Swasan OS-Lost Inside Your Love


“Swara, you have got a courier beta…”

“Yes maaaaaa coming….Why the hell these people come in morning. Don’t they understand others get late because of them”, shouts Swara as she comes from her room, she gives an angry look to the man.

The boy acted as if he really doesn’t care. By personality he was smart and his age must be around 25 to 27 yrs. Swara takes the courier. She read the name on the courier “Sanskar Kapoor”.

24th April 2016. She saw the calendar and tears roll down from her eyes.

One day I will give you a big surprise that you would have never imagined about!!

She signed the necessary papers and closed the door. She was so curious to know what was inside the courier. She lost all her sense when she opened the courier.

“Swara, beta have your breakfast.”

“No mom, I am getting late”, said swara with a heavy voice.

“Swara, your office is at 10. You have 1 hour with you. You can complete your breakfast then you can go.”

Swara didn’t answer her mom. She takes the courier and her bag and walks out of the house.

Darling, my shona you know today I saw a beautiful wedding card. Wait just check your watsapp… I have decided that on our wedding will have the same card and our name will be written in bold letters, “Sanskar Kapoor WEDS Swara Bose ”

You know it is a threefold card. Front side and back side are red in color and it has ganpati on the front side. And the three folds are golden in color. In the first fold there will be a beautiful phrase given by me and you .Second will contain the details of our marriage and the third fold will have our starting letter in two hearts combined together.

Swara just kept walking on the street. There was a huge chaos on the street. The intoxicating smokes from vehicles went into her lungs and she choked. She was so much lost in her past that she ignored the irritating noise of horns, gossiping of people. She had no idea where she is going!!

Her past was reflecting in front of her eyes.

Sanskar Kapoor accepted your request. Write on her Timeline

OMG!! I don’t believe Ravin’s friend accepted my request. Yeaaaaaahh!! Now I can easily contact my author ”, shouts Swara with full excitement.

Swara was a crazy fan of Ravinder Singh. After reading his novel she wanted to talk to the author once. She wanted to know whether he is fine or not after such a tragic incident. She was a beautiful girl and had a positive energy towards life. But on the same hand she was too shy.

Hey!! Swara here…happy to know you are Ravins friend.

Hello, I am so sorry. I am not his friend but a fan like you..

Sachhi!! Actually I saw your post on page. It was written in Punjabi. Then I checked your profile you stay in Chandigarh plus you are a professional photographer so I thought.

So, you thought I am his friend..!! Hahahahahah!! That sounds crazy. Yes I am a photographer and I stay in Chandigarh but I really don’t know him. Agar jaanta to tumhe mila deta me

“Ohh!! That’s okk… it was a misunderstanding. Bdw thank you”, said swara with great disappointment

It’s ok!! Since, u know I am not his friend you can unfriend me..

Oye!! I added you because I thought you are Ravins friend…. Koi na ravin k friend nai ho to kya hua fan to sahi and m not that mean k I will unfriend you. We can be friends… and bdw you are a very nice photographer…

Well, yes we can b friends and yeah thank you so much

Hey, Listen I need to go actually I am having music classes, ttyl. Nice talking to you

This was how Swara and Sanskar met. They never knew through one small misunderstanding they would become best of friend’s. They talked day and night and they had exchanged their numbers. They started talking to each other on phone. Swara always changed the topic when Sanskar tried to flirt with her as she was shy in nature.

Sanskar and Swara started falling for each other. But they never shared their feeling. On 24th April, 2013 Sanskar and swara met for the first time. Sanskar had a shoot in Delhi and so they decided they will meet at India Gate.

Hey!! Swara where are you??
(sanskar a fair handsome guy. Punjabi by nature. He had his DSLR camera in one hand and his Samsung galaxy S3 in other hand).

Standing behind u..!

Sanskar disconnected the phone and turned back. A beautiful princess was standing in front of him. She was more beautiful than her profile pictures. She was dressed in baby pink tee and blue denims. Her hands looked more gorgeous with the pink nail paint, simple ring in index finger and one silver bangle in left hand. Deep kajal and eyeliner made her eyes look more beautiful. Her wavy long hairs can make anyone fall for her. Her sweet smile was a compliment to her face. Sanskar went mad for her. Sansskar kept staring her and Swara looked down as she was feeling shy.

The cold breeze, fountains, lovely display of lights and presence of Swara and sanskar made India Gate more beautiful and romantic place. They both were lost in themselves. The cold breeze was playing with Swara’s hair. Swara was somehow managing with her silky hair and suddenly Sanskar took her in arms and kissed her.

“Kya Sanskar me hi kabse bole jaa rai hu tum bhi to kuch kaho!!”, yells swara.

Sanskar got shocked and realized it was just a dream and wished if this dream comes true..

“swara, I am here just to confess something”, said Sanskar with nervousness.

“What Sanku?? Sab theek hai na??”

He holded her hands.

“Yes darlo. All is fine. Kuch or baat hai. I feel lucky you entered in my life. I really want to thanks Ravin because of him I met you. You are such a sweet heart. Whenever I talk to you my mind gets fresh. When I am sad your one smiley makes me smile. When I talk to u I forget my past. The way you call me Sanku makes me feel special. I love talking to you day and night.. I want u to be with me today, tomorrow and forever. I love you. I love you I love you I love you from the core of my heart. Will you be mine?

Swara smiled and she was on cloud nine when she came to know Sanskar too loves her.

“Hey, Sanskar I am getting late. I have to leave now.” , said Swara as she was feeling too shy to answer him.

“But give my answer. Or else I won’t let u go..” He didn’t leave her until she gave her answer.

Swara kissed him on his cheeks, said him I love you too and ran from there and she texted to Sanskar, “I love you toooo my honey. Yeah I want to be yours and only yours. I want to spend my every second of life with you I love you. “

Sanskar standing there couldn’t believe this was true. A boy passed by him and he asked the boy to pinch him… The boy pinched him so hard and he shouted so loudly that people standing nearby him gave a strange look. He shook his head down and left from there. He sang the song so loudly everyone passing by him heard but he didn’t really care about it!

Khwabon mein kabhi
Maine socha tha nai
Chahaton ka khuda
Mujhe itna yun dega
Befikar chala
Apni yeh dagar chala
Kya pata tha dil
Teri khatir rukega

And that day two souls had become one. They always had their lunch and dinner together. If anyone was hungry they would call their love and then both sat together and ate their food while talking on phone. No matter, how busy they were in their work life but they removed time to meet each other once in three months.

As time passed, insecurity started taking place in Swara’s heart as Sanskar was far away from her. And his shoots with models made her more insecure. Love chats were converted into horrible fights. Swara never liked Sanskar talking to any girl. He stopped contacting any girls because he loved Swara a lot. Sanskar visited Delhi every month just to spend more time with her and make her believe she is the only one whom he loves. But she kept on doubting him. She never believed him and one fine day Swara called Sanskar and said..

Listen, I know you don’t love me and I am fed up of u!! I want a break

What are you saying? You know I am fed up of you. Tumhare insecurity k vajah se I have stopped talking to girls. Fashion photographer se wedding photographer ban gaya n still u don’t trust me??

Yeah I don’t trust you. Because I know you are in relationship with other girl. I want to do breakup, said swara with a heavy voice.

Yeah. So even I don’t want to be with you. You have just used me to contact Ravin and jab pata chala isse no. milne se raha to tumhe breakup krna hai. Why did you do this to me when I mentioned you on the first day I don’t know Ravin? You know all girls are bi*ch, they just ruin boys life and you did the same… you never understood my love. Now, I will show what betrayal is. From today on wards you will die every day but I won’t contact you ever. You will realize one day how much I loved u. One day I will give you a big surprise that you would have never imagined about!!

Sanskar tried to convince her but she didn’t understand. It was insecurity that had killed a sweet relationship.

Swara realized today is 24th April 2016. 3 years back it was on this day Sanskar proposed her and today she is all alone.

She cried louder. She realized it was her fault that she doubted on him. From the day she broke up with Sanskar till date she never slept without realizing her mistake. It was her ego that she never talked to Sanskar and said him sorry. But today she cursed herself why the hell she broke up with such a sweet heart. She realized no one can love her like he did. But he has moved on. Is he really happy without me? These questions were irritating her. She was not able to hear the horns and the voice of public to move aside and the truck passed over her!!

She got fainted and was brought to hospital.

“Due to severe shock and injuries, she is in comma and we got this card and purse with her”, said Doctor to her mom
It was a wedding card.


The card was the same they planned for their marriage but name was different!!

The End.

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