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Hey guys it’s my version of sleeping beauty It’s actually somewhat related to the original Greek form but I just added my flavour of modernisation in it .it is a bit same to the Greek one SUN MOON and TALIA


The most powerful kingdom of the time which was always number one in everything whether be soldiers, loyalty of its people or wealth everything and anything. There were happiness around the kingdom when the soon to be king was married to his childhood lover and princess of the other great kingdom. With the ties it’s prosperity flourished everything was moving smooth until the black day when the queen had a accident and it was said that she can never become a mother. The whole town mourned the pain of the young king and queen. The noble ones suggested the king to remarry for an heir, but the king was adamant on not wanting to remarry.

They tried all the ways, consulted all the medicine experts “vaidhyas ” and all other black magic or tantra but nothing worked.

Once on a suggestion of an old women they reached to seek help from a fairy who suggested them certain dos and donts and finally by gods grace and a struggle of 12 years a beautiful daughter was born to the king, its beauty was as deep as ocean with sharp features and a melodious voice.PRINCESS SWARA

On her naming ceremony the king called seven fairies of the kingdom , but forgot an old evil one. When the evil fairy knew about it she felt insulted and decided to take her revenge so she went at the place where the ceremony was being held it was time for the fairies to give blessing to the ? princess.. six fairies gave her the grace of beauty for lifetime, wealth, loving husband, physical strength and healthy children’s but than entered the evil fairy who gave her a curse ” when she will come in contact with a flax of needle made of iron she will died” all were shocked of the uncertain incident that took place . The king pleaded the fairy to take her words back but nothing worked, than the seventh fairy came although the curse cannot be fully taken but it can be reduced so she told that when ever she touched an iron needle she would go into a deep sleep ? for 100 or 1000 of years till she was rescued

From then onwards the king removed any sharp object with flax or suing needles of iron anything that could cause his princess life, till 17 years everything went smooth but one day the king and queen were out for certain stuff when the young princess stumbled upon a women suing a cloth out of curiosity she asked her to teach her and while doing that the needle perked her and she suddenly went in a deep sleep on return of king and queen the women cried telling that the princess was not getting up.

The king knew that faith has taken its troll so he made a room full of every luxurious items known and made a bed of gold and silver for his dearest daughter and laid her sleeping form on it .. he than called the fairy and after a discussion on what will happen when the princess will wake up how would she cope up.. so at last the fairy made everyone in the palace go in deep sleep and they would wake only when the princess wakes up and than she surrounded the whole place by thick forest so that no traitors can know about it till the right person chooses for the princess by destiny comes and get her up…



Sanskar closed his book this was the most hilarious ? thing he have ever read.. who in present world believes that some certain princess would be waiting for him from years that too in a deep sleep..
He shrugged it off he was getting late for the bus. He and his friends have decided to go campaign on a certain hill station he knew nothing about..

On reaching the place he was awestruck by the beauty of its surroundings. They campaigned ,had fun ,played all that games ,had bonfire and did everything it was just a day left to go back. That’s when he noticed a thick forest nearby he found it weird that it had a sign of some religious community and was clearly stated not to mention without the permission of BARI RANI he wondered who this Bari rani was but than his curiosity got the best of him and he marched inside the place he kept walking towards a faint green light by the time he recognises he was already lost in the big jungle. He panicked and thought to communicate but this place had no network.. He than stumble upon a large palace but its main gates were locked up.

So he looked here and there for something and he caught a ladder and than he saw that the topmost room at the backside of the palace had an opened window. It was getting dark and he probably didn’t wanted to get eatern up by a certain wild animal he placed the ladder and climbed the wall and jumped in the room..

The room had been build of the ancient artistic type the one that the royals had. Everything was made of gold and by the look of it he can say it wasn’t fake but real, he wondered why haven’t anyone or any archaeological department noticed it till now. It had a huge mirror, a huge painting of certain artist, few antique pieces and a big king size bed wait BED!!! HIS eyes widened when he saw a fairy sleeping peacefully on it. He was drawn to her like a moth. Wait fairies even existed!! But this one was surely one..

HIS mind was numbed seeing her beauty she had the best hairs, luscious lips ?, her appearance was as of a goddess descended from heaven. Without even realising his legs drew towards her his hands ached to touch the goddess in front of him, His body wanted nothing to do rather than love her worship her. He wanted to touch her and to feel her soft body underneath him… As if his hands had their own mind they reached forward and stroked a hair from her face. He touched her face that was as soft as silk than her lips they were so tempting and inviting than her slender neck it was as white as that of a swan…

Without a second thought he placed his lips on top of her and kissed her tenderly yet passionately he didn’t knew what he was doing as if a spell was castes on him. he wanted to stop yet his body kept going. He wanted to know about her, who was she and why was she sleeping and even not woke up by his touch but his traitorous body defied him. He didn’t even realised when he got on top of her and made love to her and than slept of tiredness…

On getting up he saw an angel sleeping beside him, he wanted to wake her up to know about her, but then the realisation drawed on him of what he did to her.. he was ashamed of it how could he just use a girl. He knew what he did was not right making love to a person who was not conscious is only called as [email protected] He despised himself for what he have done so he decided that it’s better that he should leave before she gets her consciousness. He knew it was a symbol of cowardice but he can’t bring himself to tear up such an innocent and pure soul. So he got up and left without knowing the consequences of what he has done. He climbed down the ladder and went on and soon came out of the forest and went on with his gang leaving the place..


It had been 9 months to the incident when SWARA delivered twins.. yes! Even though she was sleeping but due to the spell of the good fairy her body functioned as normal as it should and that’s the reason she delivered still in sleep ?.
Her elder son had a habit of sucking her thumb and while doing that the flax from the thumb that she got from the piercing of the needle got out and she woke up from the deepest sleep. Soon the whole palace was up and that time the fairy came she Casted a spell and the whole place was back to place and everything nearby kingdom was back to 12th century where no one from this world except the person who broke the spell was allowed. She (fairy ) also told everyone about how the curse broke and what all happened. The king immediately made the TWINS his heir when they were back to their time but again there was a question raised by people of 12th century about the character of the princess. So the fairy decided that if the person (Sanskar) wanted he can come here.


It was an YEAR to the incident that happened in the old looking palace but Sanskar was not able to forget about it, about the fairy he saw.. Oh how HIS body ached to touch her one more time.. but with that came the guilt of what he did, he ruined the innocence of the angel ? of his life.. But he was not able to bear the weight of his sins so he decided to go back there and accept his crime and would apologise for everything he did to her , he knew that it will break her when she will get to know of what had happened to her while she was not in her sense but he had no choice…

He reached the exact place but was shocked ? to see that there was no palace not even an evidence of its existence. How was it possible in just mere YEAR how can this place change.. He saw a white gate nearby.. on opening it showed a mirror it was all an illusion type fog everywhere. Not knowing what to do he stepped forward and just in a blink of eye he was surrounded by natural beauty everywhere there were flowers ? beautiful animals running all shocked he turned back to see the mirror vanished.

Not knowing what to do? where to go? He wandered around the place enjoying the scenery.. Than suddenly his eyes widened on seeing the palace; it was the same palace but it was shining brightly not the old dusty one from the jungle. How was this possible? Getting curious he entered the big palace and was met with a man wearing some weird clothes like a costume…  he wondered whether a play was going on because everyone here was wearing clothes God knows of which era… He was totally confused walking ahead he reached the great Royal hall were the king was seated, one look at him and king knew who was he. He immediately called the fairy and princess. On seeing Swara, Sanskar’s eye watered he immediately fell on her legs and begged her to forgive him of the sin he committed.. He got shocked when he noticed the TWINS and stared blankly at her..

He was hell confused of what was happening around him, first the mirror than this place than the costume mans and this royal set than the Old joker like looking king and than the TWINS; ohh God he better be dreaming or hallucinating after all who in this age wears such clothes….

But all his confusion turned into horror when he saw that a fairy arrived infront of him from air; he pinched himself what was it? How can a person do something like this? This better not be a joke he thought.

On sensing the confusion the fairy made a illusion screen and showed him what all had happened. At the end he was dumbstruck, the books and stories he always thought were fake were indeed real. At the end he was asked to make a choice of whether he wanted to live in 21st century leaving his family or be here in 12 th century marry the princess and become king…

He was hell confused, one look at Swara and the TWINS and he knew he would give his life for them but his rational mind argued; how was he able to survive in this century? Was it even possible for a person to go back in time… But again there is the saying LOVE MAKE MIRACLES HAPPENS was it their love ❤️ that she waited for 800 years just to be with him, was it the power of their love that made a man go against the law of nature and travel back in time just to be with his angel his SWARA; indeed it was.. Without further thinking he agreed to be with his love ❤️ and his ? children’s. After all nothing comes before family… The fairy turned him in a 12th century prince with his own kingdom and own family, identity, estate and people. It was as if his whole life was created in mere seconds and his memories of 21st century were erased, all that he knew was the story of princess sleeping and him rescuing her and him being a prince of a royal kingdom….

He then returned to his palace with his wife and children. Their happy family picture was not going well with the former Queen or yOu can say his so called step mother who was also created along with the kingdom and palace.

She asked the royal cook to cut down the body of both the twins and fed him to the king as dinner. The royal cook was a gentle and kind person so he hided them instead and served lamb to the king. Very much happy the former Queen thought to even end the life of the young queen Swara; so at night she silently went in her cabin with a knife but before she can do anything Sanskar came and saved her and thus exposed her wickedness and sentenced her to death…

All the ones who helped her in this were also punished while the loyal cook who saved the twins was rewarded…

With that all four of them led a very happy life along with their kingdom

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