Swasan OS removing the untangled threads (Episode 1)


Hi friends myself Tweety presenting you an OS on swasan.
Characters introduction
Swara:-23 yrs,only daughter of Shekhar and Sharmistha.
Sanskaar:-24 yrs, son of Ap an Dp.
Shekhar:-Owner of gadodia group of industries.
Sharmistha :- Wife of Shekhar
DP:- owner of maheshwari group of industries.
Ap:- wife of Dp. Best friend of Sharmistha.
Ragini,Lucky:- friends of swasan.
The story starts with a 6 year old girl and 7 year boy playing and talking with each other happily.
There happiness soon changed into tears when the girls father shouted on the girl and asked her to come along with him and warned her ever not to talk with that boy. The girl is none other than Swara.(Obviously boy will be sanskaar).
Dp pleads Shekhar not to believe on what he heard. Its all fake please hear me once please. Without hearing anything Shekhar left his place along with swara. Dp sees his wife and son’s question mark face and starts crying.
After 17 years

A girl is shown in Mandir wearing a red and white half saree praying to God.Her mother calls her and says like this” swara it’s already an hour How much time will you be in Temple.”(yes! The girl is swara ) . she checks the time and thinks in this way” Oh god it has been an hour I really can’t understand why time passes so fast when i pray God “. In hurry after praying to God she hits coconut on the steps and one coconut piece falls on a man. She saw that man who is very angry and looking this side and that side to find who has hitted him on his head. She goes near that angry man and said sorry. He scolded Swara very angrly and asked her to get out of his sight. Swara in tears went away from him. Laksh calls Swara and says that” hey! Beautiful girl I know that you did not hit my frnd wantedly but he is tensed in his personal work so he scolded you if possible please usko maaf karo .By the way I feal like I have seen you somewhere?? Where did I saw you?? ”
Swara: I have not seen you anywhere may be you are mistaken.
Laksh: it’s OK may be. Friends??
Swara: ha friends.
They are shake there hands and swara leaves the temple.
Laksh is still in confusion that he remembers her seeing somewhere. He meets his friend with an angry look and asks him how can you scold that innocent girl.

Friend : yaar you know I am in very tension now please leave that topic and come let’s go and pray God that our meeting will be succedd.
Laksh: OK man I can understand that today you are going to meet an important person In Ur life .
Friend: Due to this tension i scolded her. I am feeling very guilt on what I did. OK leave it now.
They both pray God and leave from Temple.
In gadodia mansion
Shomi:- swara today u need to meet ap aunties son did you remembered him.
Swara: (happy but pretending to be normal) ha yes ma that boys name is sanskaar right??
Shomi: did u remember him?
Swara(lies): ha yes ma little bit.
(In her mind how can I forget him ma he is my life na)
Shomi: did u said anything now??
Swara:- no maa
Did u heard anything?
Shomi: no! Ok Go and meet him at xyzas hotel at 1. He cam to meet you.
(In her mind shona I know u love him that’s why I arranged the meeting with him).
Swara: ma but papa??
Shomi: don’t say him abt Ur meeting with sanskaar. I will manage him.
Saying this shomi left to kitchen.

As soon as shomi left the place swara went to her room in happiness and took a box from her room. From that box she took a hand kerchief and remembers a small incident.
Flashback:(18 years back)
swara is playing In the garden with sanskaar . sanskaar by mistake hit her head with stone on her face. Little blood came from her beautiful face . seeing this sanskaar took his handky from his pocket and tied to swara.
Sanskaar:- I am cholly chwala. I dint see u there.
Swara: it’s OK chanky! It did not hurt me big.
Sanskaar kisses her cheek and says I am really cholly.
Fb ends
Swara touches her cheek and blushes.
Swara gets ready with pink top. And blue jeans.
She went to meet sanky to that place and wondering where is he. In the mean time she saw the man who scolded her morning
Her eyes became red but she jst ignored him as she is going to meet sanky. That man saw swara and took the chair which is opposite to her.
Man: I am really sorry for morning please excuse me.

Swara: how can I excuse you stupid.infront of everyone u scolded me and now u are saying me sorry. Get lost from here.
When the man is about to leave the chair laksh comes and says sanskaar how can u leave without meeting swara( the man is sanskaar)
Sanskaar is hell shocked by hearing the word swara from laksh mouth. In the mean time swara is also hell shocked to hear that he is sanskaar.
Sanskaar: how do u know that it’s swara?
Laksh: Ur mother showed me swaras photo yesterday while we are going to airport.
Sanskaar: then why the hell u did not said before.
Laksh: actually u know Na i am short term memory loss patient plz maaf karo Na.
Swara: sssanksaar tum??
Sanskaar: how are u swara. Please plZzz excuse me for this time. I always excuse u Na why can’t u excuse me( tells her the fb).

Swara(smiles) : yeah sanskaar I am excusing u tit for ta t ok!!!
Sanskaar: ha OK!! And laughs loudly!!
Laksh: uffo is this sorry drama completed. Now please come to the matter.
Swara: what matter??
Sanskaar: do u remember the fight bw my father and Ur father?
Swara: yeah but I dont know what’s the fight? Whenever my father hears ur father’s name he will start shouting. I don’t know why?
In meanwhile laksh got a call and he said that he is leaving as he has to meet imp person.
Sanskaar: for solving that matter only I came.ok let’s talk abt it later.So shona say what are you doing now?
Swara: last year I completed my b.tech and now I am planing to go my father’s industries. What abt u sanky?
Sanskaar: I did my MBA in u.s and now I am looking after my company.
Swara( in tension): any lovers or gf??

Sanskaar(smiles by hearing her question): yeah !!
Swara(shocked): who??
Sanskaar: u already know her. she is my jaan she is……….
Swara: don’t drag I am unable to control the suspense plz say fast.
Sanskaar:(smiles) Annapurna my mom she is my jaan my love everything.
Swara: uffo u scared me (realised what she said ) I mean …. U r my best frnd Na how can u love some one wdout saying me.
Sanskaar understood her feeling and smiled at her foolish reason..
Sanskaar: u say me did u loved anyone??
Swara: no! I got 1000 propsols but I did not accepted it.
Sanskaar: really??
Swara: ha really why I should not get or what. In fact I am the most beautiful girl in the entire college.
Sanskaar: achaa is it so! Ok I ll trust u!
Swara: let’s go and enjoy come now let’s go to beach.
Sanskaar: oh beach I ve never been to beach still now!
Swara; then come now let’s go and rock there

It’s evening 5:00
The sun is about to set, there is a cold breeze.it’s a romantic climate.
Sanskaar and swara came near beach and they started hitting each other with water. They boh became wet.
3 men are staring at swara in a wrong way.Sanskaar noticed it but stayed calm.
Swara: sanky I want to eat ice cream.
Sanky: ok u wait here there is an ice cream shop there I’ll go and buy.
Swara(in a loving tone): OK sanky come fast.
Sanskaar went near the ice cream shop.in the meantime goons went near swara and teasing her
1 goon: U r so beautiful and s*xy. How can Ur boyfrnd leave u and go
2 goon: I think he is bored with her.
3 goon: you come with us we won’t make u bore.
Sanskaar who is back of the goons silently hears their teasing and as soon as the goons touched swara.
Sanky went near them which made goons shocked .he hit them three and in anger he shouted on the goons
” how dare you to touch my swara!! If again I saw u then sure u threee won’t live on this earth mind it”

By hearing sanky words she smiled on his protection.
Sanky hugged her tightly and assured her that he will always protect her.
On realising his position sanskaar released her hug and gets embarrassed on his deed.
Swara started covering on seeing him embarrassed.
Swara: hey sanky now tell me the reason why my father hates Ur father??
Vishnu Kumar: Owner of Vishnu group of industries and he is jealous of growth of gadodia and maheshwaris industries
He bribed the PA of Shekhar.
PA changed the file in which shekar lost 350 crores of money.
Shekhar aksed the PA about this loss. PA said that dp said to change the files because u r getting a big project.
Shekhar went near Dp and scolded him. Dp said that he is innocent . but he did not hear his words.
Fb ends
Swaras eyes became red and tells him now let’s take revenge on vishnuprasad a d that PA.
Sanskaar: PA is now no more but that Vishnu Prasad is now in Mumbai. I came to Mumbai to take revenge in him.
Swara: sanskaar first let’s know his family background his weakness strengths about him so that we can plan revenge on him.

Sanskaar: yes u r right. Laksh is expert in finding this things .let’s ask laksh to do this work.
Swara: OK sankaar. Now I need to go now .let’s.meet tomorrow at icecream parlour.
Sanky: ok sure bye!!
Next day
They both meet near icecream parlour and waiting for laksh to come. In mean time they are eating icecream and staring at each other laksh comes there and disturbs them.
Laksh: ahem! Ahem!can I speak?
Sanky(fake anger): stop Ur bull shit and tell me did u found about Vishnu strengths and weaknesses?
Laksh: yes his strength and weakness is only ragini her daughter. She is a beautiful girl and good in nature of u meet her Ur problem will be solved because her heart is very good!
Swara: what name did u said??
Swara: is she ragini Prasad??
Laksh: yeah
Swara: I know her she is my friend .
Laksh: then our problem will be more easy to solve .

Swara: yes but she went to Bangalore. She will come after 2 days
Sanky: is it are u sure swara?
Swara: yeah I am sure. She is my best friend.
Laksh: ok then guys I have some company work I need to go
Sanky: ok bye then!
Laksh: bye then means u r not going to come with me?
Sanky: noooo
Laksh: what work are having now?
Sanky: his eyes become red and with his eyes his said laksh to go other wise I’ll kick u
Swara: So now what to do??
In the mean time one girl comes from the back and close sankys eyes.
Girl: guess who I am sanky.
Sanky: priya?? Am I right it’s you! Now stop this childish behavior.
Girl(smiles) : I know sanky u will remember me
Sanky: how can I forget u dear.
Priya: I know darling. By the way why are b
U here In Mumbai.
Sanky: i am having little work. So I am here?
Priya: by the way who is this gal?(gives a disgusting look)
Sanky: She is my frnd swara.
Swara( jealous): I need to go sanky. Bye!

Sanky: wait swara plz wait!!
Priya: let her go. I want to talk with u . what’s Ur plan for today??
Sanky(in an uninteresting way): nothing
Priya: then we will go to pub
Sanky: pub no way
Priya: u must come that’s my order.
Sanky: OK ill come
Swara hears there conversation and cries
Sanky: priya u know Na I hate pubs then why did u brought me here?
Priya: sanky my engagement is fixed so thought of giving u party and the main thing is I want to make Ur gf realise Ur live??
Sanky: what the hell are u talking?I don’t have any gf!!
Priya: huh! Ur gf is swara. She loves u a lot.I feel that u also loves her a lot!!
Am I right??
Sanky: I love her but I don’t know that shenlove ShE or not?
Priya: if she loves u then I am sure that she will come here now.
Sanky: how will she come here .she did not that u r here.
Priya: she heard our conversation secretly
Sanky: what really??

Priya: yeah I saw her hearing our conversation and crying silently.
Sanky( happy) and hugs her.in the mean time swara comes there and saw there hug.
Swara fumes in anger.
She saw his classmate Rahul there.
Swara: hey rahul u here??
Rahul: actually my engagement is done so I am throwing party to my Frnds.
Swara: is it then why dint u tell me?(keeps pout face)
Rahul: I called Ur mobile nearly 1000 times. But u did not respond.
Swara: is it??(she remember s her phone ring in the evening but did not lift it because she is not having mood to attend the calls) yes rahul it’s my mistake.excuse me please.
Rahul: it’s ok yaar! Now come let’s dance.
Swara finds her all classmates and starts dancing.
Sanky sees her dancing with many boys and gets anger.
He goes near her and hold her by waist and takes her from there
Sanky( in angry tone): are u mad how can u dance like that?
Swara: it’s none of Ur business.get lost from here
Sanky: no swara I won’t leave u. I won’t allow u to dance with those boys.
Swara(fuming in anger):sanky plz leave me they are my classmates and who r u to stop me? You huged priya did I said anything?
sanky: swara just listen to me once. She is just my frnd and she is already engaged to rahul.
Swara: did I asked u about her. Now plz leave me.
Sanky: why did u came here?for me Na i know that u heard our conversation
Swara: who said i came for u? I came for rahul. He is my classmate
Sanky: ok then plz don’t dance with plzz.
Swara(sobbing): what matters you?
Sanky: I love you swara I love you. When I see u dancing with others I feel like slaping them hard!

Swara: I to feel the same when that chipkali hugged you. I love u more than u dumboo.
Sanky holded her cheeks softly and kissed her forehead.
Sanky : come now let’s dance.
Swara: chalo!!why late
They both danced. Rahul and priya shakes there hand and joined there dance.
After there dance priya went near swara.
Priya: I am sorry swara for making unhurt
Swara: priya u r the one made me realise my love in him. So plz don’t say sorry. By the way rahul is my best frnd .he is very lucky to get a partner like u.
Priya: tq swara
Swasan leaves the pub. Sanky drops swara near her house.
Swara huged sanky tightly left to her house.
In her room
She changed her dress and keeps on thinking abt him there proposal there forehead kiss. Slowly she went to sleep.
Meanwhile in sankys room
He jumped on the bed and starts shouting WD happiness. Seeing this laksh came to him and asked r u OK?
Sanky: areg budho what will happen to me.look I am very happy.
Laksh:/acha u proposed swara right?
Sanky: ha u r genious laksh.
Laksh: but once think about his father.

Sanky: his face changed . I hope ragini will come and solve all the problems.
Laksh: hope for the best. Now go and sleep.
Sanky is not getting sleep because of tension.
He got a naughty idea and went to swaras house
He climbed the pipe and reached swaras window. He knocked her window.
Swara who in deep sleep woke up by hearing her Windows sound and catched a vase for safety.
She went near the window and to her surprise she saw sanky there.
Swara: are u mad why did u came now? It’s 1 :00am.
Sanky: I thought to see u once. Uvwont ask me to come inside or what?
Swara: come inside
Sanky came and kisse her cheeks .swara who was shocked and blushed asked him what r u doing.
Sanky:kissing my would-be wife and present gf.do u have any problem?
Swara: acha she funily slaped him on his cheek.
Sanky ( pout face ): whats this shona darling? I came to meet u but u ??
Swara felt bad and kissed his cheek tightly .
Swara: I am sorry sankyy .
Sanky: this sorry is not at all enough darling.

Swara: what shall I do then.
Sanky: u dont do anything I ll do and he kissed on her lips leaving swara shocked. She too responded and after a while they stopped kissing due to lack of oxygen.
Sanky: I completed my work darling bye!!
Swara(blushing): bye sanky!!
Two days passed and swara met ragini and told everything abt her father.
Ragini: first did not believed on her words but later believed because she believes that swara never tells lies.
Ragini went to his father.scolded him and asked him to say sorry to Shekhar.
Vishnuprasad agreed his daughter words because nshe never asked him anything.
He went to Shekhar and said the truth.Shekhar felt gulity and immediately went near Dp and apologised him. Dp felt happy that his best friend came and talked with him.
At that time both ap and Sharmistha came near them and asked about the alliance of sanky and swara
Both gets happy and agreed for the alliance.
Sanky and swara became happy and shouted in happiness. The story ends with all there family happy faces….

Please excuse me for typing errors or grammatical mistakes..

Credit to: Tweety

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