SwaSan (OS) : After Married Love

Hello, it’s Ivy. I’m new in here and would love to share a story from my side. Hope you guys will read, will not you? It is a OneShot. Do tell me how is it, okay? So here I go –

“Ji suniye?” Swara called Sanskar as he was about to go out for work. He stopped moving but didn’t turn back; with his heavy yet husky voice he asked,“What is it?”

“Your lunchbox,” Swara managed to say through her altering heartbeats. She wasn’t used to listen to his voice; he was a silent kind of man. Sanskar looked sideways, probably thinking whether to take it or not.

Swara always made lunch for him, which he never used to take. Why? He only knew. This used to hurt Swara alot. It had been four months since they were married, but Sanskar never showed any affection towards her nor did he acknowledged her presence in his house. Why was he like that?

After thinking for sometime, he turned back and looked at her. She was in her casuals with a messy bun looking adorable. Sanskar skipped a beat. She was beautiful, very. He noticed the mangalsutra which he had tied around her neck; he remembered how unhappy he was at the idea of getting married. He wasn’t ready but his parents emotionally blackmailed him and tricked him to get married. What could he had done? Nothing. He couldn’t say NO to them.

The hatred which he carried in his heart for the marriage lead him to hate the girl who was now his wife. He never looked at her, never spoke to her properly albeit her constant efforts to have a conversation with him. He was very cold towards her, he knew it but couldn’t help too.

But after these four months, he did start noticing her. He would stare at her while she was fast asleep. Her changing positions, twitching of her nose. Her cute antics. He used to smile at the girl he adored. He used to think about how fresh she looked after having bath. The way her wet hair would rest on her shoulders. The way she cooked. He noticed every darn thing but he would never let her know. In these four months, he fell for her, deeply. Everyday, she made him fall for her more and more.

He extended his left hand to take the lunch from her. She looked at his hand widening her eyes; finally she felt happy.

“Aap ye le jaayenge?” she asked him looking straight into his eyes. He nodded slowly with a small smile playing on his lips. Her eyes got filled with tears and soon he engulfed her in a hug.

“Sorry,” he whispered into her ear,“for everything.”

She looked up at him and smiled the brightest. “Koi nahi, ab aap jao!”

She turned to go back to kitchen when she heard him say,“Suno?”


“I love you. I’ve always loved you,” he confessed wholeheartedly.

“I love you too, Sanskar.”

“You do?” he asked, amused.

“No, I don’t,” she teased him.

“Me neither, then,” he winked at her and left for office.

Swara stood there smiling to herself and thinking,’A day changed my life.’

#AfterMarriedLove is bliss, isn’t it?

Thank you ❤

Credit to: Ivy Vinnie


    • Ivy Vinnie

      Thank you ❤
      I’ll right more but will not change this into any ff. This is a OS and I’ll let it to an OS only. 🙂

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