swasan os: what you are (part 2)

a new morning and a fresh beginning for our swasan let’s see what this beginning will bring change or will reveal something

sun rays peeped in swasan room leading to the formation of frown on swara’s cute and angelic face which was still stained with tears due to the continuous crying. She went to freshen up and came wearing beautiful blue saree with wet hairs.

just then she hears some noise and woke up with a jerk . she looked around and saw the most horrible sight which somehow made her fresh tears come out of her eyes.

sanskar was sleeping on couch and was sweating and crying in dream along he was also murmuring something and moving his hands and legs up and down in fear

swara moved towards him forgetting everything what had happened yesterday, she was scared and horrified seeing his condition. she moved near to him and heard him mumbling

sanskar(cries in sleep): i’m not a curse . please leave swara. i will make her hate me. It’s my promise promise

Listening to his cries and pleadings, she got confused but came into sense seeing his condition getting worse

She went towards him and patted his head: sanskar sanskar get up

But he was not waking up, she went towards him and made him sit on couch and made him lay on her chest . she said softly in his ears: shh sanskar no one is going to harm your swara , are you listening to me .she is safe and will be always with you safe and sound. You are here to protect her then what will happen to her.Are you listening she is safe and sound. Hmmm

Sanskar calmed down listening to her words and went again into deep slumber. Swara kissed her for head and caressed his hair and went to go but her feet got stuck on the mattress and she feel down on sanskar. Their faces were closed to each other and her wet hairs were falling on his face making him to open his eyes.

He opened his eyes and saw his morning beauty in front of him , scared like a kitten by closing her eyes and he got mesmerised to see her too close.

He got lost in her and tucked her hairs behind her ears leading her to open her eyes.

She looked in his eyes and got lost in their purity and innocent and most importantly love. Both were staring each getting lost in their world in which no one was there just them only them. He learned towards her and placed his lips on her for head and pecked their softly.

She closed her eyes feeling his love and enjoying his touch, yes she felt his love for the first time in his touch. She opened her eyes and looked towards him but suddenly his eyes got masked with something

Sanskar: enjoying my touch Mrs maheswari(smirking)

His Voice made brought her out of her dreamworld

Swara: how dare you( shouts)

Sanskar( gets up from couch):. How dare I really ( coming closer to her) I think more than me you were enjoying

Swara(pushes him): in your dreams Mr. I am warning you stay away or it will be not good for you

Sanskar: oh really

Swara: yes

She was going out of the room but got pulled harshly by a sudden force and she got landed on his chest.

sanskar: say what will you do

Swara: you can’t t scare me( staring in his eyes)

Sanskar: oh hoooo(tightens the grips on arms) I am impressed

Swara; ahh( winches in pain due to grip) you are hurting me(pushes him)

Sanskar: ya ya your pain( claps) your pain

Swara looked at him disbelieving seeing the person in front of her, who was just behaving like s devil torturing him mentally which is hurting her the most. No but she will not fall weak in front of this devil( wipes her tears)

She started to go from there ignoring him but this time she felt a soft grip on her wrist, she turned and saw that sanskar was holding her wrist..

Swara: sanskar what is left ha

Sanskar didn’t said anything, he just came near her and made her sit in chair and went towards the drawers.

Swara: will you blurt out?(shouts)

Sanskar came towards her and started applying ointment on her red marks due to grip

Swara: no need to this cheap tricks(takes back her hand)

He again took her hand and applied ointment. After applying ointment he left her hand And kissed her hand gently on the marks.

Swara felt butterflies with the contact of his lips on her hands. Her eyes got locked with his and the world got stopped

Tere sang yaara
Tere sang yaara
Hai raat deewani
Main dard sitara

The eye lock got broker due to the knock on the door and a her cheeks got pink

She opened the door and saw her sister in law uttara there telling them to come fast as it’s their first day for their starting of relation and they should start with the Lord blessings.

Swara nodded her head and looked towards sanskar who just looked at her painfully to convey something to her but he knows that she will not be able to understand. He just went away and swara went downstairs.

Swara’ s pov
What I felt today is not normal feeling, ? what I felt when I was with sanskar but why?? what is the name of this feeling?which I never felt before but He is my best friend no he was but now he is nothing to me? but what I saw today that also I can ‘ t ignore. His nightmare, his eyes conveying always something to me, but what? Yesterday when I was sleeping on couch and today when I got hurt these two things proves that he still cares for me but why he is doing this first he is hurting me then applying ointment to my wounds. I remember my sanskar who used to protect me from everything who promised me that he will not force his love on me, that sanskar I can see in this sanskar’ s eyes also but this sanskar’ always mask his feelings trying to hide something. I can see his eyes and I can’t be wrong . I am sure.

Hey guys long time na sorry but with a long update with a compensation. Tell me your views regarding it

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  9. Arshaanya

    Sanskar was one of d strongest chrctr of SR…
    N he wil nvr harm his swara no matter wat…
    If some1 is blckmlng also he wil nvr do dis wid swara… so m not likin sanskarz bhvr ???

    1. Moon

      Actually di* hope can I call you* I agree
      Just be a little patient the reason will get cleared in next part . I too agree with your point but there is some other mystery.. I will surely justify

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