SwaSan OS – Love Without Confession (By ZuZu)


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Here am with a simple one shot !! Hope u guys will like !!


Love !!
What is it?
Ppl says its a beautiful Feeling.. !!
Well everyone have thier own meaning for word ‘love’.. !!
When it happens where it happens.. with whom it happens.. and y It happens no one can figure out isn’t it ??
Some of us be so reserved and listening about pain of love or rather to achieve our goals which we set.. We promise ourselves not to love cz its a tym waste thing..
But what if it happens to u and u begins to do silly things.. !!

Here it begins with the simple story of a cute gal n a bit reserved boy !


It was time of night…
Clock struck at 12..
But The Three best friends continue to do the chit chats.. As it was a Saturday night..

They were sitting on thier bikes on bridge (fly over)

One of boy -“Yaar today it was really a tiering day… Finally we are enjoying Here and tomorrow is sunday.. ” looked happy yet relaxed!!

Other boy interrupted -“And Sunday means full of fun right ?? Kyu Hai na Sanskaar??… ”

The second guy hit his elbow in third boy sitting next to him.. Who was quite silent yet reserved type !!

First boy -“Harsh.,Sanskaar is again thinking of his businesses and how to expand it.. (Looking at Sanskaar) Hai na Sanskaar ?? ”

Second boy (Harsh) -“Yup Laksh u are right.. Sanky is a business warm ”

They both laughs..

Sanskaar a bit annoyed -“Yes guys am thinking of .. And y shouldn’t I.. I don’t have my father’s wealth that can help me.. Or spoon feed and I keep enjoying my life.. I’ve started my small business and have to grow it so that I can fill my families needs beside have to do savings too….”

Laksh interrupted -” Pls Sanskaar its Saturday .. Weekend just for today do us a favour .. turn off this philosophical mode of u .. And let’s enjoy a bit.. ”

Harsh -“Ya u can continue on it on Monday we will not complain.. ”

Laksh winked at harsh..

Sanskaar saw them and understood that his friends wants him to cheer up for at least one day in a week without taking any tensions.. He smiled which was noticed by his best friends Laksh and Harsh..

They shared a winning HiFi !!

Sanskaar -“OK baba we will OK..? ”

They enjoys talking.. Cracking jokes and teasing each other.. !!

Sanskaar was a very handsome guy with a well built body which was actually naturally cz he wasn’t so rich to join gym and denote 2-3 hours der on her body… He was a self owed person.. Who’s aim is to establish his own business not a huge but which can fulfill his needs n his family.. For that He took a shop on Rent.. His mom Earns she runs a small cake baking business.. His father had not left any assets for them.. Except own house which came to his mother from her parents… Sanskaar was totally denoted to his work.. He wasn’t a greedy person but like every person he also had a simple dream of good running business and happy life.. Love in his life ? Well he had no time for this things.. And promised himself not to waste time on unnecessary things.. !!

But what the faith have stored for him… ?? No one knows !!
Well ppl who make such promise to themselves usually breaks them and do silly things after falling in Love !!

Well Sanskaar was a well matured person by mind.. And caring by heart.. !!

The friends were chit chatting and laughing till thier chats were disturbed with a call on Laksh’s phone..

Laksh on call -“Hello.. ”

We can’t here the chain of words from other side

Laksh -“Ha OK I’ll arrange don’t worry.. !! ”

Laksh cuts the call..

Harsh -“What happened ?? ” questioned !!

Sanskaar was just hearing..

Laksh let’s out a deep sigh !!

Laksh -“It was my sister yaar.. Swara ”     

Laksh said a bit nervously !!

Harsh -“What Did she say dude ?? ”

-“Actually its her entrance exam for medicals and she have to get passed out !! ” said Laksh

-“So ?” Frowned harsh !!

-“She can do other subjects but in entrance Accounting is one.. and she seriously hate that.. ” Laksh answered !!

(I dunno whether Its so or not in medical but as per story am adding.. )

“hmm Then ? ” harsh said..

-“She Seriously needs to pass out yaar.. (Turning to Sanskaar) Hey Sanskaar u are superb at accounts na ?? Pls will u give tuition to her ? ”
Laksh asked Sanskaar or rather pleaded cz He had only one siso.. And he loves her a lot !!

Sanskaar dint answer !!

Laksh said quickly -“Don’t worry about fees dad will pay u that.. ”

Sanskaar glared at Laksh -“Its not matter of Money man.. Its matter of time.. I’ve to look after shop either.. !! ”

Laksh -“Don’t worry bro me n harsh will handle (placing hand on his shoulder) just Two hours daily at evenings.. She will get passed pls..”

Sanskaar agreed -“OK I’ll.. ”

Laksh hugged.. Sanskaar ..
His sister was so important for him..

Laksh -“OK Then tomorrow at 6 in evening.. ”

Sanskaar -“OK done !!”

Few minutes later..!!

Sanskaar -“guys mom will b waiting I need to go now will see u guys Tomorrow ”

Harsh -“Sure dude !!! ”

Sanskaar bid bye to them and left !!

Next day at 6pm He Reached Laksh’s house !!

After greeting to To Laksh’s mom dad he climbed the stairs which directly lead him to Swara’s room !!

He could see her sitting on the chair in front of writing desk..

The room was extra clean.. Yet pink in color.. Yet cute ..A side wall was filled with the posters of Bollywood heroes.. And cheesy lines like -“I am the Boss ”

After taking the glance of the the neat and clean room he marched towards writing table.. !!

He sat beside her on the other chair.. !!

-“So which areas of Accountancy u are good at ” he spoke to break the silence..

She turned to him.. Putting back her hairs..

He could see her cute childish face Turing into a beautiful women.. She was really pretty with big doe like eyes and pink Soft lips which looked baby pink cz of coloured lip gloss.. Her cheeks were slightly pink coloured.. Showing her how beautiful she is naturally.. !!

-“Not Really ” her words pulled him from his thoughts..

-“Well there are few concepts which are really very easy to score in entrance !! ” he said Shifting his gaze from her face to a note book placed on table !!

-“I Seriously Hate this subject but have to do it !! ” said she with a What ever face..

Sanskaar was shocked to see such indifference to his favourite subject..!!

-“Well It Can be fun if u Gets Its laws n formulas.. ” he said trying to sound Flat ..

-“Seriously is it a fun its a sucking subject.. What ever debtor credit or debit who care.. What ever may be the good will what for us.. Its raised or withdrew who do cares for it.. ” swara said in one breath.. And took a pause !!!

His mouth opened wide to see her reaction.. Her nose turned red as she got hyper..

Sanskaar got irritated and he had a urge to stand and runway.. But he controlled his anger -“See my duty is to teach you not to make u like the subject (He opened the book) let’s start with single entry system Its quite easy.. ”

She sat erect and paid attention to him..

He explained and bumped a problem for her..

Sanskaar -“Its very simple it don’t have two side debit n credit.. So a simple coloum is drown.. First capital at the end of year in that Add drawings during the year.. Less the capital brought during the year..,Then adjusted capital account will Be amount here.. Less the capital at the beginning of the year then what will u get ?? ”

He asked looking at Swara who was looking at the problem in notebook .. After reread a while what he wrote..

-“Net profit or loss of the year ” said she..

Sanskaar -“Good.. ”

Swara -“Duh !! ”

Sanskaar thought -“I’ve came to teach her.. And explained a problem and what did she do ?? She dud-ed at me ! ” Feeling irked !!

But he tried to ignore all this.. A msg beeped on her phone and a wide smile appeared on her face..

Sanskaar was mesmerised to see her smile.. She was not less than a princess her white skin.. Her cheeks in pink her big shinny eyes.. Her lips.. -“Her lips must look more and more cute in Pout -” he smiled as he imagined her.. He immediately jerked his thoughts thinking she is her best friend’s sister.. Though they didn’t have much age difference but he can’t think also about it..

-“No use of cell phone pls in the tuition ” he said lil louder making Swara shock..

Swara paid attention back to him keeping it aside..

The class for that day got end.. He went his home..


It continued for 1-2 weeks

One day..
after doing the delivery of cakes orders he reached for her tuition..

This time she was different.. As like she had some problem.. The charm of her face was lost somewhere … Her eyes were puffed red.. Showing that she must have cried for long..

As soon as she felt his presence she wiped her face..

Sanskaar sat ignoring to his heart who was asking him to ask her what’s the reason..

Sanskaar -“Swara go and wash ur face.. !! ” looking at the note books not meeting her gaze!!

As soon as she heard his words she bursted out crying making him all confused and think what harsh words did he say..

This time Sanskaar dint ignore his Feelings and asked -“What happened ?? ”

She immediately hugged him.. It was sure she was quite childish.. A unknown Feelings went through his heart when she hide herself in his chest.. He just placed a hand round her shoulder..

Swara – “Sanskaar you are my bro Laksh’s best friend.. We don’t have much age difference also can’t v be the best friends..” She said crying making his shirt wet !!

Sanskaar was confused but he cupped her face. -” Swara U can.. U can share me what u want.. ” he said thought he had never gave a dam interest in anyone’s problem.. But this time he himself dunno y but he said that..

Swara -“My Friend dint replied to my MSg from long 3 hours.. “She said..

Sanskaar gave a unbelievable look and thought -” For that She is crying.. Oh got this gal ”

Sanskaar -“Don’t worry ur friend will definitely reply may b ur friend is busy…”

Swara -“No Sanskaar my friend never did so.. ” she again cried..

Sanskaar -“Don’t worry everything will b fine.. !! Now wash ur face we need to do problems.. ”

Swara noded and went to washroom..

She returned back… This time her lips were more pink.. Her nose was red deep due to crying..

Sanskaar tried to suppress his Feelings and started the work for which he came..

Suddenly her phone beeped again..
A smile which was lost from her pretty face came back .. Sanskaar felt happy seeing her smiling back..

Soon Sanskaar end the tuition and ran down stair..

He met Laksh :

Laksh -“Hii bro ”

Sanskaar -“Hii ”

Laksh -“So all going easy na.. She is not irritating u much I hope.. ”

Sanskaar smiled while thinking how she hugged him.. Her smile. 

Laksh shaked him -“Kya hua ? ”

Sanskaar came back to sense -“Nothing .. Every thing is OK.. ”

Laksh -“K lets come we will drink tea together ”

Sanskaar wanted to be alone for sometime.. So he refused and buzzed off..


With the passing days Sanskaar was changing he had a thought not to betray his friend but Swara’s smiling face never moved away from his eyes.. He dint wanted all this but he was loving all this..

Sanskaar’s POV

I am simple person with simple dreams.. I decided not to love anyone.. Cz it may give a drawback to me… But day I met Swara… I am not Saying I falled for her in just first sight or one day.. But her childish nature.. Her cute expressions always made flip in my heart.. Day by Day am getting attracted more to Her she began to share with me n I like her cute talks…. But this Feelings are useless they have no future its better I suppress them.. Soon I’ll complete my teaching to her then she on her way and I on my way.. ”

One day..
Swara was messaging someone and Sanskaar came..

Swara -“Sanskaar u are my best friend na.. ”

Sanskaar dint answered properly.. -“Hmm ”

Swara -“Promise the thing I’ll tell u now u will not say to anyone.. ”

Sanskaar -“OK ”

Swara -“Not OK promise me.. ”

Sanskaar irritated -“What’s it Swara.. Ive came here to teach u not to listen ur stories.. Pls concentrate rather Dont waste my time.. ”

Swara was shocked to see him shouting on her.. She was about to cry..

Sanskaar curses himself for scolding her.. -“See Swara am sorry.. OK tell what were u Saying.. ”

Swara -“Nothing (turns other side) ”

Sanskaar -“(Cubs her face) Say na..”

Swara smiles

Swara .. -“U remember I always tell u about my friend actually he is not my friend.. ”

Sanskaar frowned

Swara -“He is my love My Boyfriend Sahil.. We love each other a lot.. And am sure no one can love me more than him.. So we are going to elope.. And u will help me in this.. ”

Listening this Sanskaar felt someone stabbed him back to back with a knife.. But last words brought him to reality..

Sanskaar -“What ?? ” shocked !!

Swara -“Yes Sahil n me love each other we are going to elope today and u will b helping me.. ”

Sanskaar -“What non sense .. U are Laksh’s sister how cn I .. No no ”

Swara -“U promised ” she said with the puppy eyes..

Sanskaar -“Ive promised I’ll not say anyone else.. Ive not promised to help u.. ” Sanskaar shouted !!

Swara -“Pls.. ”

Sanskaar -“Y are u betraying ur family there is nothing like love OK.. Laksh loves u a lot don’t hurt ur family Swara ! ” he tired to sound calm..

Swara -“They will not understand.. And its love pure love we do.. U know.. We will be back after marrying and they have to accept us.. ” said she in one breath..!!

Sanskaar -“(in a utter shock) (to Himself ) did did she told about marrying.. Someone else.. Oh god.. (His heart was totally broke.. As on one side she was asking him to help her..) ”

Sanskaar to Swara -“Then what about ur future ur studies.. Medicals entrance.. ”

Swara -“Every thing will be done done baba.. Me thodi hamesha k lie bhaag rahi hu.. I’ll be back soon.. (She holds his hands ) Pls Hlp us Sanskaar.. ”

Sanskaar was not in a state to say anything.. Laksh was his best friend he wanted to inform him but he already promised her.. He can’t brake his promise too.. In deep thinking he just noded…

Swara took his node in yes and hugged him tight -“Thank u So much Sanskaar.. ” she gave him a tight peck on his cheeks..

Swara -“I pray God also give ur love to u forever ” she said smilingly..

That hour he just sat in her room thinking and she doing non stop talking about Sahil.. She was such a childish nature.. Don’t take life Seriously at all.. And lives every movement to the fullest..

He was thinking deeply.. He was also a human . he was hurt.. Hurt till the core of his heart which was Now broken.. He Loved her.. But.. More thing was hurting that his best friend’s reputation was going to get ruined but he can’t do anything inseated he was helping this silly gal..

Swara after doing the packing -“Calo let’s go.. ” she throws bags from window..

Sanskaar still dint response..

Swara dragged him..

Sanskaar marched with her.. Her mom was in kitchen and dad was in study room.. So no one noticed them going out..

After coming out Swara smiles wide looking up towards the sky.. Evening sun light flickered on her face making it more adorable..

She ran and took the bag..

Swara -“Sahil told after a hour at xyz place.. Till than we need to Rome somewhere..”

Sanskaar -“Swara pls don’t do this this is ur family uncle n aunty loves u a lot and Laksh least think about him.. ”

Swara -“I know baba just for 1 month then I’ll be back na.. Now come on let’s we both enjoy this 1 hour.. ”

Saying this she dragged sanskaar with Her..

They went to ice cream parlour.. Swara saw his dad’s friend.. She dragged Sanskaar before he notice to other side wall..

They were so close to each other.. His huge frame covered her pitte frame..

She clutched his shirt tight closing her eyes.. He was lost in her.. He tugged her strands back Her ear.. Swara opened her eyes as she felt his touch different.. His gaze was different.. She wanted more.. But she suppressed this unknown Feelings and they again went back to der seat..

After a hour..
Outside the place where Sahil called her..

Sanskaar -“U sure na Swara.. ” he wanted to hug her and say pls don’t go.. But he dint..

Swara -“Hmm ” she dint answered properly she wasn’t liking that she is going far from all.. She will miss her family and Sanskaar.. Wait wait!! What was shey feeling she will miss him but y ??

Sanskaar -“OK am going then.. Take care !! ”

He turned to leave..

Swara felt sadness inside her heart when she saw him walking away.. !!

Swara -“Thik se bye bhi NAI bologe ” her voice chocked !!

Sanskaar dint wanna get weak.. But he turned.. Seeing tears in her eyes.. Tears stormed out from his eyes..

She ran and hugged him crushing her cheek in his hard chest -“I’ll miss u ” she cried..

Sanskaar hugged her back -“Toh mat jao na !! ” he said in a chocked voice !!

Swara after few minutes broke the hug -“I’ll be back soon.. ”

Saying this she ran wiping her tears..

Sahil called her to a deserted place.. It was actually a old haveli which was no more a haveli was a open ground some old walls were left.. It was a deserted place..

Sanskaar walked to go but thought something and went the direction she went..

He saw from a distance a boy was speaking with Swara.. But Swara was looking down and crying yet pleading him.. His friends were laughing.. Sanskaar was now sure something is really wrong..

He went near and could hear what were dey Saying..

Sahil -“What u thought bahenji I love u ?? Seriously I love u ?? Look at u.. It was just a revenge.. Ur bro once slapped me.. Right here (Showing his cheek) cz he caught me with a girl.. It was my wish what to do who was he to slap me.. Cz that girl was uncomfortable.. Now my this act u came Here leaving ur whole family.. This is my revenge.. Ur bro stopped me that day na.. Now I’ll play with his own sister’s dignity !! ” he laughed like insane.. !!

All boys laughed..

-“U left ur family u eloped now whole city will come to know what will be der dignity now.. Haha Swara u helped me a lot babes don’t worry for that I’ll reward u.. ” Sahil said..

Swara was crying miserably..

-“By giving u the opportunity of pleasure to sleep with me for one night.. U wanted it right !! ” saying this he was about to snatch her stole but a he felt a strong grip of hand on his wrist.. He was none other than Sanskaar..

His eyes were red due to anger.. After hearing what he said to Swara…

Before he can react Sahil felt a burning sensation on his face.. He realised Sanskaar punched him hard..

He beat him black and blue.. All his friends & him.. He got hit hurt on his head..

Swara hugged him and cried miserably.. Sanskaar caressed Her hairs -“Shhh kuch NAI hua.. See am here na with u.. Don’t cry.. ”

He had tears in eyes.. He could feel Swara shivering against his body.. He hugged her more tightly..

Swara was thinking what if Sanskaar wouldn’t have came on time.. She wasn’t heart broken that her love betrayed her.. But she was feeling good in his arms.. Protected…

He made Swara sit and made her calm down..

Sanskaar -“Swara see now let’s go home .. Forget this all Nothing happened OK !! ”

Swara -“I can’t !! ”

Sanskaar -“But Y ?? ”

Swara -“Because I already wrote a letter.. About my eloping.. ”

Sanskaar brushed his hands in his hairs in frustration..

Sanskaar -“Nothing will happen come ”

Swara -“No I will not.. I will not.. My dad Bhai.. (She thinks about them) what I did ” she cried loud..

Sanskaar -“Then where will u go Swara.. Its already night ”

Swara -“I can’t go home.. I’ll be here only.. ”

Sanskaar -“Don’t behave like a kid.. How can I leave u on roads.. ”

Swara -“Then what will u.. ” asked innocently !!

Sanskaar -“I can’t even take u to my home.. ”

Swara -“Then.. ”

Sanskaar thinks something and says to himself -“Oh God what what this thing is making me do ”

He takes a deep breath -“Let’s leave this city for few days !!”

Swara -“But u will leave ur all business and come with me.. ” she was shocked ..

Sanskaar -“Then will u go back to ur home.. ” he asked..

She noded in no

Sanskaar -“I’ll make them understand about this.. ”

Swara nodded in a big no !!

Sanskaar -“Then what choice I have.. I can’t keep u in my home neither let u on the roads so its better option to Go with u ” he sighed !!

Swara -“what about aunty ?? ”

Sanskaar -“She will be OK.. ”

SwaSan hides in his street.. Till the mid night until his mom sleeps..

As soon as she sleeps Sanskaar enters In and takes out a envelope in which he kept a lakh rupees for his business.. He writes a letter

“Mom am going out for some work it can take few days I’ll be back soon till than take care
                         – Love Sanskaar    ”

Sanskaar kissed his mom’s forehead and then left..

Till then In Swara’s house all came about Swara leaving the house but whom they dint know..

Laksh.. Ram n Sujata were crying like hell..

Sahil comes

Sahil -“Laksh Bhai I saw Swara with ur friend Sanskaar.. It seemed like he was taking her forcefully..i tried to save her but Sanskaar (showing the wounds) he did this.. ”

Laksh was not able to believe his words ..cold immediately hold sahil’s collar and slapped him.. -“how dare u say about my best friend I know u very well.. ”

Sahil acting innocent -“But I said what I saw u can call n search him ”

Harsh was consoling his parents..

Laksh had full believe on his friend he called him .. But all in vien his phone was switched off.. And Swara’s too..

Laksh was broken inside thinking his own friend betrayed him..

He immediately went his house.. And banged the door.. Shomi opened.. In sleep..

Shomi seeing Laksh -“Laksh u at this time.. Where is Sanskaar ”

Laksh -“Vahi Janne aaya hu ..”
He was in full rage.. He went Inside the house and searched him.. But he dint found him.. But saw a letter..

He was now sure Sahil was saying was truth… His legs weakened and he falled on his knees.. -“Sanskaaaaarrrr … How can u betray me.. How can u do with my sister.. I hate u.. ”

Harsh consoled him it was hard to believe this for harsh.. Laksh got up -“But I’ll not leave u.. I’ll never..!!”
On other side swasan went out of the city in other city..

They found a hut Sanskaar collected wood to lit fire for warmth at it was so cold !!

Swara was deep in her thoughts..
She took out a blade..

Sanskaar saw her.. Tears were flowing down her eyes.. She was about to cut her nervous.. But at neck movement Sanskaar took it and throwed..

Swara tired to pick up but Sanskaar hold her shoulders firm..

Swara -‘Pls let me die ”

Before she can do more Sanskaar landed a tight slap on her cheek..

Which brought her back to his sense

Sanskaar -“Are u mad .. What were u going to do!! ” he was hell angry!!

Swara crying -“Toh Kya karu Sanskaar I broke every one.. Mom dad Laksh bro every one will hate me.. I’ve no one live for.. No one is der for me Sanskaar no one.. ”

Sanskaar hugged her -“Am der for u.. Everything will b alright.. ”

Swara -“Li..life took everything from me .. Ive Nothing to live for ” she stammered !!

Sanskaar -“See Swara what ever happenes in life its for something good.. So accpet it.. U will not know now but with time u will understand !! ”

Swara calmed down after few minutes and slept in his arms.. She was tired..

As soon as she slept he made her lay down and covered her.. By placing a caring peck on her forehead..

He stood staring moon remembering the movements which happened few minutes ago and changed every ones life..

He slept staring her.. She was looking a innocent baby while sleeping..

Laksh was searching them madly..


Days Began to pass SwaSan lived in Village.. Near to der city.. Though they lived in one room.. And Sanskaar even having Feelings in his heart never said her.. Nor came near her taking advantage of her condition.. He took a great care of her.. She slowly began to forget everything being with Sanskaar.. He always made her smile.. She never did cooking..

One day.. Sanskaar went out Swara Began to cook for him..

As she was doing it for first time her hands get burned in cooking chapati..

Swara -“aaahhh ”

Sanskaar came and saw her holding her fingers.. He took her hand in his..

Sanskaar almost shouting cz he was worried -“What is this swara ?? Y are u cooking ?.. See now u got hurt na ? (he blowing air on her fingers) is it burning more (concerned) ”

She smiled -“Not much… Am OK ”

Sanskaar -“Pls from now don’t do all this.. ”

Swara nodded.. Sanskaar smiled at her..

Sanskaar took the first aid box and did the dressing..

By time der neighbours daughter Kavita comes.. Swara gets irked by her face.. As she keep dwelling on Sanskaar.. Which makes her angry.. Or it was a pure jealousy which she never knew..

Kavita -“Sanskaar this food I made for u ”

Placing the plate down containing mouth watering Daal baati n other items..

Swara answered quick -“We Don’t need that Kavita.. I’ve prepared food for us.. ”

Kavita looked around and saw the chapatti which Swara made which was shapeless.. And curry half burnt.. She laughed seeing it..

Kavita holding the chapatti between her thumb and index finger.. -“This is the food .. Its burnt and not even edible .. ”

Swara’s anger boiled making her nose n cheeks red.. Which Sanskaar loved a lot..

Sanskaar thought to tease Swara a bit -“It looks Like map of America ” he chuckled !!

Kavita to Sanskaar -“You will not like it.. Its better u keep this food inseated of sleeping hungry !! ”

Swara wanted to burst at her but she kept quite and a lone tear escaped her eyes..as Sanskaar also laughed with her he will not like the food prepared by her… Which was noticed by Sanskaar..

Sanskaar soon answered Kavita -“Kavita u can take back this food we will eat the food which Swara prepared.. ”

Kavita shocked looked at him -“But Sanskaar ye khaana khane layak nai h.. ”

Sanskaar -“Its OK u can take these plates with u.. ” he smiled a forceful one and started doing Swara’s dressing..

Swara smiled looking Kavita.. Kavita glared at her and went out stomping her foots..

As soon as Kavita went Swara withdrew her hand from his.. He looked at her confusingly !!

Swara -“American map na.. Go and eat that food I’ll not let you eat this.. ” (Swara turned other side in anger rather Fake anger)

Seriously she is so childish..
Sanskaar -“(acting) Am very hungry Pls.. I’ll faint .. !! ”

He did drama of fainting.. Swara turned and hold him.. Sanskaar smiled.. Swara glared and started beating him.. But she felt hurt in her fingers..

Swara -“(in pain )Aahh ”

Sanskaar took the plate and made her eat with his hands cz her right hand was injured.. Swara was enjoying.. Both were talking and eating..

Swara really loved his company.. Or him ? .. Well time will say !!

Police were searching for them..

It was holi.. In village they drink thandai with bhang… SwaSan were unware of it..

Both drank it..

And were out of their sense in thier house..

Swara laughing -“Sanskaar u know u are so cute.. U cares a lot.. ”

Sanskaar too laughing holding Swara by her waist..

-“Not me it is u who looks more cute when your nose gets red in anger.. That day when u got angry on Kavita.. ” said he..

Swara started crying like a kid -“She sticks to u every time I get angry.. She was trying to kiss u today in name of applying color.. ”

-“(wiped her tears) So what I don’t stick to her na.. I dint kiss her na ”

-“But u dint kissed me also na ? ” said she with a pout..

Sanskaar -“U want me to kiss u.. ”

Swara smiled wide and noded in big yes..

SwaSan were out of thier sense…

Sanskaar -“OK ”
Saying this He leaned on her lips..

As soon as thier lips touched each others.. Both had butterflies in stomach..

Sanskaar slowly slowly sucked her lower lip while she kissed his upper lip.. Both were lost in that kiss.. It was true both were in love with each other but neither one of them confessed !!

It was a long kiss with tenderness n sweetness.. Reflecting thier new Feelings for each other.. They broke..  And falled down on ground.. Both were still in bhang effect.. They talked and slept in each others arms..

At morning Swara found herself sleeping on his arm.. She smiled but she dint remembered what did they do last night (Hey Hey don’t think esa vaisa OK here it just means to kiss)

Sanskaar also got up.. None of them remembered about their kiss.. !!


Few days later..

Sanskaar -“Swara we don’t have much Money left I think we should go back ” sadly !!

Swara -“no ”

Sanskaar -“Its been many days Swara everything will be fine .. From one month we are here.. ” he tired to explain Her..

Swara -“Mom dad Laksh bro .. They  will kill me ” she cried !!

Sanskaar -“No one will say u anything I promise.. ” he assured her..

Swara -“But Sanskaar !! ”

Sanskaar -“I promise.. I’ll take all blame on me.. No one will point u out.. ” he said holding her hands..

Swara -“No u can’t do that I’ll not let u do.. U dunno my dad he will kill u.
” she cried

Sanskaar -“What ever he will do.. But nothing will happen to u.. We have to go v have no other option..”
Sanskaar said cupping her face..

After a long she accepted..

They return back..


Swara was standing sujata holding her.. She was crying..

Sanskaar confessed everything That he never done.. He sais he wrote that letter in fake writing of Swara and took Her against Her wish..

Swara cried as Laksh was beating him mercilessly..

Ram -“Sujata take Swara inside.. ”

She took her.. But Swara can listen Sanskaar’s moan in pain.. She cried more hugging shomi.. She wanted to go to him.. But.. He said him not to do so..

Laksh while beating -“Sally I thought u as my best friend and u betrayed me !! U Basterd ”

Ram -“Enough Laksh of beating call police and hand over him to them.. They will teach him.. ”

Ram called police ..

Laksh clutched his hairs and pushed him towards inspector..

Swara’s heart was paining like hell she wanted to tell the whole Truth..
Police -“Mr Ram ur daughter have to give statement against him ”

Ram -“She is not in a condition today will come tomorrow with her to police station ”

Police nodded ..

Laksh -“Sir give him a nice third degree.. ”

Police left with Sanskaar who was all injured..

Here Swara cried whole night remembering Sanskaar.. She was happy with him.. She wanted to see him .. She dunno y.. Wanna Go to him..

Crying whole night .. And thinking she finally understood what her heart feels for him..

Next day ram took Swara to police station with Sujata n Laksh.. Shomi was also present ..

Constable brought Sanskaar.. Swara was sitting on chair..

He wasn’t able to stand properly.. They beat him a lot.. Blood was oozing out his head..

Swara saw him in this condition and cursed herself.. As she now knew what he feels for her without his Saying..

Inspector -“Is he one who kidnapped u.. ? ”

Swara looked at Sanskaar who nodded her to say yes…

But ignoring everything she ran and engulfed him in a bone crushing hug.. Which shocked all..

She cried a lot.. -“Pagal ho Tum !! Itna sab q saha ”

Sanskaar -“What are u doing ”

Swara -“Shut up can’t u see an hugging u.. Now stop ur non sense and hug me back.. ”

Sanskaar hugged her tightly.. While Laksh ram Sujata n shomi were in shock seeing the scenario.. Inspector too..!!

Swara broke hug and told everyone what has actually happed..

Laksh cried a lot for beating his best friend and insulting him.. Ram asked forgiveness..

Ram -“Hume maaf kr do beta.. ”

Sanskaar -“Pls uncle muje sharminda mat kijie.. ”

Sanskaar went and hugged Laksh.. They again became best wale friends..

All forgave Swara.. Sahil was arrested and kept behind the bars..


Shomi Sujata and ram decided SwaSan to get married after Swara’s medical.. And Sanskaar can also establish a business by that time..

Swara was in her room but heard everything..

Laksh hugged Sanskaar and made him eat the gulab Jamun :p

Swara seeing this laughed and said -“Haaye mere Gulab Jamun ” from her room..

Sanskaar heard this but dint in Her room..

Shomi and Sanskaar went to der Own house..


Sanskaar was sitting on his study table checking file..

While he suddenly hears the a -“Thud!! ” sound.. As it was already 10 in night

And the sound wasn’t familiar.. But he thought must be a cat.. And payed attention back to his work..

Der he felt some weight on his lap.
And someone hugged her tight sitting on his lap.. He recognised the familiar hug and reciprocated..

Sanskaar -“U came here at this time..what if anyone see us like this ” (smiled)

Person -“Let them see I came to meet my to be husband.. Its not a crime ” (replied )

Sanskaar -“Ya but our Marriage is just fixed its time to happen na ?? ” he said teasingly..

Swara -“Its OK if u dint like to see me here am going back no need to marry forcefully.. ” (She said in a sad voice )

She was about to get up from the hug but Sanskaar dint brake which made her sit right der in same position !!

Sanskaar -“Did I Hurt ”

Swara -“Hmm ”

Sanskaar -“Am sorry (Changing the topic) Did u missed me ”

Swara-“Yup cz I know u will never..
Its me who misses u never u did .. U liked Bhai feeding u gulab jamun but u dint even think about me.. To come to me.. I was only mad.. ” complained !!

Sanskaar -“I Saw u seeing us n What was that u mumbled when Laksh feed me that ?? ” (he asked knowing the answer )

Swara -“Hmm I said nothing ” (she lied smiling sheepishly)

Sanskaar broke the hug.. -“Don’t lie I heard .. Now say me I wanna hear right from u Here.. ”

Swara -“haaye mere Gulab Jamun ” Saying this she pulled his cheeks !!

Sanskaar feeding her the laddu which were on his table..

Sanskaar -“And u my Laddu ” he brushed his lips slightly on her cheeks..

Swara just smiled..

Sanskaar -“What’s exact reason to be here ? ” (winked )

Swara just to tease him -“I thought our marriage is postponed not romance but seems like busy.. And Its quite late I should move ”

She said sitting in his lap who was sitting on a chair.. Her arm round his neck.. Placing with his collar !!

Swara (trying to get up ) -“I should leave now I guess !! ”

Sanskaar tightened his grip on her not letting her go..

Sanskaar -“I want u to do for what u came.. ”

Swara -“no ”

Sanskaar -“You have to !! ”

Swara accepting the defeat.. Smashed her lips on his.. And kissed him wildly.. Showing he all belonged to him.. Sucking his lips.. She cloud sense his hot tongue he slipped in Her mouth.. Exchanging the juices of each other..

She broke it was a small kiss..

Sanskaar -“Yummy !! (Thinking) but I felt like I’ve tasted this taste earlier.. Its our first kiss isn’t it !! ”

Swara -“You its the first.. But how u felt so.. (her gaze heated with anger) did u kiss anyone before.. ”

Sanskaar -“What non sense its my first ever.. ”

Swara -“Then how u said that.. (thinking) Did u kissed that Kavita.. Chi Sanskaar I dint expect this from u..”

She got up..

She continued but Sanskaar knew it was a high time and she is so childish she will not listen..

He made her face himself and grabbed her lips.. In a hungry and passionate kiss.. She kept moving back in that.. And he towards her.. Finally they landed on bed.. Sanskaar on top of her.. She soon replied.. It was a hungry one.. Both of them tongues fought for dominance.. His hands pulling her more on him separating from bed..while her hands clutched his hairs.. It reflected how hot thier smooch was !!

They broke agree a long kiss..

Swara hugging him..

Sanskaar -“Its so strange na laddu we love each other a lot .. And got each other without confessing .. ”
Smiling looking at her…

Swara cupped his face with one hand -“Yup.. And our alliance too fixed n we still dint even confessed ”

Sanskaar -“Yes cz sometimes words are not enough to reflect the Feelings..those three words Are not enough to measure our true feelings !! ”

SwaSan -“Thus we have each others “LOVE WITHOUT CONFESSION”

!!Screen Freezed!!

Sometimes Feelings are much more than words can convey.. Don’t every time expect ur partner to confess his / Her Feelings .. Cz every Feelings Cannot be measured just by words.. They are to feel rather than exhibit !!

***ThE EnD***

I know its not a good one too.. But Am thinking to write a one more part of this os.. With laddu and gulab jamun with thier musti.. Nok jhok n romance !! Well it will depend on response.. !! I won’t promise when I will post.. !! Don’t waste comment in greeting tell about os !!


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