Swasan OS: Rab ne bana di jodi – Part 1


‘I’m getting married today. That too with a man who loves me so much’ Swara thought to herself. Swara was sitting in her room. The baarat had come and Gadodia family were welcoming them.
“Someone is blushing. I wonder why??” ?
“Ragini di stop it.” Swara said blushing. Ragini just raised her eyebrow to tease her.

Ragini came near her and made her wear necklace and ear rings. Then she put the ghoongat on her head.
“Now you are looking like a real bride. Tujhe kissi ki naazar na laage. Ragini said with tears in her eye. She then took some black kajal from her eyes and placed it on the back of her eye.
Swara just hugged her back. Suddenly Swara heard her father shouting at someone. Swara looked at Ragini confusedly. Swara ran downstairs and saw her father shouting and her mother crying.
“Ma what happened?? Why are you crying?? Why is Baba shouting?? Tell na?? Swara blasted questions at Sharmistha.
“Shona everything is over. Sahil had ran away because he loved someone else.” Sharmistha said.

Swara stood their frozen. Not believing a word that she said. Swara started backing away. While moving her head sideways. She ran to the mandap and sat down.
“He will come Ma. Babba don’t worry I trust him , he will come. He promised that we will be always be together.”
Ragini went to her and started shaking her.
“Swara he will not come. He ran away with his lover. He never loved you Swara. He never did.” Ragini while sobbing.
Swara started sobbing out loudly. Swara then hugged Ragini hard.
“Look at her. She must have bad luck. That’s why he must have ran.” One of the guests comment.
“You know I heard that she use to wear skirts and jeans. Who marries a girl like her who wears these type of clothes”
“She is abshugan girl. No one will marry her now.”
“SHUT UP” someone said.
“I will marry her here and now. Nobody would say anything to her” he said.

He went near to Shekhar and Sharmishta and said that “I will marry her”
“I am Sanskaar Maheshwari and I will keep your girl happy. I promise you.” Sanskaar said.
“Wait you are Sujata Maheshwari’s son” Sharmistha suddenly said.
“Yes I am but how do you know” Sanskaar said confusedly.
“She use to be my best friend. I remember making promises to her that her son and my daughter will marry someday in the future. Look that is coming. I trust you. You will keep my shona happy. Shekhar also nodded trusting his wife.
Sanksaar then went to the mandap and the pandit started chanting mantras.
Sanskaar then put sindoor in Swara’s maang. Then he put manglsutra in Swara neck. Then they both took 7 pheras.
Swara and Sanskaar then took blessing from Shekhar and Sharmistha.
“Sanskaar Please keep my daughter happy. I am now giving you full responsibility of Swara.
Sanskaar nodded. Then Swara Bidaai was going. Swara was crying like there was no tomorrow. She was an only child of Shekhar and Sharmistha.(Ragini was Swara’s best friend and because she is older than her, Swara calls her Ragini di). They both had pampered so much.
Sanksaar then took Swara to her car and they both set off.
Swara and Sanskaae came to Maheshwari House. It wasn’t that big but it wasn’t that small either. It was an ok house for the both of them to live. Sanskaar came out of the car and then he opened the car door for Swara. Swara came out and looked around. Then they both went to the door. Sanskaar opened the door and Swara was about to enter when
“Swara ji please wait for a minute and Sanskaar ran inside. Swara stood there looking confused. Then Sanskaar came in and brought a pot willed with rice and place it at the door. Then he put a plate full of red water infront of the bowl.
“Please enter now.” Sanskaar said coming to Swara.
Swara nodded and then lightly kicked the bowl making the rice to fall out. Then she stepped both of her feet on the water and carefully stepped out leaving red footprints in the house.
Swara then looked at him.
“I know that you must be feeling tired. So I will show you to our room. Come.” Sanskaar told her.

Swara entered the room and looked around. It was a nice and sweet room. Sanksaar then made her sit on the bed.
Swara was looking worried and nervous and was looking everywhere except him.
“Swara ji you don’t have to be worried. I won’t do anything you don’t want. I know you must not want this marriage. But at least we can be friends right?? Sanskaar said while giving his hand out.
Swara nodded and put her hand with his. They both felt a spark when both of their hands touched but they both ignored it.
“Swara ji you can get dressed first and then I will get dress ok??” Sanskaar.
“Sanskaar ji now only you said that we are friends. So why are you calling me Swara ji. Please call me Swara.” Swara said.
“Ok then you must also call me Sanskaar only.” Sanskaar said.
Swara nodded and went inside the washroom.
Swara came out then Sanskaar went inside.
“Swara you take the bed and I will take the couch. Sanskaar said and was going toward it when Swara said.
“Please don’t take the couch. We can share the bed.” Swara said nervously.
“Are you sure” Sanskaar asked. Swara nodded.

Next morning,
Swara woke up at 4am in the morning because she had put an alarm on. She got dressed and went downstairs and made breakfast.
Sanskaar woke up at 7am and went downstairs and saw that the breakfast was done. Sanskaar was shocked. Swara came out and placed the breakfast.
Sanskaar sat down and was about to eat when he saw that she went inside the kitchen.
Sanskaar went inside the kitchen and saw her cleaning the utensils.
“What are you doing Swara? Please come and eat breakfast with me” Sanskaar said.
Swara was about to protest when Sanskaar looked at her sternly.
Sanskaar went to office while Swara stayed at home.

Days passed on and by little things Swara and Sanskaar started to come closer. Swara would do small gestures like making his tiffin for office and Sanskaar would the same by coming early from office to spend time with Swara.
One day Swara was coming home by walking. She had went to town to buy grocery items. Then suddenly a truck was coming her way but Swara didn’t see that. Then as the truck was just about to hit her she was pushed away by someone.
Swara was then engulfed in a bone cr
“Can’t you see where you are walking…What if something happened to you?? Huh. I love you so much Swara. I can’t live without you…” Sanskaar said not realizing that he just confessed.
Swara looked shock and Sanskaar also realized what he said and broke the hug.
He avoided contact with her and started to walk away.
Swara then also shouted “I love you too Sansksaar”
Sansksaar then turned around and hugged her. They sealed a kiss which sealed their fate together.

The End

I hope all you guys enjoyed this os. I don’t know if I should do an epilogue so please tell. Also please comment on what you think of this. Thank you for reading this.. ?

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