SwaSan OS – Miley Jab Hum Tum (By ZuZu)

Miley Jab Hum Tum
(When we met)

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The Silent Roads of Kolkata.. The roads were silent.. And car engine was only sound in atmosphere with cool wind breeze… At night.. A girl driving her car on full speed returning from late night party.. Was humming her favourite songs..

All of a sudden her car breaks down..

Girl -“Oh no what’s wrong with this car now ” (to herself)

She tries to start the car.. Car makes sounds but doesn’t starts..

Girl -“Ise bhi yahi kharab hona tha.. Is sunsaan sadak pr… Abb kya karu.. Yaha toh koi b nahi dikhraha.. ” (This car also broke down Now..on this lonely road.. What should I do now.. I can’t find anyone here..)

She opens the door -“Dekti hu koi mil jaaye toh .. Jo madad kr de ” (Let’s find anyone here who can help me)

She looks here and there.. She was all alone on dark road… Her car lights only gave a lil brightness in the dark.. The winds were turning more cool and horrible with lightning..

Girl -“Oh no no one is here .. And it’s so dark.. Seems like it’s gonna rain now.. What should I do now.. ”

She keeps her hands on her waist and turns round and find a big royal house.. It was white in color with beautiful textures on it made of grey Colour..

Girl -“Let’s see .. May be someone stay here I can seek help from them.. ”

She headed towards the villa.. With her cell phone torch as it was so dark..

She tried to knock but the door was open.. She pushed the door.. And went in -“Hello is somebody here.. ??”

Girl -“hello koi h kya ??”

She steps inside.. And goes in checking. With a hope that she can find someone who can help her out..

Here out of same villa.. A Jeep stopped.. With 4-5 ppls in it.. It was so dark.. They kept thier car lights on..

Boy 1-“So this is that villa I need to spend a night here to win bet.. Wow.. OK done ”

Boy 2 -“Again u think dude it’s quite dangerous to be here.. ” (tensely)

Boy 1 -“Ahan Aman u think I will back out from a bet…. No ways.. ”

Aman -“What if ghosts… ”

Boy 1 -“Hahaha ghosts.. So funny.. Lol … Well now come on let’s go.. ”

Boy 3 -“U go we will pick u by the tomorrow morning.. ”

Boy 1 -“OK OK dude bye.. Get ready With bet amount as am going to win it for sure.. ”

All boys left leaving one boy there.. He headed towards villa with handy camp -“So here I’ve to be for next few hours….Aahhan not bad place.. ”

He steps in.. His foot steps were only the sound in the silent villa..

“Tak Tak Tak Tak ”

He goes inside following his shadow..

Boy -“Let’s find here something to sit first ”

He goes inside in the living room..as to get something to sit but as he goes inside ..He sees a shadow of a long hair person

He gulps -“No no there is nothing called ghost in this world .. Its just a bet I need to be here for some hours then I can leave.. ” (he thinks but scared fully)

The girl who has entered the same villa to seek help.. Sees a shadow too she gets afraid seeing shadow..but she walks to same direction murmuring -“Sshhh …shadow.. But .. But who’s.. No it can’t b ghost… They don’t exit.. (Stammers in fear )

They walk opposite each other direction and feels like shadow size getting extending (I mean big).. As they walk towards each other.. They come face to face.. But due to large portion of darkness and very small portion of light they thinks each others as ghost and they shouts..

Girl -“Bhooootttttttt!!!!!!! ”

Boy -“Ghosssttttttttt!!! ”

They run to opposite direction from each other..

She hides behind chair while he behind table… Thinking each other as ghost :p

He -“Please don’t do anything to me bhootni ji I dint do anything ”

She – “Please ghost bro don’t eat me see am not even married also.. No no am not even engaged to.. ”

He -“Even mee too bhootni ji.. Please leave Me.. If a handsome hunk like me dies in this age who will be responsible for my collage girls.. Who dies on me.. ”

He -“wait wait what just she said now and what am saying ..From which generation bhootnies get married.. May be she is new generation modern bhootni (he thinks) ”

She thinks -“Do ghost reply.that too a collage going.. Are ghosts handsome..?? (She thinks)… He is not ghost.. I think he is Human.. ”

He thinks -“wait wait. If she is bhoot y she will hide from me.. She will come to eat me na.. Haha she is not bhoot…”

They both gets up from thier respective places.. And looks each other but cz of darkness and distance they aren’t able to watch each others face properly..

They again hide in thier places..

He -“(to himself ) Com on she is not ghost… And if she is am dare devil”

She thinks on other side -“Common yaar am champ of my collage how can I fear.. (thinks) but what if he is a ghost only… (Jerks the thought ) whatever it may be I need to face .. Uff com on I can do that ”

They slowly gets up from thier respective places and heads towards each other…

While heading towards each others thier fear vanished..and now they were confident that they are humans not devils..

He sees her and gets angry cz of her he the cool handsome hunk got fear .. He rudely says..

He -“Hey who are u .. What are u doing here.. ”

Listening to his rude voice and gets irritated as she too suffered same..so replied with equal rudeness..

She -“I can also ask u the same question ?? ”

Giving a whatever look.. He says rudely..

He -“Yeah u can but y are u making ppl scare being bhoot ha..?? ”

She gets angry listening herself as bhoot..

She -“Oh seriously am I scaring ?? Or u are doing.. Like a ghost.. Thank god (she kept hand on her head) I would have got heart attack..”

He -“ahaan heart attack (in a mocking way) u are scaring all.. U crack !!”

She -“u .. how dare u call me crack u.. U.. (She was not getting any names ) u duffer.. ”

He -“Oh Hello me and duffer.. Huh..am handsome dude of my collage.. Girls go crazy for me. ”
(With attitude and style)

She laughs -“Cool dude that gets afraid… Lol what a cool dude u are?” (Makes fun of him)

The thunder lightening breaks out and with lil amount of light he sees her face..and laughter… He gets awstruck by her spellbind beauty.. Her smile which was breathtaking..
He was again brought in sence by her words -“U are not cool u are big duffer… Who is afraid of shadow.. Lol .. Seriously they girls should b either duffer like u or blind ” (She was laughing with whole heart )

He -“If I am duffer then u are big crack. .” (He says when he feels it as his personality insult )

She -“what did u say ??.. ” (fume in anger)

He -“Haha it means u are not only crack but deaf too.. Lol… I said u crack.. U know pagal ..”
(He says laughingly Stretching the word crack and pagal) ”

She -“Haan how dare u say me pagal.. ” (Became red in anger)

He -“What’s dare in that ….u are a crack only.. See urself.. ” (continued laughing)

She -“U…” (Raging in anger)

He -“Acha pagal say me y are u here…. In this place. Ur friends left u here ha cz you are crack (laughs)”

She -“No ways am topper of my collage.. All loves me.. Am here cz my car broke down in the middle of here.. So to ask help.. But what did I know here I will see a big duffer ” (feeling proud on herself.. And giving a tit for tat)

He -“Oh hello.. Am not duffer.. ” (Rudely looking other side)

She -“BTW y are you here.. To meet Ur friends ghosts.. ” (Making fun of him)

He -“U know as am a daring person I had a dare challenge from my friends to spend one night alone in this deserted villa.. They think they are ghost here.. But I dint believe..(sits on sofa comfortably) But Now I think they are right… See I found one.. ” (With mischief in eyes)

She lil scared -“Where where.. ” (Sees all around)

He -“Arey crack u are the only one am saying about.. U are not ghost but more than a ghost..(laughs out loud) definitely if ppl see u in darkness without makeup I must tell they will be no more haha ”

She -“U duffer u idiot am I look Like a ghost to u.. See how beautiful I am I won title also in my collage as miss Excel.. ” (Gets irritated and praises herself)

He -“Oh so u are much horrible among all ghosts.. ” (he again laughs looking at her )

She thinks -“There is no use of talking to this duffer I must think how to go home.. It’s already 3 (seeing in wrist watch) uff what should I do.. To go home I need to make my car alright first.. But who will help me.. (She sees him and think.. ) will he.. No no he Is first only duffer.. What will he help.. If at all I will ask he will show attitude.. But i need to go also na.. Kya karu karu.. Puchu kya (she about to ask) no no he will again show attitude.. ”

Seeing her in a confused yet thinking state.. He says -“Hey crack speak up..what are u thinking.. Are u thinking to take out Ur hangs and drink my blood as vampire.. (Acts like he is scared) ”

She -“Shut up u duffer.. My car have broken down ..so ” (Biting her nails)

He -“So…??”

She -“So…(Hesitate)”

He -“So..” (frowns)

She -“Soo .” (Her attitude not letting her speak )

He -“So u want me to repair it…right crack??”

She -“yes help me pls ” (Finally says closing her eyes )

He -“What did u say I dint heard say again.. ” (Shows his attitude )

She -“Please help me (a louder) ”

He -“(Walks round..) wow pleasing sound so sweet from u..”

She -“(lil angry) will u ”

He thinks and says -“OK OK but…

She -” But (Questioning )

He -“But …what will I get in return?? “(naughtily)

She -“What u want (scared)”

He -“If I repair Ur car.. I want a kiss as in return.. ” (winks) (Goes near her)

She looks at him angrily.. He turns..

He -“So say crack do u want me to repair or .. (He again sits on sofa) ”

She -“Please repair it na am late pls “(cutely)

He seeing her cute appealing -” OK I will do.. ” (He melts)

She smiles wide -“Thank u.. Thank u so much..”

He -“Its OK OK crack.. ”

She heads towards main door and he walks behind her ..she was scared and wanted to buzz from there as early as possible ..while heading.. She turns round to look him but he was missing…

She gets scared -“Oh god where he went… And this place..” She sees here and there to see him but .. Alas !! He was no where to be found…

She slowly slowly says -“_Duffer duffer where are u..,” (Heading back inside again )

She feels someone back of her .. She gets very scared..almost sweating… She gulps and turns towards door and sees him standing in front..the very next nano second.. She gets scared by a huge thunderstorme she runs and hugs him tightly closing her eyes.. She dint leave him..as she was scared a lot..

He then smiles -“Crack.. Crack its nothing.. Am here only.. ” (caressing her hairs )

But she dont even open the eyes..

He again gets naughty

He -“Haha look I know am so handsome yet hot.. And this is lonely place… so don’t try to take advantage of me OK.. :p ”

She hears his words and leaves immediately.. Realising her state..

She -“You duffer do Ur mind work 24/7 in flirting.. ” (Feels irritated by his silly pranks)

He -“How do u know.. Correct guess.. ” (Making a confused face..)

She -“Aur nahi toh KYA every time flirt.. ” (Pissed off)

He -“Oh so miss crack…

She cuts his words…

She -“Huh now enough of Ur nonsense.. move I will open door..am getting late ”

She sides him and heads to open the door..

She tries to unlock d door but all efforts in vien..

Here he sits on chair near and sings -“Hum tum (looking around) ek haunted villa me band ho.. (He thinks and sees door) Aur Aur door lock ho jaay.. ”

She lil angry -“(sings back) Tuje chappal se maaru me.. Aur Aur tuje Teri nani yaad aaye.. ”

She still trying to open the door.. While he is irritating her..

He -“Hey crack this is not song ”

She -“Then what u sang then ?? ” (Looks at him)

He -“(Making his collar right) Its my version ”

She -“then it was also my version ” (Replied back with same attitude)

He -“(Making face) huh copycat ”

She -“same to u mirror ” (Giving a teasing look showing her tounge)

She was trying to open it but it was not.. He seeing this said..

He -“(heading to door) Side I will do (she moves a side ) (looking her ) eat something see urself.. (Saying this he turns to door and tries to open..)how thin u are like stick ”

She -“Oh hello am not thin this is perfect figure ..”

But door was so struck it was not opening.. He tried a lot.. But all efforts in vein

She -“Haha u eat something.. Duffer ..” (seeing him struggling with the door )

He makes a face.. At the time again a louder thunderstorm being.. With wind and door windows gets closed by themselves due to heavy wind..

They both run and try to open the windows but cannot.. She gets more scared first door was jammed and now windows are not opening..

He sees her scared face.. And gets idea.. In his khurafati dimag ..

He -“U know crack.. I have once heard about a same like house.. Or this house only.. ” (In a fearfull voice)

She scared -“What u heard ” (biting her nails )

He -“Like in lonely nights.. The deserted villa.. Suddenly winds turn heavy.. Windows shut by thier own.. ” (laughs a lot inside and continued his acting)

She totally scared and sweating.. Gulped.. -“Then.. ” (she looks around )

He -“A shadow comes and…”

She too much scared -“And… ”

He starts laughing seeing her scared like hell..

She listens his laughter and first gets confused then got his mischief.. She gets angry and beats him..

He -“Arey arey y are u beating me “(trying to save himself)

She beating him by both hands on chest.. -” U know how hell I was scared.. What if I get heart attack and die ”

He -“(Holds her hand..) Shh..I can’t let anything happen to u.. ” (Staring her )

She was on him as he pulls her holding her hands… She stops beating listening him.. They were lost in depth of each others eyes.. Staring each other..

They were again brought in sence by a sound in villa..


They stand right.. And looks from where the sound have came exactly.. They get scared.. But he wanted to find source of that sound..

He -” Come let’s check ” (Holding her right hand..)

She -“(scared) no no ”

He -“Am here na don’t worry .. Come..” (he assures her)

She agreed but still in fear.. She holds his arm with both of her hands..

They walk to direction.. Again a sound come..

Now he too was scared a bit but dint show.. He gulped.. They headed.. To room..

They saw Its nothing but a tap which was open and Now due to rain it started flowing.. They look at each others scared faces and laughs..

He -“Haha ”

She -“Lol ”

He -“We were afraid Cz of this lol ”

She -“Haha silly tap.. ”

They had a eye lock.. Her Smile got printed as carbon copy In his heart.. Which tugged his heart.. She broke the eye contact…

They both felt embarrassed ..

He -“Let’s find a way !” He says to start a normal convo avoiding embarrassment…

She understands it and nods ..

He -“let’s start from this room ”

She -“We are on first floor how can we find a way over here.. U know I gave u a correct name u are really duffer ”

He -“hey I said cz here if we can find a way through window or something .. But u are crack ”

She angry -“You duffer.. Can u see any window over here which is open ?? ”

He -“(steps forwards to her..) Do I really seem duffer to u .. Ha ?”

She in her fun doesn’t notice the mischief in his eyes..

She -“haha .. Any doubt ??”

Her smile was provoking him more..

He again takes steps towards her.. -“Seriously.. ” (naughtily )

She now sees thier position.. He was so near to her.. It was a bit gap between them..

She fumbles -“Vo vo u also called me crack na so.. I .. I .. I did ” (stepping back )

He -“OK if am really a duffer then let’s me show u what this duffer can do.. ” (Making her more worried yet shy)

She moves back.. But struck to cupboard..

He smiles seeing her.. And moves forward..

She -“Please ” (Gulps)

He blocks her way by keeping hands on cupboard..

She looks in his heated eyes.. She downs her gaze..

He moves his head towards her.. They were a inch apart.. She closes her eyes as her soft baby pink lips feels his hot breath on them.. A shiver passes through her body.. She wasn’t stopping him.. Inseated closed her eyes anticipation.. He sensed her permission and leaned further.. They were so close to each other.. He was about to kiss her when a sound of loud thunder with lighting brought them to reality.. They realised thier position… Her cheeks became red and he had a smile on his lips.. Both pairs of heart were flying.. With the cool breeze which was flowing in through ventilation..

She keeps na pout face.. ?

He notice it

He -“What happened ”

She was near to cry.. He really gets worried and cups her face..

He -“Tell me what happened I was just kidding ”

She in a childish tone -“Not for that reason ”

He frowns -“Then ?? ”

She Innocently -“Am hungry.. ”

As soon as he listen her childish reason he got a urge to laugh but controlled it..

He -“Don’t worry we will be out soon ” (Caring )

She -“(Stubborn) No I want to eat something now ”

He -“But where u will get the edibles in this House ”

She -“I dunno anything .. U do anything but get me something to eat that’s it ” (cryingly)

He -“(Cups her face ) Kk don’t worry..first stop crying.. If u cry like that how can v search.. So first stop crying ”

She nods in yes.. He wipes her tears..

They find the kitchen in house.. They search a lot.. Later they found..

He -“See we got now u can cook and eat ” (looking at her)

She again start crying

He -“What happened again o god!! ”

She -“I don’t know cooking ” (She replied cutely )

He -“Oh god !! Then what u know”

She take his words as scolding and cries again..

He -“Am sorry am sorry.. (Seeing her crying like child He thinks ..before some time she was a daring one and now crying like baby.him OK I will cook for u .. Now happy.. Smile now.. ”

She becomes happy..and smiles..☺?

He -“That’s like my cute girl.. This smile suits u a lot ”

They goes in kitchen.. He find some cooking items.. But was not able to find lighter.. They were using thier phones flash as light in kitchen..

He -“Oh no where is lighter.. ”

She -“Now (Cutely ) ”

He remember something and takes out a pocket lighter from his pocket …

She gives a look to him and thinks that the smokes..

He by seeing her expressions guessed her thinking

He -“What don’t think that am a smoker OK .. ”

She -“Then y this lighter with u ?”

He -“Cz I was doing a dare challenge.. So ovio it will be dark and I need to use it so I brought ”

She feels relived and smiles -“Oh kk ”

He while cooking praises himself..

She -“From where u learnt cooking ”

He -“From my sweetheart ..”

She -“What !! (She gets suspicious)”

He -“Yes my sweetheart is so Amazing cook.. I love the food she makes for me.. All my fave dishes.. (Lost in the thoughts of sweetheart) ”

She here gets angry yet jealous.. -“Acha so she is so talented ”

He -“Yes so much ”

She -“Where do she live ”

He -“In our house ”

She -“What in Ur house.. ” (Widened her eyes )

He -“Yeah she my sweetheart mom..”

She feels relived listening him -“Ohh what I thought.. My god ”

He seeing her actions.. -“Q what u thought ??”

She -“Nothing Nothing ” (Tries to cover )

He tried to come near her

She -“Am hungry please do fast.. ” (diverting him )

He -“OK OK ”

He cooks and she eats happily.. He gets happy and stares her while she was eating.. She feels his gaze on her and gives him food.. He shows his mouth .. Gesturing her to feed him.. She smiles and feeds him..

Her lips gets sauce marks.. He cleans by his thumb.. She closed her eyes.. Both were so near feeling each others breaths.. Soon they were back to sences by the sound of Casio.. They gets suspicious..

He took back steps.. -“Who was there ”

She now looking him -“Don’t say ghost.. ”

He -“May be ” (He too gets lil bit afraid but being a boy having a cool dude attitude he doesn’t reflect it on his facial expressions..)

She heads towards him -“What to do ”

He sees her scaring.. -“Don’t worry am with u na..”

She -“Please be with me.. Am afraid of ghost” (almost to break down tears)

She holds his arm and hide her face.. He steps forward from where the sound seems to be originated..

They take baby steps and goes to drawing room from where the Casio song was coming..

They slowly peeped in room.. He was almost sweating.. He gets shock to see the scenario.. Her eyes were closed.. So she slowly opens and peeps from back of him still holding his muscular arm..

She laughs seeing the scene.. He looks her lovingly her smile..

She -“Haha duffer its a cat and we are getting afraid lol ”

He to smiles -“Ya its a cat.. ”

She keeps on laughing mesmerising him..

He -“You look beautiful in this smile… ” (looking her)

She stops laughing and looks in his eyes which were saying many things..

She -“You know I had a craze to learn Casio but..”

He -“But what ?? ”

She -“I can’t learn no one thought me this.. ”

He -“Acha no problem I know I will teach u come.. ”

She -“Seriously u know ?? ”

He -“Yeah I know..”

She -“You will teach me? ”

He -“Y not .. Come.. ”

He makes her sit on stool and stands at back of her..

She as it’s new for her feels very exited..

She keeps her hands on keys..

He holds her hands from back.. Coming near to her ear -“Which song u like to hear?”

She -“Yeh jindagi ”

He -“OK u too sing with me ”

She -“Yes 🙂 ”

He makes her play music holding her hands.. She closes her eyes as his breath hits Her neck.. They sing..

Yeh zindagi khole baahein khadi,
Hawaa yun chali
Dil kahe tu bhi zaraa saath aa
Kal chhoti si chhuti yaadon ki gali
Pal mein naya aisa waadon ka silsila
Bhir mein bhi kyun lage hai
Hum hai akele yahan

They sings sweetly…. He holds her and and makes her stand.. Sbe looks him surprisingly.. But then she dance with him.. Both gets losts in each other.. They dances closely… He closes to her by pulling her from her waist.. She gets shy and hides herself in his chest..

Hal chal ho dil me MILEY JAB HUM TUM
Muskil dagar mein chale JAB HUM TUM
Liye khwab dil mein chale JAB HUM TUM…

As song ends

She -“Thank u so much I really wanted to do this once.. ”

As her words hit his ears he comes back to sense.. Haha ya he dreamed to dance with her..

He smiles at his own thoughts and jerks.. -“well welcome.. ”

A thunderstorm makes them again realise that they are struck in a lone house..

She -“Oh shit we need to find way let’s do.. ” (With tensed face)

He -” Yes its quite late .. ”

He thinks something.. -“Arey we can call anyone na ”

He takes out his phone..

She laughs -“You think I’ve not tried ?? There’s no network duffer ”

He -“(after seeing ) Oh Yeah.. ”

She -“OK ok let’s see then..”

They began to search for an exit cz main door had a one time lock facility if it’s closed once it can be reopened only By its keys..

While searching door her legs slips.. He watches it and tries to hold her.. -“Crack…!!”

He holds her hands but due to slippery tiles he to slips.. He was top of Her.. She looks in his eyes.. Her eyes were heated with emotions which he to held in his deep yet innocent eyes..

He tugged her hair strand back of her ear… Her heart played a summer Soult… She closed her eyes while smiling.. She to herself -“What am doing.. What’s happening to me.. This duffer Is making me feel something by which my heart is beating so fast.. ”

Next movement she jerked her thought..and open her eyes.. He feels embarrassed and look side way.. She was beneath of him..

As he looks on left side of her he founds a small handle.. He gets suspicious about it..

He gets up and make her up.. He then sits there and examines the area properly..

He -“Crack see here Is a door way I think from passage ”

She confused -“_Duffer are u mad.. What are u saying.. Its not alibaba chaalis choor story or a fairy tale. ”

He shows her.. She became shocked and silent too..

He -“See I said na.. Wait I will open it.. ”

He tries to open but as door was jam it was becoming difficult yet.. At last with full force he tried and opened the door.. But due to force his hand gets cut and starts bleeding..

She becomes worried.. And holds his hand immediately.. -“_Are u mad..”

He jokingly -“No u are mad am duffer remember ?? ”

She gives a angry look.. -“is it paining ..stop joking all time ”

He sees her worried face -“No ”

She -“What no see its bleeding and u are saying it’s not paining ”

He gets happy seeing her concern -“Ya lil bit but don’t worry its just a cut ”

She -“What just a cut.. ”

She takes out her kerchief from her jeans pocket and ties to his and.. Scolding her.. As she was busy in scolding him and bandaging his had.. His pair of eyes were busy staring her…

She felt his gaze on her and stopped scolding..

He to looked sideway..

He -“So now its already morning let’s go ”

She sees the Underground passage it was so dark she gets afraid..

She -“It’s so dark.. ” (scared) “I will not come ”

He -“Am here na come it’s the only way now ”

She -“No no am afraid ”

He -“(holds her hand and looks in her eyes ) you trust me ”

She -“(nods in yes ) ”

He -“Then believe me I am here with u.. Nothing can harm u..”

She nods in yes.. He jumps in and holds her by waist and place her down.. While getting in UG her leg gets twisted.. She shouts in pain…

She -“Aahh ”

He -“Worried (what happened.. Show me ) touches his ankle ”

She moans in pain -“Aahh ”

He -“Wait let me see ”

She -“No ”

He -“Shhh (he gets close to her.. She was lost in him.. He kept staring her eyes.. ) u look so beautiful.. Ur pair of eyes makes me to merge in them.. (She looks him shyly) ”

She again was brought in sence as her leg pained a bit as he removed the leg sprain.. By involving her in him..

He -“See done.. ”

She just smiled and felt embarrassed Cz of her feelings..

He -“Come lets Go now.. ”

She tried to walk herself.. But he dint let her… And very next movement she was in his strong arms..

She -“(Innocently ) what are u doing ”

He -“Taking u out of Here .. ”

She -“But Ur wound !! ”

He -“Shhh., Now be quite .. It’s not more that u ”

She dint spoke anything and snaked her arms round his neck..

He was walking.. While she was looking in his face.. She slowly sleeps in his arms.. He sees her sleeping -“what have u done to me in this one night.. The way I gets lost in Ur doe like eyes.. And Ur breathtaking smile.. Uff crack u made me mad.. And see sleeping like a child.. ”

He downs his head and pecks her forehead.. She smiles in sleep..

He scolds himself -“what a I doing its not correct to do this.. She is sleeping..”

After walking they comes out.. Her sleep gets disturb by sun rays.. She open her eyes.. He puts her down..

She gets happy that finally they are out she in excitement hugs him -“Yey we are out .. Wow thank u so much ”

She realise the hug..

He -“Haha yes we are ”

She -“Thank u love u so much.. (in happiness she kissed his cheeks tightly)

He looks her in amazement.. And feels butterflies in his stomach..

Next movement she feels shy in order to escape from it she tried to talk normally..

She -“Please help me with my car ”

He -“Sure ” (As he knew she was shy he dint tease her )

They head to car and he repairs the car..while she stares her.. And remember what she did minutes back.

He then start to check is it OK.. And it was done…

He makes a smiley face on car’s window and writes ” crack ”

She smiles to see his act…

She -“Shall leave now ? ”

He -“Yeah but if u don’t mind can I ask something ? ”

She -“Yes ”

He -“Can I have Ur contact number ”

She smiles -“Sure ”

They share number..

He was saving in his phone..

She forward her hand for handshake..

He too do it ..

She -“BTW my name is Swara Not crack ” (smiles )

He -“Haha am sorry my name is Sanskaar.. Nice to meet u..”

She -“Friends?”

He -“of course ”

She -“K now have to leave bye Sanskaar ”

He -“Bye Swara ”

They leave for thier own way !!

Suddenly a car stops in highway.,

A girl inside the car was in excited mood …

Girl : wowww am so exited .. continue remaining story ..soon ???? ( Forgot Car Stopped )

Boy : (Blinks .. remaining who knows i read till this na??? “Thinks In Mind ” ) What ?? you need rest of the story … first think how to reach our home..

Girl : No ?? i want to know … tell me .. ( Beats him playfully n pulls his hands asking him too continue )

Boy :Listen ( she did not .. irritates him even more ) gets angry ( shouts ) ” WHAT THE ”

Girl : Shocked ??? … then starts laughing like mad leaving him confused ???

Boy : Are you mad?? why laughing like this .. am scared ..

Girl : But am not scared for your ” WHAT THE ” ???? laughs .. after all who am I “KUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA ”

Boy : Dont forget that am ” ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ” Stop your antics now n think how to reach home…

Kushi: Why what happened we are going na will reach soon??

Arnav : ( Shocked ) ????? ” WHAT THE ” ( Controls ) just look around .. are you feeling like travelling in heaven …???

kushi : Looks around .. why you stopped the car now ….

Arnav : ?? When i stopped .. its breakdown …

Kushi : What?? When ?? ( arnav stares ) means I was deeply involved in the story so didn’t realize this..??? .. but u notice the co-incidence same like in story our car also breakdown .. laughs????

Arnav : You are impossible … now think any idea to go from here ….

Kushi : Then i need jalebi ????? .. ( Her tongue become watery ..by rememering itself ) i mean you know right my mind works faster when i have jalebi ..

Arnav : It’s my mistake that i asked you .. better i will do something ( Thinks ) calls his mechanic n informs about it . .. ( They said will come after sometime ) now it’s done .. i should have done this before itself…

Kushi : But till mechanic reach how can I sit inside car .. it’s very big deal for me .. Huhh … Shouts ( He turns to her ) come will go n roam out .. see this place was so peaceful … I loved it .. so let’s go ..

Arnav : It’s good than bearing your antics .. challo ( Both goes out )

Looks around … Its a lonely area covered by full of trees .. They walks for some distance while talking …

Suddenly arnav stops seeing something … kushi confused n looks at the place were he is watching …

Kushi : Hey wow … I think its expensive villa see how grand its looking ..

Arnav : ( Confused .. remembers the story were he read about the villa ) One more Co-Incidence is its like same villa which I said you before . but how can it be possible .. Its story right ??

Kushi : Is it ?? but leave whatever it’s looking awesome .. will go n see once .. what if the couple also really staying there …

Arnav : Haha it’s so funny ..

Kushi : No problem .. but will go ( she takes him holding his wrist … even he is confused so goes in to verify )

Both reaches inside looks around .. but no one is available also door is locked .. just then they notices nameboard which is covered by the dust … Arnav wipes the dust n finds ” SWASAN ” Villa written on it …

Arshi : ( At a time ) Swasan !! Who is he /she ?? ( Both hears a voice coming from back )

Old Man : Not he/she its combination of he and she ( Arshi confused ) haan it’s swara and Sanskar called as Swasan …

Kushi : Woww how Sweet .. Swasan its superb hey na … like us even they have name like this ..

Old man : Matlab ??

Kushi : Arey kaka you donno who we are .. Even we are famous celebrities am kushi .. he is arnav .. we are arshi ..

Old man : Ohh but I donno .. I know only swasan …

Arnav : Its okay .. are they here .. can we meet them ..

Old man : (Sad ) Noo they are no more .. They died in an accident which happened two years before ( Both shocked ) .. Only their sweet memories are here ..

Arnav : But how ?? It means the story which I read is real .. and the couple is swasan .. what happened after their first meet..

Old Man : I think you read their story in book .. and ya after leaving from here they both started feeling for each other .. after realizing about it .. they met eachother and confesed their love .. then both get married and was living happy life .. Also bought this villa as they met here for the first time .. But their bad luck they are not alive now .. Am taking care of this villa ..

Arshi : ( Had tears in their eyes )

Kushi : I never heard such stories .. But its amazing … they are great ..

Arnav : Haan kushi is right … But kaka can we buy this villa now .. we are impressed .. n hats off to them…. Really they are true lovers ..

Old man : Haha no can’t . They already informed .. if they not there also their memories will stay here forever .. So its only belongs to ” SWASAN ”

Kushi : Ok kaka .. But can we visit inside … plzz .. even we wanna see them please .. ( Even arnav requests )

Old man : Even you both like sweet couple .. so I will show …

Arshi gets happy … in excitement kushi jumps n kisses arnav cheek ( kaka smiles n smiles ) . arnav embarrassed ..

Old man : Like you botheven they used to fight lot .. But their love is never been replaced .. they are always special …

Trio goes in .. sees each n every place … were fully covered with swasan frames .. articles etc .. arshi is impressed and was amazed to see all those things … After visiting all places they are happy n wishes to be like swasan ..

Kushi : Thank you so much kaka . we are really amazed … and even we try to be like them ..

Arnav : ( smiles ) Haan its tough but will try ( Kushi laughs ,… kaka also smiles )..

Old man : Its my pleasure .. Even am happy to meet you both ( arshi smiles n hugs each other )

Just then Kushi phone rings .. seeing called ID she becomes silent n signals Sshhhhh …

Otherside : HELLO .. HAI … BYE … BYE .. What are you doing with my son .. yet you both not reached the home …. Don’t try to take him with you … comes soon .. huhh ( Cuts call ) ( And its Manorama MIL of kushi )

Arnav smiles looking at her expressions ..!!!

Arnav : Ok kaka we leave … already warning bell came .. Smiles ..!!!

Kushi : haan kaka .. Bye take care of swasan ( Villa ) …

Meantime., they receives call from mechanic … he came repaired car .. Both left the place .. reaches near car after paying bill .. Arshi leaves the place Happily ….!!!!

The scene shift to sky where clouds write

-“I Love You Swara ”

Other cloud reply in writing

“I Love You Too Sanskaar ”

They both combine and a smiley appears in sky !!

The End !!

Comment UA views !!


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  1. Bhavana

    wow yaar its amazing luvd it alot…………………………………..

  2. Awesome yaar.not alone this but ur each and every OS.so special

  3. Awww its so sweet
    its very different and cute too

  4. It’s boring. Previous ffs are good but this one is very boring.

  5. Dharshini

    Awesome yaar…Got into d story…

  6. Pooja26

    awwwwww lovely story 😉

    really amazing……

  7. Loved it…….

  8. No words to express awesome amazing this all r luv u…….

  9. sooo sweet.
    i have never read such a story before..
    my eyes have tears right now.
    i think u have written this from the bottom of your heart.

  10. Plz post second part forever yours

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    Awesome dear

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    Beautiful! Mesmerized! Love forever…

  14. Kakali

    Zuzu !!! u have some magic dear…,, pal bhar mei khushi, pal bhar mei dukh aur pal bkar mei assun…
    u r a amezini n blessed writer dear … love it sooo very much …
    thnk u … ;-*

  15. Awesome Dr just hats off I loved up is soo sooo soooo soooo spookily much

  16. Sanjanaagrawal

    Zuzu !!!!! Seriously u r magical !!!!! U writes so awesome …. ur each an every os or ff makes me crazy …. this one is beyond words …. thnx for ading arshi …

    Take care
    Keep smiling ?????

  17. Wow amazing dear ?????????

  18. Hi zuzu!!!!
    I know u dont know me..bt m a regular reader of all ur ffzz n os on fb nd tu..
    As m not signed in on fb…so cudnt comment there.sorryyy..
    Bt ya i hv read all ur storiess…aphg, junooniyat…oil…nd many more..nd also the combined workzzz of u and goldie tooo….i hv read all…all r amazing..
    Thnxxx for such cute storiezzz nd os…:)
    Keep writing…:D

  19. Awesome with amusement & love.

  20. it was so amazing but emotional in the end i have tears in my eyes
    ur ideas are amazing

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