swasan os : your love has healed all my pain


Hello guyz i am kaynat am back with swasan os for youll sorry that i didnt post raglak os but next will be raglak os and i will post it today or tomorrow till then enjoy this one next is on the way so lets start

The story starts with a girl entering college she was studying her last year in science it was non other than swara she was silent girl she doent interacts with anyone just have few friends like other have but dont have any besties nor lovers she came in her class and settled but after few minutes her gaze went to a handsome charming entering the class it was non other than our sanskaar he was studying in the same college but swara and sanskaar doent came face to face and this year sanskaar division was changed so he shifted to this class he wrnt to his bench and settled and his gaze falls on swara the beauty of class he smiled to her but swara took her face from him indtead of smiling back then sir came all then focuses on study but sanskaar wants to talk to her that why she ignored him
Class gets over sanskaar goes to swara
Sanskaar : hii i am sanskaar
Swara : hii
Sanskaar :your name
Swara : i dont tell my name to strangers ok now leave
Sanskaar : ok ok am leaving why are you being angry
Sanky leaves from the class and he was heading towards library
Sanskaar in his mind : are that girl aah is really confusing she dont like to talk woth me from my childhood to now no girls have refused to talk with me but this god
But his thoughts were disturbed by someone tapping
on his shoulder and put hand on his shoulder he was surprised at who is there he was shocked to see swara was wrapping her hand at his shoulder
Swara : hii sanky
Sanskaar : (shocked to see her behaviour)

Swara : are say na why are you quite
Sanskaar : hii
Swara : are twll me by my name yr oh haa you dont know my name only my name is swara but everyone calls me shona and i know you are sanskaar and i will call you sanky ok and we are friends from now ok
Sanskaar : ok but you were not talking with me before and now
Swara : aah leave that sanky ok yr its late i should go home ok bye take care
Swara without letting sanskaar speak left leaving him surprised
Sanskaar : this girl is so confusing first she tells me go and now she only told we are friends she is hell confusing ok now am leaving to library neither she will make me mad
Next day swara as usual came early and sat down and sanskaar came and sat beside her
Sanskaar : hiii shona
Swara : hmm hii

Sanskaar : how r you
Swara : am fn
At that time sir came and lecture starts whole lecture swara was trying to concentrate but she cant and sanskaar was waiting her to speakbut she didnt speak a word and after sometime lecture gets over and swara immediately ran away leaving again sanskaar shock he couldnt take any shock so he went to canteen as it was lunch time and when he was ordering the food
Swara : cancel the order he wont eat here
Sanskaar : shona you why are you cancelling my order
Swara : because we are going for lunch outside ok come
And she dragged him
Sanskaar : shona you were only not talking with me and now
Swara : oh sorry when i am in class i dont talk sorry ok now we will have lunch outside ok come
Swara took sanskaar to her favourite restaurant and they talk so much sanskaar was adoring her so much her childish behaviour her kiddish talking everything after sometime they again headed to class but they were having different class
Sanskaar : shona can i drop you after college to your home
Swara : sure you are my friend

Sanskaar : thanks
Days began to paas swara always behave rude firstly and then friendly afterwards this was confusing sanky very much but everyday shona diverts the topic but sanky was falling for her antics
One day in class sir announced that after 1 week there will be exams all should be ready sanskaar was listening when he saw swara in tension she was in flurry and she was finding something in her bag
Sanskaar : shona are you allright are you fine
Swara : no i am not where are my medicines god mom she only have done something what should i do now
Sanskaar was not understanding what she is doing sir left the class but swara was still in search and she left the class in hurry and left the college leaving sanskaar all blank and shocked
Next day when swara came sanskaar came infront of her
Sanskaar : shona where have you been yesterday

Swara : woh actually some work
Sanskaar : what work i am your friend na you cant tell me
Swara : nothing sanky
Sanskaar : and which medicines you were talking about yesterday

Swara : woh nothing my head was paining so thats why i was searching for medicines thats it ok now come nither will be late for class
Days went like this sanskaar couldnt find now also about her two sided behaviour but the need of finding was over because he has started loving her and he just want her company thats it why she was doing it he dont want to know anything and exams got over finally now it was time for party in college but sanskaar couldnt hide his feelings more from swara his shona so he decided to say her today it was a nice part all were celebrating but sanskaar was only waiting for her to come when swara came he couldnt take off his eyes from her she was wearing a red gown full length backless with light makeup loose hairs and she came to sanskaar
Swara : hii sanky
Sanskaar : hii shona you are looking beautiful today
Swara : oh thanks
They talked for a while and after sometime sanskaar dragged swara out from the part
Swara : sanky why you took me out
Sanskaar : swara i wanted to say something to you swara the day i have seen you i have seen two sides of one is full of secrets and one is full of open heart i have seen your arrogance your childish behaviour your kiddish beahviour towards chocolate and ice-cream and i dont know i have fallen for you yes i am i love with you your antics i just love you shona
Swara was in tears she can do nothing just hugged him tightly and whispered

Swara : the day i was waiting for came i too loved you sanky
Sanky tightens his grip and both hug passionately but swara loose her balance and fainted in his arms sanskaar was shocked to see her fainteccd he patted her cheeks but no response he immediately took her to the hospital and admiitted and call her parents sanskaar was sitting there and was thinking of recent moments and suddenly her in this moment then her parents came
Shekhar : beta are you sanskaar
Sanskaar : yes uncle
Sharmishta : but beta how is swara what happened to her
Suddenly doctor came
Doctor : oh mr. Gadodia you came thank god you came i wanted to talk to you about swara i have told you earlier that which medicines swara is taking is not good for health and see your daughter is so much addicted to it that if she eats it again her lungs will collapse and she will die on the spot its nearly impossible to stop her from her addiction but still if youll try to stop her she can live again but if she again take those i cant take gurantee i am really sorry
Shekhar and sharmishta broke down and started crying leaving sanskaar in shock
Shekhar : see shomi what have we done to our daughter we cant save her
Sanskaar : uncle what was he saying plz explain

Sharmishta : i will tell you 6 months before all was doing perfectly but then one day she was all alone in the house but our neighbour son was eyeing swara was so many days and finally he got a chance and he entered and tried to misbeahve with swara but swara tried her hard to free her before anything happens we both came and we sent that boy to jail but swara was gone in depression and she wanted to get off and she was the science student so she knows everything about the medicines and all she only searched internet and took thise pills from there after taking it she forgets about the environment and be happy be with everyone who is around her and she tells everything which is in her heart
Shekhar : when she starts taking it we thought that she will leave it soon but she got addicted to it whenever she is in nervousness or tension she takes it we tried hard but she use to lock herself on her room and deatroy everything in the house and harm herself then we were having no option to let her eat it and see we have destroyed her life that one incident have destroyed her life completely
Both shekhar and sharmishta started to cry sanskaar was having tears in his eyes he couldnt believe that his shona has faced so much in her life

Sanskaar :uncle aunty i have to tell you something i love swara very much and she too loves me i am not that bad guy who will destroy her life i wanted to make her life colourfull but now i want to make her life live i am promising you both that i will try my level hard to leave her that medicine i only want your both permission i wanted to take her alone somewhere she will feel good if you both agree
Shekhar : you know son we both use to pray that how will our swara get out from this and today i can see hope hope in your words hope in your love in your trust i trust you plz bring my swara back
Sanskaaar : dont worry uncle swara is something to me too i will make her happy that she use to be before
Sharmishta : you are really a nice thing god has made god bless you son
Sanskaar : thanks aunty but can i meet her
Sharmishta : yeah sure
Sanskaar went inside where swara was laying he slowly sits beside her and took her hand in his and tears were flowing from his eyes swara felt her hand wet she slowly open her eyes and found sanskaar beside her
Swara : sanksaar

Sanskaar : sshh dont say anything i know eyerything what happened with you why you got addicted to those medicines and how i have to do nothing without that but i am angry on you for only one reason that why didnt you tell me before why
Swara : sanskaar the day i saw you i wanted to do friendship but i was not able to trust anyone but when i ate those pills i forgot all my worries and gone to you you i hope your doubts are cleared regarding my two face and i wanted to rell you but i was unable because of my addiction that you will loose me i cant control my addiction so plz just go i cant risk your life you be happy with your life
Sanskaar : swara just be quite just listen to me and answer my only and only question do you live me
Swara : yes i love you
Sanskaar : do you have trust on me
Swara : i trust you more than myself
Sanskaar :so thats enough for me i and you both will fight hard to leave your addiction just promise me you will help me as i say
Swara : i will never leave your hand i promise but sanskaar why are you doing so much for me
Sanskaar : because shona your sanky is nothing without you
Swara : i love you sanky

Sanskaar : i love you too shona
After some days swara got discharged and sanskaar took her to shimla they reached there and at night they have booked a room in hotel
Sanskaar : shona you sleep i will sleep at couch ok
Swara : sanky i trust you you can sleep on bed i know you better than you so you can sleep
Sanskaar : thats the reason i love you so much
th sleep on bed sanskaar has fallen a slepp swara was about to sleep when she started to feel irritation in her body her hands were shivering she was swearing she got up from bed and she started to search for pills but she remembered that sanskaar has thrown all the pills so she was about to drink the water but due to shiverness glass fall down and sanskaar woke and saw the state of swara
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar just hugged her tightly
Sanskaar : its ok its allright you are fine its ok
Swara just hugged him tightly after sometime they broke the hug
Swara : sanskaar what if we didnt succed
Sanskaar : shona you have trust on me
Swara : very much

Sanskaar : so then forget your tensions and sleep and you know tomorrow i will take you to roam shimla ok
Swara : ok exiting
Both sleep hugging each other
Two days swaras fear kept increasing but sanskaar was always there to calm her down one day when sanskaar went down swara started to feel uneasy and again that flurry happens to her she again started to search for medicines deapite knowing that she doesnt have it she started to throw things here and there at that time sanky enters and was shocked to see the scene
Sanskaar : shona
Swara : sanskaar where are my medicines plz give na i badly needs them plz plz give only once give me
Sanskaar then ges to her and hugs her to calm down
Sanskaar : shona plz calm down plz forget it
But this time she was not calming down she pushed sanky away and again try to throw away things sanskaar then again pulled her and kissed her to make her calm swara first was opposing it but then finally she too went along the kiss and kissed him seeing her reciprocation he kissed her more passionately he deepens the kiss while caressing her waist and broke the kiss after sometime swara hugged her and started crying
Swara : i am sorry sanky for all these i was not able to control i am sorry
Sanskaar : stop it shona its ok you are allright i dont want anything now
Swara : how could you love me so much

Sanskaar : because you are my everything
Swara : i promise i will never do this again
Sanskaar : better common now sleep
Days passed swaras fear started to decrease because of sankys love his care yes she was changing only because of him they returned back home her parents were shocked that swr has left the medicine they were happy for the couple but anything more has to happen to her one day she was shopping for sanky alone when some goons teased her her fear again started she somehow manages to come home but she locked herself sharmishta immediately called sanskaar sanskaar rushed to her house he goes to her room but it was locked he then broke the door he saw swara was about to eat the medicine but he was successful to throw it
Swara : sanskaar what have you done
Sanskaar : why shona tou promised me that you will never touch it then why
Swara : so what should i do when i was shopping for you some goons teased me they will tease me like this if i didnt eat this medicines it helps me to fight them

Sanskaar : no shona it dosnt helps you to fight it destroys you god has given you tongue to speak and hands to beat you cant do your own self defense if everyone eats medicine and do like this then no one will be alive i thought that my love will help you to leave your addiction but you proved me wrong your fear your addiction is more than me ok you know what i have loose today my love has loose today and do whatever you want to do i am leaving you and am going away from you you just do whatever you want to do good bye shona
Sanky leaves from there cryingly shona breakes down to tears that she cant able to leave her addiction then her parents came and consoled her it has been two days since swara has not ouched her medicine and was only thinking of sanky and she decided that she will go to sanky she goes to his house and rang the bell her mom opens it
Swara :hello aunty i am swara sanskaars friend plz call him

Anupurna : beta are you swara beta sanskara from yesterady was taking your name but beta he have left for america today only
Swara : what aunty at what time his flight is
Anupurna : beta 5
Swara : 1 and half hour is left i will go to him
She rushes to airport she tried his number but it was switched off she fastly goes to airporta and reaches there but officers were not allowing her as she had no passport
Swara : officer plz its urjent
Officer : mam plz you cant go inside you dont have passport
Swara : ok but plz let me use announcement mike plz
Officer : ok

She goes there and announce
Swara : sorry allof you but its really important sanskaar can you hear me
Sanskara heard her voice he was very happy to hear swara
Swara : sanskaar its me your shona sanskaar plz dont go plz dont leave me i cant leave without you plz i have realised my mistake plz dont leave me plz come back i am waiting for you
Officers told her to go she goes from there cryingly and reached airport exit and she was crying badly when someone patted her shoulder it was his sanky
She was so happy that she hugged him tightly
Swara : sanskaar i am so happy that you havent gone
Sanskaar : where will i go shona leaving you
Swara : i am sorry sanky but i have realised that i have only one addiction that is you and nothing else when you were not there life was so dull it was nothing i want to live my every moment with you plz sanky never leave me
Sanskaar: never shona i thought my love have lost but it has won you and i am happy to have you back i will never ever leave you shona never
Swara : your love has healed all my pain sanky i just love you

Sanskaar : i love you too my shona
And both hugs passionately

After some months both were happily married and both were leading a beautiful life
Guyz i know i was not so good in my os but idea struck so just wrote it plz do comments if you are disappointed then next will be on raglak i hope that doesnt disaapoints youll till then take care see youll soon bye .

Credit to: kaynat khan

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