Swasan os – Solace

Sanskar Maheshwari was known to the business world by SM. He the leading business tycoon had companies all over India. He was engaged to Swara a happy go lucky girl an orphan whom he met during an interview for a student newspaper for her college in which he invested. She had represented her friend who was the chief editor of the student newapaper as she was ill. Sanskar had taken keen interest in her when she had first landed in his office. Her first look was that of an ordinary girl. The way she played with her fingers when she was nervous and the way she bit her lips out of awkwardness he had noticed every single nuances of her. She had attracted him the very day, he had tried thousands of ways to attract her towards himself after all she was the first girl for whom he felt something. Little did he know that even swara felt something for him until the day her semesters ended and she drank alcohol under her friend’s pressure and was being forced to kiss by her friend Siddharth and her hand had accidentaly pressed the call button and sanskar got the call and found swara shrieking to let her go .
He immediately reached the pub and took swara away to his home. The next day swara woke up with a heavy head and found herself in a room unknown to her. As sanskar entered she was in a daze as to what happened when sanskar explained her everything that had happened and she in return hugged him and thanked him for saving her. After a week sanskar had decided to propose her . He called her and asked her to come at his place. Thay day changed their lives forever. They got engaged and also lived together.
Swara who now worked as the editor in a publishing house was well off.
Sanskar had this possessive streak in him and he ended up buying the publishing house where swara worked and made sure of her comfort. No one in her office knew of swara being SM’s fiance.

Swara’s boss asked her for dinner as she had got a promotion. Swara told a yes still unaware about the reason of her promotion.
Swara went out for dinner with her boss and a few colleagues. Later she reached home to find sanskar waiting for her.
She ran to sanskar and said: Baby I got a promotion. And she slightly gave a peck on his lips.
Sanskar: Shona. I love you and congratulations.
Both made love to each other that night.
The next day swara had to do some extra work so she asked sanskar to pick her up an hour later than usual. While she was at work her boss called her in his cabin. She walked over to his cabin with the file. As she entered her boss asked her to sit down she went and sat on a chair.
Swara: Sir. My work is done may I leave? The others have already left.
Boss: why do you think I have made you stay back? Ms. Swara? I have some work with you.
Swara: sir what?
Boss: see. I know you have no one to call as your family that means no financial security even but if you want I can give you the financial security but for that you have to do something
Swara was mum.
Sanskar who had alreasy reached her office got worried seeing her not coming out so he walked in and headed straight towards her boss’s cabin but stopped listening to the conversation inside.
Boss: so the deal is? You have to be my mistress and i’ll give you the financial security and a status in society.
Swara was in a deep shock.
Boss: He stood up and walked towards Swara and tried to touch her : you’re really s*xy swara the first day I saw you I wanted you beside me but I had to wait you are a hard nut to crack. As he tried to touch her sensously she slapped him and stood up.
Swara: How dare you? I am quite that does not mean you can take advantage of me. I can throw you in jail by a single phonecall don’t underestimate my power before she could continue a furious Sanskar entered the cabin.
Sanskar: How dare you Yash.
Yash: Sir this girl was trying to lure me… She said….

Before Yash could continue
Sanskar: Think before you speak and moreover know the person about whom you are saying.
Yash: Sir, why would I lie? She is a blo*dy classless girl trying to lure me with her body.
Sanskar: Yash I warned you…. Do you know who she is?
Yash: Sir she is an employee of this company and an orphan.
Sanskar: The place where you are working is hers. The salary you get comes from her account. She can buy 1000’s of companies and you think she will lure you for your financial security?
Yash: Sir, but you are the owner right?
Sanskar: Yes and she is Swara my fiance and the one who messes with my wife messes with me and the consequences are not good.
Swara stood their shocked.
Sanskar: Shona, come.
Swara silently walked along with him.
Sanskar: Sat in the car and slowly hugged her she started sobbing.
Sanskar: Shona… Calm down.. I’m there right?
Swara: Being an orphan is a curse, people think we can do anything and everything for money? If you hadn’t come today I don’t know what would have happened to me the way he was touching me I felt disgusted…. Sanskar. … You trust me right? I swear I didn’t do anything
Sanskar: Ssh.. Swara… I know… I love you and nothing in the world can change my feelings for you.
Swara: I love you too Sanskar. You are my only solace.

Just a small peice of my mind which gave ne this absurd idea to write an os…. It is partially inspired from the book by EL James i. e. Fifty Shades of Grey

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