Swasan OS; I am sorry Swara – Part 2

Hope you guys like previous part of this os,so let’s start the next part

Swara(joking); which punishment u talking about

Sanskar step one forward to swara,and she start going backwards,when swara pinned to wall,then swara have naughty idea and she irritated sanskar and runs in everywhere of room

Sanskar caught her


He makes her and hugs her tightly by expressing his love. He start kissing on her face everywhere and leans on her lips .swara just closes her eyes by giving her green signal to him and he places his lips on her and start kissing her gently.The kiss is not rough and tough…as its showing there love…

Immense love????????

They both kisses each other passoniatoly ,softly,lovingly and lost in there world…

All kind of emotions are following between there kiss????

After 15 minutes both broke there kiss ,and apart from each other,and breathes heavily…

Swara feels shy and she gaze her down and moves toward bed and sanskar removes his coat….

Sanskar also follow swara and came towards bed…

He goes near swara and looks her ,swara showing her back because of shyness

He rolled his finger on back skin which make her shiver,and she felt goosebumps .she moves back and hold her kurta tightly.Sanskar hugs her from back and start removing her hairs and start kissing her neck,collarbone sensually…

Swara starts breathing heavily and her chest moving up and down which make Sanskar go mad to her….

He twirls her to make her face to him and start kissing her neck and give hickeys to her,she moans in pain and hold her shirt collar tightly…..

Sanskar removes her kurta

She is only in bra and he see the clear view of swara clevange.Sanskar moves his hands on her body….

She moans in pleasure and often whisper his name.

Sanskar and lies swara on bed and he too lies on top of her and start kissing her on skin and her soft skin makes him wants more and more….

He then then turns to her and removed the dress of swara completely, she clutches the bed to control her shyness

Sanskar too removes his clothes and leans top on her.

Swasan is became one soul Sanskar slowly tried to entered her,she screamed in pain and sanskar panicked to see swara hurted,but swara signed to him to make her his forever…..

He start kissing her lips to divert her mind and little struggle, he reaches there extreme level of happiness

Finally she become his forever after 6months

Sanskar; now, no one separated u from me,I love u swara….

And kissed her forhead lovingly

Swara; I love u too sanskar

After one year swasan entered into parenthood and SWASAN having a son name sohan Sanskar maheswari and living there life peaceful






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