swasan OS-Prince sanskar..


Hello friends I. Here with another OS..

Prince sanskar..

A little boy is waiting for someone. Just then a little girl comes and closes his eyes.

Boy:”u r late… I’m going.. “?

Girl holds her ears:” sorry sanku.”?

Boy:”princess bye.. U don’t have the time for poor boy..” He goes.. But girl starts crying.

Girl:” sorry?..”

Boy comes towards wipes her tears..:” don’t cry shona.. See what I made..for u” Shona stops crying..

Shona:”wao..? sand castle.. ”

Sanku:” it’s our home.. Princess when we will get married. I’ll take u in this house..”

Shona gives him a locket :” it’s ur prize my prince…. U made this castle for me.. See ‘S’ is written in it.. S for sanku.. My sanku..?”

Sanku:” shona I don’t have any gift for u?”

Shona:” u can give me a kiss it’s my gift ?”

Sanku kisses on shona’s cheeks?.. But shekhar notices all this..

Shekhar (shouts):” ? how dare u to touch my princess… U poor farmer son.. U made my princess dirty..” He slaps sanku.

Shona:”baba, sanku is my friend.. ?”

Shekhar: “these, villager r our servent… Not our friend princess” he orders his soldier to beat sanku. Shona cries a lot…? Just then RAM also comes there..

Ram(begging )?:” King please leave my son.. He is my only son..”

Shekhar punishes them and give them 17 year banishment… Shekhar takes shona and RAM takes sanku.

Sanku:” wait for me shona… I’ll come..for u… I’LL BECOME PRINCE FOR U MY PRINCESS… ”

Sanskar (sanku): son of RAM parshad.. His father is a farmer… Sanskar is a jobless person. He gets everything by his short cut and jugad…(contraption)

Swara(shona): princess of rajpur. Shekhar daughter.. Waiting for her sanku.?

Ragini: sanskar’s wife.. RAM’s last wish was ragsan marriage.. So sanky married her.

Sahil: ragini ‘s boyfriend..

Lucky: swara’s fiance.

After 17 years…
Sahil and ragini r doing their important work??…

Ragini: “now stop sahil.. Dear.. I’m tired.. I have to go home..”

Sahil:”leave that sanskar ”

Ragini: “soon, I’ll leave him.. Only tolerating him. Because of my dad..now I have go it’s late..”

Sahil:” OK but come soon.. Ragu dear..”

As soon as ragini enters in the house..

Sanskar: “did ur important work completed or u need some more time..”

Ragini: “don’t give me lecture u.. Jobless guy… My sahil is better than u.. He gave that love for which I carved a long”

Sanskar: “my love is only for my shona…”

Ragini: “hahahhahah???. She forgot u.. Who will love jobless.. And make shifter like u..”

Sanskar:”my shona, loves the way I’m .. I was born for her. I born to become her prince.. ”

Ragini: “stop ur joke..? sanskar…”

Sanskar: “tomorrow my 17 year banishment is completed.. Tomorrow I’m going to meet her.. I’ll marry her. Here is our divorce paper u sign in it.. And then marry sahil..”

Next day…
Sanskar:” ragini made some sweet for me..” He leaves for bathing..

Ragini made halwa for him and mixed posion in it:” go sanky and never ever return back.. My father will never allow me to divorce u but if u died I’ll live peacefully with sahil..” ??

After that ..sanskar takes his food and ready:” sorry for my behavior.. I’m not angry on u. But I love only my shona.. U start new life with sahil.. All the best. ”

Ragini: ” all the best to u sanky..”? sanskar leaves…

As soon as sanskar reaches rajpur.. He heard about the mad elephant who is killing the humans.. King announced that who will kill that elephant, will be new general of the kingdom…

Sanskar: “I’ll kill that elephant..” It’s so easy sanky…everyone becomes shocked..?

But as sanskar comes near him.. Elephant stares him with anger.. He runs towards sanskar.. “Sanky u gone.. This elephant will not leave u..” Sanky runs fast to save his life… On the way his lunch falls down.. Elephant smells the sweet smell of halwa?.. And eats it.. After some time sanskar looks backward he finds the condition of elephant is not good he moves towards the elephant.. And pushes the elephant with a finger and elephants falls down.. Sanskar looks towards his lunch and understands everything… Just then people of rajpur sees it and .. They starts shouting.

“Hurray!!! We r safe now…” They pick. Up the sanky… In excitement.. They take him to the king…

Shekhar: “what’s ur name brave boy..”

Sanskar: “my name is sanskar..”

Shekhar announces:”now Mr sanskar is our new general… ”

Sanskar becomes happy.. ?

Shekhar:”Sanskar ur main duty is to protect our princess.. Swara.. (He introduces him to everyone..) Sanskar he is Prince lucky. Swara’s fiance.. ”

Sanskar is heart broken..?. My shona is move on…

Lucky:”hi, sanskar… Nice to meet u..”

Sanskar: ” hi?”

Lucky:”baba, I’m going to meet my shona.. ” he leaves…

Sanskar also goes towards swara’s room.. He hears her voice..

Swara: “leave me.. Lucky”

Lucky:”oh come on swara… Y r shying I’m ur future husband.. ”

Just then sanskar hears of sound of sound of hitting.. Lucky comes outside.. His head is bleeding..

Sanskar: “what happened sir..”

Lucky:”nothing.. ” he leaves..

Sanskar goes inside.. He notices that swara is crying?

Swara:” when will u come sanku.. Take me from here..” She cries..?

Sanskar comes and wipes her tears..:”don’t cry shona..”

Swara looks towards him:”who r u”

Sanskar: “I’m ur lover..?”

Swara:”no.. U r not my lover my sanku is my lover.. U go from here..”

Sanskar pulls her.. And cares her cheeks: “u r so beautiful shona.. ”

Swara pushes him:” go from here.. ” just then sanskar’s locket falls.. Swara see it.. And close the door and hugs him

Swara:”sanku u came. Take me from here.. That lucky is very bad… He tried to touch me..?”

Sanskar: “where ??”

Swara shows her hand:” here..( sanskar kisses on her hand.. Swara shows her cheeks) here..(he kisses on her cheeks .. Swara shows her lips) here also sanskar..”

Sanskar: “did he really touched here … I don’t think so..”

Swara pulls him by collar and kiss him.. ????..

Sanskar:”shona, I want to tell u something. ”

Swara:”what sanskar..”

Sanskar: “I’m married..”

Swara:”u cheater.. I’m waiting for and u married.. I hate u..” She starts beating him.. Sanskar holds her hand..

Sanskar: “listen to me shona, I divorced her.. ” he tells her everything.. About ragini and sahil’s affair and how she mixed posion in halwa..

Swara:” sanku did u touched her..?”

Sanskar: “r u jealous shona.. ”

Swara:”u r mine sanku.. Tell na did u..”

Sanskar: “no.. My love is only for my shona..”

Swara:”take me from here..”

Sanskar: “not so soon.. First I’ll become Prince.. Then I’ll marry u my princess.?..” They spend sometime together..

Sanskar frequently meets swara and lucky came to know about there affair… So he plot a plan to kill sanskar.. Next day..

Man:”King shekhar .. A dangerous lion.. Came he is eating the people of rajpur one by one.. Save us..”

Shekhar:”I’ll kill him”

Lucky:”no baba he is very dangerous… He killed our minister also.. ”

Shekhar: “then who will kill him”

Lucky:”our general sanskar… ”

Sanskar (afraid?):” what me..”

Lucky:”ya if u can kill a big elephant.. So it’s very tiger..” So last.. Sanskar has to go to forest to kill that lion..

Here swara is very tense..
Lucky:”don’t waste ur prayer.. Ur sanskar will not come..”

Swara:” he will come for me.. My love will save him.”

Lucky: “hahahhahah??. He even don’t know how to hold a sword.. Then how can he kill that lion.. Be ready.. Now u r mine..” He left..

Swara (cries?):” kissan ji save my sanku… Till the time I can’t see my sanku I’ll not eat anything.. Nor drink anything.. ”

Sanskar goes in the jungle..:” sanky, start counting.. Soon u r going to die.. U don’t even know to hold sword properly..” Sanskar see the lion.. And to save his life he climbs on a tree… It have been a one day.. Sanskar is still on the tree and lion is sitting under the tree waiting for him.. In the night. He notices that lion is sleeping..

Sanskar: “sanky, it’s good chance.. To escape..” As soon he tries to move down.. Lion. Gets up and jumps to eat him but sanskar too jumps upwards.. And his sword that is tied on his waist.. goes inside lions mouth.. And lion died.. Sanskar becomes shocked.. And he brings the lion’s dead body… And our sanky becomes minister…

Swara hugs him:” sanku.. U don’t know how worried I was.. ”

Sanskar: “don’t worry my princess now I become minister soon I’ll become king..”

Lucky:”in ur dreams.. Sanskar she is mine..”

Swara:” hupppppppppp? u just wait and watch.. How my sanku will become Prince..”

Sanskar: “let’s go princess.. “..

Like this time passes.. One day..
Shekhar:” swara’s and lucky wedding is on next week..”

Swara:”but I didn’t want to marry him.”

Shekhar: “I’m not asking ur opinion..” And he left…

Sanskar hugs swara:”don’t worry shona. God will show some path to us.. ”

Swara:”I don’t love him sanskar.. I want to be urs forever.. ”

Sanskar: “ur mine princess…” God please help us..?

Next day…
Shekhar: “I’m very tense.. King nikhil Send his messenger he told whether to give ur daughter to me or get ready for fight..”

Lucky(worried)?:”but his army is very big. How can we fight with him…”

Shekhar: ” swara is ur responsibility lucky so, u have to help us.. ” but lucky becomes afraid and elopes.

Sanskar: “don’t worry King.. We will find some solution..”

Shekhar: “all my friend leave me alone.. Now I have only one hope that is u.. ”

Sanskar: “me..?”

Shekhar: “u have save our people two time and save us time also.. Otherwise that nikhil will marry with my shona… U save us and then U can marry with my shona…please sanskar… U r my last hope..”?

Sanskar: “OK I’ll ”

In swara’s room

Swara:”?R u mad sanky.. U can’t fight with his army.. ”

Sanskar: “but shona.. After this we can marry”

Swara:”for marrying u should be alive na.. I don’t want to listen anything.. Let’s elope..”

Sanskar: “what about ur dad.. ”

Swara:”no swara no fight.. That nikhil is behind me.. If I’ll not here then no fight.. I don’t want to listen anything.. ”

Sanskar: “OK.. We r going tonight..”

Swara hugs him:”OK my prince..”?

In the night… Swasan is ready to elope.. Nikhil’s army is at the boundary of rajpur… Swasan secretly goes from there and closes all the source of light… So that no one can see them. They close all the lights…. Swara is silently going with sanskar but due to some obstacle.. She falls down.. Sanskar immediately picks her back and runs back..

Man:”attack… Our arrival has attacked.. On us…”

Man2:”let’s kill them” they start fighting…

Swasan runs back to save their life .

Swara:”sanku now what will do..”

Sanskar: “don’t know princess.. ” they sleep in each other arms..

On the other side.. Due to lack of light..nikhil’s army killed each other..

Next day.. When swasan see all this they becomes shocked.. And shekhar becomes happy…

Shekhar: “once again u proved yourself sanskar… Now I became old.. From now onwards.. U r the PRINCE SANSKAR.. And swara is ur PRINCESS…” He gives swara’s hand in sanskar’s hand…

All starts shouting:” Prince sanskar.. Princess swara..” Hurray!!!

Sanskar keeps his hand on her waist and wishpers in her ears…: “see my princes I kept my promise.. Now I’m Prince and u r my princess..”???

Swara pulls his cheeks:” I love my prince..”

And after that they married…

How’s the story… Actually my teacher told me this story in 7th standard… Hope u like it..???

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  1. Rosey

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    Awesome dear without doing anything sanskar became princ waaah???

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  5. SRSL

    Oiyee!!this is so sweet and funny….sanskaar does not do anything but still gets all appreciation….???

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      Sanskar’s luck + swara’s love is with him… ????

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      His luck + swara’s love is with him… ????

  6. Rabia

    hahahah awesome story dear 🙂

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    Good ..
    I am also in 7 th std

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    Hehehe ….i loves it….
    it was soo funny???…
    sanku ki kismat??….
    jugadi prince??…..

    Keep writing?

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  9. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Baha..nyc..Sanskaar ki Pure Luck it was to become Prince widout any Fyt ??..

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  10. hehehee….!!!from farmer’s son to prince…!!! loved it…!! last one was epic…!!

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    Very good

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    Amazing… Enjoyed reading it really funny… NYC…. Superb….. Awsum Prince Sanskar every time his luck wid him I loved it really… Keep writing more & more of these stories Jugadu Sanku…????☺?????????????????

    1. NDSG


      I’ll try to write …

      I’m happy u like jugadu.. Sanskar?????

      1. Anshupriya

        Ur storyline is really different as v NVR imagined sanky taking shortcuts…. DAT was wat attracted me 2wards d story.
        May god giv these ideas 2 u always.

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    Ha ha superb dr…. Loved it…. Without doing anything he achieved his princess….

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      Love finds it’s way….

  20. Swara’ s hupppp was soon caterer and though Laksh”s name is lucky but whole luck is with our sanky
    Swasan’s fortune made them together

    1. Sorry it was cuteee

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      It’s sanky’s True love … And

      Swara’s wait… And pure love that

      … Bring swasan together

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  25. Mariyajap

    really yaar u r soo funny u made ur childhood stories into os on swasan wow

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    Loved it

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      My teacher only told me.. Prince story.. But I added princess in it… To make it swasan OS??

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  33. Sanjanaagrawal


    I hope now there is no need to tell u about ur os …. u will understand by these smilies ……
    .can I upload it on watty … don’t worry I will give the credit to u only …

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  34. He heeee
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    Rly sankys luck is soo awesome.

    Keep writing
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    Funny yet cute os.
    Everything was just a ccoincidence but then too our dear sanky became Prince…
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