swasan os: what you are (promo)

Scene starts from ragini’s truth is out and everyone is ashamed for their deeds which they did with swara just because of their misconception created by ragini. Swara forgived everyone as per her kind nature.

Shekhar: beta now you do not have to be in this relation anymore. Come home we will start fresh(happily)
Swara looks towards everyone and they nodded their head in positive just then dp said:beta go and live your happiness. You have done a lot now live your life. You and sanskar were in this relation just to prove your innocence and to show us the faces of people behind their masks(glares ragini). Divorce papers will reach you soon because now I want to give you happiness as soon as possible_

Swara: maa baba I’m coming (happily hugs them)

Just then sanskar says: you are not going anywhere(stern face)
Swara(confused face): what do you mean sanskar
Sanskar: I mean to say that(coming towards her) if you will leave me(keeping hands on her shoulders) I will throw all the people out of this house(whispering in her ears)

Hey guys it’s a os which I will continue seeing the response so vote and comment

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  1. nice

  2. Seebu_s

    wow…pls continue soon…concept is interesting…

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    nice do continue

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    Amazing concept I wanna read post soon

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    oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggg i never imagined something like this this was just aarrggghh i have no words to say waiting eagerly to read futher please update soon

  6. Intrstng..continue

  7. amazing…continue soon

  8. Interesting dear plz continue soon

  9. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon next part

  10. awesome continue soon
    is it os or ss/fs/ff?

    1. i hope it vl be ss but its okay update this os soon

    2. Moon

      actually na i am also not sure it will be a ss/fs/ff but for the time it will be a os

  11. Nice….plz continue soon

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    God loved it dear please update soon

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    Amazing…..continue soon…..

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    Will love to read more..

  15. Awesome…..plzz continue n post soon

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    omgggggggggggg yarrr kya hai yeh sanskar…!! but its reallyyyyyy awesome sanskar also have to do something for his love rite..!! wowww dear it was awesome post the os soon..!! will be waiting..!!

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    Wow. Damn interesting. Plz post asap

  18. continue soon..loved it and pls make it ts or ss than os…

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    omg amazing concept dear continue soon

  20. Very interesting new twist love it

  21. Interesting….. Continue soon

  22. Write it as ff dear. New concept. Eagerly waiting for it. Post soon

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    Nice..!! Loved it..!! Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

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    Omg!!!!!!! This thought never came in my mind…..awsm yr…..update soon

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    what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dhamakedar concept. plz continue

  29. Aarushi_99

    Sanskar?!!? Haww.. Is he taking revenge from MF?! And it feels like Swara is with him.. I mean, it looked like as if he was telling her the next step of their “plan” and not threatning her..??? Or… maybe it’s just my imagination.. hehe..??? Loved it! Continue soon!!

    1. Aarushi_99

      Oh shit.. no.. I read that line wrong…???? I went up and read the last paragraph again and realized I read one line wrong.. Sorry, just ignore whatever I said..? Continue soon..!

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