Swasan Os- Night of horror( Comic Genre)

Swasan OS: Night of Horror

This is my first os. I hope you all will like it.

It was around 10 pm when Sanskar returned home. He was tired and totally soaked in sweat. Swara welcomed him with a warm hug.
Sanskar: Sanskar aaj tumhe phirse der hogayi itna kaam kyu karte ho? Aisa lagta hai ki tumhare alawa office mein koi aur kaam nahi karta.
Sanskar: please Swara aaj nahi, yeh sab baad mein discuss karenge please
Swara: teekh hai, tum fresh ho jao phir saath mein dinner karenge

Sanskar: don’t tell me tum phirse aaj mera intezaar kar rahi thi. Princess maine kitni baar kaha hai ki tum dinner time pe kar liya karo, mera intezaar karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai kalse tum wait math karna ok
Swara: kal ki baat kal karenge pehle tum jao aur jaldise vapas aajao mujhe bohot bhook lagi hai.

Sanskar nods his head and smiles indicating that Swara is so stubborn.Swara sets the dinner table for both and Sanskar comes soon because he didn’t want to keep his princess waiting.
They were having dinner and were talking about how they spent their day
Swara: Sanskar pata hai aaj main bohot bore ho rahi thi toh main pura din bas movies hi dekhti rahi
Sanskar: acha toh kaunse movies dekhe tumne
Swara: maine aaj pure 4 horror movies dekhe
Swara says that with a sense of pride in her voice
As soon as Swara said that Sanskar spit the water he was drinking
Swara looked at Sanskar wondering what was wrong with him
Sanskar: princess tum teekh toh hona? Tum aur horror movie aur voh bhi 4 horror movies
And he started laughing badly holding his stomach
He was looking at Swara in between and continued to laugh

This was making Swara angry
Swara: tumhare hassi ka kya matlab hai
Sanskar: yahi ki tum aur horror movie. UNBELIEVABLE
And continues to laugh
Swara: what do you mean by that haan?
Just because main pehle darti thi it doesn’t mean ki mujhe ab darr lagta hai
Mujhe ab horror movies se bilkul bhi darr nahi lagta
Swara said that with a sense of pride in her eyes as if Swara achieved something great in her life
Sanskar still trying to control his laughter

Sanskar: acha jab maine do din pehle kaha thaki mere saath horror movie dekhne ke liye tab kisne darr ke mare mana kar diya tha
Main ya TUM!!!
Stressing on the ‘tum’
Swara was fumbling in the beginning
Swara: voh’voh’ uss se kya fark padta hai

Uss waqt mera horror movie dekhne ka mann nahi tha aur aaj mera mann hua toh maine dekh liya
Sanskar nodded his head saying no, sensing danger if he spoke further
Swara: better ek baat samjhlo Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari ki Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari ko kissi cheez se darr nahi lagta.
Sanskar: teekh hai meri princess mei maan leta hoon ki meri princess ko kissi se bhi darr nahi lagta

Swara gave him a stern look
Sanskar: acha teekh hai ab sone chale bohot der hogayi hai aur mujhe kal jaldi jaana hai
Swara: teekh hai tum jao main yeh sab saaf karke aati hoon.

Sanskar goes to their room. In the mean while Swara clears up everything and switches off the light.
Swarae proceeded towards their room; there was darkness in the pathway from the dinning table to their room. Swara started to get scared and she was trying to be brave.
Swara: Swara tujhe darne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai, bas thoda sa hi andheera hai
Tune to aaj 4-4 horror movies dekhe hai toh yeh andheera kuch bhi nahi hai

Infact Swara was more frightened than before

Swara: ek idea hai chalke jaane se behtar hoga ki main bedroom tak bhag ke jao
Swara ran at such a pace out of fright that within 5 seconds she stood outside the bedroom door. Swara made it a point to slow down as she neared the room because she didn’t want Sanskar to know that she was scared anything or else he would make fun of her coz some time back she shut Sanskars mouth with talks about her braveness and she not being scared of. As soon as Swara neared the room she stopped running and started walking confidently though she was praying from within. Swara entered the room peacefully and acted as though nothing had happened. Swara tried to be normal and cool. Sanskar noticed her abnormal behavior when Swara entered the room.
Sanskar:tum teekh toh hona

Swara: haan haan main teekh hoon mujhe kya hua hai im perfectly fine
Sanskar: ok…Ok itna kyu ghabra rahi ho?
Swara: kaun ghabra raha hai main nahi ghabra rahi main change karke aati hoon
Saying so Swara escaped his questions

Sanskar was confused with her behavior
Sanskar: ab isse kya hua hai?

He settled himself on the bed and was waiting for Swara
Swara came out after changing and tried to avoid Sanskar’s gaze
Swara settled herself beside him and slept immediately
Sanskar was seriously confused with her behavior. He called her but there was no response
Sanskar: Swara Swara
Lagta hai so gayi
He was too tired to question her so he slept and decided to keep a check on her tomorrow.

Sanskar and swara were fast asleep. Suddenly after some time Swara started dreaming that people soaked in blood coming close to her, she hallucinated a dagger in the air and that it was proceeding towards her to kill her. Swara started imagining about ghosts and felt that some evil spirit was behind her. Swara started hearing scary noises which was a result of her hallucination. Just when Swara was hallucinating about every scary thing possible Sanskar’s hand touched her hand.
Swara got up immediately and started screaming in the loudest decibel possible. Her eyes were shut tighly and Swara closed her ears with her hands.
Swara: aaahhh

Sanskar got up with a jerk. He was so scared when he heard his princess shout.
He got up and put a hand on her shoulder. Swara felt Sanskar’s hand on her shoulder and imagined Sanskar as a monster who was trying to kill her. Swara removed his hand and got down from the bed. Swara started jumping and started screaming
Swara: aaahhh
Sanskar please mujhe bacho varna yeh monster mujhe maar dalega Sanskar
And unknowingly tears rolled down her cheeks
Swara: Sanskar please mujhe bachao

Swara shut her eyes tightly and started praying
Swara: god please mujhe bachao mujhe itni jaldi nahi marna
Sanskar was confused and scared seeing her like that.
He got up from the bed and switched on the lights
He immediately went to Swara and cupped her face
Sanskar: princess apni ankhein kholo

Swara nodded a no
Swara: nahi agar maine ankhein khola toh mujhe voh saari scary faces dikhenge
Please Sanskar mujhe bachao voh monster mujhe marne aaya hai
Sanskar now smiled
Sanskar: princess tumhe apne Sanskar pe bharosa haina
Swara nodded a yes

Sanskar: toh phir apne ankhein kholo.I promise tumhe kuch nahi hoga
Swara opened her eyes slowly with fear and was relieved to see Sanskar in front of her.
Swara hugged Sanskar immediately
Swara: thank god Sanskar tum aagaye varna voh monster mujhe maar daltha. Sanskar mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai please mujhe bachao please and suddenly her fear took the form of tears.
Sanskar felt his shirt becoming wet and realized that his princess was crying. He broke the hug and wiped her tears with his fingers
Sanskar: hey princess rona bandh karo

Main hoon na tumhare saath tumhe kuch nahi hoga
Dekho yaha kuch bhi nahi hai
Chalo ab sone chalthe hai
Teekh hai
Swara nods in approval
They walk to the bed and Swara clutches onto Sanskars hand tightly
Sanskar was about to switch off the light when
Swara: use bandh mat karo mujhe darr lag raha hai
Sanskar: princess main hoon na tumhe darne ki koi zaroorat nahi
Swara: teekh hai par jaldi mere paas aao

Sanskar: abhi aaya
Sanskar switches off the light and goes to Swara
They lay on the bed and the entire night Swara hugged Sanskar tightly. Swara didn’t even move a little because she was scared to death. Sanskar was amused with Swara. He always knew that Swara was scared of horror movies and so he never forced her to watch them. He knew if Swara would watch them the result would be what happened sometime back.He hugged her back and trying to ensure her that he was always there to protect her. Soon they drifted to sleep. Swara slept comfortably because Swara was in the safest place of the world- in his arms.
Next morning Swara was in the kitchen making breakfast for Sanskar
Swara: Sanskar jaldi aao, tumhe late ho jayega

Sanskar: haan aa raha hoon
Sanskar has his breakfat and was about to leave when he remembered about last night and decided to tease Swara.
Sanskar: Swara aaj raat hum horror movie dekhne chale
Swara remembered about last night and was scared + embarrassed. Swara tried to avoid any topic related to last night from morning and here Sanskar was enjoying teasing her. Only Swara knows how terrific last night was, Swara literally experienced death approaching her.
Swara: stop it Sanskar tumhe mujhe tease karne ke liye aur koi topic nahi mila kya
Tumhe pata bhi hai main kitna darr gayi thi

Meri sans atak gayi thi aisa laga meri dhadkane ruk jayenge
Meri itni buri halat thi aur tum mujhe tease kar rahe ho
Sanskar: haan toh kya maine kaha tha 4-4 horror movie dekhne ke liye
Swara: SANSKAR !!!
Please ab mujhe chidana bandh karo na
Sanskar: acha teekh hai ab aur nahi chidaounga

Vaise tumhe maloom hai kal raat mein sabse best kya hua
Swara: nahi, kya hua tha mera chilane ke alawa (with a little irritation in her voice)
Sanskar: tum jo mujhe itna tightly hug karke so rahi thi voh sabse best tha
Swara blushed
Swara: voh..voh
Sanskar: hey chill mujhe bohot acha laga
Kaash tum roz horror movie dekho aur mere aur kareeb aao
Swara continued blushing
Swara: ab tumhe late nahi ho raha

Sanskar: tumhe blush karte dekh ke time kaise chala jaata hai pata bhi nahi chalta
Kyonki jab tum blush karti ho toh aur bhi zyaada beautiful lagti ho and he winks at her
Swara hides herself in his arms and Sanskar wraps his arms around her
Soon Sanskar leaves and Swara is alone in the house
Swara: go Swara it was such a scary night
Kal ke baad main zindagi mein kabhi bhi horror movie nahi dekhungi
Saying so she gets busy with her work.

And my os ends.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed while reading this os.

Please guys drop ur valuable comments

Bye take care
Keep smiling

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