swasan os : mistakes cant be forgiven easily by kaynat khan

Hello guys just was sitting ideal so thought to write os its all different idea from my other one shots its not so big in compare to my others but if you read fully you will like it so lets start

Sanskaar maheshwari : an orphan who has no one except his wife his soul swara he is one the best bussinessman in india only because of her she is his reason of existence
Swara sanakaar maheshwari : wife of sanskaar she loves sanakaar but she gives importance to money more for her without money nobody will ask you

The story takes place swara was living with her family she was so bubbly and her family was middle class one day when swara was just sixteen shekhar died and her family was only dependent on shekhar’s income and after his death sharmishta swara’s mother went into trauma swara was just too small to think what to do now she started to work in cake shops as waitress she working to make her mother normal but destiny was not on her side sharmishta too died now all bubbly swara have lost somewhere now she use to work and only she knows how she use to live alone in her 16 age at this age all parents build them up for their life and swara was all alone left in her life but she has decided ahe cant quit her life so easily the only thing which was disturbing her that no relatives came and ask her how she is living from that day she thought nobody in this world is real only money has existence without money you are no one so from that day she started doing double shifts and she took all money from fd that her dad has stored for her marraige and she started going to college her college was of governmebt so high salary was not demanded it was really tough time for her she was only indulge in her studies when she met sanskaar
First day of college swara was sitting and turning the pages of books when sanskaar came and sat beside her
Sanskaar : hey
Swara : hii

She looked up to see a handsome charming boy of the college was sitting beside her
Sanskaar : hey am sanskaar
Swara : swara
Sanskaar : so first day
Swara : yeah
Sanskaar : why are you so quiet
Swara : i like to be quite so plz dont disturb
But sanskaar was lost in her charm and he wants to do friendship with her at any cost daily sanskaar use to talk but swara use to ignore but swara use to get addicted to his talks his funny behaviour and they became friends now sanskaar was sure about his love towards swara
One day swara asked about her family sanskaar replied
Sanskaar : i dont have anyone swara in my life i am orphan when i opened my eyes i was found in orphanage the orphanage people brought me up and because of high studies and scholarships i am here but i dont have any regret towards life because i am happy with my small life you say about urs
Swara : hmm sanskaar have to go chalo bye take care
Swara was going to her house and was thinking why is he not sad he has no one then too he is so much happy with his life

Their friendship grows swara always use to ignore his question towards family then it was last day of college and sanskaar decides to propose her
He took her to nearby garden and confessed her
Sanskaar : swara i dont know when but i have fallen for you for your beauty for your innocence i really love you swara and i will take care of you in your good and bad times will you be ny side and be my soulmate swara will you marry me
Swara was just happy but she wasnt ready
Swara : no sanskaar this cant happen
Sanakaar : but why swara dont you love me
Swara turned around
Swara : no
A tear escapes from her eye
Sanskaar made her turn around
Sanskaar : ok then say it by looking in my eyes you dont love me i will accept and will never turn to you
Swara : if you really love me Sanskaar then prove it prove it by becoming famous bussinessman prove your dream true of becoming bussinessman then only i will become urs
Sanskaar : so only money can buy your love you dont care about my feelings
Swara : i do care sanskaar but here in this world the person who is respected who has money and i want you to be one of them if we are really made for eachother we will meet again and on that day i will become urs forever
Saying this swara left cryingly

Sanskaar : ok swara if my love has to cross this test then ok i will prove my love to you
Both gets apart that day swara was missing him badly but she wants to see him bigger man and sanskaar from on that day started to work hard
5 years leap swara have became no.1 model the chirpy bubbly innocent swara has turned to arrogant attitude s*xy swara bose now every company wants her as their model but she signs only few but in all this still she remembers sanskaar and him
And sanskaar he was same as before fun loving happy bas he has now got his muscles built up with six pack abs and he has now become one of the famous bussinessman he still waits for that day when his swara will come
One fine day swara was having meeting with new company she was wearing short dress with high heels she goes to cabin and was shocked to see sanskaar there sitting with file and sanskaar smirked that finally he found her
Sanskaar : so miss swara bose the no.1 top model of india finally i found you swara
Swara’s happiness was having no boundaries she just hugged him happily and sanakaar hugged her back
Swara : sanskaar you am so happy to see you
She started crying sanskaar departs and made her quiet
Sanskaar : sshh swara if anybody sees you crying they will kill me
Swara : shut up idiot i dont care about them i missed you so much and you havent missed me in these 5 years right i also got to know that you became famous bussinessman but didnt contacted me once
Sanskaar : really swara i didnt missed you you can see this office the name this is all because of you for you only i have achieved everything and see my hardwork has come true you are standing here infront of me
Swara : marry me sanskaar
Sanskaar : really

Swara : i promised that day the day when you will become somwthing i will be yours then today is the day lets get married
Sanakaar’s happiness were having no boundaries he hugged her tightly
Next day both gets married in church and kept it simple as much as the can after that sanskaar took her to his big mansion which he earned by himself swara was so much happy
Thatt night after making love both were laying next to eachother
Sanakaaar : swara
Swara : yeah
Sanskaar : why didnt you called your parents where are they
Swara : they are dead sanskaar
Sanskaar : what when
Swara : long back when i was just 16 they left me alone in this world then i got you but i understood this world only runs on money so i made you too realised that money is everything after you went it was really difficult for me to live i have tried several jobs but never got good hope and atlast i was so much rejected that an attitude started to build up in me and then i started doing modelling and see am here with you
Sanskaar kissed her forehead
Sanskaar : my chirpy swara has suffered so much but swara money cant buy somethings though money is important in living but it cant byu relations
Swara : its all filmy sanskaar after my parents death no relatives came and asked me about how am i leaving so why do i give a damn about them now my world is only you never leave me neither i will be alone again
Sanskaar : never

Days passed swara was continuing her modelling and didnt gave much time to sanskaar though sanskaar was busy too in his bussiness but he always came home soon for swara but he got only disappointments she use to be late always he missed her bubbly innocence which was taken over by her attitude now she was no more his swara whom he use to love he always tried to give her time but she was busy in parties and always tells sanskaar to attend meetings and all this always irked sanskaar and then one day all limits got crossed when swara found out she is pregnant though they always use protection but last time they hadn’t and results got positie she was highly worried as she will discuss it with sanskaar he will deny to abort and she dont want kids now as her carrer would be at stake she after 2 hours took a desicion of aborting the child she goes to her friends clinic and with her help she aborted the child though she was too feeling sad but she cant help it
She returned home and goes to washroom and by mistake kept file in cupboard at that time sanskaar too came and was happy today he was taking his clothes from wardrove where he found that file the floor beneath him was snatched by someone he was not able to believe what he was reading at that time swara came out she sees the file in his hands sanskaar’s eyes were blood shot red
Sanskaar : is this reports are true swara do you really aborted
Swara : bows down yeesss
Sansakar couldnt hear this he slapped her hardly she catched her cheeks
He grabbed her shoulders

Sanskaar : why swara why did you do all this haa what did you get by killing innocent soul our baby swara dont your hands shivered of taking this major step and without informing me too
Swara : so what should i do sanskaar because of this mistake i should leave my modelling everything is going so perfect you and i we can think about it in future too na
Sanskaar : really swara you think this as a mistake our baby is a mistake for you you know what swara you are not my swara whom i have loved the swara whoch i am seeing now is only attached to money her status her everything you have become so selfish swara that you didnt care that you are now married whatever desicion you will take will affect my life too but no you think money is everything na so fine give me my child back with your money give me my swara back with your money give me all thise happy moments which i was dreaming but cant get give me swara
He was crying now swara was just standing speachless
Sanskaar : you know swara you always wanted money na so fine wait
He brings property papers called his lawyer and then signed to it
Sanakaar : my all property bank money and bussiness is now yours i have informed my lawyer too now everything is urs but i am not yours now you have lost me too today
He was about to go when swara held his hands
Swara : no sanakaar dont go you promised me you will never leave me then and it was not easy for me too to abort the child but i did it for us sanskaar
Sanskaar : really swara you know i love children and i havent seen family i always wanted my family and when i got you i have got my family i wanted to become dad so that i also could be happy man in this world but you proved me wrong swara today money has winned infront of our love i am leaving you swara and going far away from you
Swara : sanakaar plz forgive this mistake of mine
Sanskaar : some mistakes cant be forgiven easily swara
He jerked her and goes from her far away swara sits with a thud and thought what has she done with her own hands she destroyed her beautiful life she whole day sat there and cried
Days passed swara resigned from modelling and started sanakaar’s job as his bussiness starrted facing loss and swara cant see this
She always use to see their pics and talk to him and always pray for his return now she was having all things money power but no love she regretted what she said she has turned her world only in her room

2 months later when at night swara was passing by a restaurant she saw sanskaar she was so happy to see him
She followed him to his house and she was shocked to see sanskaaar living in small falt in which a small kitchen and a matress was there she was feeling like killing herself
She goes and signed some property papers and goes to his house there sanskaar was carressing swara’s pic
Swara : sssaanskaar
Sanskaar heard her voice and turned around and was happy to see her bit rememberedwhat she has done and backedoff
Sanskaar : what you want now
Swara : i amsorry sanskaar i realised that money really doesnt matter infront of love i was blind to see what god has given me the happiness which i always wanted sanskaar i cant return you your child but i have killed that swara bose and now only your swara is living who reaally loves you dont worry i didnt came to give tensions to youa anymore am just going from your life bas i wanted to return you your’s hardwork it all belongs to you sanskaar
She kept property papers at table
Swara : i dont want anything sanskaar because life has thought me money will come and go but live will only come once and that i have losted toò i love you sanskaar bye
She was about to when he hugged her
Sanskaar : where are you going dare not to leave me i will kill you you always torture me swara by staying away first 5 years now 2 months bas i got my swara back i dont want anything just come back swara will start afresh dont go
She hugged him back
Swara : never sanskaar plz forgive me
Sanskaar : i forgived you jaan
Both gets depart and kissed eachother passionately

3 years after they were blessed with twins and now swara was perfect house wife and sanskaar was perfect bussinessman who gave importance to bussiness and his family both

Money is needful thing but guts something more precious which it cant buys o give importance to money but not more than anyone’s life

So guys how was it hope youll like it see youlls soon bye

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  1. Awesome……
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    May God Always Bless You……..
    Keep on writing more and more…….

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    Very NIce DIII.. Eventhough it was a love story it also gave a very importance message to all of us that Money is not Everything. I must say everybody should read this OS.

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  6. Kaynat its amazing
    Very true money cant buy everything
    Love can heal your wounds,give u a new life,a reason to live.

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  15. Beautiful os

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    Unique !! Unique !! Unique Kaynat !!! love it dear …
    Swara u r soo rit .. in this materialistic world without money u r nothing.. good for nothing…
    actually m also a little money minded …sooo..

    Sanskar u r damn rit without relations u r nothing for nothing… if u r nothing then what will u do with money… huhuhuhu

    Soo relations come first ,, later on money..(but it’s needed)…

    Thnk dear … ;-*

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    Amazing story
    U have really shown the importance of love over money I really liked your c9ncept

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  21. Man!!! That was so beautifully done!!! I loved it so much!!
    Write more soon!

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  27. Constructively written…Concept is so unique…overall loved it…!

    I say constructively written coz it really portrayed the truth MONEY is needed but not before EMOTIONS…! ?

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