swasan os : humsafar by kaynat khan


Hey guys thanks for your response in ff i am not ending punar vivah dont worry but guys i know you all are sad as swaragini is ending but till when will hide this fact…. we have to say goodbye’s so be brave and let our swasan stay in our hearts and in many ffs forever so now no sad sad ok be happy coz we all are swasan fans or raglak fans and we all knows how to fight so now fight this adness and be brave everyone…..

Coming to story this story is different from all stories of mine so lets start….

The story starts with a girl sitting on a bed wearing bride’s dress with heavy jewellery she was looking so beautiful…. she was swara who has turned into swara sanskaar maheshwari yes she is married to sanskaar maheshwari the famous and richest bussiness man in the country…
It was an arranged marraige for both swara and sanskaar sanskaar married her as her mom wants him to get married soon and he likes swara by seeing her photo… he admired her so he agreed… they haven’t talked with eachother till marraige….
Now swara was sitting engrossed in thoughts….

Swara’s pov
Life is really unpredictable…. “sometimes there is our weakness in what we want and what we choose”
I never wanted my marraige to be arranged i hate arranged marraiges and secondly i love someone else and am here being someone else wife why god why???
Yes i love sahil… sahil and i were college friends we both started to love eachother… and we decided too to get marry but my dad he was always opposed of this desicion …. i agree sahil is jobless and he he is a gambler… but i love him he will improve but no my dad got me marry this sanskaar….
I told this to sahil that i am getting martied to sanskaar despite making any plan of running away he idiot suggesred me to stay with him and act as wife so that we can take all his money on our name then will run away…. i dont agree with him but he somehow made me convince to get marry to him…. and i can’t deny him so i agreed

Swara’s pov ends

Swara to herself : but swara really you are doing right i mean if sanskaar is really good and what if he loves you?? so what i dont care i just want money bcoz sahil and i will run soon from this marraige and from him…

Her thought were broken by opening of the door…

Sanskaar came in the room….
Her heart started beating fast if she wouldn’t control it it will pump out …

Sanskaar came and sat beside her….
Swara was thinking what if he touches her and make physical contact…. no no she can’t let this happened she dont want anyone to touch her except sahil….
Swara : hmm listen sanskaar g i am not ready for this as if now….
Sanskaar gets syrprised and touches her hands….
Sanskaar : swara i wasn’t gonna do anything against your wish…. swara we are married that doeant mean you are my puppet what i will say or what i will do you will accompany me… swara its your wish too and i will not take our relationship to next level when you will not be ready…..marraige is not about only s*x it means understanding trust love that we share and i want it to be build up between us then only i will make you mine….
Swara was just blown away from him….
Sanakaar : i know it will be hard for you to adjust here but trust me mom dad reaaly adores you alot and they will take good care of you…. and swara i wanna say something to you the day i first saw you i am in love with you and see i also want you love me but not in that way by seeing i am loving you too is loving me…no i dont want that i want you to love me by all your heart and remember swara i always want truth even if that truth has many mistakes hidden i will firgive it but i dont forgive false so dont hide truth from me… and yes swara the day when you really will love me that day will be the starting of our journey…but as if now we can stay as friends right….
Swara just nodd in yes
Sanskaar : you can go and change as you must be very tired and haa dont call me sanskaar g….. sanskaar is enough ok….

Swara smiled and moved towarda washroom….
As she entered in washroom the first thing she thought that what has just happened this man is really…. she is doing a sin to betray him…. but she controlled all her emotions and just thought of sahil….

Later that she came out of bedroom just to see sanskaar was busy in his deep sleep….
Swara smiled and saw him sleeping like a baby on couch she felt bad as its his room his bed and he is sleeping on couch like a stranger….

Swara then goes towards bed and sleeps….

Next morning she gets up while hearing water sounds….

She hits er forehead that how can she sleep so late….
Later she thought that sanskaar had went inside the washroom….

After sometime sanskaar came wrapping a towel around his waist and saw her sitiing on bed…
Sanskaar : good morning….
Swara : hmm morning why haven’t you woke me up…. early
Sanskaar : hmm you were sleeping so peacefully that i thought why to disturb you….
While he got busy taking his clothes while swara was just watching him….
He was looking so cool his white masculine body with abs he was so hot…. she was literally lost in his when suddenly she realise that what is she doing she quickly goes to baathroom….
While sanskaar turns around and saw that she has already gone he smiled…

Sanskaar got ready and was going down when he saw coming from baathroom wearing pink saree her beautiful angelic face where water droplets from hair were flowing….

Sanskaar was getting lost in her….
Swara found his gaze on her….

Both looks at eachother….
Sanskaar decreased the gap between them…
He slowly puts her one strand of hair behind the ear…
While swara was just lost…
But when his fingers bruished her skin she realised their position…
She quickly departs…
Swara : woh down mummy and papa will be waiting i have to go…..

She quickly rushes out wearing her mangalsutra and sindoor… while sanskaar smiled and thought she just need some time….

Sujata and ram prasad were very caring towards swara… while most mother in law shouts on their dil but sujata was very calm she was so polite with swara….
Swara was feeling so bad for doing bad to this family….

At afternoon she made a call to sahil….

Sahil : hey baby how are you…
Swara : i am fine sahil…bas i am just stucked here….
Sahil : why is he bad….
Swara : no sahil he is so good in nature this is the main problem his parents too are so nice…. sahil we are not doing right by doing this to them….
Sahil : oh swara common stop talking rubbish just some more days then will run away taking all his money…
Swara : oh common sahil why can’t you earn yours money why are you dependent on his….
Sahil : swara i am not dependent on his money i can earn my money too its just that you married the richest man and you cannot take advantage of the situation listen swara i dont want anything to listen….. what have we decided that will be done anyhow understood…
Swara : kk
Sahil : so he touched you…
Swara : obiviously no sahil how can i let him touch me
Sahil : uff duffer if you will do like this then he will understand that maybe you love someone else that’s why you are doing this things…
Swara : what nonsense i cant do this things understand….just to prove i dont love anyone ok…
Sahil : are i was just saying like this only acha leave it will meet soon ok and bring some money from your atm husband bye…
Swara sat down thinking what is she actually doing….
She is loving a guy who is more intrested to get close to another one just to make money…
And second she is married to that person who is in love with her not bothering to know of her past just want to live ith her….
She was so much confused….

Days passed swara’s cold behaviour towards sanskaar didn’t changed a bit he asked her for movies park and all but she always denied he started to come home early but she always gets busy in kitchen and then came to room alte and sleeps wishing him good night…..
This was irking sanskaar so much….

Then one day at night sanskaar told to swara
Sanskaar : swara before you sleep i wanna talk with you…
Swara : samskaar please will talk tomorriw….
Sanskaar : wahi toh swara when tomorrow you will get up then you will get busy in your work then when i come to home i thought to spend sometime with you then only our bond will grew but no you do all work and dorectly sleep and you deny to go out with me so just think swara when we will get time to talk with eachother…
He said holding her arms…
Sanskaar : swara i want you to know me and i wanna know you completely till when this will go one i am trying my best to inprove it and you are doing like this….

Swara jerked his hands which was on her shoulder….
Swara : you tell me when my heart is not ready for all this so what should i do let you force yourself on me…. i cant get into this forceful relationship when i myself can’t get comfortable…. understand so better not force me to talk with you or to go with you…..

Then swara goes to bed and covers herself with blanket….
Sanskaar feels sad at her behaviour but he ignored maybe she is missing her family so he just slept…

“Aadavtein thi tagaful tha ranjishein thi
Bichandne wale me sab kuch tha
Bewafai na thi
Bichadne wale me sab kuch tha bewafai na thi…
Ke dhoop chaav ka aalam raha judaai na thi…
Woh humsafar tha woh humsafar tah…”

While swara in blanket let a tear out

Swara : i am doing so bad to him why always i have to go to in thesd kinda situations why sahil we cant run off now….

She slept hugging the pillow….
Next morning she got up and saw sanskaar getting ready…
She then saw that she got some mesages…
She checked it was from sahil….
Sahil ; being 10000 money today at xyz mall….

Swara just closed her eyes at what kind of a man he is yr…

Swara : morning….
Sanskaar : oh good morning swara actually i was thinking that why wont you go to your parent’s house for some days as your mood will also be good and you will not feel irritation here… you are missing them right go and meet them…
Swara just thought yr this man is seriously somethinģ extra…. he is so calm and patient and so thoughtful for everyone….
Swara : umm no i am ok just last night was bit mood off i am sorry…
Sanskaar : are its ok you have right to fight with me but yŕ dont fight like this always…
He laughs… swara smiles.

Swara : actually sanskaar i wanna go to mall to buy something so just need some money….

Sanskaar : that’s good that you wanna go out and why are you asking me swara for money you should have taken my cards you dont have to ask me my money is urs too whatever is mine is urs also so dont need to take permission….

Sanskaar takes some money from cupboard

Sanskaar handovers 30000 ruppes to her
She gets shocked

Sanskaar : her take some cash and here have this credit card and keep it with you whenever you wanna go to shopping just take it ok…. chalo have to go bye take care….he goes tapping her cheeks…

While swara was just standing aurprised that why does he trust her so much…

She went to mall and gave money to sahil…
Swara : sahil this is the third time i am giving you money till when all will go haa….
Sahil holds her hair furiously
Sahil : why are you feeling bad haa its his money so why are you feeling bad….
Swara : coz i am wasting this money on you… its his hardwork why are we wasting it damn it…. sahil till now we have time let’s run please from here from everyone….
Sahil : no i wont go now till you will not bring his money will not go….
Swara : ok stay here i am going….
She leaves angrily while sahil smirked at her…..

Swara then angrily came home she was climbing the stairs when her leg got slipped and she directly fell from the stairs…
She had a cut on her head and she fainted….
Sujata saw her and panicked to see her like that she hurriedly calls the doctor and sanskaar from office…
Sanskaar after listening to the news he and rp came home immediately….
Doctor examined swara…
He came out….
Doctor : mr. maheshwari nothing serious just had a cut on her head and a fracture on right leg she just need some rest then she will be fine….

All thanks him and trio went inside….
She was sleeping sujata and rp went from there letting sanskaar to be with her….
Sanskaar then sat beside her and a tear escapes from his eye which directly hit on her hand….
she opened her eyes and saw him sitting beside….
She tried of getting up this alert sanskaar and he immediately hugged her….
She felt a current passed through her body she loved this feeling
Sanskaar : thank god you are safe what if swara something happens to you why can’t you see and walk haa you really scared me….i was so scared when mom called me… i will seriously kill you if you dont see and walk ok….
While swara smiled and hugged him back letting all her worries to be at hold for sometime….

Later sanskaar took a good care of swara he use to make her eat food now swara have started being friendly with sanskaar they both were good friends now… sanskaar use to sometimes massage her fractured leg she insistted not to do it but he was too stubborn to listen….

Swara was so happy with him

Like this one month passed she was all ok now when suddenly sahil calls her

She came out of room and talked with him…
Sahil : hey where are you and you have taken money from him na…
Swara : you didn’t asked me once how am i.. am i fine or not just money you want na listen meet me at park at 4 ok bye…
She cuts the call and moves to the room
Sanskaar : swara where is my file…
Swara takes her file out…
Swara : here is your file it was here only and haa your wallet and watch…
Sanskaar : thanks so much swara what i have done to myself if you would not been here….
Sanskaar kissed her forehead
Sanskaar : take care love you bye….
Swara now got clear that she only love sanskaar her sanskaar her husband her friend she decided to end sahil’s chapter thatswhy she want to meet him
Swara : sanskaar listen
Sanskaar turned around
Swara : come home early….
Saying this she kissed his cheeks and went away….
Sanskaar stood there suprisingly and recalled the moment and was happy that she has started loving me and first time she said to come home early…
He went from there happily…
Swara reached at park sahil too came….
Sahil : haa swara say…
Swara : listen mr. sahil kapoor i am ending this so called relationship here only i dont wanna be with you anymore the one who cannot take care of me who dont know am i alive or dead who has just sell his love gor mere money how can he love me no sahil i thought it was love but it was just nothing just nothing…. on the other hand sanskaar he always helped me stand by my side when i was not well yeah i fell from stairs he took care of me he loves me truly despite i gave him so many cold behaviour he is not like you and you know you cannot be like my sanakaar by taking seven birts i was wrong to predict him wrong and now i am going to my husband i have let him wait for too long but not now now i will go away from you just dont come infront of me again….

Saying this she goes while sahil thinks something….

She reaches home….

She saw sujata and rp packing bags and going somewhere
Swara : mummy you’ll are going somewhere
Sujata : haa beta we are going to kolkatta as your bade papa is not well we will return after 15 days or maybe more than that…
Rp : till then take care of yours and sanskaar’s… do inform him too we havent told him yet ok bye…
Swara : bye mummy papa….
They went
Swara thought that today she will tell sanskaar everything of sahil and cofess her love then its hia desicion to let her stay and start a fresh life her throw her out which she deserves….

At night she decoarted her bedroom so well…
At that time bell rang sanskaar came with pale face behind him it was sahil…
She got a shock of her life….
Swara : sanskaar…
Sanskaar : swara this bloddy bastard is aaying that you live him and was having an affair with him after marraige too is it true… swara i know its all false just say me once i will kill him here only….
Swara with teary eyes
Swara : its all true….
Sanskaar was atanding like that as if someone has killed him…or his existence….
Swara : sanskaar but i was going to say you all this but he said…
Sahil : swara what is the need of hiding now tell him you love me…
Swara : just shut up and get out neither i will call the police…..
Sahil smirked while swara threw him out….
Sahil : you were leaving me and going to your sanskaar na now see how your sanskaar treats you when he will got to know about the truth….
Swara slammed the door on his face….
Swara goes to sanskaar who was standing like a lifeless body….
Swara : sanskaar
She shakes him and cries
Swara : sanskaar please dont listen to him please listen to me yes i loved him and i was going to run away because my parents didn’t let me marry him and made me marry you i was frustrated sanskaar and sanakaar i didn’t see your love but now my eyes have opened i have saw his true colours he only want your money sanskaar please listen to me sanskaar i love you yes i love you your nature made me change my thinking i love you only you….
Sanskaar : its all lie…
He grabs her shoulders tightly….
Sanskaar : i thought you are behaving rude coz you miss your parents coz you were finding hard to adjust…. when i was showing my love my friendship to you you were in that bastard’s thought right…. i told you swara firstly that i hate lie tell me truth i will forgive you but no you didn’t if you could have confessed me na i would have helped you go away with him but no you stayed you choosed to break my heart and destroy me and see you succeed….
Swara was crying
Swara : no sanskaar i was going to say you today
Sanskaar : and what was the need of saying if today he wont come and say me i dont know when this drama would have lasted this means that you were doing acting of being friends and today was also a part of acting right…
Swara : no sanskaar i really started liking you and today i was going to confess you that i love you….
Sanskaar : bas enough enough of your lies i will not tolerate anything else…. just get out of my house…
Swara looked at him
Sanskaar : i am giving you divorce and don’t worry will pay lumpsun of amount how much you want if you want i will sign my whole property too in your name now go live you’re life with whomever you want just tomorrow morning i dont wanna see your face….
While swara was just pleading
Swara : no sanskaar don’t do this to me one chance i dont want any money i just want you please one chance….
Sanskaaar : chances are only given once and once trust is broken it cannot be mend…
He walked towards the room.. andd losed the door
While swara was crying and pleading him like hell
Swara : please sanskaar forgive me i will not repeat it again please sanskaar i love you…
She was shouting like mad
Swara : i love you not that sahil please open the door please…
She sat there pleading him….
While sanskaar also sat at the edge of the door….
Sanskaar : what have you done… what have you done i trusted you more than anything i loved you so much and you love someone else… was my love so weak that you can’t love me…
Sanskaar then examined the room and saw flowers all over the room he got angry and started messing up the room angrily… and sat on bed…

“Bichadte waqt unn aakhoon me thi hamari gazal…
Bichadte waqt unn aankhon me thi hamari gazal….
Gazal bhi woh jo kisi ko kabhi sunayi na di…
Ke dhoop chav ka aalam raha judai na thi…
Woh humsafar tha woh humsafar tha….”

They both cried while sanskaar changed nd slept on bed…
While swara kept on pleading him and slept on the entrance of door….

Next morning sanskaar got up and he reminds of last night he again becomes sad and thought that where most be swara he thought that maybe she has left… he then left for changing….
sanskaar after sometime open the door of entrance and saw swara sleeping on cold floor with tears marks on her face….
He was feeling sad for her but she has done even worse….
He then picked her up and then he got another shock she is suffering from high fever her body was burning….

He left her on bed and called the doctor…
He cursed himself that how can he… why didn’t he checked her at once at night…
He was so angry on her for not keeping her health good…. for taking our as advantage….

At tht time doctor came…
He examined her and gave her a injection….
Doctor : mr. maheshwari she is really weak it seems like she was starving from yesterday i have given her injection if fever doesn’t get low we have to admit her to the hospital…
Saying this doctor went while swara regain her consiuess….
Sanskaar was looking at her with blod shot eyes…

Sanskaar : why you always do this to me swara why??? why haven’t you took good care of your health what does you wanna prove by doing all this say me
Swara : i dont wanna prove anything sanskaar
She said with heavy voice
Swara : do you think i am doing all this because i need your sympathy…
Sanskaar : maybe
This felt like a punch on her heart
Swara tries of getting up but still was too weak sanskaar came to her help she hows him her hand
Swara : ok then i am doing all this for sympathy… my love is a sympathy for you… i agree that i did a mistake and you have that right of never forgetting me but remember you cant just say my love as sympathy…. listen carefully sanskaar i will not go from here i will prove my love to you… but dont worry about my health it will get healed ok…. this is all my repentance which i did by broking your heart and if death too comes i will welcome it by open arms…
Sanskaar : swara what nonsense are you speaking just sleep here got it….
Swara : i am fine sanskaar i am fine…
Saying this she started walking and then again she started feeling dizziness
Sanskaar hold her at nick of time neither she was gonna fall…
Sanskaar picked her up and taped her cheeks
Sanskaar : swara swara
Swara opened her eyes…
Swara : i really love you sanskaar i do…
Saying this she again closed her eyes….

“Mohabbato ka safar is tarah be guzra raha
Shikasta dil the musafir shikataininaa thi…
Shikasta dil the musafir shikataininaa thi…
Ke dhoop chaav ka aalam ragmha judaai na thi
woh humsafar tha….”

Sanskaar made her sleep….
He called the doctor he prescribed some medicines…
He goes out to bring it…
While after certain time swara again started feeling bad and again she woke but did not find sanskaar at that time sahil enters her room through window….
Sahil : hey babe
Swara : how dare you enter here just get out or else i call security
Sahil : shaant swara and i heard you are not well why would you die swara… marti kyu nahi ho tum…
You know what why i told that things to sanskaar because i wanna see your love broken like this…
At that time sanskaar came but he was listening to him hiding back
Sahil : you told na you love sanskaar i can’t let you win so easily you know what let me tell you the truth i never loved you never i made you convince to marry sanskaar so that i can get somemoey to play gambling and see you were so dumb to trust that i will marry you… you know what i have my own gf who is rich and she also fulfill my physical desire understand unlike you who always told me that dont touvh me haa we will do after marraige… are have you seen your face how can you think i will marry you…
Swara : thanks sahil for showing me your real face and gave me one reason to hate you now get lost neither sanskaar will kill you…
Sahil grabs her hairs
Sahil : he cant do anything…
While she shouts at pain
Sanskaar calls the security and enters the room and beats him black and blue….
Security took him away…
While swara came to sanakaar with trembling legs…
Swara : forgive me sanskaar just one chance more please…
She folded her hands while sanskaar couldnt take it he hugged her….
Sanskaar : sshh i heard everything you love him it was not your fault i understand and i know you love me more will start our life ahead freshly….
Swara kissed his forhead
Swara : will never leave you will love you forever you are my humsafar my soulmate my life is now dependent on you i am happy that i got you but sad that i understood it so late but now i will never leave your hand despite you wnna leave me i will not leave it
Sanskaar : who is gonna leave you my mad wifey i will never let you go from my arms promise….
Sanskaar then placed her on bed and kissed her forehead and was going
Swara : where are you going…
Sanskaar : wait i will coome with breakfast
Swara : no please dont go just stay with me for sometime please
Sanakaar : but swara you are not well
Swara : now you are here na i am good please for few minutes
He smiled and lay beside her while swara cuddled in his arm more seeking his warmth while sanskaar too wrapped his arms around her hugging her tightly….

This starts a new journey of their life….

Story ends….

Atlast finished with this one hope you’ll like it…

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