SwaSan OS…Inseparable Souls..!!..by Kakali

Hiloo Ev1. Here m presenting a small OS.. really very small it is.! It’s been ages since i wrote any OS.! Huh bdw You all can kill me after reading..I don’t mind, after all it’s in my Genre. Hope you all throw chappal at me.! Sorry for my grammatical mistakes & spelling errors.!

Now let’s move inside the story..!.

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Here we go,

A college was shown. We can see some seniors are ragging students. I guess this is time for new admission. Many students had come from various places to join this collage after all it’s one of most famous colleges of Kolkata.

A group of boys was seen to be gossiping. They were laughing, giggling with each other. Some of them were busy ragging juniors, in short they are enjoying.A boy came & joined them.

“Sanskar! Yaar! Where were you man?” Neil,a friend of Sanskar asked not finding him from morning.

“Dude! Actually Mehta sir called me to talk about the freshers party, so got busy. So tell me what’s going on? Did you find any girl for you?” Sanskar asked winking at Neil.

All of a sudden all the group members looked at Sanskar with a bewildered expression. Sanskar immediately caught what mess he had done, all keep their hands in ears & & & 1…..2………….3……goo

“Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmm”.someone screamed at the top of his voice.

Dunno from where Sam/Samaira appeared there.”Laksh bhai, looo m here. Tell me why were you yelling?”

Laksh looked at her with innocent eyes “huuuu, Samm.! Neil..Neil is looking for a new girl.!”

Neil gulped looking at Sam’s death glare & murmured”Laksh ka baccha.! Salaa! Marwayega mujhe.!” He cursed Laksh and passes a tight smile to Sam.

“Sam.! Nothing. Nothing like th.at.! You know.. i love you”. He stammered gulping down his saliva.!

“Sam! Sachi, he said that”.Laksh again said looking the most innocent guy & smirked at Neil.

Sam holds Neil’s ear and dragged him with her. Neil shouts feeling pain” Kalmuwaaaaaaaa Laksh!Phiteee muh tere.! Narak mei bhi jagah naa mile tujhe.”(*Rabia Di, stop giggling)

Rest of the people were enjoying the show from front seat hardly stopping their laugh.! And then rolled down on the floor holding stomachs.!

“Laksh! What was that? Sala tu marwayega usee kisi din.!” Sanskar said still laughing loudly.!

“Huh! That day Ragini scold me so much just because of that Neil, no chat, no call for 2 days. Today i took revenge”. Laksh said wiping his fake tears.”Now I’m happy”.

Laksh thought something for a second and said”Sanskar! I’m fixed with Ragini. Neil is fixed with Sam. What about you? I mean any girl?”

“Neei.! I don’t like these girls!” Sanskar said thinking deeply.

All become quite and stared him with shock. He looks at them not finding reply”What?”

“You don’t like girls?” Laksh’s voice cracked & it sounded so funny.

“Haa! So what?” Sanskar answered carelessly then realisation hit him “Oh! Wait. Noooooooooo, I mean yes. I don’t like girls but not the way your gutter mind is thinking.! I meant to say not all these girls”. He huffed clearing Laksh’s doubt.

” I will fall for my girl only. Who has God sent for me, made for me.” Sanskar said dreaminly.

“Hmmm! You and your 12 rupee ke dreams!” Laksh mocked at him.

Sanskar was still smiling wide when a girl entered in college which almost took his breath away. His heart skipped a heart beat and automatically a word escaped from his lips “Beautiful”.

Laksh and the gang members looked at the particular direction and “Oooooooo :O :O :O :0″….. ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0

The girl was about to move forward when a group of boys surrounded her. Sanskar could easily see how scared she was. He gritted his tooth and moved towards her.

“Sahil! She is with me. Don’t dare to rag her.” Sanskar said dangerously glaring Sahil.

For a moment Swara looked at Sanskar. “Waaaaa.! Kinna pyara ladka hai.” Unknowingly her eyes brightened with joy and she passed a very cute smile to Sanskar. Both were staring at each other.

Sahil looked at Swara then Sanskar. Again Swara then Sanskar. “Huh! New Romeo Juliet of college. Matlab my new sister.! Nooooo”. Sahil thought at his mind and jerked from his place making SwaSan came back to their sense.

“You both continue, I need to go to washroom.” Sahil said sheepishly and ran from there as he knew whoever girl would like Sanskar she was going to make him as Bro.

All smiled where Swara giggled hard.”Thank you sir”. She thanked Sanskar.

“You are always welcome Miss? Umm!”

“Swara, Swara Bose” she said smilingly.

“Oh! Nice to meet you Swara, I’m Sanskar Maheswari,” Said forwarding his hand to shake with her.

“Nice meeting you Sanskar”. Instantly shaked her hand. A new feeling occupied in their heart the moment they touched each other placing an eye lock, they felt connected. Aww that feeling was soo heart warming. Soo new.

“Sanskar we have class now. Continue your romance later” Laksh whispered in his ear.

Sanskar realized his position and left her hand. Swara’s cheeks slightly turned pink making her more beautiful.

“Bye Sanskar”. She left biding him bye.

“Bye Swara!”. Said and ruffled his hairs.(*I’m feeling kinda stabbing myself with spoon imagining his ruffled hair.)

“Aleee lee leee leeee, Sanskar baby became big boy,,huahhhhaaa haaa haaa” Laksh laughed loudly singing “Tukurr tukurrr tukuuur tukurrr de dannna daan”.

“Pagal”. Sanskar smiled at his best friend’s or bros madness.


Time passed with the speed of rocket. SwaSan’s bond became more strong with time. Their care or you can say hidden love for each other increased with the passage of time. They loved to being with eo.
The whole college knew how much SwaSan loved each other. It’s more than a year since they were in relationship, pious relationship of friendship.

One fine day Laksh encouraged Sanskar to propose Swara. “Bhai, are you interested in proposing Swara or not? Huh do fast otherwise some other will propose her. Soch liyo, warna baad mei sar patakte reehiyo.(Think dude, otherwise you will be banging your head later).”

Listening his talks Sanskar was determind to propose Swara, he loved her with his soul and won’t ever let her go away from him. Yeah he was going to propose her as soon as possible. He was going to say her heart out. Waaaaaa that was a such an awesome feeling.” Let’s go boy, your girl will be waiting for you”.


After 2 Days.

From last 2 days Sanskar was deliberately ignoring Swara. He wanted give her a surprise confessing his love for her infront of the whole college. After all it was that college only who had given him the most precious gift and person of his life. “MY SWARA”.

But Swara was really disturbed by his ignorance, she couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. Had she done any mistake?
It was paining a lot. Obviously she loved him that why his ignorance was killing her unaware of the fact “HER LOVE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE HER”.

Next day she was searching for Sanskar. The whole college seemed to be empty. At last she found him at auditorium hugging a girl. She was standing numb looking at them with tears in her eyes.

No, she knew it was not at all a big deal to hug a girl. She believed Sanskar, she had believe on her love. But still it pained a lot, moreover he was ignoring her past 2 days, so it was obvious that she was hurt. She didn’t want to show him her tears, didn’t want to show how much vulnerable she was feeling. But tears finally betrayed her flowing from eyes.

Suddenly Sanskar saw her and her blank face. Oh God he just hopped she didn’t mistake him. But before he could say anything she left the place leaving a tensed Sanskar.! “Swara listen, there is nothing like the way you are thinking.” He shouted from back but she was not ready to listen

“Swara! Please listen to me.” He said and dragged her into a room. He cried to cup her face seeing her crying badly but she shoved his hand away.

“Swara! At least listen to me. There is nothing between us. She is just my sister Kavita.” He said and hugged her instantly.
She was sobbing and sobbing.

She resisted his hug but couldn’t for more time as more she tried to resist more he took her in his arms. She cried her heart out. “Sanskar! You was happy na being away from me these 2 days. You didn’t miss me na?” She asked him between her sobs.

Sanskar broke the hug and looked at her “Swara! You was angry for this reason,not for that…that huggg?”

“No! I’m not. Because I trust you Sanskar.”. She confessed giving him immense pleasure. “MY SWARA TRUST ME”. What else he wanted.! But her further complains made him guilty as well as happy.

“Do you know how much you have hurt me?. Why you ignored me Sanskar? Why? It pains a lot! Don’t you want me in your life anymore? Do you even know how much I missed you. Have you any idea that your ignorance was killing me.” She almost broke down in his embrace. He was so startled and shocked with her talks.” Did I really hurt her that much”.

Before he could say anything she left him again” I need to go Sanskar. I’m tired”. She whispered and moved away.

She was wiping her tears and going through the main ground when she heard a voice. It was his voice. “Sanskar”. She mumbled with tears. He was saying something. She turned around to look at the souce of his voice and there he was standing with all the students who were staring her happily.

“This one is for you MY PRINCESS”. Sanskar said adjusting his guitar. Her heart almost blasted hearing the word “My Princess”.

He closed his eyes taking a deep breath.

Morey jiya,
main kya tere bin!
Morey jiya,
tu mera palchim..

(Opening his eyes he smiled looking at her confused face. She was adorably beautiful)

Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar
Jiya re basa hai tera roop aankhon mein
Jiya re sochun main tujhe chaand raaton mein.
Jiya re khoya mein rahun teri baaton mein.
Jiyaare jiyaare jiyaare..(x2)

(He took a few steps towards her decreasing the distance between them “Do you think Princess I can live without you.? He asked with a husky voice near her ear. She shivered due to intensity of his voice)

Tu hai toh mera wajood hain,
Tu hai toh meri talaash hain.
Tu hai toh shaamein khushnuma,
Tu hai toh luv ki pyaas hain.
Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar
Jiyaa re
Jiya re basa hai tera roop aankhon mein.
Jiya re sochun main tujhe chaand raaton mein
Jiya re khoya mein rahun teri baaton mein
Jiyaa re jiyaa re jiyaare (x2)

(Both landed themselves in a beautiful memory of few months back where both were enjoying Panipuri race. Ufff! Cute cute cute memory of two lovers)

Tu jeene ki umeed hai.
Tu khwaabo ka aasma,
Tu hai chahat ki kaayanaat,
Tu hai yaadon ka kaha kasha.

(“You are the reason of my breath Swara. Sanskar is incomplete without you. I have been living the every single second I have spent with you till now. You have become my LIFE” He said looking straight into her deep eyes)

Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar
Jiyaa re
Jiya re basa hai tera roop aankhon mein
Jiya re sochun main tujhe chaand raaton mein Jiya re khoya mein rahun teri baaton mein Jiyaare jiyaa re jiyaa re..(x2)

(Finally he keeled down in front of her Confessing the most awaited THREE MAGICAL WORDS).

“Swara,! Today I, Sanskar Maheswari want to confesse my love for you, infront of the whole world.”

“I LOVE YOU SWARA! I LOVE YOU”. There was silence in the entire place. But he continued, continued to blurt his heart out.

“I’m in love with you Swara. Did you hear I LOVE YOU SWARA.! I want to live my life with you, want to spend my whole life with you only.”.

“Will you give me the opportunity to live my life with you?
Will you let me love you?
Will you share your love with me?
Will you let me call myself as yours, ‘SWARA’S SANSKAR?’
Will you be my soulmate?
Will you be with me till the moment I take my last breath?”

Swara couldn’t let him talk further amd hugged him tight. He reciprocated with the same passion. They were feeling heavenly in their embrace, that hug was indeed the most necessary thing then. She cried, cried because she was happy. Noo! She was feeling out of the universe. No words could convey her happiness. IT WAS A BLESSED FEELING. But she had to answer him back.


She cupped his face and said “Yes my Prince, I love you. I want to live my life with you only.
I want to be called as SANSKAR’ SWARA.
I want to be Swara Sanskar Maheswari.
I want to marry you Sanskar.
I want to be with you all the time.
I LOVE YOU SANSKAR.!” She said and hugged him. Both were crying in happiness.

Sanskar happiness had no boundaries. He just tightened the hug crying more, letting flow his happy tears.

Both came back to sence while Laksh come and hugged them. Laksh was crying like a child. “I’m soooooooo happy for you Bhai & Bhabhi”. He said and again started to cry loudly. With tears his nose so flowing giving tough competition to tears. Sanskar was disgusted where Swara made faces. “Someone please bring a blanket to clean this yuckk yuckky’s tears and nose”. Sanskar screamed for help.

Laksh hugged him and wiped his nose in his shoulder “Bhai,I’m happy”.

“Yuck, Chiii., Ragini help me please.” Sanskar shouted for help but Laksh didn’t leave him.

Ragini came and parted Laksh from Sanskar.”Laksh! Chi.! You won’t change na?” Somehow she made them apart.

“Swara! You are blessed to get Sanskar Bhai. God bless you both”. Ragini said giving a hug to Swara .

Swara smiled at Sanskar. “YES! SWARA IS BLESSED TO GET SANSKAR”. Her words made Sanskar smile wide.

“Guyz let’s take a selfie then.. What’s say? ” Sam said adjusting the selfie stick.

“Why not let’s go”.

“1…2……3 say cheese”. All smiled and captured the happy moment forever.


After 2 Year.

Toady is SwaSan’s marriage. Their families agreed for marriage. No hakka wakka.! They peacefully got married after their 2 years successful relationship. All the people were blessing them for a bright future.

The relation became more strong . That night two souls became one..! They actually became “INSEPARABLE SOULS”.

Life was so smooth, so perfect. No hurdles. Both the love birds were in love madly. Their love increased more. People adored them. They were famous in college for their love & now for their perfect relation. Sanskar was doing a job in private company as a supervisor. You all can say small world, small needs with happy life.

After a few weeks of SwaSan marriage RagLak & NeSam also got married. Trio couples were happy in their own life. Sometimes they used to hangout together. Whenever they got time used to party, get together.!

Sometimes life seemed to be so perfect.”BUT”

One day Swara was dusting when she felt dizzy. She shrugged her thoughts thinking it may be because of not taking anything from morning. Evening when Sanskar returned from office he observed Swara and her pale face. He was worried. “Swara! What happened jaan? Are you ok?” Before she could answer again vomiting sensation started and she ran to washroom. Sanskar was highly tensed. He made her face clean and lied her in bed “Tomorrow we will go for Doctor. And I don’t want to listen a no. We are going that’s it”. He said and took her in his warm embrace.

Next day Swara went to doctor with Ragini because Sanskar was not feeling well. He had headache, he had been suffering with headache past 3 months. May times he used to feel dizziness. But never gave attention to it. Laksh always advised him to show to doctor but due to heavy word load he was unable to do so. This time Laksh forcefully took him to doctor, because he cared for his brother. Yeah both were not less than brothers. When Laksh parents died Sanskar’s mom dad adopted Laksh. Both were strength of each other.(*I duno why m crying writing this, but I’m missing SanLak bond very much. Once it was a bless to watch them.)


After 1 Week.

“Swara! Why don’t you visit Maa-Baba for once? I mean it’s been almost 8 months since you visited them. They must be missing you.” Sanskar said Swara when she was cuddling in him to get sleep.

“No Sanskar, I can’t go. And see you are also not well. Then how can I leave you? And you know I can’t live without you for a single day. Naah! I’m not going.” Swara answered peaking his chest.

“Arey Swara! You don’t worry about me. Mom-Dad is here na to take care of me. So don’t worry and about me. You enjoy with them for few days.” He said caressing her hairs lovingly.

“Nope. I don’t want to go Sanskar. I want to be with you always.” She mumbled trying to get some sleep.

“Swara! Don’t be stubborn. Today Maa-Baba called me and said to send you there for few days as they are missing you so much. Why don’t you understand?” He said trying to make her understand.

“Is that so? Maa didn’t call me but called you. Strange! Umm I think I should visit them once.” Swara said with a frown.

“That’s like my princess”. He said hugging her tight.

“Won’t you miss me Sanskar? Huh I’m going to miss you sooo much. Don’t know how m going to live without you?” She said with tears. Don’t know why she was feeling like something bad was going to happen. An unknown fear started to occupied in her heart.

“Swara! I love you. And I will miss you always.” All he could said this with his tears. He was crying silently. Both just hugged each other tightly and slowly sleep overcame.


Next day Swara was ready to leave. She was not feeling good leaving Sanskar. Her eyes were all time teary. Sanskar was also crying. “Sanskar please take care of yourself. And call me always. Don’t skip your food. And sleep properly. Ok, I’m going for just few days. If you need something just call me. I will come back. Samjhe?” Swara ordered him wiping her tears. “And yaa (to Laksh) I’m leaving him just because of you. Take care of him. Ok”. She said to Laksh & Ragini giving them a side hug.

“Jo hukum Princess.!” He said bowing his head down and it brought a small smile in Swara’s face. He was feeling peace seeing her happy.” I will miss you Swara.” He said lastly peaking her forehead.

“I will miss you too Sanskar! Love you”.

“Love you too Jaan. Take care of yourself.” He said and finally she left with heavy heart.

Sanskar came back to room and fall on his knees crying miserably. Laksh followed him and as soon as he saw his bro in the broken state he also cried consoling him.” Bhai, everything will be all right. Don’t worry.!” Sanskar smiled painfully.” I hope so Laksh”.


Swara’s Pov.

Today is my 4th day here, at my Maa-Baba’s home. I’m not feeling good, want to go to Sanskar. Don’t know why he is not attending my calls from yesterday. I said him so many times not to keep his mobile in silent mode but he won’t listen to me. Pagal! I hope he is well, oh God if something is wrong that’s why not picking my calls. God please don’t let anything happen to my Sanskar. He must be safe and sound.

Pov Ends.

Her heart beat was increasing, so many bad thoughts were coming around her mind. Suddenly her phone rang and it was from Laksh. She quickly picked up and started to shoot her questions but no finding any reply she panicked. “Laksh! Laksh! Why are you not saying anything? Tell me where is Sanskar and why his phone is unreachable. Tell me damn it. Don’t scare me.!” She almost screamed while crying.

The reply came from other side making her numb.” Bhai is in hospital Swara! Please come to city hospital as soon as possible” the phone was cut. She sitted with a thud. Her Sanskar is in hospital. Why? What happened to him? This is not time to think. She needed to move.


@ Hospital

Swara was restless all the way just praying that nothing would happen to her Sanskar. She came running to the 3rd floor and saw everyone was sitting there. All were crying. She was scared now. More scared “Where is Sanskar Laksh? And why he is here? What happened to him?” She asked with a trembling voice.

Ragini & Sam tried to say something but she cut them showing her plam indicating to stop.” Laksh! What happened to Sanskar?” Her voice was motionless.

Laksh said tightly closing hia eyes ” Bhai has brain tumor and he has no time, he wants to meet you.” The moment he said that he broke down.

Swara stumbled back. But somehow she made herself strong and moved into Sanskar cabin when he was sleeping. She was a dead body then, a living dead body without emotion.

She looked at his pale face. He was surrounded by so many equipments and was having a bandage. She slowly called out his name “Sanskar!”.

He looked at Swara. His jaan! His princess, whom he is going to leave for ever. How will she live without him? How will he go away from her. “Swara! Come here”. He made himself sit and called her in his warm embrace.

“What happened to you Sanskar?”

He smiled painfully.

“Everything will be all right Sanskar.” She said sitting beside him. Her eyes were showing nothing.


“Haa Sanskar!”

“You love me so much na?”

“More than myself Sanskar” her tears started to flow.

“Why are you crying Swara?” Her tears were killing him from inside. He didn’t want this. He prayed to always see her happy. But see …………!

“Nope! I’m not crying.” She said wiping her tears.

“Swara! Will you hug me once? I want sleep in your lap.” His voice cracked.

“Shhh! Sanskar. Don’t say like this please.” She gained her consciousness and said being panicked.

“Swara! Please let me sleep now. I don’t know when I will get this chance again? I want to sleep peacefully Swara, in your lap. Please!” By this time both were crying.

She made him sleep in her lap ” Sanskar you know what I’m expecting. We are going to be parents Sanskar. Can you believe it? You are going to be papa.!” She said caressing his hairs.

Sanskar cried kissing her tummy.He had no words to express his sentiments. Damn it what a FATE. He was going to be father but he didn’t had time for his child. He wouldn’t be able to see his child. He was leaving all, the dream they both had been dreaming was about to fulfill but he wouldn’t be there to support her.

Both just cried silently.

He captured her trembling lips for the last time giving a small kiss. Ahe kissed him back aaand join their foreheads.” I love Swara. I will miss you”.

“I love you more Sanskar.!” She waited for his reply but he was not there. His breath stopped.

“Sanskar..! Sanskar.! Uthooo Sanskar.! You can’t leave me like this Sanskar.! Wake up.!” She shaked his body to find his peaceful voice, but he had left her. Left her for always.

“SANSKARRRRR…!!” She screamed at the top of his voice. When rest of the entered to look that Sanskar left everyone.

“Shhh! I know my Sanskar is sleeping.! You all go from here.! Let him sleep. Don’t disturb us.! ” She said hugging him near to her heart.” I know my Sanskar is with me”.


After 4 Years.

“Ammu beta, come you are getting late. Laksh chacu will be waiting for you. You are a good girl.” Swara said to a little Angel who was not ready to go to school.

“Yes mama.!I’m a good girl. I’m my Papa’s girl.!” Swara smiled at her daughter’s talks. “My Sanskar’s Ammu, our daughter Ammaira. Symbol of our love, SwaSan’s baby Ammira”.

Laksh came and took her(Ammaira) with his son Dhruv.

After leaving Laksh she looked at herself in mirror.” I know you are with me Sanskar.! Every time. I can feel you, your presence around me.!” She smiled and took a pinch of sindoor and filled her hairline but covered it with hairs. Some sindoor fall in her nose. She could feel someone kissed her nose with a whisper “I love you Swara”

“I love you more Sanskar.” She smiled with tears. Her smile made the unshed tears fall off.!

“Death can’t separate us. We are two bodies one soul. Our souls were connected to each other. No one can ever dare to separate us because we are INSEPARABLE SOULS”. Swara whispered back smiling.

Indeed they were INSEPARABLE SOULS.



SwaSanChuu Note- I’m really sorry for not posting A DREAM. Hopefully i will post soon but when i myself don’t know.! Sorry for the inconvenience.!

No proof read.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all.. <3 <3..

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  15. nilumaa chakrabhorty

    i loved the one shot!! come back with other ones
    kakli if u dont mind, i want to ask you something… where you are from and how old are you? can i call you di or kakali? sorry for my worse english..

    1. Kakali

      Niluuuuuumaaaa.!! Thnk u sooo much dear..!! I’m from Assam, n m 17 year old..!!
      Too much big na I m..!! Weeiii..!! You can choose now whatever you want to call me..!! *hug.!

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