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Hey friends i thought youll might be bored with punar vivah so lets try an os which was on my mind from when but atlast now am gonna paste it well i dont know how am gonna present it just hope for the best lets shower all your love….

Now coming to characters swara was the only child of famous businessman shekhar gadodia…shekhar and sharmishta loved swara very much…they always wanted swara to marry in a well maintained reputed family…
Swara was calm fun loving she use to enjoy her life
On the other side sanskaar maheshwari….
He has a big name but no family except his sister ragini maheshwari…
Their parents died when they were small and they were left with only few savings in bank….
Sanskaar being big than ragini took the responsiblity and started doing part time jobs like this both completed their school and doing college…sanskaar was a dreamer but he knows dream only comes true when we are supposed to do hardwork… and he was ready for any hardwork he just wanted a satisfying life and he should keep his sister happy.. till now  never came across love…
Laksh kapoor only child to anupurna kapoor and durga prasad kappoor he is a joke craking machine same age of sanskaar treats swara as his small sister and have some feelings for ragini

Coming to story swara and ragini are studying in second year while sanskaar and laksh are in final year… all four are besties… swara was having crush on sanskaar from the very first day but she kept quite as he was not like that boy he just wanna study and pursue something in his life thats the reason she doesn’t wanna distract him from his mission….
Sanskaar and laksh finished their college…
Swara use to miss sanskaar but whenever she misses him she use to go to his home making an excuse to study with ragini and she felt so happy to see him everytime….
Laksh and ragini were holding their feelings from so long and they cant hide much they both confessed to eachother….
When ragini completed graduation laksh goes to sanskaar
Laksh : sanskaar see without making my face black or blue just listen i love your sister very much… and i know you are always tensed for her future… you trust me…. i will never play with her feelings… and i earn that much that she will be happy with me and my parents too… so if you agree can i marry your sister….
Sanskaar was all shocked if it would been any other guy he would not standing on his feet but it was laksh his best friend who he trust the most…
He calls ragini
Ragini who was listening this from her room came to sanskaar scaringly…
Sanskaar : ragini do you heard what laksh is telling… do you also love him
Ragini was scared and laksh too kept quite
Sanskaar : ragini answer me…
Ragini : yyyesss bhaii i loovvveee hhiinm
She was stammering sanskaar came and hugged her..
Sanskaar : aww ragini what you thought i will shout on you common i trust laksh and am happy that you will be going to his house… and laksh just one tear came to my sisters eyes because of you… you will be dead at that moment…
Laksh : omg sanskaar relax i will not let anything happened….
Ragini was intears she higgedsanskaar
Ragini : thanks bhai so much i love you so much you are world’s best bhai…
Sanskaar : aww rago now stop crying and laksh when should i come to talk with your parents..
Laksh : umm actuallly sanky i already talked with thema nd they are really happy with my desicion..
Sanskaar : you are crazy…
Like this their marraige was fixed swara was ragini’s bestie and laksh rakhi’s sister so she was invited from both the sides…
Its been 6 months she has seen sanskaar… she knew that he was not attached to any girl… but she really dont know how to make place in his heart…. so she never confessed him

Marraige rituals start and swara came on haldi day to meet ragini and laksh…
And that was the day when sanskaar was fallen for swara’ s beauty she was wearing leach colour lehenga she was looking damn gorgeous…
Swara then came to ragini and laksh
Ragini : oh so you remembered us
Laksh : yeah why you came so early you should have came after our marraige only
Swara : sorry na laksh bhai and ragini i was not here actually i was in london when i got this news i left all my qork and came to youll… sorry again…
Suddenly her gaze went to sanskaar who was standing in cream colour sherwani and was looking extremely breath taking….
Laksh : ok this time you are forgiven..
Ragini : yeah but you will be present in each function till marraige fets over right bhai….
Sanskaar who was lost in her came to reality
Sanskaar : yeah yeah swara ragini is right…
Swara : kk so sanskaar you agreed for their marraige i thought you might be angry
Sanskaar : oh common swara i look like a gabbar to you that i will eat them laksh loves her and he is so appropriate for her so i agreed with them…
Laksh : chalo woh sab toh theek hai… but sanskaar when you are going to marry…
Swara was damn eager to know
Ragini : are laksh leave it bhai and marraige is next to impossible… i told him so many times to make gf but he is so involve in his bussiness…
Swara : but its good na…
All looks at her surprisingly
Swara : i mean its good that sanskaar you are so dedicated to work…keep it up..
She changes the topic and started another topic first time swara and sanakaar chatted so much
Haldi mehendi function was over….
Swasan bond in these two days grew so much they became more than best friends

It is said na that sometimes some people become our life in some moments and sometimes whole life is wasted just to know about that person..

It was same in swasan case though swara was having crush on sanskaar but she got to know more about him in these two days like his habits his favourites and sanskaar got to know about swara’s everything…

It was sangeet’s night
Ragini was on call with laksh
And sanskaar was going to pick outfits for tomorrow from the boutique..
He was going to his car when swara called him
Swara : sanskaar where are you going at this late??
Sanskaar : actually going to collect outfits for tomorrow… waise wanna join me if you are free
Swara : yeah sure am always free for you
Sanskaar smiles at her…
They both sits in car… and starts their journey..
Sanskaar : so swara why dont you had any bf till now??
He was still curious to know the answer
Swara : well you too dont have…
Sanskaar : mine is different story yr what about you…
Swara : hmm just like that i didnt got that one who makes me feel special…
She knews he is only her man but she can’t reveal him
He was actually satisfied with her answer he was also not knowing what kinda feelings he has built up for her… after ragini with any girl he has shared this much about him was she….
They reached the boutique and both goes there
After picking up clothes
Sanskaar : swara would you plz keep this in car and wait for me i will pay the bill and come behind you..
Swara : yeah ok
She takes the outfits and goes to car..
She reaches car and keep that at back seat when she was about to step in passenger’s seat some guys blocked her way
Guy1 : hey sweety how are you???
Swara : whaat the hell leave my way
Guy 2 : ohhoo you has such a perfect voice like your body wanna give us a try..
Guy 3 : yeah common we will make you enjoy too come with us
Swara : you bastards lwave me… SANSKAARRRRR… you dogs just leave my hand
Guy 1 : oh shouting for help wont work yr come play with us
He was dragging her when that boy felt a kick on his stomach and he felt down….
It was sanskaar his eyes blood shot red knowing how much he was hurt seeing her like this
He beats all the three till they ran from there…
Then he came to swara was looking down and crying while sanskaar came to her and hugged her lightly… but swara took him in a bone crushing hug
Swara : thank God you came if you wouldnt have came… i would have killed myself because i cant let anybody touch my body except you…
Sanskaar was confused
Sanskaar : swara what are you saying
Swara : its truth sanakaar i love you not from today from when but couldnt tell you but i cant stop myself now i love you and this is only truth… i know you dont love me and i wont force myself on you … its your desicion only…
She broke the hug and was walking few inches when sanakaar held her arms
Sanskaar : how could you predict on your own that i dont love you…. ms. Swara gadodia the feelings which you created in my heart in these days no girl can do that and you think i will let that girl go easily who has guts to confess her feeling first… i really love you swara i know i get angry suddenly and i have arrogant type face but i can make sure i will keep you happy…
Swara : sanskaar is it true you love me… omg… sanskaar i dont need anything i just love the way you are… i know you will keep me happy i just wanted to be urs nothing else…
Sanskaar : then be ready to be mrs sanskaar maheshwari
Both smiles
Swara : my wish came true…
She hugged him and he too hugged her back indicating both are made for eachother…
Soon they left from that place but couldnt sleep what just happened before
Next day it was marraige day all were happy Sanskaar swara laksh ragini
Marraige has ended and it was the time when ragini was going to leave sanskaar..
Sanskaar had tears in his eyes he hugged ragini.. ragini cried in his arms
Swara was having tears in her eyes to see their bond she side hugged laksh
Laksh knews that she is too like his sister he was also little worried for her…
Sanakaar : sshh ragini stop crying my cutie
Ragini : bhai how will i stay without you… i havent stayed a single day without you
Sanskaar : ragini its your home only whenever your heart says come and meet me and you have to start your new life i dont know many things to say i just pray to god that all the happiness comes to you …. i love you my bacchi
Ragini cried hugging him
After that anupurna dp and laksh took ragini..
Sanskaar was at his home all sad…
He was sitting on his bed when swara tapped his shoulder
He hugged her and started crying
Swara : sshh its ok sanskaar
Sanskaar : swara is it necessary that every girl has to go after their wedding
Swara : sanskaar it is necessary and dont worry she will be happy now you too stop crying… your sister is married and wanna cry like this chalo stop crying…
She made him drink some water
Sanskaar : swara dont you feel afraid that you will leave your house your parents for me
Swara : i will feel sanakaar but i know my real world is you… it is written in girls destiny… so now stop worrying…
Sanskaar : hmm swara will you stay here with me tonight plz
Swara cant deny him she agreed
Sanskaar keep his head on her lap and she carress his hairs after sometime sanskaar slept in her lap swara smiled at him and kissed his forehead and she too slept there
Days passed swasan bond grew stronger raglak came to knew about thema nd they were happy that finally they got something good for them…

One day sanskaar was dropping swara at her home when sharmishta and shekhar watched them…
They were hell angry at swara but sanskaar goes and talk to them
Sanskaar : uncle aunty i and swara loved eachother very much plz dont seperate us we wanna get marry i will keep her happy…
Shekhar : i know your background sanskaar.. you have none behind you only one sister that too married and you stays alone and you are still struggling in bussiness.. so would you think that i will give you my daughter’s hand
Sanskaar : uncle i will work hard for her i will become everything for her just dont seperate her from me
Sharmishta : no Shekhar i know this kinda boys first they make us believe that they are good then after marraige they leave our daughters as if nothing happened.. you just get out neither will call security
Shekhar : cant you hear get out and dont show your face to our swara
Swara has listened enough
Swara : enough mom and dad enough whats your problem when sanskaar is telling that he loves me… mom dad it doesnt matter if he is rich or not his heart is rich he loves me unconditionally… what more could i ask from god to give in my life partner… i love him and i wanna marry him….
Shekhar : swara stop being stubborn… its our desicion that you will not marry him if you will marry him then show us your face…
Swara was teary eye shw cant let sanskaar go and she cant loose her parents too
At that time sanskaar came
Sanskaar : swara they are your parents if theya re saying something that will be good for you na so its ok stay with them i will never come in your life
Sanskaar was having tears but he cant seperate daughter from her mom and dad
He was about to leave when swara held his hand
Swara : mom dad i am marrying sanskaar and its my final desicion… do give us blessings
She sees sanskaar who was watching her
Sharmishta : will never give you blessing just get out of our life did you listened just get out…
Swara ran fromthere cryingly followed by sanskaar
Sanskaar : swara whats all this common go to them
Swara : sanskaar how can you say like this dont you love me how can you loose so easily..
Sanskaar : i havent loose swara but they are your parents and i know whats the feeling of being away from parents
Swara : but sanskaar this is also the fact that i love you and you love me i dont wanna live without you if i will stay one minute without you that moment you will see my dead body
Sanskaar shouted : swara how dare you never say those words again you are my everything my family never talk about death never leave me
He hugged her tightly
Swara : i will never leave you.. you just dont yalk about seperation
Sanskaar : never
He broke the hug
Sanskaar : but swara i need 6 months time for marraige as i wanna be something then i wanna marry you… is it ok
Swara : sanskaar i have trust on you i can wait for you entire life.. but till thenwhere will i stay because we cant stay in under one roof without marraige
At that time raglak voice came
Laksh : you will stay with us
Swara : bhai
Sanskaar : ragini laksh you
Ragini : bhai we heard everything dont worry swara will stay with us
Swara : but ragini how can i
Laksh : swara who am i to you
Swara : common bhai you are my elder brother
Laksh : so does i dont have that much right to take my sister to my house you will stay at my house and thats final till sanskaar become sucessful you willstag with us
Swara hugs him
Swara : thanks so much bhai
Sanskaar : thanks buddy
Laksh : leave all that and listen you are going to marry swara so keep that in mind dont ever make my sister cry or i will beat you as hell
Ragini : laksh
Swara : bhai
Sanskaar : see your sister and wife are on my side
He winks
Sanskaar : but dont worry i will never make swara cry and that is my promise buddy
He hugged laksh

5 months passed sanakaar became sucessful businessman swara was really very supportive.. she daily yse to call him about work she use to take care of his health and now both were eager for their marraige
Marraige was fixed after two weeks but sanskaar has to go for America for urjent work though swara was sad but sanskaar made her assure that he will come in 5 days…. swara agreed..
In mumbai raglak with anupurna dp were busy in sanskaar and swara’s marraige preparation but swara was only waiting for sanskaar…

Swara was driving back home when sanskaar called her she picked up
Sanskaar : hey jaan how are you
Swara : whn you are not there how will your jaan be fine
Sanskaar : aww is it so then my jaan needs not to worry because his jaan is coming tomorrow
Swara : reay sanskaar
Sanskaar : yeah meeting is all done and guess what we got the contracts
Swara : wow i was knowing my sanskaar is perfect now come soon our marraige is also near
Sanskaar : am damn exited for marraige
Swara : mee too come fast miss you so much
Sanskaar : miss you too love you
Swara : love you too
She cuts the call when her balance got failed and her car has bad accident

Swara was taken to hospital laksh ragini were with her they didnt informed sanskaar yet
Her operation was done doctor came out
Laksh : how is she doctor
Ragini : yeah is she fine
Doctor : i am sorry but due to heavy accident she lost her eye sight and from now she wont be able to see again…
Laksh and ragini were shocked they dont know how to react
They somehow entered her room
They saw she was sitting
Laksh : swara
Swara : bhai thank god you came yell na doctor to switch on the lights
Ragini cried seeing her situation
Laksh too have teara they both goes to her
Ragini : swara you have to be strong listen carefully
Swara : what happened rago first on the switch why are you crying
Laksh : swara just listen because of that accident you lost your eyesight
Swara was feeling as if someone snatched something very precious from her..
Swara : bhai plz stop joking and switch on the lights you know i dont like this kinda jokes plz
Ragini : swara its true you really lost your eyes swara
Swara started shouting
Swara : no ragini you are telling lie no plz dont do joke plz no this cant happen nooo
Laksh and ragini hugged her
Ragini : swara sshh be calm tomorrow sanskaar bhai will come everything will be fine
Swara remembered sanskaar
Swara : sanskaar no he cant see me like this no ragini bhai plz will you help me
She said cryingly
Ragini : yeah say
Swara : plz dont let sanskaar know anything plz take me away he cant see me like this plz
Laksh : swara what are you telling
Swara : plz bhai listen to me i cant destroy his life plz take me away if he asks about me say that youll dont know where i went
Ragini : no swara he loves you he will find you
Swara : that is why i have to go ragini because i cant let him ruin his life just because of me i have lost my eyes he will get better than me plz
Laksh : no swara will not do this
Swara : bhai ragini you both have my swear plz do this plz
She was crying raglak agreed for her sadly
Next day they took swara to some other apartment
Sanskaar came to laksh’s house but he didnt found swara laksh told that swara didnt came home from yesterday
He started panicking he tried her number which was switched off
Raglak knowing everything they kept quite
Everyday sanskaar tried everything to search her but all in vain and on the other hand swara was trying hard to leave her life blindly she was learning to use to blind stick and walk…
Laksha nd ragini everyday sees swara and sanskaar and they cried in their heart as they were helpless
One day sanskaar goes to shekhar and sharmishta as swara would have came there
Shekhar : that day she lft was her last day here…
Sharmishta : is she fine where is she
Sanskaar broke down
Sanskaar : dont know where is she i searched everywhere but didnt found her she was so happy for marraige and see where she has gone swara plzcome back
He sat on his knees
Shekhar and sharmishta were feeling guilty that they didnt understood their love

Sanskaar then reached home where he gound raglak talkng
Ragini : till how many days will she hide
Laksh : she has to face sanakaar one day because sanskaar will not leace her like this he will find her..
Sanskaar enters the room
Sanskaar : youll know where is she tell me why you hided this… tell me
Ragini : we cant tell you bhai just come with us
They took him to swara’s apartment
He saw swara sitting on chair quietly
Swara heard door steps
Swara : are ragini bhai youll came
She took her stich and started walking it was the most shocking moment for sanskaar swara was walking with blind stick his mond was not ready to believe what he was seeing
Laksh tapped hia shoulder
Sanskaar gestures him that is it true
Laksh became teary eye said yes
Sanskaar was feeling someone snatched ground from him
Raglak goes by closing the door
Swara goes to sanakaar
Swara : are what happened ragg
She stops when she touched sanakaar face she feels his touch
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar : swara
Swara : what are you doing here plz go
Sanskaar : why you did this swara why you hided so big thing from me does my love wasnt enough to handle this situation does my love was that much weak
Swara : no sanskaar its not your fault its my fault i was so exited that i didnt see my life most tragic moment has happened to me when i opened my eyes i only found darkness.. so how could you think sanskaar that i will let you in this darkness along with me you have your life sanskaar marry another girl forget me…
Sanskaar gripped her hands
Sanskaar : is it easy swara to forget you its not if i forget you the moment is my life’s last moment because you are my life how can you just say that marry another girl… swara you love me right… swara this all nothing matters i will be your eyes till death when you will walk you will find me beside you….you have proved your love swara now its my turn plz give me a fair chance to prove my love
Swara : dont ruin your life for me sanskaar plz
Sannskaar : without you my life is all darkness you had only filled lights in it dont go away from me swara …. marry me swara marry me
Swara just cried and hugged him
They both got marry with raglak laksh parents and swara’s paents were also present they were in guilt they asked forgiveness too swasan forgived them

It was swasan first night
Sanskaar carried swara too their bedroom and made her lye on bed
Sanskaar : swara if you are not ready we can do this later
Swara catched his hand so that he fall on her
Swara was closing her eyes
Swarra : make me yours sanskaar i was waiting for this moment make me yours forever…
Sanakaar kissed her forehead
He then slowly kissed her lips pouring all his love
He was sucking her upper lip swara too started reciprocating by sucking his lower lip sanskaar entered histounge in her mouth and he started giving her open mouth kisses she was moaning in between kisses clutching his hair
While his hand worked in undressing her
Soon they were undressed and were under blanket
Sanskaar came to her ear
Sanskaar : u ready my love??
Swara nodded her head
Then sanskaar entered into her
She cried in pain while sanskaar kissed her to calm her and paced slowly to reduce her pain soon the room was filled with pleasure of moans
Sanskaar made her his
While after sometime of tiredness they both hug eachother
Swara carress his face
Swara : i love you sanskaar thanks for coming to my life

Sanskaar : no thank you for coming into my life and making it better
Both slept

After two years finally after sanskaar struggle he finally got donor for swara’s eyes
Before operation
Swara : sanskaar i am scared
Sanskaar : sshh dont be scared when you will open your eyes you will find me
Swara : everything will be fine na
Sanskaar placed her hand on his heart
Sanskaar : see my heart is also telling everything will be fine so dont worry

Operation took place

After 4 hours swara’s bandage was removed she slowly opened her eyes and found laksh and ragini standing infront her
She smiled
Swara : bhai ragini
Both hugged her
Swara : am feeling so good to see youll but where is sanskaar
Laksh gets sad
Laksh : you really dont know who gave you this eyes
Swara was not ready to beleive that this was true sanakaar donate her eyes
She cried : no this cant happen no sanskaar
At that time sanakaar came from outside
Sanskaar : swara why are you shouting
Swara ran to him
Swara : sanskaar you fine you can see me
Sanskaar : swara it was your operation i can see but what happened i was in washroom when heard your screams doctor told your operation was successfull then what happened
Swara looks at laksh who was smiling
Laksh : bhai zindagi me little kidding is necessary kaisa laga
Ragini too laughed
Swara hugged sanskaar
Swara : nothing just got my life back happy to see you again as my husband sanskaar i love you very much
Sanskaar : love tou too jaan now our journey starts

Happily ever after

Well when there is love there is always hope dont loose hope easily…

So guys done do leave your comments bye see yaa

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