Swasan os: humdard… You are my soulmate

Sanskar confesses his love to swara in drunken state making her shocked, in her wildest dreams she didn’t expected that the person who she thinks as her best friend betrayed her basically the thing she was not ready for love after a heart break she has faced because of laksh

She saw him lying on bed continuously 6 her name leaving her in dilemma just then she remembers how laksh betrayed her, ragini’s betrayal

Swara: there is nothing like love in world everything is a fraud whoever i loved they betrayed me proving that yeh sab ek dhoka hai and(looks at sanskar) i will surely make you believe there ia nothing like love in this  world so that you don’t have to bear this pain.love is just a pain(looks at sanskar intensely goes and sleeps on couch)

Next day came bringing new challenges for both suwasan.both were sleepy on their respective places just then swara opens her eyes and her gaze falls on sanskar who is sleeping peacefully orn bed with a bright smile on his face ,seeing his face a smile automatically got formed on her face just then she remembers last events and her face got stern

She gets up and goes to get ready just then sanskar gets up with a severe headache due to the hangover

Sanskar:aah(holds his head)

Listening his voice swara comes out hurriedly getting ready just then

Swara:what aah you are doing? If you can’t handle why did you drank

Sanskar:swara pls can you get me lemon juice

Swara:i am not your servant sanskar

Just then uttara comes with lemon juice in her hand and told him to drink it

After drinking it last night event got flashed infront of him making him shocked and he looks at her understanding her but before he could say something swara starts to leave from there

Sanskar(jumps out from bed):swara listen(she ignores and starts walking but just then he holds her hand)swara yaar i am sorry

Swara:what sorry sanskar.what sorry nothing can be changed with your swara.you also betrayed me like everyone did

Sanskar:swara seriously i didn’t knew what i was blabbering(cuts him)

Swara:nothing could be done sanskar now just listen to me the friendship which we both were having is over.thank you so much mr maheswari (saying this he leaves from there making sanskar numb)

Sanskar:i am really sorry swara for hurting you,for refreshing your wounds but now i will surely try to heal your wounds(leaves to freshen up suddenly swara who was hiding outside the room comes out)

Swara:now i will sure that you hate me becoz your love has no destination sanskar,it will destroy you and i can’t see my bestfriend getting destroyed(goes downstairs)

Swara comes downstairs and starts working just then uttara comes

Uttara:bhabhi why you ask me to bring juice for bhai after your making

Swara(fake smile): woh just to tease him showing i don’t care for him.

Uttara:wow bhabhi(laughs)

Swara:acha stop laughing and help me to settle all this on table (both picks the dished and goes in hall)

Sanskar comes down getting ready and sees swara serving breakfast to everyone just then swara’s gaze fall on him who was looking at her emotionally both have a emotional eyelock conveying their feelings to each other just then they hears

“Swara pls pass the dal” says laksh breaking their eyelock getting jealous seeing swasan who were lost in each other

Ragini who was seeing laksh’s attention towards swara got irked  thought something and smirked

As swara was going to serve the dal to dp just then ragini forwards her legs making swara trip but just sanskar holds hee in his arms making her from the injury

Sanskar:tum thik hoo

Swara gets lost in those eyes which were showing soo much concern and moreover love for her

Swara:hmm(says swara coldly to him making him sad)

Days passed like this and swara’s behavior doesn’t got changed a bit making sanskar hurt but whenever swara used to hurt him he used to reply her with love making her walls melt a little. We can say now swara was falling for him hard

One day swara was moving downstairs just then she gets collide with laksh who holds ger by waist and in the same time sanskar who came to take a file sees them in that situation now gets hurt badly seeing them which gots notice by swara

Swara comes into the room and sees sanskar who was looking pale thinking something

Swara(monologue):i am sorry sanskar but its for you only(to him)sanskar(acts surprised) what you are doing here?acha you know laksh is soo nice today he saved me ,you know i miss him soo much

Sanskar:hmmm.acha swara i have work i will meet you later


Now swara used to irritate sanskar by laksh name making him hurt.one day sujata was coming downstairs but got slipped from stairs getting injured badly and swara who just behind her tried to save her but it got showed that she pushed her.

Sujata got admitted in hospital and all started blaming swara for it whereas sanskar was not saying anything just then doctor came out and said they need blood due to excessive loss of blood. The blood group is o negative.

All looked towards swara knowing she has same blood group.

Sanskar comes to her and holds her hand taking them in his:swara ols donate blood

Swara:but sanskar

Sanskar:pls swara mana mat karma varna der na ho jaye.pls(tears filledface)

Swara:sorry sanskar i cant do this (untangles their hand)

Sanskar:pls swara

Swara:sorry sanskar but i can’t waste my blood for that lady(turns and starts to go)

Sanskar:today i got to know how much selfish you are(leaves from there to arrange blood)

A lone tear escapes from her eye but she wipes it :i am sorry sanskar but now you started hating me finally(leaves from there)

and goes inside from hospital another side which they cant see

After that incident sanskar behavior got changed with swara .he started avoiding her,used to remain in office for long hours and swara started missing him,she was feeling like something is lagging,something is lagging behind but she is not able to know.

Swara :its good now sanskar has started hating me i think now my final move

Just then he recieves a call from laksh making her shocked :what sanskar’s car met with an accident(phone got slipped from her hand and tears started flowing from her eyes.she closes her eyes starts remembering all moments with him just then she remembers him saying “I LOVE YOU SWARA”

Swara:i love you too sanskar(immediately opens her eyes in sudden realization and starts crying in happiness)i love you sanskarr,yes i love you.nothing will happen to you.i am coming (runs and aits in car and drives to hospital)

Swara reaches hospital and sees laksh standing there with a worried face

Swara:laksh where is sanskar(tensed)

Laksh:swara woh woh

Swara:kya woh laksh(laksh points towards a direction and she seea sanskar coming with medicines in his hand)…seeing him her breath got back ,she felt god has given her all the happiness making her sanskar safe

Swara runs towarda him and hugs him immediately jerking him

Sanskar:swara kya hua(hugs her back and starts caressing her back to make her calm as she was crying heavily)shh(sanskar asks laksh but he shrugs his shoulders and says her to take outside

Sanskar:shhh abh bolo kya hua swara.rona band karo(separates the hug but she hugs him back again)

Swara:i love you sanskar(says between her cries)

Sanskar’s breath got hitched listening her words and he got numb because he didn’t expected this, not at all ki swara is saying i love you too him.its just like a dream come true and if its a dream then he doesn’t want to break this dream

Seeing him not responding swara breaks the hug and sees him numb

Swara:idiot paagal kahi ka(turns and starts to leave)

Just then she was pulled by two strong arms and she got crashed to a hard chest

Sanskar:sacchi swara(happily)


Sanskar(bending towards her ears and says huskily): will you say it again (moving her face towards him)

Swara(gets lost in him):i love you

Sanskar(joining his forhead with her):i love you too And i knew you were the one who donated the blood to mom.thank you for that

Swara:how?you got to know

Sanskar:don’t doubt capabilities of sanskar maheswari because i know everything from your plan to make me hate you(she was again going to question him)na na i said na don’t doubt(both laughs)

Swara: i love you sanskar you are mine true humdard

I know i know its soo boring and i don’t expect response also.
I was having mood to write something so wrote it

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