Hi guys sriya I am here with my first one shot. Hope u guys like it too. Thanks for your encouraging comments in my previous two shot I will post its next part soon. It is a swasan one shot. It is a very long one.Hope u all enjoy it.

One shot
We see two people running holding each other hands. They were running from some people. They were shouting them to stop but the boy and girl didn’t stop the people who were running behind them get tired and stop. The boy and girl reach to some distance the boy and girl were laksh and swara. They get tired so they decided to take rest in a hotel. There was a hotel nearby they both go to there and book one room. First swara goes and freshen up and then laksh freshen up. Laksh says thank god we safely escaped from our family otherwise swara u have been married to my bro sanskar. Swara nods and says we love each other but our parents has fixed my marriage with sanskar so we had to take this decision. Laksh says swara you are absolutely right hope so when we both get married our families would accept us whole heartedly.
2 weeks passed
Laksh is now in abroad to find job so he can settle there with swara after marriage. One day he was having very much pain in his brain. There his friend kavya sees him unconscious and takes him to the hospital. Doctor does some tests and comes with reports he tells kavlak to that laksh has a brain tumour he has only few days after that he can die at any time. Laksh says cant we do operation so that I can be saved doctor says I can do but still there very less chances that the operation can be successful and you can be saved. Laksh goes to house and thinks what to tell swara now no I can’t tell this all what if she does any bad thing to herself after knowing the truth. Laksh says sorry swara I am helpless right now I have taken decision that I will make you marry with my bro sanskar I can’t destroy your life maybe I will leave you and broke your heart but will keep loving u till my last breath. Laksh calls swara and tells swara sorry swara but I am ending my relationship with u I have no interest in you now I have find another girl so I am leaving you don’t try to search for me or call me. Saying this he cuts the call and starts crying and falls down with a thud and keeps crying remembering the moments he spent together with swara here same happens with swara she cries remembering the moments she spent with laksh.

Scene 2
Maheshwari and gadodia family was feeling angry on swalak because they run away even not thinking about both the families. They were feeling bad for sanskar because his marriage was ruined.

Scene 3
Here swara felt betrayed for whom she left her own family had betrayed her only. She took a decision that she will be returning back to family and will accept whatever their decision maybe. She returned to her family and told them whatever happened whole mf were shocked they thought how laksh can betray a girl they could not believe whatever they heard they scolding swara that why u ran away with laksh didn’t u both once also think about sanskar how will he feel swara says mom dad now whatever decision you will take I am going to accept it whole heartedly. Swara parents said you have to marry sanskar and forget about laksh. Swasan says together what why are we supposed to marry. MF supported the decision of swara parents Swasan were not left with any option hesitantly agreed for marriage. Few days after swasan marriage happened.

Scene 4
Here one day laksh was unconscious. His some friends take him to the hospital. Doctors start his operation his condition was being critical. After few hours the doctor comes out and says sorry I could not saved laksh if he had hope in his life and would fight from death there was some chances but he lost all hope in his life so we could not save him. All laksh friends were crying knowing that laksh died.

Scene 5
Here it was first night of swasan. sanskar said I know we have done this marriage because of our families force. So I want force u for this relationship u can take your own time. I will sleep in the couch you sleep on the bed. Swara accepts and says thank you sanskar for understanding me. Sanskar says I will accept this thank you if you accept my friendship. Swara says friendship accepted so now goodnight I am going to sleep. Sanskar nods and they both slept.

The next day
Swasan get up at the same time and see each other and ran towards the washroom. They both reach at same time sanskar says no I will first go to have shower otherwise I will be late for office swara says no I will first go to washroom because I have to cook for everyone and there maybe rituals after our marriage so I have to do them my dear cute friend. Sanskar says no I will go and don’t call me cute. They start fighting finally swara goes to the bathroom without sanskar notice and shuts the door. Sanskar smiles at her behaviour. Days passed swasan bond with each other has grown more stronger. Swara started loving sanskar for his goodness care and loving behaviour so she decides to propose him.One day swasan were coming back from eating ice cream they were walking on the road sanskar was busy in talking with swara so he didn’t notice a car is going to hit him swara sees that and pushes him and the car hits her. She was lying in a pool of blood. Sanskar was blank he was not understanding what to do. Then everything becomes clear for him sanskar falls down with a thud and sanskar starts crying badly and shouts swara why for me why u have risked your life for me and takes to the hospital running luckily there was a hospital. So he took her to that hospital and nurse took swara to the ICU he calls mf and gf and told them about swara’s accident they all leave for the hospital. They reached there after few minutes doctor comes out of the ICU and sanskar asks doctor what happened to swara is she fine now doctor says we can’t say anything now your prayers will make her fine now. Sanskar runs to the ICU and says swara please get up swara I cannot live without u after your accident I realised that I love you swara yes I love u maybe u don’t love me because at first you used to love laksh and he betrayed you but I love you truly madly unconditionally now I cannot bear losing you please get up swara for your sanskar. Swara suddenly starts breathing again he notices this and calls doctor he says it’s a miracle she is out of danger now after few hours she will get conscious. All become happy after listening this news. After few hours swara gets conscious and all goes to meet swara.

Few days passed
Swara gets discharged from the hospital. One day sanskar comes from the office and he goes to his room and was shocked seeing the decorations he sees candle light dinner arranged and his bed was decorated with rose petals and he sees swara wearing a blue knee length frock she had done light makeup. Swara kneels down in front of him and takes a white diamond ring from the box. Swara says sanskar I don’t know when I fell for u but I did now I cannot think about my life with you I love you sanskar maheshwari I love u more than myself and I will keep loving you till my last breath will u give me your hand to hold u till we live together will u accept my proposal. Sanskar says yes swara I love u so much and they both hug each other sanskar looks her with so much of love he starts kissing her neck then he kisses forehead cheeks and then he comes towards lips and swara gives him positive response. Then he kisses her lips he was sucking her lips soon she too starts sucking his lips hardly it turns to a passionate one. Then sanskar stops and he takes the frock and swara unbuttons his t- shirt. Now they were fully naked the lights off and they consummate their marriage.

2 years after
Now swasan have 1 yr old boy. His name was ishaan. Swara was as usual running after ishaan to make him eat the food. Suddenly the doorbell rings. Swara goes to open the door there laksh one friend was standing swara asks her who is she the girl tells I am laksh friend hearing laksh name swara says to the girl just get lost from here he betrayed me now why u have came the girl tells her everything. After knowing that she cries why laksh why u died u could have told me the truth why you make me hate you all this years. Swara was guilty for few months sanskar make understand her that she is not at all fault. After sometime she slowly understood and swasan lived happily with their child.


So guys it was too long I guess hope you guys like it. There is a moral in this that we should not always believe whatever we heard is truth sometimes we should try to get to know the real truth. So love u guys bye take care and please swalak fans don’t bash me. Maybe soon I will post a raglak one shot. So guys don’t forget to drop your comments.

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