked at her in love…
At that time laksh knocked and swara goes to open the door…. and found him…
Sanskaar murmured : kabaab me haddi….
Laksh ; oh am sorry swara but u just left the conversation incomplete am just here to say that u both cant stay at one room swara u have seperate room….
Sanskaar : and may ask why?
Laksh : ofcourse beacuse i dont want my future wife to sleep or stay with somone else because nobody wants that right?
Sanskaar : God!!! U r damn lucky that u r safed by my hands but now no…
He was about to grab his collors but swara stopped him….
Swara : sanskaar no…
She looked at laksh
Swara : mr. Kapoor u r not doing any favour on us so please stop putting ur condition on us neither i will take my words back…. this is the last thing which u have putted on us…..
Laksh : yes mam am sorry to make u angry….
Swara : u better be
She moved out telling sanskaar to calm his anger…..
Laksh too moved out smiling at sanskaar….
Sanskaar just gritted his teeth….
At night at dinner table….
The table was well decorated with yummy dishes present…..
Laksh : umm sanskaar have a seat….and swara seat here beside me…..
Sanskaar sat and swara sat beside him…..
Laksh : never mind?
Then the trio started having dinner…..
Laksh : swara my servants cook amazing foods like this so after wedding u dont have to worry as they are there to cook…..
Sanskaar dropped spoon angrily swara holded his hand to make him calm……
Swara : that’s good laksh but i love cooking…. and after wedding i will be happy to cook for my husband…
Saying this she looked at sanskaar…..
Laksh just ate his food quietly now….
While sanskaar smiled….
After the dinner….
Laksh : so good night and be ready my love to see my magic tomorrow….
Swara : night laksh…..
She moved from there pissed off..
With sanskaar…..
Late at n8 at 2am…
Sanskaar came out of his room checking the guard…. the guards were not seen….
He smiled and went to swara’s room…..
He knocked twice….
After a while swara came…..
Swara : sanskaar please can we contine this game tomorrow as i am damn sleepy…..
She said rubbing her eyed
Sanskaar : jaan shona please this is the besttime that we can run…. please….
Sanskaar pecked her lips making her agree….
Swara agreed and they both slowly went to the main door….
And they finally opened it they got shock of their life…..
Outside was only sand and far was water…….
They are located in island and God knows now how will they escape
Swara and sanskaar looked at eachother tensedly…..
At that time they heard somone’s voice….
Laksh : laga laga shock laga???
Both swasan got surprised and looked at him….
Laksh : oh hii you both were escaping so please go ahead and escape but remember guys this is my place without letting me know or my permission you both cant move from here so got it now please go to sleep…….
Sanskaar murmured : moron…
Swara was worried now how will they escape….
They both started to climb the stairs with laksh smiling…
Swara : sanskaar now?
Sanskaar : dont worry swara will find a way u go and sleep will see tom… gn love u
Swara : love u too…
And they went to sleep…
Next day…..
Swara woke up from her sleep…
She moved out of the room and reached at balcony to see laksh standing with roses in his hands…..
She got surprised and moved downstairs….
Swara : laksh
Laksh : umm swara this is just a starting and this are nothing i front of u so please accept it…..
Swara : umm laksh listen?
Laksh ; i insist please…
At that moment swara smelled the roses and started coughing badly…..
Sanskaar who have just woken up heard her coughing and saw roses and swara coughing….
He quickly ran towards swara and threw roses away…..
Sanskaar ; you stupid she’s allergic to roses…..
Laksh got worried…..
Sanskaar started patting her back rubbing her palms and offered her water……
Sanskaar : you fine jaan??
Swara was getting normal…..
Swara ; yeah am fine….
Laksh ; i am sorry swara…
Swara ; its ok laksh u didnt knew….. that’s what i was going to tell u that am allergic to roses….
Laksh ; am sorry i just see there should be best for u in breakfast….
Sanskaar hugged swara…..
Sanskaar : u always scare me like this….
Swara : hey am fine now dont worry…..
Sanskaar : uk na when its ur matter i dont get fine i was going to kill him….
Swara : its okay sanskaar am fine and now freshen up we need to find a way to move from here…..
Sanskaar : i will take u from here promise…
Swara : i trust ur promises sanskaar……
The whole day went by laksh wooing swara.. swara not paying attention and sanskaar just cursing laksh under his breath…….
Next day in afternoon….
Both swasan were nowhere to be found……
Laksh got alerted as where they been….
They were not in rooms he searched everywhere then he came to kitchen…..
He saw swara sitting at kitvhen table and sanskaar cooking noodles…..
Both swasan looked at him….
Sanskaar : aagaya kabbab me haddi……
Swara laughed….
Laksh : so may i ask what’s going here?
Swara : oh laksh i was bored with ur cooks they all served like hotel foods so i told sanskaar to cook noodles for me as he cook best…..
Laksh : oh is it?
Sanskaar : yeah and she loves my handmade foods more…. oh btw u know cooking ? how would u know u have more cooks right? And u seems to love swara more than me……
Laksh : yeah i have more cooks but u dont know one thing mr. Sanskaar that i can cook better than u because i have learnt cooking and beside cooking i am master in car racing horse riding and am state level football player which u dont know i guess……
Both swara and sanskaar looked at him in shocked…..
Laksh : i can cook for swara if she wants from me and btw something is burning please check the gas I’ll have your leave…..
Sanskaar slowed the gas and was totally pissed off that how come laksh is so perfect……
While swara didn’t paid any heed and was just waiting for her noodles…..
3 day….
Swasan were sitting alone on sofa for a while as laksh wasn’t present….
Swara : sanskaar what would be our parents reaction am just worried……
Sanskaar : haa swara i dont have phome too to contact wid them…. just 2 days then we will be freed….
Swara : what if he dont free us?
Sanskaar : then we will face this proble together???
Swara smiled back……
It was 4 day at night time…..
Swara just got out of the house and saw laksh sitting in sand….
She was about to go but was called by laksh……
Laksh : hey swara can u talk with me for 5 mins…..
Swara didn’t like to no him….
She sat….
Swara : hmm?
Laksh : So tomorrow is ur judgement whom u love?
Swara : my desicion is clear
Laksh : descions can be changed…..
Swara : and u think by night time u will change it laksh?
Laksh : maybe…. so tell me why u love sanskaar the most he fights wid u… dont give u time….. middle class person… and see i am polite rich handsome person who can give his life to u so why dont me haa?
Swara : hehe because i love him not from today na laksh. .. from years…… i know why he fights with me why he dont give me time… and am happy he’s whatever earning…. i will be happy… uk what laksh u r a good man a nice friend…. u remind me of my old friend he’s name was too laksh he was a mischeif and prankster but he went to london when we were just 12 yrs…. and his surname is sharma?? and u cant be him because he cant be so polite like u….
Swara was laughing and sanskaar who came in seravh for swara saw her talking with laksh laughingly……
He took her wrong…
Somewhere a 1% percent chance was screaming that will she choose laksh?
He moved and gone to his room….
Laksh : that’s good but swara i really do love you i love you from all my heart and soul and will seriously keep u like a queen marry me?
Swara : I’ll give my ans tommorrow…. gn
Laksh : i hope and know u will choose me…..
Swara goes inside smiling….
She goes to sanskaar’s room and knocked it…
But he didn’t opened up…
She got surprised that he slept so early she went to her room sadly…..
There sanskaar was sitting on his bed thinking what if her swara chosses laksh….
He was handsome cool rich and can give her anything instantly…..
He’s so perfect then why will she chooses me?
But she loves me yr…..
Whhat if she has started loving him?
Many things clouded his mind he knew his swara cannot go to other man but mind always distracts heart…….
Next morning……
Laksh was sitting on sofa waiting for swara…
sanskaar too came downstairs and sat on chair not wanting any discussion with laksh……
After 2 mins swara came…..
She started coming down….
sanskaar looked at her with love but he remembered all yesterday’s things…..
He goes to her first….
Swara smiled….
Sanskaar : swara i wont mind if u choose him i will go away from ur life and will just wish u to stay happy… so dont make ur desicion for me.. make it for u…?
Swara was shocked as what he’s blabbering……
Laksh : hey goodnorning swara since 5 days are over now its upto u what u choose me or him?
Swara looked at sanskaar and started to say….
Swara : you are a good man laksh a perfect man any girl wants…. everybody wants their husband to fulfil their wishes…. and seriously u r well behaved in nature tooo and if I HAVEN’T LOVED SANSKAAR TOO BADLY THAT I DONT SEE ANY OTHER GUY AS MY LYF PARTNER…. SO I WOULD HAVE CONSIDERED U… BUT SINCE I ONLY AND ONLY LOVE SANSKAAR……
To this sanskaar dull face glowed immediately….
and laksh face became dull…..
Swara ; sanskaar is a blessing for me laksh…. God dont make people like like sanskaar am happy he’s  mine….. he loves me more than he do to anyone… he care for me like baby… uk what laksh u got out faults in him but what about me?
I have more flaw than him…. i am stubborn i fight wid him unusually i shout at him… i throw tantrums him but still he love me like his princess and treats me like his queen…. he is perfect for me…. perfection is not being perfect perfection is loving ur partner totally with whole heart and that’s what he do…. and if i chooses u today i will loose my best friend my best half my advisor my everything and my fighting partner… i may fight wid him but i cant live without him… and sanskaar you told na take desicion for urself this is my desicion and i have took it for my self….
SANSKAAR just came and hugged her tightly with tears in his eyes that how lucky he can be to have her……
Swara hugged him back giving him cheek kiss…..
At that time a gun shot happened and it was laksh who was holding gun….
Both swasan got shocked…..
Sanskaar : what’s this laksh? U promised to let us go
Laksh : and promises are made to be broken sanskaar…. if not mine she wont be urs……
He pointed the gun towards sanskaar….
Laksh : i am good but not idiot to loose her…..
Swara : no please dont kill him please….. sanskaar no….
Sanskaar : swara sshhh just remember i love you……
Swara : i love u too…
And tears from swara….
Laksh pointed gun towards sanskaar…..
Laksh : good bye friend…..
He shoots sanskaar……
Swara was shocked….
And then sanskaar touched himself but there were no blood…….
Laksh started laughing…….
Both swasan were shocked…..
And more laughing sound came they looked behind….
and got another shock….
Swasan : mom dad?
Yes it was sanskaar and swara’s mom and dad …..
Laksh : oh people uk it was so much fun from 5 days to see you both like this?????
Sujata (sanskaar’s mom) : hii beta actually ut was our plan we have saw enough u both fighting….
Sharmishta (swara’s mom) : and we were tired and at that time i got a call from ur dad’s friend mr. Alok sharma that they have returned from london so we made this plan to make u both realise…..
Rp (sanskaar’s dad) : so that you both could understand eachother and and have a wonderful vacation
All laughs….
Laksh : hey swara am ur childhood friend only yeah its shocking that i have changed ik that?….. but this was all drama to make u both close really…. you both should realise how much u both love eachother…. and now i realised that sanskaar ur swara can fight wid u but can live without u and swara sanskaar workd his business only for ur happiness so u guys please stop fighting… and yeah this is not my house i have took it on rent i am rich but not this much?????
They all laughs…..
swara came and laksh : thanks buddy and i missed u so much…..
Sanskaar too came…
Sanskaar : sorry for beating you this much…..
Laksh : oh its nothing infront of shona….
Sanskaar burned when he told her shona….
Sanskaar : i am grateful to u both only i can call her shona…..
with this both swalak laughed at his jealousy…..
Sujata : and yeah your enagement is not in 2 months but in 2 days here and our relatives will be reaching tommorow….. this is last surprise to ull..?
Both swasan looked at eachother happily…….
The end……
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Love all and this os is dedicated to all the lovers who have fighting issues with their partner…. that don not come to conclusion and just break ur relation u dont know what other person have to say……
So if u have got true partner dont let him go grab him like swara….
Thanks and love❤❤❤
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