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The clouds were black yet there was a shine in the sky.. The moon was hiding yet the stars were twinkling.. It was dark all around yet there was a warmness of light .. There were swords in the field yet it was ready to blossom a new love story.. They were there for a fight but destiny planned to unite them tonight…

It was dark but the ground was dimly lit by lanterns .. The light was sparkling and was making the ground brightened by its charm which could ignite tender yet maniated feelings in one..

Sanskaar was standing at the mid of fighting ground , deeply engrossed in thoughts with one sword in each hand… His chain of thought broke by the melodious voice of anklets.. He knew who it was and with a sweet smile approached her.. Swara was wearing a white anarkali suit with a turban on head and the elongated cloth was covered around her face.. Like always , only her eyes were visible to sanskaar… Next instance, SANSKAAR threw one of the sword towards SWARA and she perfectly held it in her hands..

Both the swords clashed for dominance.. While fighting, swara asked…

” why did u want to sword fight with me?”

” why don’t you want to show your face to me ” asked sanskaar.

” that’s your punishment ”

” for what??”

” for what.. 10 years have past sanskaar.. U didn’t even look back.. Never sent me a message.. Never tried to contact me too.. ”

” have you started loving me Swara??”

Swara stayed mum…….

” answer me Swara..”

” yes , I have sanskaar.. I have.. Not from now but from childhood.. I have always dreamt for u .. Only you., I have seen my future with you and wished to live it to u ,, wished to change my dream into reality.. Yes.. I love u..”

” but Swara.. I never thought of you as you said.. I had always secured by future with you but never had feelings for you the way you have for me… I never loved you

Swara moved back.. The sword dropped from her hand.. Tears aimlessly oozed out from her eyes.. Her dreams were shattered in one go.. Just few words were like a blow to her life which changed her world upside down.. Before sanskaar could continue she spoke..

” it’s ok sanskaar.. If you don’t love me , doesn’t mind.. May be I am not so lucky to get back the pleasure of love..”

” Swara.. Listen to me ”

“Sanskaar.. It’s completely fine with me .. U don’t need to pressurise yourself just because I love you..”

Tears were not ready to stop from Her eyes.. But she still controlled though her soul felt betrayed and tattered..

” Swara listen to me .. At least let me speak what I want to say..”

” I said Na sanskaar that I don’t need any justification.. I would never force you to love me back”

Her foots turned to exit the place but sanskaar held her wrist.. He was apparently frustrated with her to not let him speak and drive conclusions .. She tried to escape from him but he held her wrist and pinned her to the backyard wall caging her in his arms.. He started..

” Swara.. You should listen to others also… Dont u understand me and my feelings.. Little bit also you don’t understand ( bringing her hand near his chest).. Don’t u feel this heart.. How loudly it pumps when you are near me .. All ready to do racing and leave the coop of my chest.. (Moving his face to close her).. I always had unrealized, hidden feelings for you from childhood but it grew into love when I saw you.. Your pious soul attracted me towards you like a magnet.. I had never seen your face but I had seen you through your eyes.. (Kissing her eyes).. Eyes which express only innocence and sinlessness .. How could I not fall in love with you??”

(In between her sobs) ” so .. Do you also love me ”

” ya ALLAH.. What was I murmuring from so long?? Why have you made girls so brainless?.. Arey my crying baby.. Of course I love you..”

(Cutely) ” really”

” yes .. Now how many time should I tell you ,,”

Swara hugged sanskaar tight and replied..

” forever !!”

(Bowing towards her) “Ohkk.. As you say shehzadi”

And both giggled.. Sanskaar was all of a sudden ogling at her..

” now can I see your face, please??”

Swara simply nodded.. And he smiled back.. Sanskaar’s hand reached to her face to remove the foed cloth ( hehehe..according to him)..

He gently unwinded the knot and removed the tucked piece of cloth.. He caressed his cheeks and then moved his hand to remove the cloth fully of her face.. As the layers of cloth were removed , both their heart beats mingled.. One in anticipation and one in savouring the touch of his beloved.. Discarding her turban, he finally looked at her face… He was awestruck to see her… True say, he was completely bowled to see her.. No words seemed to be able to appreciate her beauty.. Her face which was glowing more due to the streaks of light by the lantern.. Her eyes firmly shut and when they opened, it met SANSKAAR’S fevered eyes and automatically colour started rising in her cheek …

” you are so beautiful Swara.. More than I had ever imagined you to be..”

They had a deep, passionate eyelock with their faces perilously close to each other..

And yes, indeed she seemed to be god’s perfect creation…

Her milky skin with those rosy lips as if creamy cake with cherry dropped.. Her eyes as deep as an ocean and nose so cute and swift..,

Her skin so soft as if to relish it ,then cotton may seem hard.. Her lips so juicy and pink as if nothing was created so sweet… Her nose which was red due to crying, still seemed so charm filled .. Her eyes, never had he found something so deep yet so expressable.. Her silky hair flowing all over her face which was a barrier to this beautiful view of his … Tucking all the strands behind her hair, he said

” marry me Swara .. All preparations have be done… Will you marry me tomorrow ?? ”

” when, how… ”

” everyone knows Swara.. Only your approval is needed .. Will you marry me ?”

” I have been waiting for this moment since childhood sanskaar.. And I have no objection ”

” I am so happy Swara .. I’ll tell this to sultan now.. ”

” accha ok.. Now let me go I need to sleep… Tomorrow is a very important day”

(Kissing her forehead ) ” good night.. Just one day SWARA and then I won’t let you go anywhere away from me.. Not even a second away .. ”

Sanskaar flashed a smile and scratched the back of her head.. Swara blushed hard but didn’t say anything .. She left from his embrace and straight landed on the bed in her room, recalling all the previous memories and slept peacefully ..


Next day at morning , after combat practice, Sanskaar was coming back to his room , when he bumped into a girl.. He made her stand straight ..

(Zyada Sochi nahi.. It’s not Swara .. Hheheh … It’s kavita .. Maro nahi.. She is not the villian.. She will just do healthy flirting with sanskaar)

Kavita was staring at sanskaar.. Why not ? He was looking devilishly handsome with sweat dripping from his face and wet hairs..

At that time , Swara passed from the corridor and she introduced them to each other..

Swara- SANSKAAR … Meet kavita.. Princess of malar…. Just arrived for our wedding .. And kavita .. Meet sanskaar, my would be husband.. Kavita .. This guard will show you the way.. Reach your room and then come for the brekfast.. Will catch you there..

Kavita leaves… Sanskaar hinted a lil bit of jealousy and possessiveness in swara’s voice and a teasy idea was ready in his mind with a notorious smirk on his face..

Swara proceeded to leave but sanskaar wrapped his arms round her waist, banging her in his chest..

” where are u leaving? ” and he kisses her cheek..

” sanskaar.. Leave me .. We are standing in between the corridor .. Someone will see .. ”

” no.. I don’t care.. ”

And he leaned towards her lip.. Even Swara shut her eyes.. Their lips were about to meet par aa gaye unke dushman..

Ragini and laksh – Swara/Choti .. Come ..

Both saw the scene and immediately closed there eyes with hand and turned back..

Ragini and laksh- we didn’t see anything..

Both Swasan were shocked and red due to embarrassment .. Swara stamped her foot on sanskaar and rushed from there..

Sanskaar – aaow… Aah.. Yeah ladki bhi na …

Raglak stared at him and sanskaar gave a tight smile and he too ran from there.. Both laughed out loud..



All were seated.. Sanskaar was seated infront of Swara with laksh at his side and kavita at swara’s side..

While all were eating , kavita spoke out..

” sultan (referring to shekhar).. I wanted to go to the local market of this place…”

“No problem kavita.. You can go but you make sure that you reach soon”

” shehzade sanskaar .. Will you like to come with me?”

Swara who was eating her food almost spitted it in on her face ..

” whAt!!” Came everyone’s reaction..

” I mean to say he may have to bring some gifts for Swara.. ”

“No.. I don’t have to.. Moreover.. Abbu is coming.. The necessary requirements , he will bring …”

After food, everyone left,, Whole time , kavita tried to make him agree but he wouldn’t budge.. She even came to his room but he was quick enough to leave from there.. He was literally running away from her or better say, trying to hide from her .. He spotted her in the next corridor and entered into the first room he saw and thankfully , it was of Swara .,

Sanskaar – ” phew ”

Swara- kya hua .. Kisse bhag rahe ho..

” kavita chipkali se .. Peeche hi pad gayi hai”

“Toh mai kya karu”

” matlab .. Seriously .. Your would be husband is tensed because some other girl is completely drooling over her .. Aur tumhe to jealousy bhi nahi ho rahi hai”

“Nahi ho rahi hai.. ( snaking his arm around his neck) .. Afterall my would be husband is so handsome toh ladkiyan to chipkengi hi but I know he is only mine.. ”

There lovey-Dovey moment was halted by chipkali.. I mean to say kavita who was shouting outside..

Kavita- ” Swara.. Have you seen sanskaar”

Sanskaar signalled Swara to say no but she nodded is head and said “I’ll tell u are here”

Swara- ” kavita .. Sanskaar is….. ”

Before she could speak more, Sanskaar held her waist and closed her mouth with his hand.. Kavita hearing no answer moved from their whereas our love birds were busy in each other… Sanskaar removed his hand from her mouth but his other hand was still on her waist..

Swara- ” why are you staring at me?”

Sanskaar- “why I can’t do?”

“I thought you will kiss me ”

“Do you want me too?”

“Yes” replied Swara and soon sanskaar’s mouth were in her sealing them perfectly.. Due to the sudden act, she felt down on bed along with him but their lips were still together.. Devouring the conquest of exploring each other’s mouth and lips in synchronisation..

Bottled up emotions exploded….

Desires heightened….

Passion poured…

Feelings aroused…

Sparks flew..

And the kiss was the evidence of all.. They broke the kiss but soon after, a new conquest was followed for the exploration of each other’s body.. The barriers were removed , the clothes discarded, moans creeped, kisses were placed and they united by all means .. The heavenly presence was the attest of their coupling..

That night, they got married and lived a journey of happily ever after,. The whole universe gleamed with joy at the Union of this couple .. The Union of the prince and his veiled princess,,



Heya guys.. Pardon me for mistakes .. I have no idea what I have written.. My mind was in a subconscious star while writing it … So apologies.. The series has ended.. Share your views about the ending.. Did u liked it or you thought it could have been more better .. Important thing , that I have rushed in this chapter but no option guys.. Tomorrow is my birthday.. Yahi soch ke maaf kar dena..

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