A swasan OS ( By Saba and Kashis )


Hey Guyzz!!! I came across this spectacular work of Saba and Kashis on SwaSan FF/OS page in fb and thought to share with u all.
Guys! This one shot is written by Kashish and her beloved friend Saba a long ago. May be some of you have read it earlier. It is a romantic genre fiction. As now all of us are pissed off due to sahil track, so this romantic swasan one shot is posted here. This ff is our cumulative effort.

Swaragini: Love heightens our emotions and awakens our senses

Love is composed of a single soul
inhabiting two bodies.”
We were once in unison, but then divvied
up into two and lived our lives in
yearning and melancholy, as we wished
to be reunited with our other half. When
we find this twin soul, our lives are then
In swasan room:
Swara enters the room and looks her love
who is angry with her.
Swara shows a new note to him and sighs
in her heart:”please talk to me Sanskar!
Your silence is killing me from inside”
Sanskar looks at her, he wanna go
forward but stops because if she leaves
him again he’ll be broken down. He stops
and says:” I don’t want….”
Swara cuts his words:”what? Don’t you
love me now” a clear hope is popping up
in her words.
Sanskar looks at her helplessly but shows
his back to her and says in confirmatory
voice:” no…”
She asks him to keep his hand on her
head and says….
She yells:” I know you still love me” she
looks his back and can’t resist herself
and hugs him saying” I love you too”
Sanskar is shocked and says in his
heart:”is this my dream? Or she really
loves me? Oh god! Give me courage!” He
turns to her but suddenly he recalls her
words of doubt and again thinks:”no
swara! This time I’ll not let you play with
my heart” he jerks her hands and says:”
you don’t love me”.
Swara hugs him again and says:”do you
know my feelings more than myself”
Sanskar melts by listening her words, her
touch is increasing with the speed of his
heart beats but he controls because he
doesn’t believe her or rather doesn’t
want to accept either and says:”you are
trying to make our relation better to
make everything fine.” He pauses to
collect more courage to deny her words:”
I don’t believe you”
Swara feels extreme pain in her heart
that how did he deny her love but she
can’t lose hope so easily and again
confirms her words:” I really love you”
She tightens her grip and says:”you
really want to end relation with me and
want me to go from your heart?” Her
hope is encouraging her that he’ll say no
and stop her.
Sanskar softy departs from her and
says:” yes….and we don’t have any
relation between us”.
Swara doesn’t believe his words and says
Sanskar looks at her, her presence and
her touch are making him weak, and he
doesn’t want to get weaken in front of
her. He asks her to leave by saying:”
there is nothing left between us” swara
breaks down after hearing his words and
says:”dont do this to me sanskar! You
don’t know how much I love you”
He gives her a strong look and says:”you
can’t love me…”
Swara holds his collar:”how dare you
doubt on my love? I loved you, I love you
and I’ll love you till the last breath of my
life and no one can snatch this right from
me to loving you”
Sanskar’s eyes are filled with tears but he
doesn’t want to show his weakness to
her. So he jerks her hands and turns his
back to her and says in cold voice:”please
leave Swara”
Swara says in firm voice:”ill not leave
Sanskar jerks:”ok! Then I’ll leave” by
saying so he leaves the room while swara
breaks down in tears.
Swara:” I’ll make you realize my love,
Sanskar!our love isn’t so weak to perish
so easily, we’ll unite soon and this is my
promise to you” she says in firm voice
and wipes her tears with hope. Hope of
Swara, a fragile flower in MM castle, is
unable to move a bit from her position
till he left from her sight. Though she is
aware of his love for her but still his
rejection has shaken her from the core.
She desires to cry from heart but stops &
boosts up courage as this is not the time
for sobbing tears, rather a time for
action, a time for conveying his
acceptance for her love. But it is not
going to be a piece of cake for her. She
needs support, a pillar of strength to fight
& suddenly her eyes witness a bottle
which has been kept in the shelf. It’s not
an ordinary bottle rather a bottle filled
with very damaging toxicant which can
boost up her courage & create a bliss of
heavenly illusion to get back her love.
She rushes to grab the bottle without
anyone’s notice & gulps a few pegs of it.
She feels an immense potency of mind
like she is able to perform every
impossible task now.
But due to the first time consumption of
alcohol, she feels suffocated in the room
& wishes to receive cool,shooting air. As
this drink is now causing it’s effect, she is
moving with to & fro motion & continues
to find her way to terrace. On the other
hand Sanskar is in deep thoughts about
her. Though he is in pain still he is
helpless to diminish it. He has seen a
mixture of pain & love in her eyes today
but his mind is not mending his ways to
accept this truth. At once he remembers
how fragile his girl is? He has already
observed her first heart break & knows
how determined is she to her words..
Now he is confirmed that she will
definitely do something to make him
accept her love. He impatiently wants to
know where is she & what is she up to?
He moves his eyes everywhere but
doesn’t detect a glimpse of her. He is
worried as it’s already night & if she is
not in MM then where has she gone in
this late hour? He is in his confused
thoughts when his eyes fall on the
staircase & finds swara is moving weirdly
to terrace. “Has she gone mad? Why is
she moving to terrace?”these are some
sort of puzzles popping up in his mind &
he also rushes to terrace to confront her
about it. Sanskar observes her unstable
walk and shouts with frustration, “what
are you doing here?”
Swara turns to him and shouts with
joyous voice:”hey sweetheart!! Finally
you’re here ” she bows down to him in
drunken condition and he gets to know
that she’s drunk. He comes to her and
tries to snatch the bottle from
her:”what’s this nonsense swara? Are
you drunk? Leave this.” she gives the
bottle to him which is empty and smiles
innocently. She goes to the edge of
terrace and climbs on the flat topped
irregular wall.
Sanskar gets tensed to see her in this
vulnerable state:”stop it swara! Come
inside the room”
Swara smiles to see his concern:”why?”
Sanskar is now speechless to answer her
and tries to get down her.
But swara stands there in a stubborn
look and turns to outside and
shouts:”hey people of this world!! Look
at this man! (pointing out to sanskar) this
man is my husband! And he hasn’t even
kiss me once… Look at me (she points out
herself) am I not beautiful” she’s not
stable so Sanskar is holding her.
Swara jerks his hand and starts crying
with childish manner:”my husband
doesn’t love me! What is the use of my
living in this world? (she opens her arms
and mild wind helps her hairs to fly) I’m
dying, I’m going to leave this cruel world
where no one loves me”
Sanskar climbs the wall and holds
her:”what are you saying swara? Stop
this nonsense” he holds her in his arms
and gets her down while swara is trying
to free herself:”let me die… No one loves
me… You also don’t love me… Let me die”
Sanskar holds her tight while swara is
continuously shouting and tries to free
herself. Sanskar is tensed in this situation
and irritated by her behaviour while
swara isn’t stopping herself and pushes
him back to free herself. Sanskar tries to
calm down her but by doing this he’s
loosing his temper and suddenly he slaps
her:”enough swara! Enough! I’m trying
to make you understand from long, but
you’re disgusting”
Swara is shocked to view his reaction
and tries to utter a word but Sanskar
raises his hand:”I said enough swara! Go
to room and get sleep(his voice tone is
rising and he’s shouting at her) I said go
to room”
Tears are rolling down from her eyes but
she goes to room silently like an obedient
Sanskar to himself:”I’m sorry Swara! I
know you’re hurt, but it’s hurting me too
more than you, please forgive me for my
sin to slap you but I can’t see you in
pain” he hits his hand on the wall to give
him the same pain which he has given to
Both are suffering in anguish but still
helpless to provide comfort to each other.
But poor fellows, unable to detect that
they are soulmates & bound to come
closer till eternity.Spiritually connected
souls are like having different integrity of
personalities, like puzzle pieces but is still
connected through chemical reactions of
spark… They may lack compatibility but
never lack fire of passion.. The path may
be crucial but both can mend their
ways… The night passes away by viewing
the hide and seek game of pain & love of
these two sane & pure hearts.
Next morning:
Sanskar wakes up and finds his room
with different settings and decorations.
He is irritated by this changing because
he personally doesn’t like any changing
in his life and his room too.
Someone holds his shoulder, he turns
and finds swara with bright smile.
Swara:”surprise my dear husband!” She
puts her arms around his neck.
Sanskar jerks her arms and says in
anger:”stop your drama swara!” swara
shakes her head:”hmm nope!” She again
holds him.
Sanskar jerks his head and tries to depart
from her. Swara puts her head on his
chest and closes her eyes. Sanskar tries to
rude with her but her behaviour is
conquering him.
Sanskar:”what are you doing swara?”
Swara picks ups her head and puts her
finger on his lips:”shhhh!! Let me hear
my name”
Sanskar looks at her with
confusion:”your name?”
Swara again keeps her ear on the left
side of his chest:”yes! Your heart is
taking my name”
Sanskar looks at her helplessly and
thinks:”where does she find this type of
trick to allure me? But this time I’ll not
get weak and i will not let her win this
Sanskar jerks her and says:”enough
swara! Stop this drama”
Swara hurts by his act but doesn’t show
him and holds his hands this time:”what
drama sanskar? (she smirks) you’re my
husband and this isn’t bad thing to
romance with my husband” she comes
close to her that her breath is touching
on his face. Sanskar gets nervous with
her deeds because he is first time viewing
this shade of bold but lovely swara so it’s
difficult to digest it suddenly.
Swara observes his nervousness and
enjoys, she comes close to him while he is
still stepping back and pins to door,
swara touches his face by finger:”now
you’ve no way to escape”
Sanskar feels that he’ll melt soon by her
touch if she’ll still continue these type of
things. No matter what he’s man and
wants this soft touch of his love but he
also doesn’t want to defeat. So he breaks
the cage of her arms and says in cold
voice:” I’m going to office and dont want
to see you in this room after my
He leaves while Swara smirks:”you don’t
know me sanskar! How stubborn I’m! I’ll
win you so soon, don’t worry my love”
Love comes to those who still have hope,
although they have been disappointed, to
those who still have some believe left,
although they have been betrayed, to
those who still have the desire to love,
although they have been hurt before and
to those who have courage and faith to
build trust again.
Same evening:
Passion is one great force that unleashes
creativity, because if you’re passionate
about something, then you’re more
willing to take risks. The same revolves
around swara. She is so passionately
involved in his love that she can bear any
threat & pain to make her love acceptance
from his mouth.
Sanskar comes from office and swara
asks him for dinner like a good wife but
he ignores her and says in cold
voice:”you’re still here, I have thought
that you might have left this room
because nothing is left between us” and
swara says in her mind:”time will prove
Mr. Maheshwari that what’s present
between us”
By saying that sanskar goes to washroom
to get freshen up. While swara goes to
cabinet to take out the bottle. She throws
the liquid away from the bottle in kitchen
sink and acts like she’s drunk completely.
Like holding bear bottle and acting like
insane person but still sanskar is unable
to look or detect her .. She breaks a
vessel.So sanskar hears the noise and
thinks from where it has come from and
finds the broken vessel and witnesses
swara is holding bottle again & climbing
the staircase. He shouts at her to come
down but she behaves like she is totally
on the control of alcohol and doesn’t pay
heed to sanskar’s voice. Sanskar is
shocked to find her in this miserable state
and gives expression like:”she’ll gonna
be mad or one day she’ll make me mad”.
He hurriedly rushes to terrace to bring
her down but to his utter dismay swara is
not present there. At once, yesterday’s
incidents are flashing back in his
He becomes scared as may be she has
fallen down. He calls her name loudly
but alas!! Only able to hear the echo of
his voice.. He is so stunned that tears are
also not coming out from his eyes.. Has
he lost her for ever? He is unable to think
much & every thing seems blur to him
like the ground underlying his feet is
totally shaken. He goes to the wall of
terrace and looks down for confirmation
while he hears a voice of lock and turns
back. He finds Swara who’s locking the
door of terrace and throwing keys down.
He hastes & grabs her shoulder tightly.
Are you OK? Where have you gone? You
know many horrible nightmares are
coming to my mind. Don’t leave me like
this and hugs her tightly. All these
sanskar has uttered in a single breath like
he has got his life back. Swara looks at
him lovingly for his concern & again
starts teasing him that are not you angry
on me now?? He comes back to his senses
that what he has said just now and jerks
her shoulder & moves apart. Swara again
tries to touch his cheeks and teases
him:”I thought you were angry with me!
But if you’re not then no problem, I’ll
manage it, by the way tonight weather is
cold but you’re looking hot”. She says
and steps forward to him.
Sanskar presumes that she’s drunk and
tries to hold her:”swara! Will you please
stop it?” He tries hard to give her a cold
reply but in vain as her closeness affects
him. She’s enjoying his sweating in this
cold, chilling winter. She wipes a drop of
sweat from his forehead & says:”You’re
sweating sanskar! You’re feeling nervous
with the closeness of your wife.” Swara
comes very close to him & sanskar does
not want to cross his limits in her
drunken state but her closeness makes
him irresistible. Now they are too close
and can sense their heart beats and their
hot breaths are touching each other’s
cheeks & sanskar senses that she is not
drunk. He suddenly jerks her hands from
his shoulder and yells,”again new drama
Swara! Why don’t you understand that
you can’t get me by doing this childish
behaviour, I’m fed up because of your
manners and deeds. What you did with
me, again the same thing you’re doing
with me now. When I was with you, you
were just using me as per your wish. But
when i have made you free from this
unwanted relationship, then you’re like
just habituated of me and you’re
assuming this habit to love.(he holds her
shoulder tightly),Stop playing with my
feelings Swara please..(he leaves her
shoulder)and says, “Swara, live your life
and let me live too.”
Sanskar gets angry and leaves the place
and goes to the corner of terrace while
swara is watching him with eyes filled
with tears. Sanskar wants to go away
from her sight but to his displeasure
terrace door is closed and is not opening..
He pushes it multiple times but in vain.
He turns towards swara and is about to
shout at her again but stops by looking at
her tears. Swara runs to hug him & says
sorry sanskar!
I have thrown the keys as you will be
unable to escape from me then. I don’t
want to leave you for a moment. But your
rudeness kills me, makes pieces of my
heart. I am sorry to trouble you, sorry to
distrust you. Sanskar is viewing her with
all his concerns, his heart is completely
melting by her tears but his mind is
stopping him to give her one more
chance. Swara hugs her and says:”why
don’t you believe my love Sanskar? I’m
your Swara, and I’ll not let you go this
time”. Sanskar again jerks her hands and
yells at swara, “once trust is broken it’s
not repairable, even if it will then still
cracks will remain.” You have broken my
trust swara.. Swara is now disgusted by
his deeds as he is not paying heeds to any
of her efforts.
Swara now completely loses her temper
and pleads,”Sanskar, for my one mistake
you are not even giving me a fair chance
for clarification. What is the difference in
you then? I just asked you about that
earlier matter to negate all the charges
from your head but you have never
listened to me and now you are blaming
my love as well that I can’t love you.
Remember sanskar the same thing I have
told you earlier and how you have
reacted that time.. It pains sanskar!!
Hurts more when your best friend and
love also looks at you on suspicious eyes.
Sanskar feels guilty to see her tears and
scolds himself:”How do you do this to
your love, Sanskar? How can you be a
cause for her pain? Look at this innocent
girl, who is shedding tears for you and
you’re doubting on her love, damn on
you sanskar! Damn on you.” Sanskar
extends his footsteps towards her by
reducing the gap & pats her face:” Swara,
i am sorry for my rude behaviour. I will
never leave you and won’t ever be a
cause for your sadness. I will always
protect you. Please don’t cry and wipes
out her tears.” Swara smiles as her
mission is accomplished and she gets her
sanskar back. Swara says,”Look! I told
you na I will make you realise my love.”
But sanskar stops her in the midst &
says,” OK! We’ll talk about this topic later
on, now we’ve to find a path to get out of
this situation.” Swara teases him (by
touching his cheeks) again and
says:”which situation sanskar?” Sanskar
again gets nervous by her touch but this
time he also likes her closeness. Sanskar
says in deep voice:”in this situation…” He
tries to make her understand. Swara
looks her and says:”look sanskar, stars
are watching us from the shawl of night,
cold breezes are playing with us and our
hearts are beating for each other in this
loneliness of love (she widens her arms
to let sanskar come in) This is a perfect
situation to stare you my love and I can
bet to stare you like this till the angel of
death will come and take out my soul.”
Sanskar comes to her and puts his finger
on her lips:”don’t say it again, Shona
please”. They share an eye lock and carry
away in the eyes of each other, when
suddenly the first drop of rain touches
their face. Their close proximity is
disturbed by few drops of rainfall. It
starts drizzling faintly and sanskar is
worried as the terrace door is locked and
where they will shelter now. It’s winter
night and above it the raining is also
started. He now hurriedly rushes to find
a safe place for them to stay. Suddenly
his eyes fall upon the terrace room and
he hastes towards it to find the doors are
closed. But to his surprise the doors are
not locked, rather the hinges are only
pivoted. The MM people always lock the
door but fortunately on that day the ball
is in his court and he thinks that destiny
also gives him hints to forward the
relationship by forgetting bitterness. He
feels happy as now they can spend their
night in a safe place away from rain. On
the other hand, Swara is happy to feel the
rainfall touching on her body and urges
her hands to hold the drops of rain. He
comes out from that place and finds
swara is enjoying the rain. The little
petals of rain is touching her cute face
and is drenching her whole body like a
new blossoming flower. Sanskar comes to
her and holds her hands:”what are you
doing here swara? Come inside,
otherwise you’ll fall ill.” But swara, like
an innocent child, denies to go and drags
sanskar to the rain as well. Though
sanskar doesn’t want to get wet in rain,
still is unable to stop himself from going
close to her. Sanskar holds and drags her
with rage:”enough Swara! Now I’ll not
listen your words.” He drags her towards
the room while swara is pulling him
towards rain.
Swara,”how boring you’re Sanskar! Feel
this beautiful night and lovely rain”
Sanskar looks annoyingly, “yeah true!
this lovely rain will give you the gifts of
flue and fever” Now in this situation both
are drenched in rain fully from head to
toe. And swara being stubborn is not
moving from her place and looks at
sanskar innocently. Sanskar yells i am
saying something to you swara.. What are
you thinking? Swara continuously stares
him and pulls his cheeks and says you
are too cute sanskar when you shout.
Sanskar feels cold shivers running
through out his body by her hot palms
touch. But still controls himself as he does
not want swara to catch cold and
says,”you are drunk without drinking
alcohol.” Swara,”Seriously Sanskar! Do
you actually think it’s always necessary
to be drunk to behave in intoxicated
manner? This rain has intoxication more
than alchohal” Swara jerks his hand and
tries to hold the tiny drops of rainfall
and runs in joyous mood:”sanskar
everything has intoxication, this rain, this
night, this fragrance of earthly things…”
She looks at him with lovely eyes:”these
all things make us crazy, when we feel
it…” She comes forward to him:”actually
we can only feel this intoxication when
we feel these all things, our feelings have
made us drunk sanskar.” She holds him
in the cage of her arms and sanskar is
totally lost in her that he doesn’t even
notice their approaching closeness while
swara continues her words but this time
her voice is more deep and
heavy:”sanskar! our love isn’t less than
any essence alcohol of this world. I
swear, this intoxication has made us
drunk that’s why we can’t spare
ourselves from this feelings, this is the
reason sanskar..(she touches his face
slowly while Sanskar is lost in her words
and forgets about the surroundings and
cold drops of rain) I’m helpless to get out
of this feelings even we’re helpless
sanskar! Aren’t we?” Sanskar is deeply
involved and touched by her words and
unable to yell anything & innocently nods
yes. Due to continuous rainfall both are
fully wet. The very close proximity of
swara is intoxicating him and tempting
his hidden desires, though his mind
wants to drag her towards the room to
avoid her from catching cold. In the
midst, a fierce lightening cracks and
swara pulls him closer and hides her face
in his chest. As his clothes are soaked
with water , swara’s face is truely
touching his bare masculine chest.
Sanskar lifts up her face and cares her
hair and asks are you ok swara? Swara
nods yes and again the large droplets of
rainfall are falling upon them. A big drop
of rain falls on her lower lip. It hurts her
due to the intensity of fall. Swara gets
hurt and sanskar is worried as her soft
lower lip gets red due to the direct hit of
the rain drop. He touches her lower lip in
his hand to lessen her pain but swara
moves nearer to him due to her shyness.
This time both their lips are inch apart
and with a little push of swara it may
touch his lips. Sanskar’s emotions are
now overflowing and he can’t avoid her
anymore. Suddenly again a lightening
occurs and it acts just like a trigger for
their sensation to act. Sanskar can’t resist
himself and comes closer to her and says
in a deep voice in her ear:”swara? May I
bid to touch your lips through my lips?”
Swara looks at him with wonder and her
eyes are widened to listen his words. Her
heart beats are creating new rhythm of
musics with the drops of rain, she wanna
say yes but due to her shyness, words are
stuck up in her throat, sanskar holds her
from waist and says again:”don’t test my
patience swara!” Swara looks in his eyes
but can’t bear the heat of his love and
downs her eyes and says slowly:” You
don’t need to ask for permission, I’m all
yours Sanskar”. He cups her face and
closes his lips to her shivering lips. Swara
closes her eyes to feel his first touch
completely. Sanskar softly puts his lips
on the two pastels of flower and chews
the petals of her lips just like honey bee
who takes out the nectar from flowers
without harming the beauty of it. Both
their lips meet and swara pulls him closer
towards her. She finds the touch of his
lips is far relaxing and rejuvenating than
the touch of his hand. Sanskar tightens
his grip around her while swara rubs his
neck and their bodies are rubbing slowly
to each other without their awareness.
Both of their lips are taking the pegs of
love like they’re made for each other.
Though this is winter season and the
drops rainfall increase the coldness but
their love is putting fire in the coldness
of rain.The burning heat of body is
attracting both towards each other like
two opposite parts of magnet. Sanskar
rubs her waist and swara tightens her
grips in a way that there’s no space left
between them and now rains are falling
on one body, rather than two. His hands
are slowly exploring her body and
swara’s lips are sucking his lips due to
passion of restlessness of his touch which
is strange for her as well as gives her
pristinely calmness. Swara and sanskar
part away from each other to feel and
gulp some chilling air. Both are breathing
heavily and due to the timid feelings they
are not making eye contact with each
other like the shyness of moon compels it
to hide behind the clouds. Swara looks
down because of extreme shyness but
Sanskar looks at her with deep sight. Rain
is almost stopped by now but they’re still
wet, an inch distance is between them.
Sanskar goes forward and crosses this
one inch gap between them. Swara is still
breathing heavily and his proximity is
increasing with her heartbeats. BG plays
“Heere moti main na chahoon
Main to chahoon, Sangam tera,
Mai to teri saiyaan, tu hai mera,
Saiyaan, saiyaanaaaaaaaaaan.”
He holds her chin and slowly lifts her
face. Swara looks into his eyes and he
feels that her eyes are talking with his
eyes, he holds her hands and interweaves
with his fingers. Both are still looking
into each other’s eyes. Sanskar:”swara!
May I come forward in our relationship?
May I use my husbandry right on you
tonight?” Swara is overwhelmed to listen
this but he doesn’t need to ask for her
permission. She is touched by his gesture
as he always cares about her. In her
whole life time she never expects a
materialistic husband rather a husband
who understands her from the core and
it’s her pleasure that she has found out
that in her sanskar.
“Tu jo choole pyaar se, araam se mar
Aaja chanda baahon mein tujhmein hi
ghum ho jaaun mai,
Tere naam mein kho jaaun,
Saiyaan, saiyaaaaaaaaaaaaan.”
She doesn’t utter a word. She just holds
his waist and puts her head on his chest.
She can clearly hear his increasing heart
beats. Sanskar caresses her hairs and
smiles because he gets his answer.
Swara’s acceptance and the blushing in
her face act like a trigger for him to
forward their relationship and intertwine
their souls forever, to recognize her as
his soulmate. This very feelings make
sanskar irresistible and he narrowly
becomes submissive to these thoughts. He
departs from swara, encircles his strong
masculine arm around her soft bare
exposing waist. Swara closes her eyes to
feel the moment and completely hides her
face in his chest to be lost in his
thoughts.Look the ecstasy of fate!! Swara
is completely fitted inside his chest like
she is the girl only meant for him. He lifts
her up and grabs her tightly by showing
his entire right on her.
“Mere din khushi se jhoome gaaye
Pal pal mujhe doobayein jaatein jaatein,
Tujhe jeet jeet haaroon, yeh pran-pran
Haye aise main niharu, teri aarti utaaru.
Tere naam se jude hai saare naate,
Saiyaan, saiyannnnn..”
Swara looks into his eyes and says
slowly:”where are you taking me
sanskar?” Sanskar smiles softly and
replies:”I have found out a nice place for
our stay, just wait my love” swara puts
her head on his chest because she has
completly trusted him. Sanskar opens the
door of terrace room, it’s in a well
maintained condition and he gets her
down slowly and puts a single bed
metress there & places her on it. Sanskar
touches her glowing face which is only
visible by the dim moonlight which
glances from the window of room.
There’s a deep silence between them,
only their heartbeats are making noise of
their emotions. He slowly comes more
nearer to her by bridging the gap &
makes her lay down on the mattress. She
intertwines his neck by her both hands
and closes his face towards her.They
have a deep eye lock, their sounds of
breathing make a tempo of rhythm in the
room while their emotions are the
starting point of their joyous dance
moves. Their heartbeats are perfectly
synchronized with those sticks beating on
the drum. Sanskar puts his lips on her.
She tightens her grip around his neck
and rubs her feet with him to give the
sensation of realisation that she only
belongs to him. He touches her right
cheek and inhales the sweet, rosy &
jasmine fragrance of her body. He licks a
bit and puts a mark there by indicating
his authority over her. Gradually he turns
to her earlobe to utter those three magical
words & sucks it in a passion which
creates a rhythm of his desires on her
ear. He flutters inside the earlobe like a
bee is sensing the sweet nectar to
completely shallow it. Swara feels
extreme pleasure by his vivid touch.
Swara can now feel that her existence is
fully dependent upon sanskar. Without
him she is like a lifeless corpse, like a
torso without heart.
“Banke maala prem ki, tere tan pe jhar
jhar jaaoon
Baithun naiyan preet ki sansaar se har
jaoon main,
Tere pyaar se tar jaaoon
Saiyaan, Saiyannnnn.”
His emotions are creating burning desire
in his heart and now it’s impossible to
resist himself. He looks at her with all his
concern and kisses her passionately. He
wants to feel the softness of every part of
her body. And this time her clothes are
becoming a barrier between them, he
doesn’t want to allow even the passage of
gentle air between them, where as these
clothes are more than that. Now his only
wish is to perceive her as his; so that no
bitterness of this world is able to apart
them. He removes the saree from her
shoulder and slowly puts his lips there. A
slow breathing sound of her continuously
rises to become deep and heavy.
“Yeh naram-naram nasha hai badhta
Koi pyaar se ghunghatiya deta uthaye,
Ab baawara hua mann,
Jag ho gaya hai roshan,
yeh nayi-nayi suhagan,
ho gayi hai teri jogan,
koi prem ki pujaran mandir sajaye.
Saiyaaan, Saiyaaaaaaaan.”
Swara resists a bit to remove the barriers
between them because of her shyness
while Sanskar uses his right and kisses
on her cheek slowly which assures her
that he’s only hers and she only belongs
to him. So it doesn’t matter to devote
herself to her husband.Meanwhile his
hand removes the pallu of her saree like
the moon is now revealing itself behind
the cloud to witness the vigorous love
making scene of this heavenly couple.
The blouse clad upper body is perfectly
visible and toned to expose his manly
desire. He sucks it in ardour & reaches to
the collar bone. Unable to meet his gaze,
Swara blushes and closes her eyes.
Sanskar stares at her expressive eyes.
Now sanskar’s emotions are full on high
and he removes the barrier between
them completely for their intimacy.
Swara feels extremely shy that she’s
unable to look at him with complete
sight. She sighs slowly and closes her
eyes to let him justify his rights on her.
After removing the barriers between
them he comes over her and expends his
body to her. Now their bodies are clothes
of each other because they’re the bodies
of heaven which has destined to mingle
on earth.When two hearts, which are
connected with each other speak the
same language, throb for each other
comes instantly & creates an unending
desire of being together. This time love
crosses all its earthly boundaries to blend
in eternity forever.
“Heere moti mai na chahu mai to chahu
sangam tera,
mai na jaanu, tu hi jaane mai to teri, tu
hai mera…
mai to teri……
tu hai meraaa..”
Sanskaar takes his own time to savor
every part of her body and she reaches
into a blissful world by this ride with her
husband. He then fully undresses her and
himself and makes ardent love to her. He
leaves his presence on each part of her
torso. When she cries out in pure ecstasy,
he comforts her by gently kissing her
lips. After a while, both of them reach the
climax. Swara falls on his arms due to
exhaustion and sanskar hugs her tightly
even not letting the air pass between
Obviously enduring love is more than just
enduring. Enduring closeness may be
divine. But enduring relationship without
closeness is a life sentence in solitary
confinement. To set aside the solitude,
souls must be shared to forge a tie
between two people to become one flesh,
like a part and parcel of each other.
When love is imbibed in two souls, the
pangs of loneliness can be discarded by
generating a new & finer soul. Often due
to commingling of souls in purity, this tie
is a hard knot to untangle. We are
spiritual beings and indebted to our
bodies. Through the sphere of bodies, we
connect to our souls. Bodies are not an
impure matter but an alloy. Bodies are
fitted with sense organs which help us to
reveal and penetrate to soulmate’s soul
and bind together in unison. Swara, on
that day, finds her companion in sanskar
who embraces her life with harmonious
manner without any distress of future
ratiocination. The enchanted moon has
become the testimony of their immaculate
Do read Kashish’s Swasan ff:An Incomplete Scrapbook . It’s worth to read and u r gonna love it.

Credit to: Anonymous on behalf Saba and Kashis

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