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? ONE SHOT ( OS ) ?

Las Vegas ..
12:45 pm
24/7 night pub ..

The surrounding was noisy with pale blue nd indigo lights flickering all around. People were busy in having drugs nd other seductive pills. Alcohol was showering over the pole dancers nd people were eyeing them lustfully nd enjoying their helpless conditions. Among them, a girl in disgusting attire was bounded to do what they were asking. A man paid pretty well to the broker nd he granted the man his asset, Swara. She tried not to show her helplessness nd tears to them but tears made their way down to her cheeks. She was taken up to the room nd then, obviously she lost her Virginity nd dignity once again. Her screams were suppressed by music. Her eyes were burnt with tears but No one showed pity. Nd why would they, as this arbitrary society had stamped her with a name, WHORE. She was now known as a whore who can sell her dignity for money. Huh, she wasn’t born with this name but she was forced into this pit by society. Welcome to our society. Where teenagers are depressed. Where people will give you hate on what u wear or what you do. Where there’s only s*x, no consoling hugs. Where there’s no candy, just drugs. Where we cut for an escape. She was the one, who like many others out there never imagined in her slightest idea that her life will take such a drastic turn. Swara was a girl with charm nd morals. But what did this tyrannical world returned ? She was just another victim of human trafficking racket nd was being exported out to another country. But the girl who dreamt every night of a PERFECT MAN now was being raped. The only crime where the victims are considered as criminals. She never wished to be s*xually molested by people. In fact no girl ever did but when they have no motivation to save themselves anymore, they bow before their fate. The night went deep dark, the man was satisfied, scratching the broken soul once again. Swara was drowning deeper but no body saw her struggle. Did she asked to have s*x with all those men ? Did she asked to be sold out as a s*x slave. Never she thought that this very society will be so unfair nd cruel to stand just with her. She could still remember the day, she was sold to a man for a night. That was the horrible day in her life nd since then, she is witnessing this hell everyday. She took a doze of painkiller nd manage herself to an escape. She went to the sl*t hut where like her many were living their life like hell. She changed herself nd went to her room. She prepared herself for the next day as her semester was going to start. She was the only one there who got a permission to study on one condition that was to please the desire of every other man. She always tell her room mates that she was tired but in fact she was depressed. She tell them that she’ll fine tomorrow but she know, tomorrow she’ll be worse. She tell lies everyday but either she know she’ll not be able to stop this ever by herself. Accepting her hell fate, she pulled herself into a sleepless sleep nd prayed for a rescuer.

Screen shifts.

R.A.W HQ’s

A group of seniors were prepared around a round table, fixing their gazes on the projector which was sliding the flow chart of Human trafficking rackets. The victims were more than the actual population of the state. The loyal, devoted officers of R.A.W agency were preparing themselves for a heart-held mission. The strong nd external intelligent agency of India was now planning to eradicate such rackets. Their dedication nd intelligence had no boundaries to be measured as they can disguise themselves to save millions of people. They can also give up on their life to save billions of lives. They maybe beggar outside our homes or maybe hawkers selling food on streets. No one ever know who they r but they r the supernovas of the country who’ll save their homeland from every chaos. The meeting ended up with determined faces. A senior officer stood up nd summed up the meeting appointing a secret agent for this mission.

Senior Cabinet officer ( SCO ): Gentlemen let me introduced u all with the special agent of R.A.W agency, Sanskar Maheshwari.

With this a charming nd dashing figure with perfect masculine body walked in nd saluted the rest of the cabinet members. He then marched boldly to the middle nd shared his research over this mission.

Sanskar: I have been working over this mission since months. Today more than 20 to 65 million Indians r kidnapped nd went unknown. But women nd girls r more in proportion. They r trafficked within the country for the purposes of commercial s*xual exploitation nd forced marriages specially in those areas where the s*x ratio is highly skewed in favour of men nd these areas include the southern areas of USA. A resource team informed recently that more than 500 hundreds of Indians girls r exported out to Las Vegas. Therefore, to eradicate such rackets I would like to take over the charge to rescue each one of them. A group of gamblers r dealing with these rackets in a university of Las Vegas. I’ll conceal my identity as a student nd will uproot the whole gang.

One member: well young man you’re research impressed me. You should start reporting this mission from today itself. We will arrange ur necessities. Good luck …

Sanskar gave him a signature smile nd honoured them by saluting nd marching out. He was feeling a superior one that time as he dreamt to save world since he was a teen. The commandos of R.A.W agency were his teen idols nd demigods. He used to pray to lay down his life only for his country’s goodwill nd now he’s all set to pursue his dreams. He’d been an appreciating nd implicated agent before nd had achieved many wins but he always felt a new determined nd energetic musings before each mission. He went back to his mess thinking nd gathering more clicks. He paced hurriedly in the room nd zipped his casuals in a bag nd dozed off but in real he was strangely nd amazingly happy for this mission as if his lucky stars were tinkling the rhythms of his beautiful journey AHEAD ..

( Las Vegas )

The next morning was as usual a dull, upsetting nd pale morning for swara. The sunshine nd divine girl was now the dullest nd lifeless one. She was another mere puppet of this unfair world. Her mind was a ticking time bomb which may explode any now due to the over doze of false assumptions nd thinking that she’ll taste freedom someday. It is even said that overthinking is a dream killer. Sometimes we can drown ourselves more deeper in our own false thoughts. She tried to accept her fate once nd for all but still her heart assured her that someday her saviour will come nd will save her from this miserable hell, SOMEDAY !?

She was deadpanned that even she tried to smile or snore painfully at the fact being ‘ Whore ‘ but nothing came out as her soul had gone numb already. But she was living somehow only for her dream that was to study as much as she can though she knew that she’ll be forbidden to study more after her graduation. She changed into jeans with full sleeves sweat shirt nd draped a scarf around her neck only to assure herself that she had protected her dignity in one place. Where she was respected by teachers but hated by students. Hell knows why but she was hated to ragging nd humiliating extent. She brushed off her inappropriate thinking nd went to her university with a charmless face. Again, she was welcomed with a major proportional dosage of compliments nd taunts. She stomached it quietly nd attended her classes keenly as in short study was her existence. With this the day transferred into night nd darkness coursed everywhere pulling swara within it’s deep side.

Next day seemed to be bright as sanskar landed into the territory of U.S.A ( Las Vegas ). He informed about his every move to the head quarters nd settled back to his mission with a pleasant face. He thought to avoid the university for a day nd thought to went for a tour of this colourful, enchanting city of Nevada. He grabbed his mega pixels with him nd went to the each bit of city. Nd of course that well known pub of city too. He entered there nd accommodated a corner with light amount of vodka-tic shots. He glanced the surrounding nd examined each helplessness of girls. He gritted knowing who much unmotivated they r to live. But what made him more engaged in this mission was;

Duniya Chhoona chaahe mujhko yun
Jaisay unki saari ki saari main
Duniya dekhe roop mera
Koi na jaane bechari main

Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui awari main
Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui awari main

Koi shaan bulaaye
Koi daam lagaaye
Main bhi upar se hansti
Par andar se Haaye ..

Kyun dard chupaaye bethi hai
Kyun tu mujhse kehti hai

Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui awari main
Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hui awari main

Hoooooo ..

His eyes were stiffed on Swara who was as usual singing to soothe her inner storms. Men were showering the bundles of money on her which made sanskar angry, self-hater, depressed nd devastated. He wondered why he was feeling agony nd despair seeing her as if she belongs to him. But it really ached his heart to see the unwillingness nd helplessness of Swara. He erased those thoughts nd went from there as soon as he could cover up to avoid falling in fantasy feelings. Other side, today swara felt a lil bit different nd contented as if she could sense the calmness ahead of her life. But it didn’t lasted long as she was again yanked up to a room by a man of late 30s nd again raped.

Next morning swara went to the university with heavy body nd tired eyes. The dark circles around them nd the certain convulsive pain glinted deep in them was showing how much unimportant her life nd existence is for her. As she walked in, a group of girls with glittery Pom Pom’s nd few boys having some pamphlets stood in front of swara. She didn’t noticed it before but as soon as the girls started singing rumours in a creepy voice, swara broke down nd that moment she wanted to kill herself.

Girls: ( unison ) welcome the Whore to the Chore .. Welcome the b*t*h to the pitch.

Boys moved all the pamphlets in air in which swara was imprinted in a mistress disguise.

Boy 1: hey look, she’s that b*t*h who’d dealt her virginity with those men.

Boy 2: oh is it ?

Boy 1: yup buddy .. She’s a sl*t.

Boy 3: hmm if she’s not a virgin, then absolutely we can enjoy. Right people ? So listen you slu**y b*t*h, we r booking u for tonight. Prepare your—–

Before he could spit, he was on the ground nd rest of the students were shocked. There was a deep silence but only the little sobs of swara were audible. The boy was punched harder by sanskar as he was reporting his mission from today. He was passing by them but stopped hearing their sh*t. He abruptly turned towards swara who was now grasping the taunts, the wicked foul language, nd the pamphlets. It ached nd pierced in Sanskar’s heart deeper. He himself couldn’t answer but he can’t tolerate the sticky, watery tears in her big, deep doe eyes.

Girl: hey hottie ! Don’t u know she’s a whore. He said right. Don’t be aggressive.

This heated him more. This was it for swara. She immediately left the place sobbing.

Sanskar: Shut up .. Don’t u have any Shame or guilt ?

Boy: hah .. Look we have another so called patriotic Indian here to save his Indian lady.

With this the gathered crowd hooted with a witty laugh.

Sanskar: just F**k off u as*holes ..

He said getting furious, loosing his nerves.

Girl: C’mon darling, she’s a mere sl*t. Why don’t u let her go nd try me.

Sanskar: listen u idiotic chic, having s*x doesn’t make you a sl*t nd being virgin doesn’t make u a saint. Keep this piece in ur sh*tty Mind.

He warned nd went back of swara. He didn’t even know her name but still he couldn’t stop himself for following her nd let her handle this shit alone. He ran nd stopped as he spotted her sitting aimlessly on a bench. He went there nd sat beside her.

Sanskar: I don’t think you’re a whore. You’re more like a carnival ride. Everyone gets a turn, then they have to get off you in few minutes to find a place to puke their deeds. It’s their fault only ..

He said with a deep concerned tone. Swara lifted her head a lil nd faced the most handsome guy she’d known ever. She tried to give him a small smile but she couldn’t.

Swara: Umm.. Thanks for helping me there.

She muttered lightly as she’d forgotten to interact with people.

Sanskar: it’s ok. Well I’m sanskar. New comer

He replied with warm smile nd offered her a hand shake.

Swara: I’m swara ..

She smiled wholeheartily Shaking hands. Sanskar really felt heaven this moment nd wanted to capture this beautifully beautiful smile. After this encounter Swara felt very light hearted. She don’t know why she is feeling very happy after 2 long years.

Yes it has been two years since swara is living in the dreadful sl*t house. The word smile has disappeared from her life. Is Sanskaar the savior of Swara from the cruel people? Is he his dream boy whom she used to think always when she is not being into this sl*t house??
Lets see how the story proceeds and how her dark life changes into bright!!

Soon her smile changed into tears after hitting her reality.

Swara pov:
No I cannot smile. What is the unknown feeling for me? Is it love!! No I cannot love anyone I am unfit for love! I am used by many. I am impure. I cannot love him. If sanskaar knows about my feelings he wil feel very disgusting about me. I can’t do it. It’s already class time. I need to go.
Pov endsThis life is so unfair, she thought. Instancing her own, she had gone through the worst but now she’s feeling more immensely worst to be LOVED by a Perfect guy. Being impure wasn’t the thing she wanted. Her simple dream was to be loved sincerely by the ONE whom she could claim HERs .. But is it truly so unfathomable, that an IMPERFECT, IMPURE girl might be PERFECTLY loved ?! Yes indeed it is, for this society. This unjust, despotic world will throw thorns at her if she just imagined or wished to loved affectionately. But little did she know what destiny had planned for her as perfection is perception.

Swara went to class leaving sanskar deadpanned nd confused. Usually no one is interested to sit side of her knowing her reality. BUT to her surprise one boy came and sat side of her. She turned to check who he is. To her surprise he is Sanskar who is sitting side of her.

She has mixed emotions in her. She doesn’t know what to think. So she avoided her contact though sanskaar is trying to talk with her. The professor came and started explaining the lesson.

AFTER his class Swara went to the library to borrow a book avoiding him. Sanskaar followed her to the library. Its lunch time so there is no student in library except sanskaar and swara. Swara is unaware of Sanskar’s presence. She went to the shelf to take a book. It’s in upper shelf she could not match the height of the shelf so she took the ladder and climbed the ladder to take the book while climbing the ladder her leg twisted and she was about to fall but pair of hands had caught her from her waist. Swara felt different with the touch. She turned to check who helped her. He is Sanskaar who helped her from falling down.

When Sanskaar is helping her to put down her soft lips touched his rough lips accidently. Swara soon parted her lips from his. Both don’t know what to do. They both are feeling embarrassing. To light up the mood Sanskaar asked her to accompany him to the canteen. Swara first refused but later joined him as Sanskaar is requesting her continuously.

Canteen ..

Sanskar: can I know the reason swara why are you avoiding me?

Swara: I am sorry sanskaar I am not meant for friendship that to with boys like you.

Tears are coming from her eyes while saying that.

Sanskaar: can you please say me the reason why are you saying like this?

Swara: you heard it right Sanskaar I am a whore and slept with many people. My destiny made me like this. I am not like all girls. I am doing this for my studies. Studying is my passion. I need to do it for my studies.

Sanskaar went after hearing her words. She smiled painfully with tears that her assumption was so wrong about the saviour stuff. She too went back to her real hell nd silently went to her room.(She lives in single bed room flat alone. Those sl*t house people used to come to her and used to take her unwillingly).

Months passed but swara did not slept with any men after that day as no one came to her. In this months neither swara nor sanskaar talked with each other. She felt very happy as she thought that god helped. She don’t know which god helped her but se really thanked her lucky stars for being out of that pit. These months were a bliss for swara. She was really happy these days and thinks her life changed like a magic or miracle but she was missing something in her life like a spark was missing. One Day in college she entered college was walking as fast as possible to not miss her class suddenly she bumped into a person. She felt some kind of happiness but couldn’t see the saver’s face soon they composed themselves, swara saw the savers face and was in tears but the saver couldn’t see her face only she muttered one word,
SANSKAR … !!!!!!!!!

He was also in shock and avoided eye contact and went away from there ignoring swara making her numb.

Swara (thinks) – why god why I got him like a friend but my truth. Yuck !! I hate my life I am not pure and I told him making him feel guilty I made a mistake telling him my truth why ?

She cries and has a determined thought of finding a way to talk to sanskar and getting to know the reason of his ignorance.


Sanskar was sitting with a book thinking:

” god I got a victim but how will I confront her asking her group leader help me with this. ”

Suddenly he feels a tap and turns around seeing swara he was numb and was about to leave but swara stops him saying,

Swara: hold on Mr Maheshwari I want to know the reason of your ignorance?? Is it because you don’t want to be with an impure soul or —

Before she could complete sanskar held her tightly saying,

Sanskar: stop calling yourself impure its not your fault dammit it was just your destiny so stop calling yourself impure ..

Swara was in tears and screamed


All that sanskar could do is to hug her and give her support swara hugged him and cried her heart out and fainted in his arms.

Sanskar: swara swara get up plzzz ..

He picks her and takes her in his apartment where he lives and makes her lie on the bed and leaves glancing her once ..


Swara is moving and thinking about some one touching her and seeing her lustfully and she shivers and starts screaming “PLEASE NO PLEASE STAY AWAY”
Sanskar enters and tries to calm her down but she is not in her senses and then sanskar without having an option smashed his lips with hers and kissed her hungrily swara didn’t respond as she was in shock sanskar soon departs and says,

Sanskar: I’m sorry but I had to do this to make you calm now listen forget your past and start a new beginning with happiness nd only happiness.

Swara was just in shock crying thinking and she’s not still in sense sanskar felt bad for her and decides to bring swara back as a happy active teenager.


Swara was sleeping peacefully and sanskar was on the couch doing something in his laptop he messaged,


Sanskar closes laptop and sees happy swara with a cute baby smile and gets mesmerized and stares at her and thinks

“swara why did you spoil your life uff I’ll bring you back and its sanskar maheshwari’s promise”

He sleeps and the night passes with a good, soothing moment ..


Swara gets up and scans around and feels really sad sanskar comes with breakfast and feeds her she feels some happiness but hides it and gives a slight smile and sanskar is happy seeing her happy.

Soon days pass and swasan have a good bond and swara starts to respond and seeing her sanskar is happy soon swasan enjoy each other’s company and can’t stay without each other even a second.


Swasan are in a shopping mall sanskar went to a different section and swara was all alone and a man ogles her. She feels uncomfortable and turns her face and is shocked to see the person he’s a man she once slept he comes towards and says,

Man: baby do you want to spend one more night??

Swara jerks him and goes he ignores and gets close to her meanwhile he feels a punch from our hero sanskar.

Man: oh you’re the new one anyway she’s awesome enjoy man and call me when ur done.

Sanskar doesn’t take it more and hits him black and blue and leaves with swara. They both enter the house and swara cries miserably and sanskar asks her.

Sanskar: swara do you know who pulled you in this??

Swara was silent sanskar can’t take it anymore and says,

Sanskar: swara I’m an agent of R.A.W from India to catch such rackets who sell girl their body diginity to different people for satisfaction we want to catch them and free those innocent souls please swara help me.

Swara thinks for a while she thinks her struggles,miserable nights and everything and decides to help him.

Swara: I don’t know the head but the group lives some where down where you can’t trace them its XYZ ..

She tells him the address and sanskar makes swara sleep and is determined to catch those people.


Sanskar finally traces those people and reaches that place and catches those people he beats them black and blue and makes them tell their racket secret and their head too he gets to know and hands all of them to the police. He traces the head too and catches him before handing him off he beats him and gets that head slapped by many girls who’s life he has got spoiled by giving their dignity away. He then also hands over all the business man who spent nights with them for satisfaction not thinking about the pain they go through. Finally SANSKAR MAHESHWARI solved it and freed many innocent souls who suffered the hell.


Sanskar: finally swara I got all you guys free finally I feel so free ..

Swara: congratulations.

They hug but this time their hug was a little different and was really passionate and blissful soon they composed them selves.

MANY DAYS PASSED… They started living again and now something was really special they both fell in love they didn’t confess but their feelings. Sanskar was deeply in love with her whereas swara was guilty for not being a non-virgin. He wondered if she know that he love her crazily. Did she noticed him staring at her face when she speak ? Well he chuckled knowing there’s no way she didn’t. Did she noticed the way he smile when she’s near him ? Did she noticed the way his eyes lit up when He see her or did he hide it well ? He couldn’t help but blushed knowing how much romantic nd touchy he became after falling for her. He couldn’t hold in his true feelings for her therefore he decided to propose her soon.


Swara was busy in chores nd sanskar was nowhere. After hours when she rested her mind clicked about him nd she abruptly dialled his no. She tried nd tried but no response. A fear came in her heart musing what if he left her. Tears dripped down nd she duly broke down. She hided her face with her palms nd sobbed silently. But she stopped as she heard his footsteps. With in no second she lifted her head nd as soon as she saw the angelic creature in front of her wearing a white formal suit, she jumped onto him nd hugged him tighter as she could. After breaking the hug, she kissed him all over his face assuring her winching heart that he’s all fine nd is in front her. A wide smile plastered Sanskar’s face seeing her extreme care. Seeing his smile, she turned crimson red but as soon as she realized what boldness she had shown now she stepped back nd tilted her face downwards. She was now totally guilty nd broken knowing her reality, the IMPERFECT ONE !!
Sanskar turned her to face the most delicate figure he’d seen ever. Her deep, moist eyes skipped his beat nd he knelt down in front of her holding a solitaire.

” Swara, I’m here .. I love you. I don’t care if you need to stay up crying all night long, I will stay with you. I saw that you were perfect nd so I loved you. Then I saw that you weren’t perfect nd I love you even more. There’s nothing you can ever do to lose my love. I’ll protect you until I die nd after my death, I’ll still protect you. I’m stronger than depression nd I’m braver than loneliness nd nothing will ever exhaust me loving you. Will you return my gratitude ? Will you accept my love ? ”

Sanskar debated nd waited for an answer. Swara was dumbfounded nd mesmerised with each word. It really ached down her heart knowing she’s not pure. She’s imperfect, nd flawed. She wanted to accept him without thinking but her past, her sufferings stopped her.

Swara: I’m sorry .. I can’t let you drown with my reality. I’m a flawed, imperfect, impure person. U deserve better than me and —

” BUT I WANT YOU .. ALL OF YOU. YOUR FLAWS, YOUR MISTAKES, YOUR IMPERFECTIONS. I WANT YOU ND ONLY YOU !! Swara never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby. Nd I’m ur gleaming light. I really love you nd when I say i love you more I don’t just mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us. I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than ye obstacle that could ever try nd come between us. I LOVE YOU THE MOST !! ”

He said while approaching near her nd holding her softly in his embrace. She couldn’t help but blushed with tears nd simply nodded YES !!

They hugged passionately and and then sanskar leaned towards swara and captured her soft lips and kissed her. They both enjoy their kiss and n end they joined their heads.


Love is NOT about s*x, emotions, nd perfection. It’s about purity, decisions nd actions. Love is an unconditional commitment to an Imperfect person. To love somebody isn’t just a strong feeling ..
And a PROMISE ..

So this was the story was of an imperfect girl nd a perfect guy. Love never demands conditions !! It just pumps you to face the world for ur LOVED ONE.


With this sanskar healed Swara’s scars nd damages. This was their,


Hope u liked it .. ??

#AweSome_BloSSoms ✨?✨
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