Hello everyone .. Anu is back with her next os .. Do you all remember me ?? I wished to come back soon but due to some reasons I had to quit tu for some days.. So sorry.. Janvi!! How are u ??? Hope good and fine and what about ur fanfic.. Is it going smooth.. Missed u lil sis.. All these stuffs away.. Let’s come back to the story .. Hope u enjoy reading and bless me again with ur comments like u did to my previous os series with 123 comments .. With lots of love …


CHARACTERS IN THE STORY ( all the characters are Muslim )

KING SHEKHAR- ruler of delhi

PRINCESS SWARA- daughter of king shekhar

PRINCE LAKSH- elder brother of princess swara and first child of king shekhar. 6 years elder to swara

RAGINI- personal servant of princess swara cum bestfriend

KING DURGAPRASAD – ruler of ghazni

PRINCE SANSKAAR- the only son of king Durgaprasad. 2 years elder to swara

ZUBAIR- personal servant of sanskaar cum bestfriend. Partner in crime.

Their May be other side characters as the story goes on.


INTRODUCTION AND RELATIONS ( the story hails a little inspiration from razia sultan episodes )

King shekhar and Durgaprasad are best of friends. And so their children. Swara and sanskaar were bestfriends . Swara was very close to her brother , laksh too. When she was 6 and his brother 12, laksh had to leave delhi and go to classes ( sort of gurukul and hostels) to be trained as the next king of Delhi. During the training, he wasn’t allowed to contact with any of his family and mates and would come to meet them only in vacation. Thus, swara spent most of her time with sanskaar who started living in Delhi after laksh’s departure. Whenever swara was sad or used to cry remembering laksh , it was sanskaar who consoled her. They shared a very strong bond but destiny took a turn. When swara and sanskaar were 10 and 12 respectively, Durgaprasad called sanskaar back. Like laksh, he too had to go to the training school as he was the only heir to ghazni’s throne. Swara cried a lot that day but he was forced to leave. While going, Durgaprasad made a promise to shekhar that when time comes ,they would get swara and sanskaar married ,changing their long- term friendship to relationship. After that swara nd sanskaar never met, never talked. As time moved on, swara fell deeply in love with sanskaar. She dreamt of him as his soulmate.. Planned for their future and what not. Her father asked him to at least see the painting of sanskaar as to how he looks but she always denied. ( guys , the story is based on olden times so there was no photograph concept at that time but the painting concept prevailed). Here, sanskaar was busy in his training but he could never forget swara nor their bond and always wished to meet her. Both swara and sanskaar know about their marriage stuff. And yes, the story is a happy happy story with no old concepts like , fathers fight and swasan separation and they Try hard and then they unite .. Nothing like that…

I have written really bad intro because I am focusing more on my story so pardon me and the composition is not proof read so again pardon me.

The story starts from 10 years later where, swara is 20 years now and sanskaar 22 years. Let’s start the story then!!



A handsome man with well chiseled features is riding the horse. Another man on horse is following him. They reach near a large gate indicating that they are at borders of Delhi and both of the men stop there.

ZUBAIR ( man who was following) – sanskaar.. Now toh tell , why did we come to Delhi that also all alone without any soldiers , army or anyone.

SANSKAAR- for taking the famous itar ( sort of perfume) from the dargah.

ZUBAIR- what !!! We have travelled so much and come here just .. Just for an itar.. Are u mad man?? Kisi aur se mangwa leta.. Khud kyu aaye..

SANSKAAR – arey no.. I want to take itar but.. But … Aah ( blushing)… meet swara too.. It has been 10 years since I last met her .. How would she look now?? What do u think will she be the same ?? ( and then gets lost in thought)

ZUBAIR- sanskaar.. Phir kho gaye.. Sanskaar .. Sanskaar ( shouting) ..

SANSKAAR- haa .. What!!

ZUBAIR- bhai then let’s go .. Les take the itar and then meet bhabijaan..

SANSKAAR- haa chal..

A girl is standing infront of the dargah. She is praying. Her eyes closed and face covered with a veil. She is swara. She slowly opens her eyes.

SWARA- ya Allah .. Bless ur mercy on us .. May laksh bhai return safely from the war.. Help him and Pls pls make me meet sanskaar.. Pls.. I wish to see him soon ..

A girl from back comes and pats her back… It’s ragini..

RAGINI- swara.. Are u done? Let’s go to the other side and take the paak itar .. Prince Laksh likes it smell Na..

SWARA- haa ragini.. Bhaijaan likes it so much.. Thank u for reminding .. Let’s go..

Both smile take the last bottle of itar from qazi and leave the dargah..

At that time sanskaar enters.. A gush of wind blows .. Both feel heavenly presence but they ignore their feeling.

SANSKAAR meets the qazi and asks for the itar..

Qazi- I am sorry son.. The last bottle of itar has been taken by shehzadi swara now.. There’s none left here ..

SANSKAAR- what!! Shehzadi swara .. Okk..

UBAIR – now what bhai., last bottle toh has been taken by bhabijaan ..

SANSKAAR- so I’ll take it from your bhabhijaan.. Waise bhi I need to meet her and I love to tease her..

ZUBAIR – tum bhi naa .. SANSKAAR .. Chalo then.. Bhabhijaan must be at exit gate only..

Sanskaar smiled and rushed towards the exit gate.. He ran, leaped and landed straight infront of swara.. Swara who was busy in her talks with ragini, bumped into him and got locked in his arms around her waist.. SANSKAAR stared deeply in her eyes.. Her hazel orbs had done some sort of magic on him .. They were poured with purity.. He wanted to see her face but the veil covering it proved an obstacle for him.. He made her stand but accidentaly, her hands hit a rod and then ,the flower dome covering the place, fell on them.. Swara was trying hard to get free from the tangled strings and flowers while sanskaar was busy staring her eyes.. She went away from there but he was still lost in the sight of her eyes.. He had never seen such pure eyes which reflected only goodness and love.,

ZUBAIR ( shaking sanskaar )- sanskaar, bhabi Jaan gayi… Chal jaldi chal.. Kya soch raha hai.. Challll na.. Waise sanskaar, every girl which sees u drools over you on your looks but bhabhijaan didn’t give a damn to you..

And he giggled … SANSKAAR gave a stern look to him and ZUBAIR acted as if taping his mouth.

They both followed them .. SANSKAAR’s breath nuzzled seeing the scene.. Swara was removing her veil but to his dismay, she removed only a little part of the veil showing her lower lip.. Sanskaar’s gaze struck on them.. Her rosy lower lip .. Their movements as she murmured a prayer and bestowed it on a piece of cloth.. Next she took the itar bottle and poured the whole fragrance on the same piece of cloth and smelled it.. A smile appeared on her face.. Sanskaar’s chain of thought broke when ZUBAIR spoke up..

ZUBAIR- gaya itar.. SANSKAAR .. What will u do now ??

SANSKAAR- that piece of cloth in Swara’s hand .. I’ll take it .. It has her essence .. Her feel..

ZUBAIR- sanskaar .. Tu Ja.. Whatever u have to do.. Do .. I will stay here only..

SANSKAAR smirked and took his horse and with a sword ,he took the piece of cloth from SWARA’S hand and smelled it intensely,,

Swara stood shocked.. It didn’t get to her as to why this man took her cloth.. Her trance broke when he heard the man’s voice.,

SANSKAAR- swara..I am getting mad to see your beautiful face., see you at the palace .. Yours sanskaar

SANSKAAR rode away winking from there with ZUBAIR at back.,

Swara froze in her position.. First, she got shocked , then angry, then happy, then blushed and now gave a competitive simper ..

RAGINI- swara.. Shehzade sanskaar.. He has come to Delhi.. Wow … Shehzada is so handsome and u listened what, he wants to meet you.. See you., wow

SWARA- yes ragini.. But how dare he take my cloth.. I had to gift it to laksh bhaijaan.. He should get punished,, he wanted to see my face na .. Then let’s see how does he see my face .. I won’t show him my face only..

Guys so how was the first chappy of the os series .. Shoot your comment and silent readers if u don’t comment then I won’t write the next chapter.. Strict warning.. ???

Credit to: Anu


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    • Anu

      I won’t let you die little doll.. Thank u for commenting and spreading a wide smile on my face.. Lone u .. U made my day .. O no.. Sorry.. U made my night dear.. And y are u angry on me .. I should be angry at u for not commenting and missing a golden chance to talk with such a sweet doll

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      • Anu

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      Yea sumeeta.. It has one or two chapters more.. For more clear information u read my message above .. The message I replied to riddhi.. Thank u

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    As u hav given a strict warning so i hav to write heheh it is awasome superb plz post next chap asap Bt a long than this plz 🙂 🙂

    • Anu

      Hey naina.. How’s u .. Mere last series mein tumhare kahene par sanskaar se kitne papad belwaye the.. And ur idea also helped me a lot.. Naina, I really like ur name shalini too .. Did I tell u that?? Forget it .. I told u now., thank u for ur wonderful comment.. Keep supporting me beautiful.. ☺️☺️

  4. priya

    a story without any kindof negativity and separations is a rare thing always.Thank u anu ji for such a sweet love story

    • Anu

      Aww thank u Priya.. I thought people would find it kinda boring.. I feel so happy to see that people are liking it.. ☺️☺️

  5. divya

    hey anu I don’t know if you remember me or not but I know you and about this I firstly thought that it is maharaja typical story but later I loved it …… love U loads di upload soon????

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      Of course I remember u dear., hehhe.. I knew many people will think that only that’s why u know I mentioned that it’s not that typical war wali stories.. I don’t like it.. Actually I always write everything intense intense .. So this time thought of writing something different.. Completely different

  6. Rosey

    Wow anu it was great I m speechless her it beyond anything I just loved it plz upload next faster I just can’t wait

    • Anu

      Will upload it asap.. But not so soon.. I’ll take more time but I will post it today for sure .. Most probably at night

  7. Divyarani

    Anuuu darling….u stole my heart girl…kaha se athihe ye ideas i mean story…dat to wid my jaan swazan…tooo good…mashaallah..bohot khubsurat hai story…waiting fr ur nxt part…luv u anuuuuuu…

    • Anu

      I had already posted a comment.. Don’t know why it is not posted.. I’ll repeat my words.. Divya I have kept ur heart locked safely with me.. Nobody can harm it,, itni precious cheez churayi hai maine., aur ideas to aise hi aa jate hai and readers like u inspire me a lot to write more and more .. Love u too sweetie

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    Awwwww chooooooo chweeetttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it Anu:):):):):) I was a silent reader but now I registered to post my ff which I’m writing wid a friend. It’s called Life Changes. But ya I loved it. I’m waiting for next chappy.

    • Anu

      Thank u .. I would surely like to read ur ff dear.. Just tell me is it posted and is it on swasan on the swaragini pages.. Just give me the detail dear

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