swasan os: what you are (part1)

A girl is shown looking outside the window in deep thoughts and a tear escaped from her eyes indicating the pain she is suffering which has come out in the form of tears. Just then the door opens and a man came n but there was no effect o the girl she was still lost.the man came towards her and stands at her back. He leans towards her ears

Man: mrs maheswari(whispers)
Girl got startled with the sudden voice but closed her eyes immediately in pain once she recognized the voice. A lone tear escapes from her eyes and she opened her eyes but immediately wiped it before turning to him but gasps seeing his face so close to her. Her eyes met with his and she saw something which made her surprised. The thing which she was seeing , she has seen earlier also but now she was feeling it which leads her to ecstasy into a new found feeling . the thing which she was seeing was called love but wait there was something along with it , she saw that there was some kind of fear along with it which his eyes were showing.

She came out of the daze due to winds and gave him a disguisting look and started going but in the next seconds she was blocked by his hands

Man: tch tch mrs maheswari
She looked towards his face and her eyes met with his but this time there was nothing. She got surprised but came into sense
Man: cursing your faith na
Girl: just stop it sanskar
Sanskar: what should I stop swara huh tell me(holds her hands tightly)
Swara: ahh stop it sanskar(a tear escapes from her eyes)

What should I stop tell me na (free her hand nd moves back) tell me swara(shouts) . what should I stop huh tell me . you have always used me , I know I did a sin with but such a worst punshiment you have given me that you now my life has become burden on me(behaves like a psycho) I’m tired literally tired of all these but now I will not let my love go away from me(comes towards her and whispers in her ears)

Swara: just stop it sanskar(pushes him) you are the one who promised me that you will force your love but you brole it. I should have remembered it that a person like can’t be changed.

She goes towards the washroom and came changing her dress. She went towards the couch and layed on it just then sanskar came: mrs maheswari what are you doing

Swara turning towards her: are you gone nuts can’t you see I am sleeping
Sanskar(sternly): go and sleep on bed
Swara(angry): no ways I will not sleep with you

Saying this she closed her eyes but in the next moment she felt she was in air. She opened her eye and saw that sanskar has carried her in his arms. Again swara looked at his face, there was something which she has seen earlier also. she observed her best friend sanskar who has lost somewhere but in snses when sanskar threw her on bed harshily

Swara: ouch what the hell
Sanskar(smirks): this is heaven baby now sleep on bed

Saying this he went from there and layed on couch but sleep was far from swara’s eyes. She was just seeing his face which is not looking like a innocent baby reflecting his honesty. Purity.

Swara’s pov
What you are sanskar ? what you are I’m confused? Today how you behaved with me I was shocked and amzed because I saw a totally different sanskar who broke his promise. I still remembered you said to me ki you will not force me that was a happy moment in my life. I felt blessed to get a friend like you but now I hate you for what you did with me. Now also when we were arguing for sleep, you forcibly made me layed on bed because you know that I will be not comfortable. I thought you will sleep on bed and gain you proved me wrong because you know that I will not be comfortable. I now thses are your cheap tricks to get me but you will never get my love. I hate you
Pov ends

Tears started coming from her eyes and she started sobbing by putting her head under his pillow. Due to the continuous sobbing she slept due to tiredness

Author’s note
Hey guys thank you for you comments and support but I’m really happy but maine jo likha hai na jo yeh bilkul bakwaas hai sorry for ruining expectations

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  1. It’s interesting. Plz do update soon.

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    Yaar it’s not at all boring, so don’t say like this..!!
    It was amazing and I loved it..! But one confusion, is this continuation of SwaSan fake marriage? Not sure, but got that fake marriage vibes..
    Anyways, update soon & take care!

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    It’s beautiful dear sone say that it’s bakwas

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    sanskaar is unpredictable waiting to know what happened between them

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    Wow it’s awesome

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    Its lil dffclt yo imagine sanskar lyk dis coz its d cntntion of sr track rite???
    Y hez doin dis ??

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    Good one.. Update soon.. Also continue ur other stories…

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