Swasan os: I’ll be waiting

Hello guys!mahi here
This is the first time i’m writing something so pls bear me
Swara was quite alone in school until Sanskar came into her life.it was not as though she didn’t have friends, but because she most of the times have to mask her emotions in front of them. He resided in next door and Their family were mingled nicely with each other so were they. They became best friends in a short time.
They were in the same school in which there was a time every week when teachers took them to stroll to silent valley . It was just beside the school and a very peaceful place.
Every time they came they walked hand in hand. Why not after all they were best friends. Though many teased them, they didn’t let it affect their friendship.
It was few weeks to exam and It was probably their last visit there
Arjun: go bro… just tell her your feelings its not that difficult
Sanskar :but her reaction…
But immediately stopped as he saw her coming towards him angrily.
“Coming for a walk” she asked still angry to which Sanskar nodded at once
After a while when they were slightly isolated from everyone they took their favorite seat in grass .
Swara :that idiot I’m gonna kill him one day. That dumb Rahul is still drooling behind me and spreading rumor that we both are couple. I mean seriously, we are just in school. And today he was ordering me not to talk with you. He keeps on telling all nonsense stuff about you. I just hate him and his fake love. Just yesterday I saw him with Reena and today he is again behind me. Giving gifts through my friends and forcing his love on me… These love stuff and all seems so stupid to me now.
Sanskar :it may seem but its not, it’s the purest of all feeling. You will know if you fall in love.
Swara( laughing): acha love guru. You speak as if you are in love
Sanskar with a smile: of course I am
Swara once again laughing thinking he is joking to make her heart light :who is that lucky girl?
Sanskar knew it was the time to confess so said “you….i love u swara”
This made her to stop laugh. She knew he wouldn’t joke on her on matter like this but still asked “what do you mean?”
Sanskar: I wanted to tell you this long ago but couldn’t muster my courage to tell you. I love you swara. I love you soo much.
She was just staring him unblinkingly. She didn’t know what to say. In no way she wanted to ruin their friendship. How can he? she thought angrily…
Teachers were calling them back. She went away silently. He knew she needed time so let her go

It was a week after his confession. After she went home that day she was hurried to get ready to go to her native place with her mother as her grandfather was ill. She came her just two days back and was successful in avoiding him through their busy schedules. She reached home and saw it locked. She knew where the key will be- in Sanskar’s house.
Seeing no other option she slowly went and rang the bell but to her surprise it was laksh, sanskar’s elder brother who answered it
Swara: bhai’ how are you? When did you come?
Laksh :I’m fine…first you come inside…
She came inside. After they both settled in sofa he again started the conversation
Laksh :why are you looking so dull…even Sanskar looks so sad…did you both had a fight?
Swara :no bhai…its something else
Laksh :you consider me as your brother right….so share it with me and lessen your burden
Swara : its just Sanskar proposed me last week
Laksh :what
Swara :yes
Laksh :what did you say
Swara :Nothing
Laksh :Nothing?
Swara :Yes..I don’t know how he will take my answer. I neither want to ruin our friendship nor distract him from studies…you already know I’m going to hostel next year…we have our boards coming near too…its its just I cant decide
Laksh :Hmm…did you tell this to anybody?
Swara :No
Laksh :Ok…i will look to it
Swara :Don’t be harsh to him
Laksh :Why so
Swara :Because….because he is my best friend and I cant see him hurt….u do one thing call me when you confront him I want to hear it…i will be near the door but don’t let him know

After some time laksh came back home. After sanskar went to his room laksh called swara and went to sanskar’s room
Laksh :Sanskar…swara came here today…she told what happened a week back
Sanskar(sadly):Did she tell why is she avoiding me
Laksh :Because she is afraid of your reaction
Sanskar :She knows me too well….i definitely wont be a psyco lover
Laksh :No she is afraid that if she says no you may break your friendship and
Sanskar :I wont of course.. Tell her she is free to tell her heart out
Laksh :Sanskar…see you are so young just in your 10th std….this is not love its just infatuation
Sanskar :No its not…thats why im saying she is free to give any answer. Love is felt its not begged. I know she hates boys who follow you like dogs and never let you be freely…but im not like that
Laksh :Ok…as you say let us assume your love is true so will you wait for her
Sanskar :I will.. I’LL BE WAITING even for my whole life
Laksh :She wont take that long to answer but you must promise me few things. First you forget you proposed her and second concentrate on your career for now. You become a fully qualified man as propose her again
Sanskar: I promise

Swara who was at the door listening to him burst into tears and ran to house. She knew he is different.
Time passed swara and sanskar were back again. They passed their boards with good marks. There was no much communication after that as swara was in hostel and when she comes here most of the time he will be in his native. They used to send wishes and gifts during birthday and festivals. Last time she saw him was during laksh’s marriage. He got employment in good company.

It was swara’s birthday when they were together after a long time. He took her to terrace after sometime and went on his knees.
Sanskar: I kept my promise…my love is true..I love you swara.i really do…i want to spend my whole life with you…will you marry me? Will you spend your whole life with me ?
Swara :I want time
Sanskar: you can take even whole life to answer I’LL BE WAITING

Though highly disappointed he didn’t show it to her. 6 months passed by but she neither replied nor he pressurized. But it was something else that made him so upset. It was his birthday and no one wished him not even swara who always used to wish at 12. but he knew the reason as soon as he reached home. It was decorated so beautifully
All: Happy birthday sanskar
Sanskar: Thank you
Though he started greeting everyone there his eyes were searching for someone whose wish he is dying to hear but gets shocked hearing the announcement
Sanskar: here I welcome to the stage the center of attraction, our birthday boy for his engagement with my best friends daughter
He slowly went there still shocked. He loved swara. He cant marry anyone else. His trance was again broken by a voice
Swara :I know you waited so long for your answer but what to do you do everything so early…if I answered you there my 1 year long surprise would have been spoiled…so here is my answer I love you sanskar I love you sooooooooo much
He became so happy hearing her… he hugged her tightly
Sanskar(still in hug):How much I had to wait to hear this
Laksh: Ahem ahem if you want you can continue this afterwards but for now complete you engagement.
They exchanged rings.

This is what they wanted a happy ending. Sanskar’s love was true so it won atlast. They happily married with their parents blessing and lived happily ever after



  1. Mica


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    oohhhh.. such a cute story dear, just melting to the core, love it and please keep writing 😍😍😍😍😍 it

  2. Fenil


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    Hello Mahi the crazy fan of Swasan.:D:D:D

    OS is super duper simple and sweet.loved it from Sanskar side his true love for swara fit good equation of love.loved how Laksh explained his lil bhai.

    Aap kitna achha likhte ho yrr.

    Love u!!@):-will u marry me ?O:)O:)8)8):)):)):D:DB)Oggy is proposing his Oliva.

    • Mahisha



      Thanks bhai but mein aap se accha nahi likhti
      Love you too der saara bhai 😘😘😘😘
      Olivia bhabhi mere paas nahi hai😝😝😝😝 don’t mistake me fr her main to pyari si raichu
      Waise yeh proposing game katham nahi hua?

  3. AbrahamEzra


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    It was awesome yet simple. U had potrayed sanskars true love in a beautiful manner. Plss do write stories like this.

  4. Mannu

    Hey ur manisha or mahisha bcz manisha tohh Sirf mai hu 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔but anyways I love ur ff 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Mannu

    Hey ur manisha or mahisha bcz manisha tohh Sirf mai hu 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔but anyways I love ur ff and ur part was nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Shrinjal


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    Awesome OS mahi di..i loved Sanskar’ S character 😍😍😘😘..Beautifully portrayed ..😘😘😘😘

    Write soon
    Love u😘

  7. Vanisha


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    Awesomeeeee😍😍😍😍…itna accha likha hai pehle kyon nahi post kiya…simple -sweet love story…loved it to the core😘😘
    Love you raichu.!!

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