SwaSan OS : ” Our Love Story ” by Swarmayi


" Our Love Story…"

A girl was running on the road with her frnds..   They were chasing each other.. suddenly 1 car cm frm opposite side and abt to hit her.. all shouts-


She closed her cute n big eyes in fear..  car dint hit her cz on crct time brks were applied. A man cm out of car and stared her angrily.. Swara 1st open her 1 eye n then 2nd and gets shocked seeing the person.. not only she bt all were shocked & whispered –


All her frnds gulped in fear while swara was smiling like mad staring him continuously widout even blinking her eyes.. Sanskaar waved his hands infront of her.. he called her by her name.. bt no effect! She was in her OWN WORLD! Finally Sanskaar looses his temper.. He took water bottle frm his car and splash all water on her face.. Swara gets jerked due to sudden attack n shocked too..

Sanskaar : Don't u hv eyes? R u a kid? Don't you knw dat we shdnt run like a mad on middle of a road.. ? What if I wouldn't have applied break on crct time?

Swara : ( in funny mood ) Nothing.. Just ur car would hv got broken bcz of me.. hehehe.. and later u would have been arrested me fr ruining ur car.. ( laughs )

Sanskar : ( angry ) I can still arrest you.. main abhi bhi tumhe andar dal sakta hoon.. for breaking rules..

Swara : ( naughtily ) Toh roka kisne hai.. Dalo na andar muze … Andar jane ka hi to wait kar rahi hoon.. ( winks )

Sanskar : ( angry ) There's limit of everything.. bt u.. u'll never change.. full gone case..

Swara : Vaise I'm unlimited!  and abt Gone Case.. I knw dat.. Say something new ACP SIRRRRR…

Sanskar : Its waste to talk with you.. I shd leave..

He left.. Swara looked at his vanishing figure and smiled saying…


Palak ( swara's bestie ) : offo swaraa.. How many times you'll try more? I already told u ACP sir is never gonna accept your love.. He's so arrogant..

Swara : ( hits Palak's head ) chup kar.. idiot.. I knw he's rude, arrogant. . Bt he's mine.. My arrogant januu.. ( gives flying kiss in air )

Palak : ACP sir told ryt.. u hv gone mad..

Swara : ( smiles ) Yes.. m mad.. mad in Sanskar's love.. ???

Palak : ( sighs ) IMPOSSIBLE! Ok cmon.. let's go to our home.. Its evening now..

Both left for home.. Swara is studying in mumbai.. she's an orphan. She lives in 1 flat with her bestie Palak.. SwaSan knw each other from past 1 year.. hehe.. yes.. one day swara saw 1 accident and took the person to hospital. There they both met.. That person slept in coma due to severe head injury.. bt swara was only eye witness.. From that tym swara fell in love with Sanskaar. Love at first sight u can say.. She's very bubbly , naughty yet sensitive n kind hearted girl. Sanskaar never liked her blabbering. She always used to meet sanskar with some reasons and irritates him.. bt smwhere he also started enjoying her teasings, her company alot..

One day..

Swara asked sanskar to meet her in some garden.. 1st sanskar denied later agreed.. He came there on time and as usual to irritate him swara cm late..

Sanskar : What's this swara? Hv u checked the time? M waiting for u since 1 hr..

Swara : Aahh.. calm down angry bird.. I mean sirrr.. Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai.. ( winks ) ?

Sanskar : Arrghh! Swara I dont hv time fr ur nonsense. Say fast watever u want to..

Swara : Vo sir.. I want to say that.. I.. I..

Sanskar : You what ?

Swara : I.. I.. L..L..

Sanskar : swara say it clearly or I'm leaving..

Swara : ( quickly says closing her eyes )  I love you Sanskar! ( blushes )

There's complete silence. Swara slowly opened her eyes.. She looked at sanskar who was looking at her blankly.. and suddenly he started laughing loudly.

Sanskar : Hahahahahaha.. Swara… seriously!  You are master in pranking.. hahahaha.. nice joke swara.. bt for this joke u wasted my so much time.. ???

Swara : ( teary eyes ) Its not joke Sanskar. I mean it.. I really love u..

Sanskar : ( serious ) Do you even hv any idea wat r u saying?

Swara : Yes.. I knw.. I love u.. I love u very much.

Sanskar : enough swara.. enough! U r not in ur senses.. the thing which u r calling love na its only an attraction! Nothing else..

Swara : Don't insult my love calling it attraction sanskar. I really love you.. And I knw u too love me..

Sanskar : what nonsense?  I dont love u..

Swara : You love me sanskar.. and u'll accept it.. I challenge you.. In these 3 days u'll accept my love..

Sanskar : Ok.. accepted. And I u loose then?

Swara : Then I'll never ever come infront of you.. I promise.

Sanskar : Ok.. Done!

Both leaves..

From very next day.. swara start to follow sanskar. To make him confess his love.. Sanskar was liking her presence bt he was so stubborn.. Swara blocked his way and started to sing..

Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari
Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari
Tu Aashiq Hai Main Teri Aashiqui
Tujhe Milne Ko Dil Karta Hai
Tujhe Milne Ko Dil Karta Hai O Mere Saajana
Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari
Tu Aashiq Hai Main Teri Aashiqui..

Sanskar jerks his hand forcefully.. She smiled and went back of him.. hold his hand.. he turns..

Teri Har Nazm Tera Har Geet Hai Yaad Mujhe
Teri Har Nazm Tera Har Geet Hai Yaad Mujhe
Jab Tak Saans Chalegi Na Bhoolungi Main To Tujhe
Tere Bina Jeena Nahi Kha Ke Kasam Kehti Hu
Tere Bina Jeena Nahi Kha Ke Kasam Kehti Hu
Maine Bina Dekhe Bina Jaane Tujhe Dil De Diya
Tu Dhadkan Hai Main Teri Zindagi
Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari
Tu Aashiq Hai Main Teri Aashiqui..

Day 2- Swara tried to make him smile by her antics.. he paid no heed.. he sit on bench nearby.. swara went near him.. kissed his cheeks tightly.. he gets shocked..

Apni Betaabi Ka Main Kaise Tujhase Izahaar Karu
Apni Betaabi Ka Main Kaise Tujhase Izahaar Karu
Kaise Batalaau Tujhe Jaan-E-Jaana Kitna Main Pyar Karu
Lab Pe Koi Naam Nahi Tere Siva Mere Saajan
Lab Pe Koi Naam Nahi Tere Siva Mere Saajan
Mere Is Dil Pe Tera Hi Nasha Chha Gaya
Tu Deewana Main Teri Deewangi
Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari
Tu Aashiq Hai Main Teri Aashiqui..

Day 3 – Sanskar went to take water from his cabin.. Swara cm n forwards her hand which is having water.. he dint take.. she forcefully make him drink.. he widen his eyes. She winks.. ?

Tujhe Milne Ko Dil Karta Hai
Tujhe Milne Ko Dil Karta Hai O Mere Saajana
Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari
Tu Aashiq Hai Main Teri Aashiqui..

3 rd day also passed like this.. bt sanskar dint confess.. it was night.. Sanskar was thinking of swara .. her antics.. her smile.. her pranks.. everything was revolving around in his mind.. He was smiling unknowingly.  Suddenly he got call.. He received it..

Sanskar : Hello.. ( expressions changed ) Ok.. Great.. Take care of him.. will tmrw take his statement. N swara's too.. ( cuts the call )

He calls swara.. seeing his call swara jumped in excitement. Palak too laughed seeing her.. She picked the call..

Sanskar : Hello. .

Swara : Hell..oo.. Sanskar. . Sirr..

Sanskar : Swara.. Tomorrow come to city hospital. That person came out of coma.. I need to take ur n his statement.. Reach there at sharp 10..

Swara : ( face faded ) Okay.. I'll come.. and what you.. ( cuts her )

Sanskar : Ok.. see u tmrw.. bye.. ( cuts the call )

Swara looked at palak with tearfilled eyes and hugged her tightly. She cried..

Swara : Palak.. I .. lost.. I lost.. he doesn't. .love.. me..

Palak consoles her & make her sleep..

Here sanskar was restless. His mind was only occupied by swara..

Sanskar : What happened to me?  Y m missing her? Does I really.. love.. her?? N..no.. I don't.  I think I shd sleep nw..

He sleeps..

Next day morning –

Sanskar was waiting for swara in hospital. Its 11 AM now.. still she dint arrive.. He called her.. bt she dint lift.. He got angry.. its 12 pm now.. He lost his patience and went towards the exit of hospital.. When smthng caught his attention. Swara was sitting on bench there and sleeping. Sanskaar got more furious. He went near her and shouted at her..

Sanskar : Swaraa..

Swara : ( jerks and looked at him in drowsy state ) Sans..kar.. I..

Sanskar : ( claps ) Great!! Simply Great!!! Miss Swara Gadodia,  did I disturb your sleep? Ohh.. m really very sorry.. will you plz frgive me?

Swara : ( gets up and tried to explain ) Sanskar. .. listen to. .me..

Sanskar : ( angrily held her from her shoulders tightly she gasps in pain ) What's remaining there to listen swara? I just asked you to come here at 10 to give statement regarding the case.. I was waiting for you.. I was calling you continuously like a mad.. bt look at you.. you were here only.. enjoying ur beauty sleep? Dont u have any shame swara? U were here only bt dint cm to give statement?  Y swara? Bcoz I rejected u? Thats y u played like this? Hain na? Chii swara.. How cheap thinking you hv.. I thought u r good at heart.. bt no!! U r selfish n cheap girl.. M glad that I rejected ur proposal.. you are good for nothing swara.. I jusr hate you..( he jerked her n left from there in anger )

Swara was standing there all numb and tears were continuously flowing from her eyes.. she sat on bench with a thudd.. Palak who just cm to hospital saw all this having tears in her eyes.. she wiped them off & decided something..

In evening,  Sanskar cm to police station to take sm important documents regarding his case.. there smthng caught his attention.

Sanskar : Pandey.. Pandey. .. ( he was a constable )

Pandey : Yes Sir..

Sanskar : This statement. .. who gave it? N u dint inform me?

Pandey : Sir.. vo.. in afternoon,  Swara ma'am cm here.. She gave this statement and went..

Sanskar : Ok. You go.. ( monologue ) Swara gave statement? She dint told me that she's coming.. strange.. huhh.. never mind.. ( he left for his home )

@ Sanky's house –

Palak was sitting on sofa waiting for Sanskar.  Sanskar cm there and get shocked by seeing Palak..

Sanskar : Palak?? You?? Here?? At this time??

Palak : Yes ACP sir.. actually I hv to cm..

Sanskar : What happened Palak? Is everything ok?

Palak : ( screams ) Nothing is ok.. sir! Nothing.. You dont even know how much u hurted her.. my swara.. Today morning when she was coming to city hospital to give you statement,  One car hitted a child on road who was my niece. She was severely injured.. and needed blood..  swara gave her blood to her.. bcoz of her she's alive.. and thats y she couldnt cm to u.. n when u saw her sleeping. She wasn't sleeping sir.. She was feeling dizzy dats why she was resting there.. bt u.. u jst cm there and burst out ur all anger on her..  she always hoped that 1 day u'll love her.. bt no.. she was damn wrong! Instead of love, u showered ur all anger n hatred on her.. she saved smones life bt lost her..  Bcz of u.. she's body without soul.. sir!!!

Saying this she left from his house wiping her tears.. Sanskar was too shocked to react.. His eyes were filled with tears.. He went in his room and cries. ..

Sanskar : I'm sorry Swara.. m really sorry.. Plz forgive me. I realised my mistake. Now I won't delay swara.. I'll tell u my true feelings.. I'll tell u tmrw that how much I LOVE YOU.. YES ! I LOVE YOU..

Next day morning –

Sanskar reached at Swara's home. He rang the bell.. Palak opened the door.

Palak : You? What do you want now?

Sanskar : Palak. I know I did wrong with swara.. I want to meet her.. I want to say sorry.. plz..

Palak : No. You can't meet her..

Sanskar : Palak.. plz.. I want to meet her.. I'm her.. ( cuts him )

Palak : You are nothing to her.. got it? Kis haq se use milna chahte ho? Kis haq se maafi mangna chahte ho? Do u hv any answer? No na.. Den just leave.. I'll convey ur msg to her..


Palak was shocked, happy n emotional too.. She asked sanskar to come in..

Palak : Do u really love her?

Sanskar : yes palak.. I love her.. bt I realised it late.. m sorry..

Palak : Its ok.. We'll give swara surprise.. come with me..

Both headed towards swara's room.. Palak knocks..

Palak : Swaraa..

No response.

Palak : Swaraaa..

No response.

Palak : ( worried ) Swaraa.. open the door.. see who came.. swaraa..

Still no response.

Now Palak n Sanskar got hell worried. Sanskar breaks the door and get in.. He gets shocked..

Sanskar : ( screams ) SWARAAA..

Palak : ( shocked ) Swaraaaa..

Swara was lying unconscious on the floor. Both runs to her.. Sanskar pats her cheeks continuously while tears were flowing from his eyes.

Sanskar : ( cries ) Swaraaa.. open.. ur eyes.. plz.. see.. I … came.. u won .. swara.. I.. Love.. You.. now .. open.. ur.. eyes na.. heyy.. swa.  Swara.. open ur eyes dammit!!!

While sanskar was continuously shaking n patting her.. Palak called doctor.. Sanskar placed her on bed n sit beside her.. after few minutes doc cm.. He checked swara n gave injection.

Sanskar : Doctor. . Wat happened to her? Is she ok?

Doctor : Mr. Maheshwari! She's stressed and in depression it seems. Something hurted her very deeply ( sanskar closed his eyes ) . Bt dont worry now she's ok.. I gave her injection.  Take care of her n keep her happy.. ( he leaves )

Sanskar sit beside her and caresses her hairs.  Tears fell from his eyes..

Sanskar : I hurted.. u.. na.. i.. I'm really.. sorry.. I promise. . I'll never scold u.. or hurt u.. bt plz.. dont scare me like this.. bcm my old bubbly swara.. plzz.. ( cries )

Swara slowly opened her eyes and shocked to see Sanskar.

Swara : Sanskarrr!

Sanskar : ( happy ) Swaraa!! U woke up.. hw r u? U knw u scared me to the hell.. I thought I lost u.. never do that swara.. I cant live without u.  I LOVE YOU..

Swara was shocked at his sudden confession. She was sooo happy bt suddenly she remembered smthng n her expressions changed.

Swara : ( cold tone ) M fine SIRRR.. Thanks for your care.. now u can leave..

Sanskar : Swaraa.. wat are you..

Swara : Ohh.. Sorry! I forgot! You must be wanting my statement na.. Dont worry.. I had given it already.. now u wont need to face a cheap person like me..

Sanskar : Swaraaa..!! ( he shouts bt later calm down n sensed she's angry n hurt by his words )

Sanskar : ( smiles naughtily ) So you are angry on ur ARROGANT JAANUU??

Hearing this words from his mouth swara couldn't take it anymore n hugged him tightly crying miserably.

Sanskar : Sshh.. Swara.. don't cry plz.. look at me.. m sorry.. I was so rude at u.. m really sorry.. will u frgv me? Plz?

Swara nods n Sanskar hugged her happily. Bg song played…

Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi..
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin..
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa..
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida..

Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho..
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho..
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa..
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida..

Aha ha ha o…

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida…

The End


I guess this is my worst writing ever.. arrr.. I donno what all I write.. So if I wrote any nonsense plz bear me fr today.. thanks..

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