Hello guys .. Anu is back with the next part of the series.. Thank u for ur wonderful comments.. And I am telling truly.. After this Para I am going to write the chappy so I still don’t know if this is the last shot or not., So there are chances of one more chappy too., ok take care.. With lots of love

Guys , pls read this chappy till end … May be u find it a little boring in the start but still u read it till the end ..


RAGINI- swara.. Shehzade sanskaar.. He has come to Delhi.. Wow … Shehzada is so handsome and u listened what, he wants to meet you.. See you., wow

SWARA- yes ragini.. But how dare he take my cloth.. I had to gift it to laksh bhaijaan.. He should get punished,, he wanted to see my face na .. Then let’s see how does he see my face .. I won’t show him my face only.. Challenge..


AT DELHI PALACE ( swara’s residence)

SANSKAAR and ZUBAIR were warmly greeted by king shekhar at the palace.. ZUBAIR moves to take a view of the palace while sanskaar and king shekhar are in a room having convo when one of the soldier , came and informed that princess swara has returned..

SANSKAAR- if u don’t mind… Abbu, can I go and meet swara..

SHEKHAR- why would I mind son.. Go and meet her.. She missed u a lot in these years…

SANSKAAR- really??

SHEKHAR- yes my son.. She received a lot of proposals of marriage.. But she waited for u and I am glad she did..

Sanskaar was happy.. Very happy.. He rushed to swara’s room guided by a guard., As he reached, he started getting sweaty, he was meeting her after years.. Was going to see her when he had desperately fallen for her , her eyes without even seeing her face..



As sanskaar entered, he saw swara sitting on a chair with her back towards her .. He called out his name ..

SANSKAAR- swara.. ( he’s speaking with so much love .. What about swara but.. What is she going to do?? )

He slowly moves towards her and she also stands up .. She turns and now her face is visible to sanskaar but soon his happy smile changes into a dull one..

SANSKAAR- who are u ??

” Me.. What rubbish question is this.. I am swara ”

” no.. U r lying .. U r not swara.. U can’t be swara,, ”

” arey .. I am only swara.. Why are u saying so..”

” you are not swara.. You are lying.. Tell me where is swara ..”

” I am only swara.. Don’t act so stubborn ”

At that time , laksh enters the room calling swara..

LAKSH- Choti, where are you .. See I have returned.. Choti.. Choti ..

LAKSH ( referring to the person sanskaar was talking to) – ragini.. Where is my Choti, moti and why have u dressed up like her .. In her dress and hair do .. What’s going on .. Where is swara and who is this man..

SANSKAAR- you mean to say.. She is not Swara .. She is ragini..

LAKSH- yeah.. She is ragini , Swara’s ps and her best friend but who are you..

SANSKAAR- are LAKSH .. U didn’t recognise me .. I am sanskaar..

LAKSH- arey sanskaar.. ( taking him in a hug).. When did you return bhai., did you meet Choti.. She will be so happy..

SANSKAAR- I came to meet her only but here, this ragini was sitting and she claimed to be swara,,

LAKSH – ragini.. ( confused then towards ragini)… RAGINI .. Why did you do this ..

A voice came from back..

SWARA- I asked her to do this..

SWARA came there .. Her face still covered with a piece of close just showing her eyes..

LAKSH- arey.. But why.. And why are you covering your face.. Ya Allah.. I will get mad today..

SWARA explained the whole incident to LAKSH who after completion was giggling along with ragini while swara and sanskaar shared an eye lock..

SANSKAAR – so you won’t show me your face..

SWARA- yeah..

SANSKAAR- but I will see ur face anyhow..

SWARA- challenge .. Huh., accepted.. I won’t let you see.,

SANSKAAR- that will be decided soon.. But what will I get if I win..

SWARA- anything u want..

SANSKAAR- done,,

He winked and gave a flying kiss to her and exited the room.. Swara’s mouth knacked seeing this and immediately her cheeks reddened but nobody could notice it because of the veil..

( so guys did you get this part.. That swara asked ragini to be dressed as her and come infront of sanskaar and sanskaar got to know that it was not swara..)

RAGINI- swara.. How did shehzade sanskaar come to know that I am not swara..

SWARA- I too don’t know how..

SANSKAAR( leaning from the curtained door)- because of your eyes swara.. They drive me crazy.. Because of your fragrance swara.. Which intoxicates my senses… Because of ur anklet sound swara.. More pleasant than any music.. ( swara smiles widely listening to him).. And ha I know u are impressed with me but that doesn’t mean you forget your challenge.. I will see your face soon..

He gave a heartthrobing smile and left.. SWARA too smiles..

RAGINI- swara.. Shehzade sanskaar seems so adamant.. What will you do now …

SWARA- I don’t know will see later .. But just now , I wish to go to hamam.. So I am going .. Baad me baat karungi..

Hamaam- hamaam is used as a bathroom and dressing room.. In hamaam there’s a big bath tub where one baths.. It is in an enclosed room.. For girls there is a separate hamaam and for boys different,,


SWARA moves to the hamaam.. She goes inside and removed the flimsy cloth off her face and then removes the cloth from her head letting her Georgous tresses falling down.. She is about to open the knot of her dress when she hears the voice of moving water in the bath tub.. She slightly moves her head and is shocked to see sanskaar there in the mid of water.. Shocked she let out a scream.. And quickly shut her eyes tight and covered her face with her hands…

SWARA- aah sanskaar.. What are u doing here in our hamaam..

SANSKAAR- what do I know that it’s women’s hamaam.. The guard told me that this is hamaam..

SWARA- arghh..

With just a cloth around his waist, sanskaar came out from the pool tub. And then back hugged SWARA and places his chin on her shoulder, letting water droplets dropping from his face to all over her body..

SWARA- what are you doing sanskaar.. Leave me and leave from here too.. First first pls wear ur clothes..

SANSKAAR- no ., I won’t ..

SWARA- what … Pls .. Pls .. Pls sanskaar.. I’ll do whatever u say.. Please..

He nuzzled his face in her neck, still not being able to see her face due to her hands..

SWARA- sanskaar please leave.. I .. I promise .. I’ll do whatever you say…

SANSKAAR- promise..

SWARA- yes .. Yes .. I promise .. Now leave.. Go from here..

SANSKAAR- I am going par u have to come at night .. I want to have a sword fight with you…

SWARA- thik hai.. Thik hai.. Wear your clothes and go now..

After sometime, when SWARA doesn’t here any voice .. She peeps from between her hands and sees that sanskaar is not there.. She heaves a sigh of relief but soon she gets shocked when she feels of someone’s lip over her cheeks ..

SANSKAAR- swara.. U r making me crazy for you.. I am going .. U do ur work but don’t forget to come at night..

SWARA (monologue)- this guy na.. He has gone mad.. But I am happy he’s gone mad for me .. And touches her cheeks to feel his touch..

SANSKAAR (monologue)- swara today .. I will see your face .. And may be today I tell how much I love you… And I know u love me too so much..


Guys … I sorry .. I know it’s a really short update but I have my own reasons. I thought till night , I’ll be able to complete but couldn’t .. So sorry… So forgive me .. I thought to complete the series today but as I said , I have some reasons so I am extending this to next chapter .. Pls don’t forget to leave ur feedback

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