Kidnaped my heart…

“no….no….no…please dont… Please…..dont …..please dont jump…..please! A loud thud and Swara wakes up again after the nightmare. Sweat streams running on her forehead while the door opens and Ragini comes inside rushing.

Ragini: di! Are you ok?
Swara gave her a m ok look: yea yea…… You better watch out…. I just broke a vase.
Ragini looked around her and jumped on the bed: are you fine? Was it again a bad dream?
Swara: i wonder when i get out those nightmares…. She said wiping her sweat!
Ragini gave her a hug: i hope it you get out of it soon.
Swara in her mind: there is no way to get out of it …..until i find him.
Ragini: what are you thinking?
Swara: its very late…. I think you should doze off to sleep. I m fine.
Ragini nodded: i will send kaka to clean the floor.
Swara: no need … I will do it myself.
Ragini: are you sure?
Swara: yes… Now please go.
Ragini nodded and went to her room.

Swara cleaned the floor and glared at the moon from her window. Sleep far from her eyes. She looked at the noise coming from the table near the window. “blush? I m so sorry to wake you up!” she said looking at the hamster in the cage. Blush looked at her as if she understood what was going in her mistresses head. Swara soon picked up a diary from the table and glanced at the first page. A picture of a boy or should i say sketch.

” six months have passed and i still cant get out the fact that you jumped from the cliff…. Why sanskar? Why did you do this after knowing how alone i would feel?…..you said that m going through Stockholm syndrome… But am i really going through it? Dont i know what my heart is saying? Dont i know that i love you? Did you not know? ….. People say that you had kidnapped me but the fact was…. You kidnapped my heart! How could i fall for kidnapper?”
Tears rolled down her cheek as the thoughts came to her …… Soon she heard the noise again. Blush looked at her with pitiful eyes…..

” i should find you master soon….. I know even you are waiting to see his face….his husky smirk…. And i on it…. I will find him soon…. You dont worry! ” this made blush make noise in amusement and it looked she was very happy.

” shhshhhh! You will wake ragini up!”

Seven months back!

Night two o clock…. Swara came back in her mercedes and tip toed in her usual white top and black high waist jeans and headed towards the study. She sat at the table on her rotating cushion chair with a file and coffee in hand.

” is this the time to come back home?” she heard a voice and rotated towards the voice.

Ragini standing with her hands on her waist with an angry expression. Swara smiled at her younger sister and gestured her to sit.

” i was busy at the office…. We have an important meeting tomorrow. ” swara said her eyes on the papers.

” you work whole day and whole night…. I mean just look around yourself also.” ragini said giving swara look at me and talk.

“i heard you are not attending your lectures these days…. Whats cooking with laksh? huh? Swara kept the file and sipped her coffee and then looked at ragini who was amused to hear what her di had said.

Ragini-Ho-how do?
Swara-since you told me to look around my world. Here i am.
Swara chuckled.
Ragini- so you know about laksh?
Swara- heir of maheshwari..stays with his family…Chicago return..has more than three bikes…a pet named chase…. Third year BBA….and currently your boyfriend.
Ragini- so much information…. Di are you wikipedia?
Swara- since my sister does not attend lectures and i get calls vp so i thought to find your where abouts and if you are not interested to study any further i think laksh would be a perfect alliance for you. What say? Swara raised her eyebrows.
Ragini-ugh! Please di….. I dont want to marry him. At least not now. … We are just hanging around. Not much.
Swara- i hope you understand… You have to attend your lectures or your 30k pocket money including your plastic money will cut down to 500.
Ragini gulps down- seriously only 500? Its better i attend lectures….
Swara gave her victorious smile- great my smart sister! Hope your bags are ready…
Swara-dont tell me you are not attending your trip to shimla thats i think in less than 5 hours.
Ragini- but i thought you never gave me permission…
Swara- i never said no! I had said i will think about it and tell.
Ragini jumped in joy- thank you so much dii! I just love you.

Swara- pack your stuff! And leave me alone with my work!

The same day…. Ragini went for her trip to shimla which was for 15 days after dadi not agreeing to send her but still allowed since she was pampered by all after mr and mrs bose died. Swara had also gone for her meeting and cracked the deal successfully and she was returning home at night driving her own car. Unfortunately she had a flat tire. The moment she saw it she felt a cool prick on her shoulder and she was on her floor less than 60 seconds.

After about 5 hours later swara opened her eyes blinking again and again. She held her head tight not knowing what was happening….. She looked around herself and found an totally empty room with just window opposite her bed. The door cracked opened and a guy entered in with some food and water.

Swara shouted- who are you? What m i doing here?
The guy did not pay any heed to her questions but just kept the food and went out closing the door behind him. Swara got up but found it hard to walk. It was obvious that she had still not come from the effect of tranquilisation. Still she managed to walk to the door and banged it for more than 15 minutes “hello! Hello…”

The same guy came in- whats your problem? Why the hell are you screaming?
Swara- why the hell am i screaming? Why the hell have you locked me in?
Guy- are you not getting it? You are been kidnapped.
Swara- what?! Why have you kidnapped me? What will you get by kidnapping me?
Guy- whatever i get its not your bussiness…. Just shut your mouth! Saying this he got out his gun aiming at swara.
Swara- i will give you double the amount you are paid to kidnap me but just leave me.
Guy smirked- really? But i dont want… Somethings matter more than money.
Swara did not understand him.

15 days had passed and swara had just been given her food and water. Sanskar did not even try to touch her or looked at her once. Swara had seen him sitting alone inthe garden through the window and talking to Blush. Ragini had returned from her trip and the news she got left her in shock. Their dadi had informed police but they had no clue where swara had disappeared all of a sudden. Her car was missing including her. The police thought swara left the city due to some reason and had done in on purpose. So also kidnapper had not called for ransom. So it was no use of making a case and investigating it any further.

The guy came as usual to give swara her food.
Swara-why are you doing this? What are you getting by it? Who are you?
The guy turned away to go but swara stopped him.
Swara- answer me darn it! Who are you? Why have you kept me captive like this?
Sanskar just pinned her to the wall.
Sanskar- do you remember 8 years back a girl was raped and ruthlessly murdered? If yes you must also heard the name of her killer. Sanskar Kapoor? Have you not heard it?
Swara remembered- yes….
Sanskar- the same sanskar is standing infront of you…
Swara was left shock
Sanskar left her- sorry! And left the room.

Swara- did he just say sorry? But why? There is some strange pain in his eyes. Some strange thing which i cant get. But wait i should have no thoughts about him he is my kidnapper.

Swara was left alone this time with his thoughts…… She remembered how sanskar told her somethings matter more than money…… She did not sleep that night and glared at the window and saw sanskar sitting at his usual place in the garden.

As more days past swara was more restless about knowing about sanskar. Since the previous night she had seen him crying bitterly. Sanskar came in and kept the food for swara and went. The same night swara saw the door open and went down silently trying to escape but stopped seeing something. A photograph. A class photograph of school. Where swara was smiling brightly and then saw sanskar at another corner. She would have not recognised him if she had not seen his other picture beside.

Swara realised he was in her class. The same guy who never talked to anyone nor tried to figure out what others were doing. He was always by himself. No one ever recognised him even after class. He was only noticed when attendence was taken or when he was called by some teacher. After their school swara had not seen him mostly due to their streams. Swara kept the photo and went insearch of the door. She noticed several rooms and in one of it was sanskar.

“please….please leave me…..i did not do anything…..i ….m telling you the truth……i did… Not do…anything…i did not…..please sir let me go…let me go….” he mummered and woke up with a jerk and saw swara standing there.

Sanskar- you? What are you doing here?
Swara- are you fine?
Sanskar- were you trying to escape?
He looked around for his gun but saw swara aiming it at him.
Swara- dont try to move or else i will shoot!
Sanskar got up and swara fired with her eyes closed. The sound that was heard she thought she had killed him but to her suprise he was still standing with folded hands on his chest.
Sanskar smirked- you thought i died? He laughed.
Swara- how …are….?
Sanskar dragged her in her room- suprised that m alive? Since you dont know that gun was fake.
Swara-why are you doing this? I know you are not getting anything by keepingbme locked. You have not even called my family for ransom. Why are you doing this? Why?
Sanskar-shut your mouth! Dont force me to tranquilise you.
Sanskar pushed her inside and locked the room.

” why did he do all this? Why cant he leave me?” all the why questions going in her head. But the biggest question was why could she not go? She would have easily escaped only hearing him muttering in his sleep she had stopped. But why?

Swara stood in the empty room then collapsed crying. The reason behind her kidnapping was not know…. Sanskar had got everything for her from food to her new clothes. But questions were not yet answered. It had been 25 days since she was kidnapped. Nor her family was getting a clue about her nor she was. Where she was trapped she did not even know that. A fact was clear that sanskar was not doing this for money but for what?

Finally the next night sanskar came in a totally drunk state. Hardly could walk properly. Sanskar opened the door and looked at swara who got scared seeing him coming near her.

Sanskar smirked- dont worry …i wont do anything to you…
Swara-why are you keeping me trapped? What are you getting?
Sanskar-you want to know why right? I will answer all your questions. You want to know why? He shouted making swara jump from her place. Answer me?
Swara nodded
Sanskar- m doing this for you! Your safety!
Swara- but…
Sanskar-shhh! Its not over yet! Now you listen to me. … Atleast you have someone to answer your questions but i dont…. I have no one to answer my questions swara..no one.
Sanskar-just listen to me… No one listened to me. Now you have too….why was i arresyed? What had i done? Why was i tortured?
Saying this he took off his tshirt. His whole body covered scars. Deep red scars. Those scars wont go for life time.
Sanskar-saw? How badly i was tortured? For what? The crime i had not done at all. I was simply spotted at the crime spot after everything had happened and i was the rapist and murderer without even investigating the matter. Why? Have you answers for this? My parents hunged themselves to death. Why? Just because the crime i was arrested for?
Saying all this he collapsed.

Swara: who was the reason that i was not safe? Why is acting protective towards me? He had gone through all the torture for no reason.

Next day sanskar spotted himself in swara’s room. He looked around to see swara no where. He stood while holding his head. “I think i blabbered out everything. She must have escaped but i need to find her soon before someone else is behind her life”

He walked down the stairs what he saw was not less than a shock. Swara she was still there. Standing with a cup of coffee. She passed it to him.

Swara- head wont ache…. Hangover is still not gone i guess.
Sanskar- you are not yet gone….
Swara- my answers are still pending thats the reason.
Sanskar- no you got a disorder. Stockholm syndrome.
Swara-what? Syndrome?
Sanskar- a disorder where victim shows sympathy toward the criminal who has done wrong to him/her.
Swara- but you have not done anything…. Wrong.
Sanskar- second stage where the victim takes the side of the criminal.
Swara- just shut up! Since you are protecting me from? I dont know whom i m taking your side and by the way you are not a criminal… You had not killed anyone or raped the girl.
Sanskar- seriously third stage….. Complete denial. How you kno…
Swara- you opened your mouth last night….
Sanskar- sorry….if i had hurt you… I dont remember anything.
Swara smiles- you did not!!
Sanskar takes the coffee from her hand- seriously swara…. I m telling you.
Swara- who are you keeping me safe from?
Sanskar- coffee is nice….. But i think you should cut down your caffeine. Its harmful.
Swara- how do you know that i m a coffee addict? Or was i should say.
Sanskar- a mark on your thumb and finger shows that you hold a cup for too long. And being a famous bussiness woman its ovibious do drink coffee.
Swara-why only coffee i might be drinking tea too?
Sanskar- umm thats simple…. There was tea in my kitchen but still you preferred coffee so.. And one more reason you were been tranquilized that day but still you got up in like 5 hours which only happens when the person is been using it before. Since normal people get up in about 10 hours and you did not. Coffee has some side effects too.
Swara looked at him in an awesome look- wow! Like seriously … You have done research on tranquilizers or me?
Sanskar- come on … I am psychiatrist or should i say i was atleast before being a criminal.
Swara- yes….. I have heard you speaking for the first time like so much…. You were in my class for about ten years and… You never spoke to me….
Sanskar- umm yea… After all you were a bak bak queen. And still are.
Swara- you remember me?
Sanskar- how can i forget you? You were everyone’s favourite… Teachers pet… Topper of the class… Lead in every drama or elocution.
Swara- so much you know about me and i only remember you by a name sarnata. People used to call you that. Like for once i thought you were dumb. The only time i heard you speaking was attendence just to say present.
Sanskar smirked- yes…
Swara- i think you are changed a bit in past few days.
Swara- please dont go back on your silent mode and answer me why are you hidding me here? I know you had changed the topic but i dont forget things easily.
Sanskar- thats because….
Some one shoots inside.
Sanskar- they are here….. Lets run quickly. ….
Sanskar grabbed swara’s wrist and took Blush from the table beside the door and rushed out. He sat in her car with swara and started driving it.

Swara- whats this mouse doing with you?
Sanskar- its a hamster and her name is Blush!!
Swara- what? Blush?
Sanskar- do you know in what situation we are in? Death or death?
Swara- i know but…
Sanskar drove inside a forest- coming to the point …. Just look at her i mean whenever i see her she smiles or blushes! So blush!!
Swara-yea…. What happened why did you stop?
Sanskar- thats because we are out if fuel… Hate this crap!
Swara- dont say anything to that car… Its one of my favourite.
Sanskar- that wont get us fuel. Now get out.

They started walking into the forest….
Swara- where are we going?
Sanskar- somewhere that i dont know…. But safe.

After running for more than 3 hours. …
Swara- m tired… I cant walk any more.
Sanskar- just some time more…
Swara- i cant …..
Sanskar- fine.. Only one way left…
Swara in a what look
Sanskar carries her in her arms. Swara looks into his deep brown eyes.
Sanskar- i hope you understood what i told you this morning…. Stockholm. I m just a criminal. Dont fall for me.
Swara- i m not falling for you ….
Sanskar- you have sympathy towards me which might turn into love very soon…
Swara- you think too much…
Sanskar-you have symptoms of it. You have a disorder.
Swara- put me down. Let me walk.
Without any minute he keeps her down.
Sanskar- finally…. Here.
Swara looks at the direction where sanskar was pointing out. A shed.

Swara- how you know it was here?
Sanskar- i have spent 8 years in jail…. My criminal friend left thus house here. Or atleast shed. Good enough for tonight. If we are alive tomorrow then lets think about it later…
Swara- wow! My life is nit less than a bollywood movie. .
Swara- what hmm? I dont understand one thing that why are you risking your life for me?
Sanskar- so that no other person like me is tortured. Without a reason. Since my life is completely ruined i already have a murder tag on me. It does not matter.
Swara-only this?
Sanskar-were you expecting that i love you and all that?

Swara stayed mum. She actually wished that was the reason. Some part of her thought also that sanskar actually loved her and was doing all this but no.

Sanskar walked ahead followed by Swara and then they settled in the shed. Sanskar played around with Blush. Soon it was night.

Swara- m hungry
Sanskar smirked- i cant kill blush! M very sorry swara.
Swara- very funny m sorry i forgot to laugh.
Sanskar- now that you remember please do the needful.
Swara- sanskarrrr! M really hungry.
Sanskar- so m i…. But i cant help it. There is no food here. Wait till tomorrow. I cant go out now.. There might be some wild animals around. Since my criminal friend was a hunter there should be wild animals would be around.
Swara- i wonder how you made friends in jail? You never opened your mouth in school.
Sanskar- if only he had not made me his friend forcefully.
A thunder boomed in making swara hug sanskar.

Sanskar- swara… Its just a thunder. You were right your life is not less than a movie. Rain also started pouring.
Swara came back into her senses and broke the hug.

Swara feeling awarkward- m sorry……. You did not tell me from whom are you protecting me?
Sanskar- you trust me?
Sanskar-why? Not even my parents trusted me. Then why you?
Swara- because…. I dont know
Sanskar- fine… Since you trust me then keep that trust i wont betray you…. I promise.
Swara- but,…..

Next day swara finds herself in sanskar’s embrace. The feelings in her heart were never experienced by her. She new its something different. She did not want to leave is embrace. She wanted to be forever in her arms but her desires were just a dream. Sanskar got up and appologized for his behaviour.

Sanskar-we have to leave from here…. As soon as possible. They will be here.
Swara- who they?
Sanskar went out followed by swara.
Swara- for god sake sanskar ! Tell me who are you protecting me from?
Sanskar- your dadi!
Swara- what?! Have you gone nuts? Why do you think she will harm me?
Sanskar- i dont know….. But she wants you dead.
Swara- but why? She is my own dadi…. Why will she harm me.
Sanskar-see swara…. I dont know why she wants to harm you but she had come to me with money to kill you and i had denied. Later she called some assassin to kill you.
Swara- but…
Sanskar- you trust me right? I m not lying to you.
Swara- but you could inform police right?
Sanskar- you think it works? Your dadi has already bribed the police. Why you think your matter is not on papers Or tv? You are not yet found?
Swara- i still cant believe my ears….
Sanskar- or me.
Swara- but i want my answers…. Why am i wanted to be dead! I want to meet dadi.
Sanskar- seriously? Will you be answered? You would be shot dead!
Swara- whatever it is…. I want my answers…. Till when will i be hidding like this?
Sanskar- but…..
Swara- i can see a shop there and beside it is a road we are somewhere near the highway. I will call home and ask dadi to come here. I dont to run more now. Its been more than a month.
Sanskar-listen to me ….
Swara rushes to the shop and asks the man for his phone and calls dadi and asks her to come near the cliff.

Few hours later…
Dadi comes with some goons.
Dadi smirks- so this guy was saving you from me… But till when will he save you?
Swara- why are you doing this dadi? Why?
Dadi- because you are the reason why ragini did not get any property. Who are you huh? You are not even our blood. You were been found on the road by shekhar. You killed my son and daughter in law.
Swara- what?!
Dadi- shekhar did not die of hear attack! I had mixed poison in your food that day but unfortunately he had that food. Sumi did not die of road accident it was for you but your fate saved you one more time. After you went missing i thought my ragini will get everything but no! If you dont transfer those property to anyone they will go on charity.All my plans were failed but not today swara…. Not today. I will kill you here itself.
Swara was left speechless too many things to handle at a time. All the thoughts of what just dadi said left her blank… Totally blank.
Dadi- now sign these papers…. I dont want to see your face for longer time.
Sanskar- you dont need to sign swara…. She will kill you.
Dadi- if you dont sign swara…. I will kill this guy. She aims at sanskar.
Swara- no! No! I will sign the papers …..please dont need kill him.
Sanskar-no swara! If she gets those papers she will kill you.
Dadi- dont waste my time swara…. If you dont sign you will see him dead.
Swara- dadi please… I will sign those papers but please dont harm him. Please dadi ..please.
Sanskar- no look swara…… You dont need to do all this. …
Swara- no i cant see you dying ……. Because i love you… I dont have anyone left now…. My family which i considered as my own was never mine. You are the only one left. Please sanskar.
Sanskar- no… You are going through Stockholm…..
Swara- shut up! Not now…..
Dafi- enough of your love story….. Sign these papers right now.
Before swara could sign those papers sanskar ran near the edge cliff. And gave swara a smirk.
Swara- no…no… Please dont! Please dont jump sanskar …. Please dont!
Sanskar had jumped off the cliff.
Swara-no! No!
Swara turned around to see police and ragini holding dadi. Ragini had followed dadi and called the police. Since ragini had witnessed everything and the senior inspector was given the video recording a proof dadi was arrested. Swara was completely by herself all these months. She had transfered the property on ragini’s name but ragini insisted her not to. After a lot of days everything seemed alright but it was not. Swara missed sanskar badly. She had gone back to his house only to find it burned completely. She only had his one picture which she had made through a artist and his only pet blush. Swara had sent private detectives to search for him but till now they did not have any clue about him. Swara had still insisted them to look for him as his dead body was not found.

Swara was in her office reading some files. She gets a call from her secretary.
Sec- maam there’s someone up here who is wanting to see you.
Swara- m busy ask him to wait.
Sec- ok maam.
Swara- dont disturb me now.
Sec- ohhk.

Swara was still busy in her files.
Again the secretary calls her
Sec- maam?
Sec- maam that guy is still waiting.
Swara- what? Who’s it?
Sec- i dont know his name. He just said he wants to meet you.
Swara- fine send him in my cabin.
Sec- fine.

In few moments there was a knock on swara’s door.
Swara- come in.
Swara had not looked up since she was reading the file.
Swara still not looking up-yes ?
Sanskar- i think you are very busy!
Swara heard sanskar’s voice or was she hallucinating? No he was infront of her.
Swara jumped from her chair and immediately hugged him.
Swara cupped his face- you are here?
Sanskar- are you hallucinating? I suppose no.
Swara- idiot! blo*dy idiotic creature! Donkey! Where were you? From so many months i have been searching for you.
Sanskar- why?
Swara- why? Because i want to kill you no get you arrested for kidnapping my heart.
Sanskar smirked- seriously?
Swara- i still did not get my answer…
Sanskar-which answer?
Swara- you know i love you….. But do you love me?
Swara-what wow? Either you love me or hate me. I want to hear my answer.
Sanskar- your future is bright who am i? I am a criminal …. Dont forget that.
Swara- i want to hear my answer. I dont care about your past.
Sanskar- no….. My past will affect your future.
Swara- then get lost from here. Why did you come to meet me? Go from here.
Sanskar- my blush is with you… I want her.
Swara- if you want blush then answer my question or else get lost.
Sanskar- i love you swara….. I love you alot! Love you more than my life. Happy? But we dont have any future. This relationship is not going to benefit your future.
Swara- its my life and i want to spoil it loving you. The only thing i expect from you is to love me….. Nothing else.
Swara goes down on her knees: mr.sanskar kapoor….. I swara bose want to marry you… Will you marry me?
Sanskar thinks and smirks
Swara- see a girl is proposing you… Your answer should be yes.
Sanskar-yes! He pulls swara up and hugs her.
Sanskar-i love you..
Swara- i love you too…

The end…

My first os…. Hope you like it. ????

Thanks for Reading?????????????

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