swasan os: what you are (part 4)


sujata: why can’t you wear now marwadi clothes now it’s so embrassing in society …. Says to swara.(making faces)

swara was about to say something just then someone spoke from her behind” she will wear only those clothes in which she is comfortable and no more arguments”.her eyes got widen listening to the person because she knows very well who is the owner of this voice who has turned from a friend to a devil

she turned and saw sanskar sitting on table eating breakfast in a nonchalant way. sujata was again going to spoke but sanskar interrupted” ok tell me why didn’t you wear gowns and all designer sarees in our business parties like other ladies?”(guys its just my pov if anyone feels it wrong so sorry)said he while grabbing an apple and started eatin it.

” because we are not comfortable”said ap not able to see again a drama going on in her house.

exactly said sanskar munching a apple you all are not comfortable so how can be swara be comfortable beacuse from childhood only she has worn modern clothes(walking towardds swara and side hugging her ) swara is my wife and i do not have any problem(smiles to her and again tilts his head to sujata.)and the main thing is a person should wear clothes in which he/she is comfortable not of other’s choice .

sanskar leaves swara and goes from there leaving them speechless but the person who was more effected was swara . she got speechless because she did not expected this, this was really unpredictable for her because the person who has just now left is no more her friend according to her then why he stood for her.

heart: guys this is the first moment when i did dhina dhin dha

mind: let’s see huh she has not realised yetit just the starting

heart: its means you also accept(excitement)

mind: let’s see

day passed and now swara was in room questioning sanskar about today’s incident to him to clear her doubts which she has aquire from his nightmare, dress incident and specially his eyes which are a mirror for her. sometimes she also wonders why she is able to read those magnificent eyes which are helding so much of emotions but are not ready to pour out.

swara: sanskar what was that which you did in morning? you do not have to do that i am capable of replying people and stop being acting as a caring husband

sanskar turns to her and swara gasps seeing so much of emotions but in next second his eyes were blank.

sanskar: wht to do mrs maheswari(smirking)i have to(moving towards her and she moves back and get’s collid with wall within the moment sanskar cages her in b/w his arms. swara shivers in proximity but composes) what to do i have to show na that we are accepting each other. so(moves back and shrugs his shoulders)

swara(anger): such a disgusting are you are sanskar you really deserve nothing.(to sanskar who is showing his back)

saying this she lays on bed and closed her eyes. tears started coming out soaking the pillow.

fb over

sanskar you are soo bearing so much in your heart(cries) and you didn’t thought to share it with me. you are soo much depressed from the happenings that you are taking treatment from a psychologist for your depression said swara sitting on knees tears were flowing out from her eyes

nut now i not let anything because i have realised my love for you when i saw in these papers which are clearly stating that you are at the worst stage of depression” said swara in a determined voice. “i felt someone has snatched my soul a sharp pain got passed from my body when i read those papers when i read your condition. we only feel pain in our heart for someone when we care for them and love them that is what i feel for you but now i have to make everything right”

swara goes to the pshycologist to gain all the knowledge of sanskar’s case.which turns out to be her friend which goes n her profit to gain information about sanskar’s case

her friend told him that sanskar is suffering from a critical deppression due to their happenings in their house. she told him that before also he was coming here when he got recently married he loves his wife a lot but his wife hates him because she thinks that because of him they got married. he loves his wife a lot but has suppress his feeling thinking of her. and + plus point that his house environment is also not good.this was leading him to depression now something has happened in their house also due to which he  is critical. her friend told her that he has tried to ask him bu the has denied. he is just asking high dose medicines due to which sometimes he got violent

Listening to her tears started coming from her eyes. She ran from there immediately and started to sob in a dark corner by keeping hand on her mouth to control her sobs.

Swara you have to be strong for him he is critical said her friend turning to her to her side. I tried to warn him about his this stage but he is just ignoring now you have to be strong for him and cure him.

Swara thanked her and left to maheswari mansion with a determined look to now threw all the problems from her life

She smiles faintly remembering about some past days. It was another day swara came ready downstairs and got informed that all family members are leaving for a pooja and she have to take take care of the house . sanskar will be also with her.

Swara smiled them faintly after listening his name and started her daily chores. After completing her daily chores she came in the kitchen and started searching for lighter just then someone pulled her and took her out of kitchen.

are you insane said sanskar or dumb can’t you smell of gas which is leaking said sanskar in an angry tone which was filled with concern more then anger.

woh woh said swara before hs could complete sanskar hugged her tightly as his life was depend on it. are you fine said sanskar softly with affection and swara hummed in response feeling his warmth in his embrace.

both were lost in the moment just then sanskar broke the hug and stated going away. swara got confused so thought to call him sanskar

sanskar got stopped and said” no no mrs maheswari do not think much , its my duty. saying this he went but our swara was just admiring him unknowingly because the affection wich she wants from a life partner sanskar has shown today , a life partner for whom her life is important.

fb over

like this many incidents happened which made swara to see a another sanskar , a life partner whom she expects in her life which made her to feel for him unknowingly.

Swara reached home and slapped laksh

Swara: what did you thought laksh we can have Love forcefully not at all  love is a selfless thing which is done unconditionally without any expectations gains or profits.w when we love a person na and that person hates us their hatred pierce us into pieces but still we do not stop loving them instead we drink their hatred as a  ganga jal like a prasad. We can do anything for them by staking our life (she closed her eyes remembering sanskar’s condition till now)
But now due to your so called love see what have you done with sanskar(hands over the the papers) you say that you love me but a person who cannot love his brother how can he love someone else. You know he loves both of us soon very much that he went in depression and is in critical condition.

laksh broke down seeing his brother’s condition on paper: i am sorry swara. i am sorry for whatever i have done

swara walks out of his room saying: somethings are not mend by a sorry laksh.

next day swara woke up before sanskar and got ready. she waits for sanskar to woke up so that she could talk to him but today when she is eagerly waiting for him he is sleeping like a khumbkaran. she got irratated and an idea popped out in her mind.

she starts playing songs in her mobile which broke our ssanskar sleep. he woke up with a jerk and went to swara who was pretending to be busy in listening songs.

sanskar: are you  insane?

swara: no( innocently)

sanskar: then who plays songs in morning(angrily)

swara: me(showing her teeth)

 sanskar looked at her disbelievingly who was now busy in listening music without lowing the volume which was shaking the room and went to freshen up. swara: oh god he seems  so akdu but i am loving him more now.

swara got up and took out his clothes from the wardrobe lovingly because now she was enjoying it doing it for him after that wrote something in a paper.she placed the paper near his clothes   and went away.

sanskar  came out as usual  rubbing his hairs from the towel but the next thing which he saw surprised him.

his office clothes were lying on bed and there was a chit on it. he took the clothes and read the chit.

my hubby wear these clothes only you will look handsome,

yours mrs maheswari

downstairs swara was waiting for him to see whether he will wear or not. if he will shout on her and his condition got worse these thoughts were occupying her mind but got vanished seeing sansakr dressed in her choosen clothes.he looked towards her and got mesmerised seeing her in his favourite saree giving him a mesmerising smile which was increasing his heart beat.

swara started showing her love in small small gestures which resulted improvement insanskar’s condition now he does not get violent with her sometimes she cooks his favourite food, sometimes she  visits his office for spending time with him, sometimes she takes him too shopping and eats his brain.

another day sanskar came from office but was little injured due to a small accident. swara saw him and got worried. she hurriedly came with a first aid box and started doing first aid

swara: sanskar kya karthe ho ha(applying lotion to his neck)

sanskar: ahh

swara(in tears): can’t you take care of yourself haa

sanskar: sorry swara

swara did  not reacts to his answer and did his first aid in complete silence. as she was going sanskar held her wrist in a fraction of second and turns to her to face him due to which he stumbles and lands on sanskar’s lap. her face was in his shoulder and she was hugging him.

her lips came no contact with his naked skin and she felt him shudder with her contact” swara”

he gasps . she was having no idea what she was doing  to  him with her contact. he felt his shoulders wet .he holds her shoulders and made her to look him.

sanskar cupping her face: shh i am fine see

swara did not respond to his saying and in a fraction of second he found her lips on his kissing him passionately sucking  his both pper and lower lips. her touch was reliving his pain although it has been removed by swara but this was mending his pain of giving pain to swara. a lone tear escaps his eyes and lands on swara lips which lead her to break the kiss. she saw his closed eyes and the tears which were escaping from them. he was broken and she was mending it with each her kisses the pain was washing away from himshe placed light kisses on those eyes and started to suck those tears after that she started caressing his cheeks with her lips by giving feather light kisses and when she drew back he opened his eyes and saw swara who was looking into his eyes in an attempt to take away all the pain he has .

she hugged him immediately when she found  desire forming in his eyes. he bent down and said huskily in her ears: how much will you make me crave to listen those words from your mouth mrs maheswari

swara cheeks got red listening to his words. he makes her to look into his eyes,

swara: i love you sanskar9lookng into his eyes)

sanskar: i love you too 

and thus begin their new journey begin with each other and their love in which they will be with each other

the end

sorry for mistakes and if you felt bore

Authors note
So guys it’s my last post because I have lost my confidence in writing and will not write more by seeing the comments I have got in few last posts , it was telling me not to write again. I am not angry or blaming anyone it’s just that I have lost confidence in myself.

Your friend

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