Swasan OS:- love forever

hello guys,,,,,
its Gunjan here…….
here i write my first os..
i hope you like it,,,,,,,

swara and sanskar are childhood friends,,,,,,,but they don’t love each other ,,,,,,,,,,but they are best friend,,,, one day,,,,,,
after marriage of swara sister Ragini with Laksh Kapoor,,, they decided for also swara marriage,,,,,,, swara was not aware about this,,,, in gadodia house,,,,
shomi:- (Swara mother) sekhar what i’m saying,, ki hme ab swara ki bhi shadi kr deni chahiye,,,,
sekhar- but shomi shona abhi padh thi h uske PG ka last semester h,,, then,, intruppted by shomi,,,,,,- mjhe pta h,,,, pr last semester h na,,,, ar m kh rhi thi kyu na shona ki marriage sanskar se kra de,, you knoe na ki wo dono kitne best friend h,, ar shyad ek dusre se pyar bhi krte honge,,,, ar sanskar is a good boy,, we all konw abot him and his family na,,, then what problem in it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sekhar think something and lastly agree for that,,,, they both go to Maheshwari mension and Also MM family happily accepted there alliance,,,,,,,, and after two weeks swasan marriage done,,,,,

At night ,,, sanskar came his room,,, sorry now it become swasan room………….. there he saw swara change her dress already.. and wearing a simple green color salwar suit,,, and standing beside window and engross in her thought,,,, sanskar came towards swara put her hand on her shoulder ,,, which result in swara comes to her sense,,,,
Sanskar:- swara i know ki tum ye shadi nhi krna chahti,,, but i wan’t to say something,,,,,,,, before he could say anything swara says while not looking towards sanskar….
Swara:- yes sanskar i know,,, you don’t want to marry me… believe me..maine bht koshish ki,, but koi fayda nhi hua,,, but m tumhare ar kavita k beech me nhi aaungi… i know you love her,,,, but because she is bangali your parents does not allow you to marry her,,, but sanskar i don’t want ki tum is unwanted relation me raho.. so after 3 months tumhe divorce de dungi…….. okk. now good night….. and goes towards bed take bedsheet and pillow come to couch and sleep … without listening what sanskar want to say………….

Sanskar POV:-
My life play a game with me..,,,, yes today my marriage done with my childhood friend swara,,, all family think that we ove each other,, i try me possible way to stop this marriage… but seems that god wants me to marry with swara not kavita,,,, when i came to my room and saw swara thinking something,,, i same towards her that i wan’t to accept ouer marriage… yes m kahana chahta tha,, but usne mjhe bolne ka moka hi nhi diya……. today i know about the biggest truth of my life,,,,, Kavita …….. for which i want to stop my marriage ,,she ditch me,,,because she wants my money.. how dare she to play my emotion,,, sanskar remember his talk with kavita

Flashback start
Sanskar:- come to kavita on day of his marriage and said to her… lets go kavita from here,,,
Kavita:- where sanskar.. i look her in amusement,,,,,, where means.. hum ja rhe yha se dur,,,, and hum hamesha sath m rahenge.,,,, i left all my family wealth for you,, now don’t waist time and lets go kavi,,,, i held her hand but for my shock she jerked my hand…. and what she say i totaly amused
Kavita:- No sanskar,, are you mad.. how you thought that i marry you.. no way,,,, i love only your money,,,, and without money you good for nothing,, now go from here,, don’t waist my time… i never love you,,, okk, now get lost,, after listen that my eyes become moist and but soon compose my self and said to her,, okkk ,,, thk h,,,,,, m pagal tha jo tum jaisi ladki k liye main apni family ko chod ke aa rha tha,, now wait and watch kavita,,,, i going and do marriage with swara,, and live happily with her,,, now you get lost,,, and he leve from there and his marriage done with swara,,, he determine to give this chance to marriage,,,,,
Flashback Ends
sankar goes towards bed and sleep there while thinking what happening with him in one day on other side,,,,

Swara Pov:-
i tried to sleep but how could i sleep,, i sliped bedsheet from my face …. see sanskar sleeping on bed,,, he look like innocent child while sleeping,,,,, i goes towards him and look him lovingly,,,, sanskar,,, my bestie,, and my love,,, yes sanskar my first love,,,, when ma and papa fix my marriage with sanskar,,,, i become so happy,,,, there is no way of my happiness,, but after one week my all hapiness faded,, when sanskar comes to meet me ,, told me about kavita,,, i feel life someone stab in my heart,, but want only sanskar hapiness,, so i told to my parents and i don’t want to marriage,, but they don’t agry,,, now today i become Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari,, but i also want my snaksr hapiness so i told him that after 3 month i gave him divorce,, because,,,,,,,,,, after 3 month i go to mumbai because,, i get a job in mumbai,,, after that sanskar will stay with Kavita forever
POV ends….. swara stares sanskar lovingly ,,,,,, and goes to couch and sleep there,,,..

Next Morning,,,,,,,
Sanskar get up from sleep and what he saw he become shock he see swara coming from bathroom wearing golden colour saree with red border,,and her hair are wets,,,sanskar mesmerise seeing swara,,, and stare her continuously,,,, swara saw him and feel wierd regarding his behaiour,, and said,, what happen sanskar,,,, listen her voice soon sanskar come in his sense and hurridly goes towards washroom,,, and think what happen to me,, why i stare swara,,,,,,, but jerkerd her thought and get ready and goes to office,,,,,,,,,,,
After 3 days,,,,,, today was the muhdikahi ceremony of swara,, in three days,, swara don’t come near swara,,,, and ar i say want to avoid sanskar,, because she thout that sanskar not love her ,, but only love kavita,,,, but in three days sanskar notice behaviour of swara,,, and feel something for her ,,but always compress his feeling,,,,,,
in swasan room….. swara ready in red color lehenga saree looking dam gorgeous,, she wearing a simple chain waist band,, which attract her waist,,, having red bangels in her hand ,, matching earing and jwelery,, looking sivine,, sanskar comes to swasan room getting rady in golden color sherwani and lookind dam handsome(hayeeeee marjawa hehe),, and austruck to see swara and lost in her beauty,,,, swara try to tie her dori of her blouse.. but failed …sanskar slowly comes towards swara and and tied her dori of her blouse,,, swara become shock of her sudden guesture,, and see him from mirror……… sanskar fingre toch swara back and swara become nervous and a electric current pass through both of them,,, soon there moment intrupt by uttara who came to take swara for the ritulas,,, after swara gone,, sanskar brush his hair amdly,,,and think what happened to me,,, why i want to go close to her,,,,, whe is saw her in red saree and become shock to see her beauty becouse i don’t notice swara first that she is dam beautiful.. and when i saw her waist band over her waist i want to grab her waist and hold her in my arm…… sanskar now came in his sense,, and shock ,, what he thought for swara,,,,,,,,,,and leves from there to hall…. now all rituals are done,,, Sanskar become happy to listen swara praise that she is beautiful,,,,

Soon two month gone,,,,,, now sanskar totaly fall for swara,,, now he love swara vry much,,,,,,, because in twi days he notice swara,,,and all her antics,,,,,,,, and love her madly.. on other hand swara try to keep maintain distance with sanskar,, as she promise him to that she give divorce to him…….. and in these two month sanskar got the most youngest business tycoon of the year award and now her company become the no.1 company of India.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

one day on dinning table
Dp;- sanskar beta,,,, you have to go to mumbai,, to finalize a deal over there,,,
Sanskar:- now sanskar become sad which is notice by Ap,, sanskar become sad that he have to leave swara,,, he want to stay with swara,,,,with sad smile ,,, says okk to her papa
Ap:- suniye ji,,, m kya kah rhi thi agr sanskar ke sath swara bhi chali jaye,,,,, after listening this sanskar face become happy,,, which seen by Ap and smile,,, kyuki shadi k baad dono khi bahar gye nhi h ar sirf ye meetind 2 din ki h,,,, to m chahti thi ki dono sath m chle jaye….
Dp- after thinking sometime,,, gave permission to him,, and swara say yes sadly….
they soon done there packing and left to airport,,,,,,,, they soon land to the mumbai,, and thay headed towards there hotel…. they both don’t know that there life will totaly changed after the mumbai trip……… in hotel,, they took room keys and goes towards there room……… room was very beautiful ,, its type the honeymonn suits,,,,,,,, they rest for some time,, now swara have no other way so he talk with sanskar now,,,,, now sanskar becoe happy that swara starts to talk with them,,,,,it become two days,, when they come to mumbai,,, and the meeting of sanskar was finish and they get the deal,,,,, in two days,, swara become normal with sanskar,, she happily talks with him ,, share her talk,,, everything,,, now sanskar become happy that becuse it beome easy for him now to cinfess his feeling with swara,,,,,,
it become one week ,, in week so much thing happend,,, sanskar told swara about kavita and there breakup… first swara become happy,, but later compose herself while thinking that when kavita came sanskar forget her,,,,,,,
one day,,,,,,, they both went to beach,, for spendsome time over there swara wear a pink volor crop top and long skit,, and sankar wear green colour t-shirt and blue denim jeans…… they talk with each other,,, when some one called sanskar,,, and they turn and shock to see the kavita over there,, kavita run towards sanskar and hugs her tight,,, swara feel hearts,,,, sanskar try to remove kavita from hug,,,,,, but shock listen kavita and also become fuious ,, kavita says him that i’m soory sanskar,, i do mistake to cheat you…. i love you snaskar,, sanskar jerked her in anger looking towards swara,, but to his shock swara went from there while kavita say i love you to him… kavita again hug him ,, now that it for sanskar and slap kavita,, says that,, now he don’t love her,, actually,,,, yes maine kabhi timse pyar kiya hi nhi ,,, it was mere a attraction,,,, pyar krna mne swara se seekha h,,,,, tum jao yha se,,, mjhe tumse koi baat nhi krni h,,,, and he goes from there,,,,,, he see al over beach but he didn’t see swara anywhere ,, it almost become night,,, at 10 he come to hotel sadly,, for not finding his swara,,, and goes to their room and shock to swara there sleeping on bed,, he clearly see that he cried all day,, her eyes become swollen and some tear strain on her cheek he comes to her,,, sat in front of her
Sanskar- while caressing her face ,,, i love you swara,, tomorrow i confess my felling to u,, i want u become all mine,, you are mine and I’m always be yous,,,,,, (pecked her forehead lightly) good night shona goes to couch admiring her and sleep

Next day,,,,
full day sanskar try to convince swara and want to talk to her,, but swara ignore him,, he feel her and disappointment,,, they both in room get ready for the party,,, swara wearing royal blue color saree with deep cut in blouse,,and sanskar in white shirt black court and blue jeans,,,,, today was the silver jubilee of the hotel.. and they through party in hotel for their guest…….
swara and sanskar joined the part,,, now some one call swara from behind swara turn and hug that person immediately in happiness,,, seeing that sanskar fist his hand in anger,,,,
Swara:- Ritik you here,,, what a pleasant surprise,,,,
Ritik:- i also surprise to see you there and you look beautiful shona,,,, and that was it for him he become angry and boiled in anger,, swara happily talk with him,, forgetting about sanskar,, later he introduce ritik to sanskar,, where ritik say,, not fair shona ,,, itni jaldi kya thi shadi krne ki,,, thodi di ruk jati mere liye and burst out laughing,,,,,
now a romantic music start,, and sanskar want to dance with swara but to his disappointment ritik took her with him….and star dance with swara very closely,,,,,,, now snaksr anger reach ar her level.. he rush towards swara,, hold her arm,, and drag her to there room,,, seeing sanskar swara also angry trying to free her hand,, soon they rach there room sanskar closed door and pin swara to the wall and hold her shoulder,,,,,
Swara:- what this sanskar,,, is it manner ,,, what will ritik thought about us,, and leave me… try to free herself from his grip….
Sanskar:- now hold her tightly- bus swara,, what happen to you,, why you ignore me from morning…. you don’t give me a chance to talk with you and here you think about ritik,, what the hell swara ,, now swara winced in pin because of his tight grip,,,and tear brimming from her eyes,, now sanskar realize what he did left her shoulder and cup her face lovingly say,,, ” i love you swara,,, i love love you”,,,,, now swara become shock to listen this and jerked his hand,,,, said….
Swara:- no sanskar .. you don’t love me… you love kavita.. after all she is your first love … and i also saw that yesterday kavita hu,,, g… hug….. y..o..u… her voice become chocked while crying…. and i don’t want to come between you,,,,,,,,, after some days three month will be completed and i gave you divorced,,, sanskar try to say something but swara didn’t give a glance to speak,,, but when he listen the word divorced from her mouth he become furious and pin her to the wall and kissed her on her lips,, making swara shock,,, sanskar kissed her lips showing all her anger, love, passion in one kiss,,, first swara not responding the kiss ,, sanskar bite her lips making her morn and exploring her mouth,, now swara also responding the kiss in same manner ,, after some time they broke the,,, swara look down with blush and shy,, sanskar cup her face and say i love you swara,,, swara look into his eyes it become a lovely eye lock ,,,, and she also say ” i love you to sanskar”
Now sanskar sanskar happiness have no boundary,, he leans towards swara lips,, swara close her eyes giving positive response.. soon there lips meet each other once again….it become a passionate kiss,, after broke the kiss sanskar lift swara in bridal attire,,and gently place on the bed,,,,come top on her and start kiss her on her neck and comes towards cheek and also kiss on eyes , forehead, nose tip.. swara say i love yo sanskar… sanskar says to i love you to swara,,and my love ever ,, forever only for you swara,, and kiss each other and consummate there marriage,,, and live happily after,,,,

so guys,,,,,,, thanks for reading my os.. i hope i didn’t bore you with my writing…hehe
thank u

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