SwaSan OS: No one can separate us

Hello guys. I’m here with an OS. Sorry for not updating my FF since a week. Two reasons.. First is my phone broke so I’m using my mother’s phone and she doesn’t allow me to use it. Second I’ve my exams so my mom toh never allows… I start

It starts with a girl sitting in a room with a veil On her face.. With jewelleries,. She’s the bride.. But her face isn’t revealed.. Soon the groom enters and locks the door. He comes and sits beside his wife. He hugs her tightly, she too hugs him tightly.. After ten mins the break their hug and Sanskar removes veil from her face. He look deep in her eyes.

‘Swara… Are you comfortable for taking our relation to next level?’ He asks.

She hugs him tightly..

‘Yes Sanskar. I always wanted this…’ She says being a little nervous.

Sanskar pins her to the wall and kisses her lips. He was about to kiss her on her neck but Swara suddenly pushes him saying..

‘No Sanskar.. I’m sorry.. I hid a big truth from you. I destroyed your life as well….’ She says while crying and gets interrupted by him..

‘Huh? What do you mean? Swara please don’t hesitate….’ He says.

‘Sanskar… I’ve been..r..a..ped once’ She says in a broken voice.

‘What?!’ He asked being shocked.

‘Sanskar, I love you so much and I was selfish. I destroyed your life with my life. I’m sorry Sanskar. But tomorrow morning I will give you divorce papers as I don’t want to destroy your life.’ She says.

‘Swara!’ He says with a little high tone

‘Swara, you know, you’re more than my life for me. And I will never leave you.. I will die…’ He says

Swara couldn’t say anything but keeps listening to him.

‘Now listen, you will NEVER divorce me. You’re my wife and will always be. Forget your past and think about our future.. Don’t tell anyone in house that you’ve been……’ He continues.

‘But Sanskar… I can’t see your life getting destroyed cause of me.’ She says

‘Ssshhh… Please don’t say that.. But I wanna ask you that how that happened? If you’re comfortable….’ He gets interrupted by her.

She began… ‘When I was in my collage, my best friend loved me. But he did not confess me. One day he gave me a short dress and asked me to come to a hotel. I found it weird but didn’t pay any heed to it. So, I wore it and went. He booked a room for us. So when I went there, he cleverly mixed something in my water and I was out of sense. So he r…a..p..ed me.. The next day I begged him to let me go but again he….. me. I was in my senses but still I can’t protect m..y..s..e.lf’ Says with teary eyes and broken inside.

Sanskar was also very teary eyes. He hugged Swara tightly so she couldn’t breath.

‘Now you’re not alone Swara. You’re Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.. And I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you.’ He says

Swara hugs him more tight.. ‘Thank you Sanskar.. Thank you so much.’

They broke the hug and Sanskar began to kiss her on the lips, eyes, nose and neck. He made her stand and took her clothes from cupboard, closed his eyes and made her change her clothes. She was very happy with his concern.

‘I know Swara you are not ready to take our relation to next level. I won’t force you. The Day you will accept me I will happily be yours..’ He says.

Swara was very happy. She kissed him on his lips and said ‘I love you Sanskar.. But it will take for me to…’ Interrupted by Sanskar

‘I know. Don’t worry.. Sleep I’m coming after changing my clothes.’ He says.

Swara lay on the bed. When Sanskar came she hugged him tightly and said ‘Thank you for coming in my life. Don’t leave me ever’

Sanskar said ‘Never’
****** ******* *******
****** ******* *******

Sanskar goes to his office. Swara revives a call from his PA who tells hee that Sanskar had an accident. Swara was shocked and began to cry..

‘I’m so unlucky for him. As soon as k entered his life, troubles also started coming in his life. You’re not a good wife Swara.’ She thinks.

Swara rushes to his cabin and opens it. She sees dark everywhere

‘Is anyone here?’ She asked being scared.

Soon she heard door closing sound and someone back hugging her. She sensed the touch and it was Sanskar.

‘Sanskar!!’ Swara said and hugged him tight. She began to cry a lot. She started hitting his chest.

‘Swara I’m sorry..’ He says.

‘Do you know how much scared I was?’ She asked while crying.

Soon he switched the lights on. In the wall it was beautifully written ‘Happy Birthday My Love My Life Swara’

‘Happy Birthday jaan’ He whispers in her ears.

Swara remembered its hee birthday. She thanked him.. And hugged him tightly. He kissed hee forehead. Soon they went home together. At night..

‘Sanskar..’ Swara says..


‘Vo I want to…take our relation to next level’ She said.

‘Really?!’ ‘Yes!’

Soon the consummated.

The next day.. When Sanskar came home from office he bought his best friend with him. Swara was shocked On seeing him.. But she didn’t say anything. When they went in their rooms.. Swara said ‘Sanskar he’s the one who raped me.’

‘What?!’ He said..

‘Yes. And now, he has come to take me..’ She said and hugged him. She started crying.

‘Swara you won’t go anywhere. Sleep, tomorrow he will be arrested.’ He said

After an hour. Swara slept keeping hee head On Sanskar’s chest.

Sanskar woke up, got ready and took Rajan (The one who raped Swara) with him. He dropped him in his Office and went for work. Soon police arrived in Sanskar’s cabin.

‘You’re a fraud.. And you’ve done something that is against the law.. We’re here to arrest you.’ Police says.

Police arrested him. Them Sanskar goes home.

‘Where’s Rajan?’ She asked.

‘In police station’ He said

She was shocked.

‘That means.. Now everyone knows that he r.aped me’ Said in a broken voice..

‘Arre nahi Swara. I told the police that he’s fraud..’ He says

‘Oh.. Thank you Sanskar. I love you’ She says

‘I love you too.’

They both kissed each other. They again consummated.
Thank you for liking and sorry if I wasted your time. I’m thinking that this is not a good story.. But it’s my first OS. Hoped you liked it.

And I will resume my FF’s after 28th probably. I’m very sorry foe this nonsense story.. Have a great day.!!

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  1. Rosey

    It was great and really amazing

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  3. Nice os

  4. Wow loved it ❤️

  5. Mahavir

    nice dear

  6. Apurva

    Nice 1 ????

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  8. Nice one dear

  9. Shrinju It’s amazing…Good try..??

    1. BTW Tune Menu nahi bataya…Jaa main tujhse baat bahi karti…Aur Teri FF kaha hai…BTW I m sorry for short comment …
      I really loved Sanku’s character…Loved ur Is Shrinju..

  10. Mica

    Shrinjuuuuuuuuuuuuu… aaawww soo sweett.. wish every girls have husband like Sanskar..

  11. Aarya

    Shri….it is nice….nd good os…
    I hope …ppls attitude towards rape victims may change someday….
    Hats off to sanskars character…. I really wish all boys think like that…nd respect women….
    Nd Rajan ppl like him should get the most cruel punishment….

  12. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Simple yet beautiful story… Loved it specially sanky and his personality…Keep writing like this dear…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  13. Deeksha

    Loved it dear….

  14. Mahjabeen

    Amazing dear…loved it soo mch??
    Nd yeah waitng egrly fr ur ffs nxt part..
    Tk cr☺☺

  15. Superbbb

  16. Hey Shrinjal di!
    Honestly, I’ve never commented on this page before and this is indeed the first time I’m doing so!
    I LOVED the OS like hell!!! It was soooo cute and sweet!
    Loved it to the core!
    Do post more like these!
    Since I’m not open to this page, please do send me the link of your works so that I can have a view on them!
    Love ya loads and loads!?????

  17. Amazing… sorry for the late comment but TBH it’s actually amazing.

    Sanskaar’s character as a husband is amazing, it touched my heart. Mere Bas mein chale tho I’ll make all the boys in my college read this ?

    Take care and keep smiling… ?

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