Swasan OS; I am sorry Swara – Part 1

Hi guys am swarnaragput here

Os on current track when sanskar magnify swara and the os will contain some mature content,so if anyone who have not comfortable then don’t read the mature stuff

WHEN SANSKAR MANOSanskpleasure ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ +

❤❤❤I AM SORRY SWARA❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

After talking with ragini ,swara went for their room,swara recall,what ragini say to her,to ignore sanskar,every couple have some fight,but always boys have to asking forgiveness from girls

But swara thought,if ragini is doing this , it’s right because Laksh deserve,but in case of them,both do mistakes,so it’s not right,and swara decided to asking forgiveness from sanskar for leaving him 1

Swara entered in there room

And light are closed

Swara; Sanskar….

Why are light

But cutted when she feels someone hand on her palm

Swara: sanskar…

Sanskar: swara,i want to ask forgiveness from you,please forgive me, please forgive your sanskar,i can’t survive without u,how are behaving with u but what can I do swara,swara I love u immensely ,u r always my first priority, but u know what I feel when u go against me after my warning to u,u know what I am feeling when u choose family over me,and then ragini, u know when we love someone and the person is also on your side but misunderstanding created a lot

Swara: sanskar

Tried to take him up

But stopped b sanskar

Sanskar; not,today swara

Please let me say first

Sanskar; how,can I say u like this to u,i am became mad when I thought you want to separate from me,my mind will not working,i am very lucky to get u

U r not like a partner,who treated her husband as god and helping him on his wrong doing,and tried to stop him

U wanted to united me for this family for my happiness,but not ur greatness and not for ragini,u separate from me,for giving me a lesson

If u not love me then u not help ragini,because u love me and u know how to feels when we deprived from family,because u know how it feels,and u don’t want to ur love deserve like this

And u do this for my happiness,even they not want me but u know my suffering

Unlike ragini who always support Laksh like in jail accident,he only think about him,but u swara ,u r true life partner,who want me to become good Hunan being, u are so right I have not put that stone on him

From my point of view am right,but u are true partners who never think her husband as god but treat him like his mother,mentor

And swasan are teary and emotional

Sanskar because of saying this and swara because of how sanskar is know her well now

And u go with ragini not for her or our so called family,u go to baddi,u want to I will realise my mistake and u always talk to me rudely and always taking Laksh name,because u want to come back with me , that why u are forcing me,u want ur sanskar as not criminal

Am right Mrs Swara sanskar maheswari

Swara is shocked , how will her sanskar know about this fact,he is right,swara also wants his happiness,how can she will see his partner from same position when she also goes from there,family

For love happiness u even sacrifice anything

For leaving Sanskar,how can they enjoy there life while destroying other life,how can she became selfish like nagini

Sanskar: am right swara

Swara: who tell u about this sanskar

Sanskar; I am ur soulmate swara,after Laksh back I want u back as my wife,and like I say I have lost my mind,but after getting u,i became more smart

Swara: acha,baccu

Sanskar; did u forgive me???

Swara; sanskar,u also have no fault in this

Every coin has two sides and which have two different aspects,i know how u feels when your love is taking family above from his life,i know u think u also give life for me,but like this,i know sanskar

How it feels,when u choose other person over u like ragini,u love me so much sanskar,that u can’t handle this all

I am sorry sanskar said emotionally

Sanskar; u don’t do anything wrong

Swara;And about Nikhil,u can’t see me with someone and about u will talk about our relationship,u want to follow me and talk to me that why u always bring that topic

(For changing the topic)

Sanskar also understand it

Sanskar; princess,u forget u say that if I find Laksh,i give u a punishment

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