swasan os : love ( must read girls) by kaynat khan

This story is quite different from all my types….
Though i have got a title of hot writer from my episodes from punar vivah now adays…..
So now coming from out of the hot writer shoes am writing something new something different which i wanted to present from past many days but was not getting clear point how to view it…..
So finally am clear and just want all of youll to sit and read it calmly and haa COMMENTS IS NECESSARY…….

A boy was shown in his early twenties…..
Wearing his white shirt……setting his hair and looking in the mirror…..
He smiled seeing him….. at that moment his mom came in

Sujata : are sanskaar you got ready….
She goes to him…
Sujata : wow you looking so handsome today all the girls from college will die seeing you….
Sanskaar smiled brightly and bend on his knees to take her blessings…..
Sujata : listen take care of yourself……
Sanskaar nodded his head and kissed her forehead….
And goes out taking his bag with him…..

Sujata just prayed that his day must go fine…..

Sanskaar just sat in his dark blue lamborghini and drove to college….

He arrived to college…. parked his car….
When he just stepped out….
All the passing girls were looking at him with open mouth…..
He ignored all but he just watched a beauty infront if him which frozed him at that moment…. his heart started to race…. his eyes were fixed to that scene…..
He saw a girl laughing with her friends wholeheartedly….. she havent applied layers of makeup to look beautiful her inner beauty… her natural smile was making her beauty…..
At that time her one friend call her from back….
Friend : swara yaar come we have to move to the class….
Swara turned around : yeah coming….
Sanskaar was so much lost in her….
But as she was gone he came to reality and soon moves toowards college….

So guys intro time…..
Sanskaar maheshwari : student of commerce…. first year degree….. a handsome dashing rich….. he is a dream boy which every girl dies for… but but does looks are all which is needed….. he has everything that is needed but yet he is incomplete…… he hasn’t have a voice…. yeah he cannot speak….. god has given him everything money face but didnt gave him voice he was born mute….. but still he has no regrets from life….. his mom is little bit of possessive over his future but he knows god has made someone for him who will love him for sure……

Swara kapoor : a self independent girl who has dad mom a middle claas girl but has dreams to achieve…. tortally bindaas type….. openminded…… and sometimes she is a fighter too…. nobody can win with her in debates……

Sanskaar sat on last bench where he dont get to involved with so many crowds and sit lonely without any fear…..

At that time swara enters the claasroom and her eyes went to sanskaar….
Well its common for any girl to look and fall for some handsome boy like him….same was happening with swara…..
She got lost at a moment but she realised its a claas so she settled down with her friends…..

Days passed swara always wondered why he didnt talk….. why he kept himself away from everyone…..
Whereas sanskaar use to slowly hidely see swara and watch and her antics…. he use to love when she talks……

Then some exams were held and sanskaar topped the college….. some boys weren’t happy of him…. they were jealous that first toh he keeps quite and secondly he is topping the college everytime….

One day when sanskaar was passing by they stopped his way…. while swara was going with friends when she saw all this….
One boy name was sahil….
Sahil : aee sanskaar u have got wings…. being cool in every teachers eye haa….
Nikhil : are leave him sahil he is rich scared boy…. thats the reason he havent speak anything he is afraid of us…. let him go….
While sanskaar smile and went from there…..
While swara thinks (why does he behaving like a coward why dont he fight for himself)
Sahil and nikhil use to irritate sanskaar everyday but he use to give them smile which was making swara angry….
Then one day again it happened and this time swara fouldnt take it and she goes to sanskaar…..
Swara : dont you have self respect they are saying you so much things and everyday you just be a coward and smile to them…. are fight back na…..
While sanskaar was happy that she is taking his side and caring for him….
Sahil : are swara you go na he wont speak anything he is actually coward okk…
While both sahila nd nikhil laughed swara left the place angrily this made him sad he thought to tell her….

He gone outside to see her sitting on bench…..sanskaar came and sat beside her….she turned her face….

Sanskaar thrn took out a book and started to write something…. while swara saw him writing something but couldn’t see as he was hiding it…. when he finally consisted finished writing he gave that book to her…..

Sanskaar : hey hii i am sanskaar…. i know today you must be very angry on me that why i dont fight back with them….but you only tell how can a dumb can fight back…. god has forgot to give me voice….but i dont like my truth to be revel to everyone in class thats why i hided it from everyone only principal knows it….i am not a coward but sometimes walking away from the situation is better than to fight back….

While swara read through the letter she has tears in her eyes….

She looked at him….
Swara : i am soo sorry i didn’t knew…. i am extremely sorry….
While sanskaar smiled at her and gestures her its ok….
She gives her hand
Swara : hii sanskaar i am swara…. will you be my friend….
Sanskaar nodded smiling and both shake hands…..

A beautiful friendship took place that day….
Now both swara amd sanskaar use to hang a lot of time…. swara use to speak alot while sanskaar use to only listen to her…. swara was seeking coaching classes how to learn dumb lunguage….. for only sanakaar that she may be able to get his gestures clearly…..sanskaar was having secret crush on her but didnt tell her coz he knew her life would be wasted…..

Suajata was really fond of swara…. she usually visits to their house for assignments n all…. while sujata wanted swara as her dil as she was perfect for it…. coz she was first friend of sanskaar who was being so much woth him who really cares for him…. and sanskaar too started to laugh being with her…..

Suddenly one day sanskaar didn’t showed to college swara was really tensed that what to do and all…. she felt some loniliness that day…..
She later visited his home…..
Sujata opened the door…
Swara : hello aunty…. how are you
Sujata : am good beta come na….
Swara : aunty why sanskaar didnt came today…..
Sujata : actually beta he has some fever he is in room….
Swara got worried and goes to his room….
She saw him sleeping and beside that a bowl was kept of cold water and kercheif….
She sits beside him and touched his forhead…..
It was burning….
She took that kerchief and dipped in water and kept on his forehead…..
Sanskaar quickly got alert and got up….
He sees her and gestures
“What re you doing here”
Swara : so what you ain’t well…. i was so worried when you didnt came to school now sleep i will do this….
Sanskaar hesitates but she was still stubborn… so he gave in and slept….

Something was growing in her heart….in some days she realised she is in love with sanskaar….
She was so happy she thought to confess him but she was little scared what if he rejects….
But somehow she left to meet him….
After college she took him nearby garden….
Sanskaar asked in his language : why are we here…..
Swara at that moment knelt down shocking him….
Swara : i know you must be in shock but i wanna tell you something and i can’t keep that in my heart….. i love you… yes mr. sanskaar maheshwari i love you for whatever you are…. you are the best friend best partner i have got please be my life partner too life would be so easy if you be my side….. will you marry me sanskaar….

She said in one goo making her heart out…..
Sanskaar was in tears….
He made her stand
Sanskaar gestures : we cant marry coz i am dumb…. i cannot speak whole life how will we stay together… its matter of your life please dont ruin it…….

Swara : stop just stop what you think you of yourself a mahaan or something just listen for me you are damn complete i dont mind if you cannot speak i will be your vouce throught the life i know its hard but not impossible…… we will make it easy just say me you love me or not….. if not you sanskaar then i promise i will not marry anyone i have your swear….

Sanskaar immediately hugs her…..
And whispers
Sanskaaar : i love you tooo…..

Damn it was a shocking moment for her…..
She quickly departs the hug and looks at him…..
Sanskaar smiles…
Sanskaar : well i know you must be in shock….well you must be thinking how can i speak…. well i got my voice few days aback…. remember i wasn’t coming to college and you were thinking i got fever…. so my treatment was going on of my voice…. and yes finally two days back i got my voice….mom was so much happy she wanted to tell you but i kept a secret…. and today i wanted to give you surprise but you gave me shock…. i am so happy today….
Swara was still seeing him with o mouth shape….
Sanskaar waved his hand….
Swara : am i dreaming or you can really speak….. but when i got into sleep….. i dont remember….
Sanskaar smiles at her and then goes to her and kisses her…..
He was kissing her passionetley finally she came from shock when he departs….
Sanskaar : now realised it wasn’t a dream….
Swara hits him blushingly….
Swarra : stupid… but really you can speak i am so happy….. but why you told that i am ruining my life and all….
Sanskaar : because i wanted to hear how much you love me…. coz i love you more the voice which i am speaking is coz of you….for you only mom made me ready for treatment…. i loved you so much that i wanted to be perfect for you…. and now i am so much happy coz you have loved me with my flaw and i know you ain’t gonna leave me….
Swara : nope never am not gonna leave you never and you were perfect for me before also….. and now everything is so good but i only proposed you didnt proposed me….
She made a pout….
Sanskaar laughed and goes to his knees…..
Sanskaar : miss swara would you like to spend your life with me and would take my surname after yours name….. would you be with me entire life as my wife would you marry me?????

Swara cried and nodded in yes….
They both hugged eachother…..

Two years passed now both of them graduated…..both parents were kowing about them….and they made them engaged…..all were happy….
But happy moment doesn’t last forever….
One day swara was taking some veggies from market when she saw some goons were molesting a girl…..
She quickly goes to them and departs that girl out and slapped one man….
Swara : aee be in your limits….. i know you kinda man…..how dare you molest her….and you people just seeing this no one is helping her
That man look at her with blood shot eyes…. while all present people looked at guilt…
Rajat : : do you know whom have you slapped you will regret it….
Swara : just get lost neither one more will come….
He goes from there angrily….thinking worse for her
While all praise her and that girl hugs her….

She goes to her house and sanskaar call came….
Sanskaar : so whats my jaan doing….
Swara : hmm nothing sanskaar you know today some gons were molesting one girl so i cannot see that i took her from then and slapped one of them…
Sanskaar : what are you fine…. wait i am coming…
Swara : are baba relax i am ok nothing has happened to me i just saved her….
Sanskaar : did they harmed you….
Swara : no babai am fine….
Sanskaar : uff swara you and your stunts you are really sherni i dont know what will i do after marraige….
Swara : haha you better watch….

Rajat was a bhai of that area and he felt insulted when that girl slapped him….he thought something and smirked…..

Two days aftet swara was standing at a bus shop waiting for a bus……
When rajat and his friend came on bike they saw her standing there…..
Swara saw them…..
And in no second they threw acid bottle on her….
And ran away…..
She shouted loudly….. as no pain noone can describe that situation of hers…..
And she fainted….
All were looking but no one came to help her….
At that time two people goes towards her….
Laksh : oh my god ragini …..
Ragini : laksh we should take her to the hospital soon….
They took her to their car and drove to hospital…..

Doctors took her immediately as she was burnt badly…..

Ragini was having her purse…..
Ragini : laksh we should inform her family about her
Laksh : yeah just check her bag if anything we can find…..

At that time ragini got her phone and she saw last dialed number was of sanskaar she dialed it…..

Laksh took the phone
Sanskaar picked it up….
Sanskaar : hello swara where are you….
Laksh : hello
Sanskaar : whoz dis….
Laksh : hello am laksh roy….. i and my wife bought one girl to the hospital….and at girl was having this mobile so i called you……coz the last dialed number was urs….
Sanskaar : what what happened to swara where are youll
Laksh : we are at city hospital do come soon….
Sanakaar hung up and ran to hospital…. and informed families too…..

All reached to hospital…..
Sanskaar : hey are you laksh….
Laksh : yeah i am….
Sanskaar : i am only sanskaar the whom you called can you tell me what happened to her why you bought her to the hospital….
Ragini was about to say when doctors came…..

Sharmishta : how is my daughter doctor…. what happened to her…
Doctor : she is a victim of acid attack…..

This came like a bomb for everyone….sanskaar was ing like anybody have snatched floor beneath him….
Doctor : her face is burnt badly…. we will do the operation in few hours till then her stage will be critical….excuse me….

All were shattered shekhar sharmishta sujata rp and most sanskaar….
The one who he loved is struggling between the life and death….

7 hours…. it was like 7 days for them each passing minute was hell for them…sanskaar was just praying that he may get his swara back…..

After that doctors came….
Doctor : she is safe but her face is not like the previous one the marks will be for lifetime…..

All were shocked that how will they face her…. what will be her condition how will they console her…..sanskaar was not knowing what to do whether to be happy or sad….
Happy that she is saved or sad for how she will react now….

Now all gathers some courage and moved to her room….
She was laying on bed when she felt something on her face she touched it….
She looked beide it was a glass….
She could see her face…..
She looked at horror….and got up with a jerk and took that glass…..
Her face which was once so beautiful now was looking so worse…. her beauty was ruined in one minute…..
At that time all members came….
All were shocked as they didn’t expected this….
She threw that glass….
Swara : no this cant happen nooo….maa see naa what have they done….
She goes to shomi
Swara : maa see na maa they ruined my face maa papa they ruined it….
She cried badly falling on her knees….
While sanskaar too came and saw this he felt something on his heart seeing her broken like this….
Sanskaar goes to her
Sanskaar : swara look at me swara….
Swara : no sanskaar please dont see me… you will hate me please….
Sanskaar : swara i said look at me…..
She slowly looked at him a tear fell from his eye seeing her like this…..
Swara : please go sanskaar…. leave me alone please….
Sanakaar : have i took your hand to leave…. i wont leave you….
Swara : dont be mad sanskaar…. i am not worth for you please just go….. they beauty all has gone now only this face is there which i hate…. and how can you love it….
Sanskaar : does your beauty was all in your face…. does my love for you was only for how beautiful you look…. no swara it was for how brave you are…. you inner beauty swara…. for me today also you are beautiful ….. remember once you thought i cannot speak and you didnt give a damn so today how can i give…. we promised na that we will marry than how can you leave me….
Sanskaar cried taking her hands in his….
Swara : please sanskaar….. aunty please tell him na…
Sujata : beta for me you are our daughter in law and what we should explain him….you should understand…. you cannot backoff…
Swara : i cannot live now…..i wanna die….
Sanskaar : have you gone nuts swara this example you are giving to all girls….many girls are victims of acid attack in india and for you all should die who are victim of this right…. because theyy shouldn’t fight for themselves…. you know you are right you should die….coz my swara would never think like this….she was so much brave that she would fight for herself…. remember swara today if you will fight for yourself many girls will inspire from you….be someone’s inspiration swara….. beleivve in yourself till you will not trust in you…. you cannot move further….promise me you will fight promise me you wont think of suicude never…..
Swara cried
Swara : i promise….
Now sanskaar finally hugs her and cried….
All were in tears seeing them so much love for eachother….

Swara finally with the help of sanskaar putted rajat and his friend behind bars…
Court ordered him hanged to death punishement…..

Swara didnt let her down coz she was always supported by sanskaar…..

3 years passed swasan were happily married and were blessed with a boy….

Sanskaar didnt cared her marks coz his ove was beyond that…. he truly loved her…. and atlast true love wins…..

I was so disappointed and sad with bengluru act…..and i wrote this i wanna spread onething may be its rape or acid why girls always do suicide why…..cant they fight… they didnt lost anything but aftrr the acid the girl which feels no one can imagine how worse it is for her for her family…..just dont quit so easily coz suicide is not the last option….its seems easy but its not…. you should stay fight for yourself….. before suicide just think once of your family your mother and father….the one who lost everything juat to make you happy dont leave them alone to face the world in so big situation…..suicide is a coward thing and all knows girls are born fighting we arent cowards so just stay strong …..and brave….

A big salute to all acid attackers and rape victims who fight for themselves…..

Finally finished i dont know whether it was good or bad…. do send your opinions bye tc….

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  1. Deeksha

    Awesome kaynat khan……!!!!!!!!

  2. Pooja26

    really true yr……
    hate d bangalore act !!!!!!
    loved d way u present in dis os !!!!!
    keep it up !!!!

    1. Kaynatk01

      well i too hate that….when girls are moleating in public….thanks for reading

  3. AnuAnn

    Sooo true yaar.. Loved it

  4. Hats off buddy
    these words r small fr this os
    well done
    proud of u ???
    stay blessd nd yeah m a big fan of yr writing soo keep going ….???

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks buddy love yew

  5. Very well written…i have no words to describe it..its just outstanding…??
    A big salute to rape victims and acid atrack victims..who fight back..and punish the culprits.
    Government should give such punishment to the culprits so that no one dares to do it again..they should be hanged…or much more worse punishment…like cut p*nis of them..or Burn them alive…they should given a dreadful death…and its live telecast should be shown on every channel…after that no one will dare to do it again on their dream also…..

    1. Kaynatk01

      agree with you ragu i also feel they should be given stone to death…. and i do pray that all this should end soon

  6. Devihaa

    Seriously dr…u just rocked….
    Must say…..
    At first I thought it would b like other normal stories….
    But u proved me wrong….
    And Ss ur CRT suicide is totally coward….
    And we should lose hope that easily……
    Being a girl is really somewhat special and daring also….
    And for something or the other reason…
    We should not spoil our lives…
    And men also should understand about us…
    Before doing things like that….they should remember …
    That they also someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s sister, someone’s wife ……
    They r also human…..
    what such mens will do if something like that happen to their sister….., or wife…

    Anyways dr…hats off to u
    For writing something like this……

    1. Kaynatk01

      well first thanks so much for reading it….and i too feel the same…. because they just destroy their life without even knowing how will they live their life now….nice pov

  7. Adishu

    a very good shot dear….a very good way to deliver the message… bengaluru act was a shocking one for all…
    but the thing which shocked me the most was those ministers… who instead of helping the victims were blaming the girls for all what happened… “girls act like prtrol” really… chiii… they should be beaten by girls from shoes… because they deserve it… how cheap are they… I wish everyone in this world have thinking like sanskar….
    u just rocked today… have a great day…

    1. Kaynatk01

      i totally agreed with u adishu really i was so pissed of listening to them that how can they judge a girl by their clothes so shameful first they should be get punishment coz for me they are same like criminals…..

  8. This kind of bravery proves “GIRLZ ON TOP”.. we r best.. !! n m so damn proud “M a Girl”..
    i liked this OS..u described d emotions soo beautifully..
    but Kaynat it’s heart warming side of those acid attacks n rape victims where there is someone with us to help to fight with d world… ! Swara’s family n Sanskar is with her n she is soo blessed… but all those victims r not lucky enough to have someone u portrayed in this OS..
    We can’t even imagine what happens to a rape or accid victims.. their soul was being killed that day only but society always kills them with their bitter words n then it pains in our body… !! “Where no soul no body.. then why to live”..n d last option is sucide !! it’s not my thinking but of many girlz..
    There r many girlz who don’t even d solace n help of family after going through this hardness of life.. they just kinda thrown away from all..even though some of them take the path of suicide but some of them fights for themselves n punish d culprits.. HATS OF FOR THOSE BRAVE GIRLZ.. !!
    it’s a nice msg dear.. but there is one more side which is soo vulnerable to imagine..
    but i love this side which u wanted to portray..
    Thnk u… ;-*

    1. Kaynatk01

      agreed with u totally kakali sometimes the victims alone have to face the world and its so worse…..but they should fight for themselves…..coz doing suicide is what example u give to other people…..u should be brave and fight for yourself when no one is not on your side…..but i pray everyone gets a family like swara and sanskaar by their side…..

  9. Excellent dear

  10. Awesome dear…….. N nice msg …

  11. Di its soo true .What happened if we re girls we have our own life and no other person has any right to harm us or do anything with us. Nothing happens if r unmarried forever atleast we can became the strength for othr gurls who suffered frm all this and can help them to fight for there own justice.If society blames let them …its there work to talk rubbish things and do cheap things. We girls should become stronger and should fight fir justice. And d laws should be strict so tht no man can even lay their eyes on any girl.Good job di…

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks sejal so much

  12. Shifa96

    It’s awesome..I have changed my username from afra and sry I wasn’t able to comment on previous few parts of punar vivaah but will surely read it when I get time.

    1. Shifa96

      And I totally appreciate u to spread this msg..

    2. Kaynatk01

      thanks so much afra glad u read it…

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