Swasan OS- A Magical Journey


After long time…this one is for Swasan fans….

It was early morning 10 a.m (don’t be surprised , its so called early morning for all the it professionals on weekends) ‘Swara Bose(our heroine)is shuffling uncomfortably in bed,her friends are yelling beside her, “get up you lazy bug”, in spite of which she continued dreaming ,of course its interesting,she was in a beautiful place with someone,but couldn’t identify that someone (may be the most common dream for all the young girls)she’s on the way chasing that person when her friend kicked her butt she fell down from bed , cursing her Swara woke up,

“Don’t you know we are going for ipl match today mi vs csk,

“Ah,but the match is at 4 in the evening” she said defending herself

“Yes,dear the match is at 4 but its the other end of city and you know how things are in chennai,so lets start around 12’o clock, go to barbeque restaurant near stadium and from there to match.ok,the plan sounds cool but I couldnt make it,i have a cal from 12 pm-1pm today

“Its Saturday babes ?why r u taking strain today also ,or are you lying to sleep some more time ?:-/”

“arey no baba really, I really have a cal or else why will I miss the barbeque chicken?you guys carry on I will come directly to stadium. “she said.

Convinced enough they went off.

She nagged for some more time in her bed. woke up after sometime ,she quickly brushed her tooth and joined the call, prior to which her friends left, after it is finished she quickly took a shower ,opened her wardrobe ,tried around 5pairs and finally chose the 6th navy blue collarless printed t-shirt and white jeans ,it was already 2oclock,she hurried, she got into an auto as she couldn’t find any buses to local train station, it was damn hot so that was the best option she has,

A guy came running and said “Hey, hey local train station anna”….

“Hai, I need to hurry do you mind me coming with you?”he asked

“No, you can come”

He sat, he was ok in looks actually far better than ok, he was of fair complexion, deep black eyes and put spikes for his hair

Hai,this is Sanskar Maheshwari

Hai,Swara Bose

“So where are you from?”he started the small talk


“Oh me too,so what are you doing here ..”

“ya I am working in xyz software company”said Swara

“And you?”

“I just completed my mba and was yet to join an organization,came here to meet my cousin,but that stupid left off with his girlfriend “

They kept the conversation going…”idhar udhar ki bathe,vagera vagera”

Meanwhile they reached local train station, “let me pay” he said trying to portray his gentleman nature

“ no let us share actually” she said he wanted to ask “life?”but couldn’t dare to ask

He brought the tickets ,they got into the train,

Usually ,weekends are the time where you see less rush,but this day is no ordinary weekend its csk vs mi,the station is beyond the word full,,.they managed to get into train ,the compartment was full ,full with gents to be more precise,Swara was standing at the centre of compartment holding the rail above for support ,Sanskar kept on talking talking then she said, I never know that guys will also talk this much you are a really good company ,his face suddenly changed expression,he was angry.,

What happened?are you fine?

Yes,just don’t catch the rail ,put your hand down

But I will loose my balance

No problem I will hold you,

She put her hand down ,but before he could catch her,the train halted at a station and she fell on him

He could smell her hair,feel her warmth,he felt blessed ,she can feel his breadth on her face which caused a tingling sensation in a good way,she gave an angry look to him though she is really not.he said sorry holding his ears.finally after one hour of journey their station came,both of them got down ,it was already 4 her friends were already in the stadium waiting for her

“I am hungry, shall we eat something?”she asked


They went to a restaurant had some snacks,

So,Swara do u have a boyfriend?

Sanskar kept his fingers crossed desperately waiting to hear a no

She took a pause and with a weird smile she told.”.umm…. no”

“And u?”

“many friends,but no serious relations,Just waiting for the right one”he said with his sincere eyes.
He thought it was the right time to put forward his feelings, He gathered all his courage and said Swara,actually…

“Excuse me Sir,bill” the waiter said abhi felt like slapping him left and right ,but gave a smile,they paid the bill and left the hotel

“So,you are saying something in there?”she asked him

“Ya, actually…Swara…”

“You already said this inside.”

By that time they entered the stadium shes getting calls from her friends continously ,Sanskar thought if he miss her now,he would miss her forever, He took the step, He went on his knees and said

“I don’t say that I didn’t see any beautiful woman till now,I saw many ,but you are special one for me I like you for not just your appearance,for your thoughts,your goals,your innocence and most of all the look on your face when you speak it says it all, I may not give you everything in the world ,if I could I would build you ‘a house of flowers on the land of pearls and adorn it with stars’, I am not a way too poetic,but this is how I exactly feel.I promise you I would give you all the happiness in the world ,be with me,accept me

Swara pulled him aside as half of the people stopped watching match and were staring at them

“Iam waiting for your answer”he said

“Yes Mr.Bobby alias Sanskar”

“Hey how do you know my nickname?”

you are from X-D section in St.Xavier public school,Delhi arent u?

Yes how come u know this?

“I am your junior from school time I had crush on you,but never said it to you now when I saw you I almost swept off my feet.but I just want to know what I mean to you?I know you liked me from the beginning and I know that in the local train somebody was watching my waist that’s why u asked me to put my hand down,
The way you treat me the way you respect my goals and thoughts as your own, This is what any girl expects
Luckily for me the one who loves me and the one whom I love are the same.I thought to tell you in the hotel itself but loving someone and watching him go crazy for you is really awesome you know;-)

Sanskar was shocked but also ecstasic,on the top of the world

“ yes!!!”he screamed pumping his fist into air,just then his friends came ,

“Are u mad?,mi lost and u r celebrating”one of them said.

Mi might have lost, but I won….(victory of lifetime)

The End

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