HI Frnds it’s me DIVYA SHANKAR from so many days frnds ask me to write a fiction but wat to do I. M very lazy..I have many story on my mind but I. M fear to express wheather u scold and blush me.atlast I hv taken guys to update a os till today I hv read 500+ fiction all r unique…here is such a simple story .wat to do I tried to imagine in my dream but I forget in morning..then while going bathroom I thought a story but I forget tat instant like partial anmatio if i write something tat should touched heart here is such a story tat I heard in fm..prg called love guru…its d beggining of my journey to d writing world I specially thanks to my inspiration miss lovely my darling Zuzu…and I dedicated dis os to my dear frnds writers readers starting from A to Z names without leaving any one and my new year 1st fb frnd nikita bhat and anana then vini and saba (if i forget u Def god will punish me.if u forget me also but I won’t forget you…bec tats me )

Let’s begin pls don’t blush me if u want u can brush ur teeth but don’t blush me..

In dish month 2015 Oct 28th I was just lying on my bed I don’t know y i feel so bored so I just tuned to radio city 91.1 I. M ur ” LOVE GURU’ today I. M going to say a story of a girl where a girl left a boy who is very sweet like sugar and very care person named called sanskar

Sanskar ( a man of 21 years very friendly cary and kind hearted every girl can fall easily for his dashing beauty and more than his humbleNess. ..

San: what’s dis how much time I. M standing here only their us no bus yappa (god) pls god for sanskar sake pls send one BMTC bus I can’t stand in dis hot sun my glamour will go off (dis our sanskar who is standing in bus stop waiting for bus not for train…then where is our swara…

Swara: why today I. M feeling so bored like me she is bored so she thought to call his friend arun instead of a arun no by miss place she Dailey 88

San:agar thumba mill jao(his R.t)while enter in to a bus he get a call he just got so irritate bec past 15 min he standing in hot sun ( actually he is standing at d time 8.3o am but for him his so hot bec he is Hot)

Hello hello

Sw: hello who r u

San : hello who r u

Sw: hell0 who r u

Sa: hello I. M asking w r u

Sw:tat only i.m asking you..

Sa:hello u called me first

Sw:u talk me first

Sa:hello ma’am don’t make me irritate pls say who r u

Sw: r u arun

Sa: no I. M varun.

Sw:no u r arun ur lieing

Sa:no I. M not arun or varun I. M sanskar pls can u cut d call pls don’t make irritation then he cut d call he went to office

Sw:later suddenly she notice d misplaced no felt very sad and bad about him ( actually I didn’t know how to describe her character )

Sa: after his office work he get get back to his home (he is leaving alone in belgaum for office work his parents in bijapur his only son is sanskar )

Sw: thinking about morning incident and feel bad and thought to call him and decide to apologise him.

Sa:again cell ring ATMJ he see same no and thought what now she will do bec of her I spoiled my morning..

San: hello I. M not tat arun or varun pls can u cut d call

Sw: ahaaaaaa (crying)

Sa:hey why r u crying pls don’t cry u can call me any name no problem

Sw:no problem sorry

Sa: it’s k baba

Sw: friends

Sa:k friends

Sw: like wise they talk and end date call

Sa: wow she is very good simply i think wrong she is so sweet

Sa:wow so friendly he his

This like swara and sanskar friendship bond become stronger daily they each other they share each other feelings slowly sanskar start falling for swara one day sanskar family is in prb so sanskar is in sad swara called him as sanskar in sad by his silence only swara understand ask what’s d problem sanskar says everything she gave d solution for d prb by dis incident sanskar get more impressive and his love also increased deeper so he thought to confess his love first he decide to ask their parents (as he know his parentsnever go wrong with his decision later he called his to his parents he told everything she is a care lovely girl if i marry her I. M d lucky boy in dis world their parents also agree then now sanskar decided to confess his love he make a call

SWARA :hello san where r u where u went I miss u so much

Sa: I too miss u u his heart beat start beating heavily swara I want to say something but after that if u know we can proceed or else we be like dis only but I never marry any one in my life

Sw: sanskar what r u saying tell properly

Sa: swara I LOVE YOU…I dont know when I. M fall for you even i didn’t c ur face my heart like you my heart ask for you ask for ur presence..even i ask my parents they r happy with it they r really lucky to have u as DIL if u don’t like me no problem we be like first we can continue as like friends I won’t force you….

Sw: Sanskar what ur r speaking it not possible it should not happened u should not love me no sanskar noooooohh she cut d call…

Sa:just can’t imagine he just stunned he feel bad he curse himself for d happening later he doze off ( he don’t know tsunami is for him)..

Sa: early morning he got up he ready to go office atleast he can forget last night incident…then suddenly he receive a news Tat I can’t say SWARA IS NO MORE. …

Sa: swaraahaaaaaa ahhhhhhhahhh y swara wat happen to you yesterday u did to me what I have done loving u is bad ah atleast you can say know or else u can stop talking to me know…y u did dis like swara..atlast u made be feel guilt swara I never forgive u swara..

(After dis incident sanskar is in sad he don’t know y swara has done dis like y she sucide as he know swara staying in bangalore in pu with their friends he didn’t c her face bec he beiieve heart is more beautiful than a beauty so he is helpless to c her heart beat swara….do u want to know wat d exact reason for swara’s death…

So read carefully emotion part begins now actually story start now

After swar as death 3rd day for sanskar home one letter has come sanskar receives it (as he was not gone to office for 3 days.)

Sa:amaze what is dis who has posted letter for me many questions arrives let me check

IN LETTER ENVELOPE suddenly he see swara name his heart beat increase why swara posted letter what in dis letter do you want to know….?


Dear friend sanskar

Sanskar I know many questions comes to ur mind y i have done like dis. Really sanskar i.m very lucky to have u as my friend i enjoined lot sanskar..in ur friendship forgot my saddenes I forget my identity.I forget my hungryness…Really sanskar I. M not capable for ur love tat should not be happen sanskar..do u know why I came to bangalore sanskar actually I from chennaI. .for my parents 3 children I. M d first child in d age 10 my name is Sahil due to my hormone change i became A Girl name Swara tat day is d worst day in my life my parents accused me and sent me out of my house without seeing i.m their child..or without seeing my age…due to dis worst society they send me out in tat heavy night..sanskar do u know when I left home my age is 10 years I came to bangalore i dont know where to go what to do people look me bad way they will scold us ….many days I slept without food bec their is no food for us who will give job or food for us we r neglected from whole universe if we barg also they will give 1rs wat can we do in tat money sanskar who will give rent home for us sanskar or else do we have any ration card..or do we cable to get parents love…did we ask or beg to god pls give dis type of life anta…we r also human with dead feeling…when we go road side people tease us sometime they beat in stone..they raise their finger and called as “mangal mukki”(actually I don’t know know wat dey call in English )if u c kanchana film u can know)..

Now tell me sanskar it’s my mistake u play with ur feelings where I can’t accept ur love……i just spoiled ur life sanskar..pls sanskar pls forget me pls move on ur life …do u know I. M very lucky atlast I spend dis days with ur friendship…without­ reavealing my identity I play with u if possible in dis life forgive me…sorry sanskar I. M going away from you dis is d only way for my punishment.. Urs cheated friend sahil swara kapoor……

So friends now u know d exact reason for death so my question if u where in sanskar position what would have u done..did swara took right decision by her death it’s d only solution for dis prb..did she give justice to sanskar feeling….?

In my opinion if i would be sanskar I would marry swara and show entire universe where a boy can love or give life not only by their physical presence by her enlightened heart..

Or else I would be her friend till my death and show tat friendship can happen not only age s*x caste creed etc but also with good human caring supporting heart…..

If i would be in swara Def I would have died with support nothing can happen bec we cannot stand on our own feet we need all support bec we physicaly moraly estheticaly mentaly neglected people…or else I may make strong will tat I should need a supportive carrying soul mate bec I too hv some feeling…

Moral…everytime we won’t get beauties Call like Sammie kRiya joyti angel or also like me sometime we will get call like dis pls beware of boys and girls..bec it is not chocolate to get back again it is heart once it breaks difficult to patch up it leads to death etc..

So here is d story where she left me I use my kidney I type with my one eye bec ant bite my one eye one hand is paining.no prb…if u wish u can comment I won’t force like sanskar….u ask tat day I wrote dis day if possible tried to reduce is barrier tat my req bye ..lastly Sammie chip a kali thank u so much..if any one with big heart pls update dis fiction in telly updates if u want u can add mine and ur name but if u skip my name i will pakka encounter u I won’t leave you…

Urs love guru divya… actually many mistakes is their I didn’t correct bec no one is perfect without mistake no life more than ur their to correct me..I believe in u….

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  1. nice message

    1. Thx dr really u hv good human heart. Its really means actually it’s real story where charan changes to chandini..which happen in chennaI which I heard in fm dr..thx for commenting

  2. it was awesome….totally different thinking with a grt message….

    1. Thx sweety u hv good heart thx for commenting. ..Its means a lot

    2. Thx sweety u hv good heart thx for commenting. ..Its means a lot..

  3. Hey dear….it was too good.

    1. Thx dr u hv good heart thx for commenting…Its means a lot..

  4. Hai this z really a nice story..
    I rembr few months back they shwd a movie named NANU AVALLA AVALU
    A Kannada movie…
    That day my respect to them changed
    I m glad that u wrote this story…
    On them…
    Respect u too
    If possible do watch that movie..
    N in fact all over here who ever rwsds my cmmnt do watch it
    Its a national awarded movie

    1. Actually I. M from bangalore karnataka I didn’t c it don’t worry i will c now itself thx for ur love towards them..like u all people shd aware their prb and show respect towards thx da for commenting..

  5. Awesome

    1. Thx dr it’s means a lot..

    2. Thx dr it’s means a lot..love u

  6. nice concept………

    1. Thx dr it’s means a lot

  7. Nice message. ….

    1. Thx dr it’s means a lot…

  8. R u frm Karnataka

    1. Ya I. M from karnataka bangalore India still any doubt u can ask me thx for commenting

  9. It was different.I loved it.

    1. Thx it’s means a lot..by ur words u can ur so humble thx sweety

    2. Thx it’s means a lot..by ur words we can c ur humbleNess thx sweety

    1. Thx friends for commenting really it’s means a lot..by ur words i can ur giving not only respect to me but also to dem…so os only for those with humble hearts..

  10. It’s nice.i like it

    1. Ya thx dr thx for commenting

  11. ur story was heart touching…….. awesome diva…….. they r also human…. they also have right to live n love……. no one is perfect?

    1. Thx pa thx for for commenting ya no one is perfect love u dr…

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